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by Dragonatrix

Part 6: Cless and Trinix

When we last left Cless, he had just finished murdering a boar for its wonderous meats. Not too long after, he had to traipse through the sewers of a nearby town and was ambushed by a slug, of all things...

: Where...
: This is my home. The name is Trinix D. Morrison.
: Wasn't I... poisoned? Morrison, were you the one who saved me?
: Well, I suppose you could put it that way.
: Thank you very much.
: You're Cless, right? I've heard a bit about you from your friend. I also got a general outline of the situation from the young lady. So I have a good idea of what you've gone through to get here.

: Thank goodness...
: Be sure you give this young lady your thanks. Despite that slender figure, this girl was carrying you to safety when I found her.
: Oh, Morrison, that's...
: Thank you, Mint.
: Oh no... U, um, Cless..
: Please eat this, it should help you recover.
: Delicious! Mint, this is really great! If you don't mind, could you teach me the recipe?

Ordinarily, this would easily be the point where we get the cooking tutorial. Since we've been able to cook since the very beginning, we don't have to worry about that. We even got something of a cliff-notes version from a friendly chef in Euclid a while ago too!

: Also, please take this.

As you'd imagine, this works as our in-game bestiary and if we manage to fill it by using a Spectacles/Magic Lens on every enemy we get a title for someone that isn't Cless. That's an awful lot of busy work for something so unimportant and it can't be done until a second playthrough anyway so we won't bother trying to get it (I already have it on a different file if someone really wants to see it).

: Cless, you could probably use a little fresh air, right?
: Oh, sure.

Despite what the game actually tells you here just going outside isn't enough to trigger the next plot event. You have to try and go to the world map to get Cless nearly killed by a stray bullet arrow.

???: Aren't you awake yet, Cless?
: Chester!
: I told you I heard your name from your friend, didn't I?

To be fair, though, this isn't Cless being an idiot so much as Morrison failing to convey what he meant accurately. Since there was no way of knowing whether he meant Mint or Chester with "your friend," Cless could have easily thought he meant the prior.

: Morrison arrived at the village not long after you left, Cless.
: Thanks to him, all the villagers were given proper burials much faster than I could've managed alone.
: So that's what happened. But Morrison, what were you doing there?
: I was pursuing the man in the black armor. If only the information had come to me a little sooner, I might have been able to protect the village. However, I didn't think Miguel would be caught up in all this... And to lose Maria as well... it's truly unfortunate.
: You knew my mom and dad!?

If you've been paying attention, you may have recognised Trinix's sprite from earlier. There's a good reason for that, and it ties into how he knows Cless' parents. That's all we'll say about that though!

: Also, the young lady's mother, Meryl. I knew all three of them very well. Most likely, better even then (typo is the game's, not mine) you did.
: Mother...

: By the way, Miguel should have been guarding a very precious jewel. Cless, do you know anything about it?
: If you mean the jewel attached to that pendant, he gave it to me as a birthday present.
: Then you have it with you now?
: Actually... it was stolen.
: Stolen!?
: When I was captured, the man in the black armor took it from me.
: Just what makes the jewel in that pendant so important?
: I didn't expect this... I've been caught hopelessly off guard. This is very bad.

: All of you should remain here.
: The man in armor is going to that Underground Crypt, right?
: We're going with you! That man is our enemy too!
: Absolutely not!
: What!?
: Please!
: As you are now, you'll all just be in my way.
: Don't write us off so fast!
: At least give us a chance...
: Then tell me, were you ever able to hold your own against Miguel in battle?
: That's...

: As the children of my dear departed friends, I can't possibly allow you to walk into such a dangerous situation... If I did, I could never face them in the afterlife. Please try to understand.

Oh, we're not done with this overly long cutscene just yet...

: Well, Morrison said we should wait for him here, but I can't stand to leave things like this.
: I...
: Cless, what do you think? Do you plan to just sit here and wait?
: Wait while the bastard that destroyed the village just... This isn't a question! Back then, didn't we make a promise!? We swore that no matter what, we would settle the score with whoever was begind this, didn't we!?
: Maybe Morrison was exactly right. In the end, we really may be helpless in battle...
: But even so, this is a battle that we have to face!! Say something!
: Please, don't fight! Please...
???: My, it's awfully noisy here today.

: Well now, this is unexpected.
: Master Tristan!? What are you doing here?
: Oh, well if isn't Cless.

There's an "it" missing here in-game too.

: I often come here to have tea. Speaking of which, what brings you all here?
: ...and that's how we ended up here.
: Hm... So that's what happened... Miguel culd not act because Maria had been taken hostage. At that time, even if we assume I had remained in the village, they could have taken a senile old man like me without difficulty.
: ...
: In any case, when I arrived, you were saying that Morrison told you that you would be in his way.

: Is Morrison also a Methodist?
: Also? Oh ho, I see, you're Meryl's daughter. You're the spitting image of your mother. No doubt you'll grow to be a real beauty.

: But, why? Why does everyone know Mint and I? More importantly, why do you all know our parents?
: You really want to know?
: Yes, please tell us.
: After all, we need to know everything before we face our enemies!
: Perhaps what Morrison said was true, but even so...
: I won't hesitate any longer! Master, please!!
: Very well. However... You can't go there with such tattered equipment. Earlier, a peddler stopped by the house. You can make your preparations before you leave. Once you're ready, travel southeast and keep an eye out for a cave. I'll go on ahead and wait for you there.

: (Did I drop it somewhere? Where could I have lost it?)
: Cless, is everything all right?
: Y, yeah... It's nothing. Let's go!

And with that, Cless and his companions prepare to set out to the Underground Crypt where Trinix D. Morrison, Tristan and the truth are all waiting for them...

Trinix D. Morrison official render.