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Part 34: Update 19

Update 19

Hello folks! I'm still alive! Currently writing up this update with a fractured elbow, but NOTHING WILL STOP THIS UPDATE! Except well, real life and most other things that usually stop updates. But never fear, we're going to jump right back into Innocence land!

As with most fungeons in this game, we have to walk all the way back to the beginning ourselves, but I'll spare you guys that.

Back to town we go.

Her, what's wrong? That was a heavy sigh.

Well I was thinkin' bout it an' Chien was all alone even in his past life.

Was he?

He had to chase everybody off to protect the Manifest, right? Musta had a pretty lonely life.

That's true... that loneliness must've been part of the reason he came to depend on Mathias...

It seems as though promising to protect the animals was all it took. That is the oldest trick in the holy book.

I think that's a neat line.

Is it really?

First, you have to understand exactly what it is the person desires. Once you can convince them that joining will allow them to acquire it, you have them right where you want them.

Heh, that's why I never trust you Church types.

We do what we must. You cannot force someone to believe.

Why do you want more believers?

My, that is a simple, yet profound question. I can answer that in a variety of ways.

What's the simple answer?

Then how about a more complicated answer?

Hmmm... I think it would be easier to understand if you experienced it yourself.

I'll think about it...

...Our next destination is Tenos. We have to get there by way of Regnum.

Is that really safe?

He's got a point, we better keep our eyes open.

No worries, we can always use my hidin' place, hear?

You know, that was my hiding place originally...

Off we go to Regnum! What a good time for an update on other characters, right?


Sorry bout that, these scenes are always really screenshot heavy.

Heh, didn't expect to be back here so soon...

Ugh... I got sick again...

Seriously, ya ain' got no stomach for this. Ya know we're jus' getting' straight on another ship, right?

We change ships here, right Ricardo?

Shall we spend some time in the city, then?

We might as well... we'll reassemble at the harbor when it's time.

Then why don't we see the city?

That sly dog.

Right on.


Ricardo, is something the matter?

...No, it's nothing.

Uhh, sounds like something to me.

I see. Shall we go?

At this point, we can walk around and stock up on supplies, but I'm good on items for the time being. Let's go advance the plot!

Thank the gods. Now I don't have to get seasick again!

….! No, it's here...

Don't move! You're all under arrest!

No, you'd best not move.

I had always believed that you were someone who would honor your contract...

Huh? No kiddin'? Ol' man Ricardo, yer the worst...

Impostor! Traitor!

I won't forgive you for this...

I found something more important than my contract. That's all there is to it. This is how the world works. Surrender.


I'd at least like to hear your reason.

...Gardel is my older brother. In the Devic Era, that is.

Remember Gardel?

Gardel is Thanatos?

Cue the Persona fans going wild.

...I see. It would seem this is a rather complicated situation. Regardless, I will continue to believe in you.

Mathias! So you're behind this!

I was behind this? You attacked my Arca brethren and have been deemed fugitives by the Rehabilitation Program. You have brought shame on all Avatars.

Sorry for the change in art style on Marthia's icon-- not a whole lot of art of her.

These are grave charges. By the authority granted to Arca, I submit you to the Inquisition.

uh oh

The Inquisition?! A rising organization like Arca could never have that kind of authority...

Girl, let me make this simple. Our organization is backed by the Privy Council. Do you know what that means?

The Privy Council.... so the rumors were true. There is nothing we can do.

I will now pass judgment. You are to be sent to Grigori Village, where you will be confined.

Fellow Avatar... so you really are the Overlord! What do you plan to do with the Manifest!?

Haha. Perhaps I will tell you one day.

I'll tell you when you're older!

Now, your ship has arrived!

H-hey! Let me go! Get the hell off me!

Fade to black, and Ricardo leaves our party.

Uh, it very clearly just said “Grigori Village”, buddy.

We've come a long way... It's gotten colder.

You're free to do as you please, but try to refrain from causing trouble. Your Devic Artes have been sealed.

Hah! How very kind of you. You gonna retire to Galpos with all that money you made?

Spada, this is no time to point fingers.

I hear what yer sayin' but the ol' man sold us out, hear?

...Say what you like. The village is nearby. Get moving.

Who the hell do you think you are!? Don't push your luck!!

Stop right there! Fight me!!


Anyway, let's go talk to people in town.

Most of these people are plain old rude.

This sucks! Do they really have to make us feel like total outsiders?

Yeah, of course. But that may really depend on him...

What are you planning to do? I would like to hear what you have to gain from confining the others.

What? Is that even possible? I believe you guaranteed that their lives would not be put in danger.


Why use such extreme measures when you could just allow them to remember naturally and question them later? There is no need for surgery.



...I disagree.


I really like this shot right here.

My, if it isn't the esteemed Mister Ricardo. I do hope this day finds you well.

...Asshole. I'll at least give you credit for not running off.

Now then, Ricardo. Do you have some business with us?

I just wanted to see how everyone was doing.

As you can see, we're fine. By the way... how long do you think that we're going to be held here?

No way!

Screw that!!

Let's talk for a bit. I've had a meal prepared.

Ricardo is both the good cop and the bad cop.

What's going to happen to us?

Obviously we'll just waste the rest of our lives away!

In the end, I couldn't rise to my father's expectations... He always hoped that I would carry on the family business...

Luca no offense but literally who cares

So what? At least you had some kinda purpose...

Spada, you came from a family of knights, did you not? Was that hard on you?

I had a bunch of older brothers. By the time they got around to me, they didn't really care what I did.

Really? Then there was no way for you to become a knight?

Well, odds were pretty slim.

That really suits you. What about you, Iria?

Well, you know I grew up in a poor frontier village, right? There's nothing there, so we never got a proper education. So I was thinking, maybe I could build a school there someday. I'd be the principal!

Heh, you? Principal? That doesn't fit you at all!

Don' ya like, gotta study a ton to do that?

It requires quite a bit of hard work.

Shut up! Luca, maybe I'll hire you as teacher.

That could be nice, but I really want to become a doctor.

Inheriting the family business wouldn't be so bad either. What about you, Ange?

Let me think... I think retiring to a small church out in the countryside might be nice.

I would prefer the sort of place that grows lively during its seasonal festivals. Oh, it would be nice if there were hot springs there. A quaint village in the wine country, perhaps...

Pretty down to earth... Settin' aside the hotsprings and the wine, if that's your dream, you can totally make it happen.

Y'all're amazin'. I ain' even thought 'bout my future.

Then why don't you come enroll in my school?

Hmm... both sound pretty good... Guess the big question's if Iria's school's gonna ante up with lunches or not.

Hey, remember this character? Me neither, because he's terrible and useless.

Whatcha' doin', Coda?

Ya' went an' ate too much.... Huh? I'm getting' sleepy too...



Get them to the operating room. We're going to extract all of their memories.... Uhohohohoh...

Yes sir!

What happened?!

Where are we? Another ship...

I suppose I have a lot of explaining to do.

…..!! W-what happened to everyone? They're still alive, right?

…....The hell? Oh, it's just Luca... keep it down, would you?

…..The ground is shaking.... ugh! We're on a boat!

What's the deal?

….Everyone, I apologize. I used you.

Keep talkin'. That ain't gonna cut it.

I told you that Gardel was Thanatos, right? I realized it the instant I saw him in Naos Base.

Then it was just after your contract with me? I do not recall you ever leaving my side.

No... I just wanted to know what his true intentions were.

I had so many questions.

Since ya bailed us out, guess ol' Gardel ain' the guy ya thought he was, right?

…..Indeed. The brother I once knew is no where to be found. His excessive love for Naraka has caused him to suspect everyone and everything of seeking its destruction.

What did Gardel plan to do with us?

He was going to extract your memories with force.

Excuse me?

Apparently it's possible if you don't care what happens to the person after the fact.

Twisted.... so that's why they took us so far from Regnum? Was that Arca chick workin' with him too?

That's why she had all of you taken to the Grigori.

But in the end, you protected us, did you not?

I apologize. I'll say it as many times as you'd like. I finally understand now, until we do something about the Manifest, there will be no future for us Avatars.

I know what you're trying to say, but what are we supposed to do? It all seems so hopeless...

Just as planned, we make for Tenos. Animi, you're dreaming of building a school, right? Don't give up.

!!...You were listening?

Milda's dream of becoming a doctor and making his parents proud.... Belforma's desire to overcome his setbacks and live life honestly... Serena's steady path, Larmo's uncertain future filled with endless possibilities...

No one has the right to stand between you and your dreams!


Never let go of them. Brats should grow up chasing their dreams. I just want to help you on your way, that's all there is to it...

W-well you DID apologize, so I guess we can forgive you.

More than anything, I can't afford to pay the breach of contract. This job came with quite a reward, afterall.

I would be quite upset if you tried to return it.

So we're one big happy family again? Good times.

Our next destination is Tenos... after we stop in Mamut.

Mamut is on the border of Tenos and Regnum, right? Why are we going there?

The war is worse than ever. The sea route has been completely blockaded, we'd be sunk before we even got close.

Then we'll be traveling by land from Mamut, right?

Correct. Also, I grabbed whatever looked useful from the Grigori. We should prepare while there's still time.

There's a bunch of items once we regain control, then we can talk to our party members.

What makes you say that?

Well, I doubt most people could've continued believing in Ricardo given the circumstances.

Hmm... I do not believe I am worthy of praise.

Why not?

It was a bit underhanded. If I had not said that, even if he came back, no one would have defended him, right?

So you were just pretending to believe in him? That is a little underhanded...

However, he did come back. He did not forget about his agreement with me. So in the end, I made the correct decision.

So you were thinking of how Ricardo would feel when he came back? I'm not sure I could have done that...

Have you ever needed to accomplish something so badly that you would lie to yourself?

I think that is wonderful. Luca, you should be proud to live honestly without having to lie to yourself.

That almost makes it sound like it's okay to ignore everyone else as long as you're happy...


Now onto Spada.

Hey, Spada.

Yo, what's up?

Hey. I got no clue what yer' talkin' about. Ain't like it's hard to guess though. Ricardo, right?


Well, I'm still kinda pissed.

Slow down! Ain't you ever had to deal with somebody you hated?

Oh, I-I don't have anyone.

The hell? Are you stupid? Dumbass. You're a real stupid pain in the ass.

Am.. I?

Now listen, I don't know about anybody else, but I don't go around worryin' about likin' or hatin' everybody I meet!

He did his part... but you're still angry at him?

Whether I like him or not ain't really a big deal. What's important is... you know, how you really feel.


Her, are you okay?

Ya' really oughta worry 'bout yourself 'fore ya worry 'bout me.


I'm just fine. Really, you're such a worrywart.

Maybe yer right... I prolly get it from Vrtra.

Guess that's why, huh? Always used to wonder why even when I was in bad shape, I'd try to look out for the other orphans, see?

Was it tough?

Well, sorta... Guess if I had to pick, I'd say I like getting' spoiled more than I like lookin' after others. Ya wouldn' guess it with how I'm always takin' care of people, right?

Right now there are lots of people who would love pamper you.

Yeah... this line was mistranslated I think? That's literally what it says. ^^;

Naw, its jus' no good. Ain' like I can count on you an' Ria. Lu' ya don' know how to care for nobody, so how can ya spoil me? An' Ria plays too rough.


I can see how Ange might be a problem, but surely Ricardo and Spada could care for you?

An' it ain' real easy to approach Ricardo... He's got this whole anti-emotional aura goin' on.

I see...

Don' go gettin' all depressed... Man, now yer the one gettin' spoiled...


Go on.

You say the war is getting worse. What happened?

The most likely cause would be an alliance between Tenos and Garam. By working together, Tenos and Garam can disperse Regnum's military power.

Are things... looking bad for Regnum?

Not necessarily, but they certainly aren't looking good. Tenos is a technological superpower, afterall.

Exactly. The technology behind the locomotive was originally developed by Tenos. They cooperated with Regnum to develop the technology further and lay the track.

Is that true?

Who knows? That's for the winner to decide. A rather uninteresting discussion, don't you agree?

T-that's not true. I thought it was quite interesting.

Hmph. I betrayed you, and yet you still go to the trouble of worrying about my feelings?

Huh? No, it wasn't like...

...I'm grateful. You must've been angry too, right?

W-well, maybe a little bit...

Haha! You're honest. You may be one of the few people in the world worth believing in.


Iria now.

You got that right! I thought we were going to waste our lives away on that rock!

I-I didn't think it was such a bad place...

Hmmm.... Is it really important if things are interesting or not?

Excuse me? Of course it matters! What are you talking about?

If I could think about things in such clear terms like you do, I wonder if I could become more positive.

Hmmm... It's probably impossible for you.


Yep! To be honest, when Arca chased me out of my village, I was so hopeless... I thought it was all over for me. But I figured nothing would come from being depressed about it. You always have to look at the bright side.

(I hope I can learn to think more like her...)

Phew. Now that we're done with all that, who wants to fight a boss??



Hmph. You're no different from the others who seek the Manifest. You're nothing but the shadow of the man I called my brother.

How long do you intend to make Naraka your scapegoat?

Wait, Thanatos! Our goals are the same! We have to get to the Manifest before Arca or the Privy Council! Can't we work together?

It would appear that nothing of Thanatos remains in you...

In that case, why don't we take care of you first? A flashy send-off is the least we can do as fellow Avatars.

Then that would make him... a god...

Heh, a god, huh? We sure know how to make enemies!

I knew we shouldn't take him lightly, but this is a bit more than I expected...

He's coming!

Gardel Fight

As you can see, Gardel is kind of a pain in the ass. Especially without Ange (I switched her for Iria in this battle for some reason, which was kind of a bad call BECAUSE GUESS WHAT)

...It would seem I'm still too soft. I don't believe my gun's trigger has ever felt as heavy as it does today.

Man, this is totally going to come back and bite us.

It will be all right. Our goals are not so different. Surely we can find a way to cooperate. Wouldn't you agree, Mister Gardel?

...The hell? What's that noise?

Whuh oh

It's flying...

Gardel! Your day in the sun has passed! You want us to protect Naraka? We should be using our power to get rich and rule others!

Lord Oswald will lead us to places you've never dreamed of! The time has come for our people to emerge from the shadows!



You'll be joining him soon enough!


Yup, back to back boss battles!

]Gigantess Fight

Aaaand there we go! This boss is a huge pain in the ass as well, but we got it covered. I'm gonna stop here, sorry for the long delay on this update! Make sure to check out the update 19 skits, and see you next time! Also fun fact, this was update 19, and it was 19 pages long on openoffice. Yay!