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Part 42: Update 23

Update 23

Who's excited for an airship. I KNOW I AM.


Oh sweet, now we get to talk to people. I was kind of hoping for a cool animation, but oh well.

Damn! It's now or never!

My, I mustn't let my guard down.

They uh, all have only one thing to say. Talking to Ricardo again triggers the scene.

A castle...

This is the Sky Castle?

Yeah, this castle was used as a fortress by the Sensus, after all.

Hmph. Save the nostalgia for later. Let's hurry.

That's right! We aren't gonna hand over the Manifest to the likes of Mathias!

So here we are at the Sky Castle, this dungeon is actually really pretty imo.

There's some goodies over here.

I dunno, I just like the look of this place.

Isn't that uh, some pokemon?


Now we're in the castle proper, there's enemies again.

Hey what's in the distance?

That there's a corpse. Remains of a god.

Givin' me the creeps.

That's right... This is where we lived in our past lives. In other words, this is the land of the gods.

Another pokemon.

This is... Inanna... and me. And Durandal is broken...


With this you should finally understand why Devaloka collapsed.

You were betrayed. And in your despair, you destroyed the world.

I was the one... who destroyed Devaloka?

I told you, did I not? That girl betrayed you.

I betrayed him?

I resented Inanna with every ounce of my being! Even in rebirth, that fathomless chagrin carved itself onto my face.

Then, you're...

wait what



Overlord... forgive me.

Was your only purpose in coming here... to assassinate me?

“Steal the heart of Overlord Asura. Then assassinate him.”

I always kinda wondered why the elder council or whatever is inside diamonds.

Please leave it to me.

But I cannot allow the humans to return to Devaloka, no matter what.

You did not... believe in me?

Humans are no longer capable of existing alongside the gods. If you were to unite Devaloka and Naraka, the world itself would have been destroyed in time.

Durandal... you too?

I regret that it would come to this. I am but a weapon. I can only be used as my wielder commands...

What happened to... the world that I sought?!

Lies! Lies! You're lying!!

Then... what am I?

You are nothing but Asura's doubt. Recall the hatred that bound you!

Ah... no........................

The game really uses that many ellipses.

The one who destroyed Devaloka... the one who brought misfortune onto everyone... was me?

Now, come, my other half. We have work to do.

That's kind of an odd way to phrase that?

Won't you come with me? I am a faithful servant to you both. You can rest assured that unlike a certain girl, I will never betray you.

Wow, rude?


Hey... don' go, Lu...

Milda... is this the path you've chosen?

Geez emo much???

Any world is better than this rotten imbalance of Naraka and Devaloka, is it not?


Hahahahaha! Exactly! In death, we will achieve true equality. Do you not think it a gloriously fitting end for this world?

Destroy the world. That is the only way it can be saved.

That's a really funny technicality.

Please use my life.


Why? My heart has always belonged to none one but Overlord Asura.

Friendzoned again!!!!!

….Then we have no choice. Luca, that girl Iria has wormed her way into your heart. Take her life and invoke the Manifest!

…...Iria betrayed me in my past life. So did Spada. Ricardo sold us out to Gardel. Ange did the same with Albert. But to be honest, I don't care about that stuff.

It's my fault that everyone has to continue to suffer in this life. It's all my fault...

Lady Mathias, the Sky Castle is falling apart.

There is one last option. Let's go, Chitose.


Get back to the airship.

But Luca is....


Hurry, Her!!

Hurry! We're getting out of here!



And we fade to black. Thanks for tuning into update 23 everyone, hope you guys are still there under all that PLOT PLOT PLOT. No skits for this update, they'll be in the next one!