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by Dragonatrix

Part 8: Cresshing through Time

: Where...
: Can you stand, Mint?
: Cless...
: Where are we?
: I'm not really sure either.
: Where in the world are we?

On the one hand, when we get to the world map we'll recognise this place. On the other hand, we've gone to a different era altogether at this point so it makes sense that Cless and Mint wouldn't recognise it.

: What happened to Chester? And to Morrison?
: They're probably, no...
: I'm sure they're alright. Rather than worry about everything at once, let's start with what we can do right now. Okay, Cless?
: Please cheer up...
: You're right.
: This is no time to feel sorry for myself.
: You don't have to-
: Hey, I know. Let's try reading the book that Morrison left with us.

: <<Since it was in the distant past, it's unclear where this enemy came from or when the fighting first broke out. This invader called himself "Dhaos.">>
: Dhaos...
: Let's skip ahead and read a little more.
: <<We quickly learned that Dhaos could not be harmed by conventional weapons. Furthermore, we learned that he was not bound by the passing of time and, in fact, could move freely between the folds of time itself. After being severely wounded in a battle with out ancestors, Dhaos planned to make his escape to the future. To our time... Since that time, the Morrison household had been preparing for Dhaos' arrival in order to finish the battle begun so long ago. That duty had fallen to me.>>

: <<At that time, we knew that we could not hope to defeat Dhaos. Therefore, it was our intention to seal him away.>>

Suddenly, the intro scene makes sense doesn't it? Dhaos got trashed by some dudes in the past and tried to flee through time where he was ambushed by Morrison, Cless' parents and Mint's mother.

: Get ready!
: Oh merciful God...
: Give us strength...

I'm sure you remember how it goes from here, so let's just skip ahead to how it ends.

: Dad, mom!
: Meryl... that's my mother's name.
: <<In that brilliant flash of light, the four of us realised that we had actually managed to seal away Dhaos. Dhaos' power was divided and sealed within two pendants. Miguel and his wife took one, Meryl the other. I was to be responsible for watching over the seal itself.>>

Pretty sure that by this point most of this is obvious. You could've figured out the entire thing once Dhaos mentioned Morrison's spell Methodism being time travel related.

: So then...
: Then it's clear what we have to do next.
: We'll search for a way to defeat Dhaos.
: But before that, I think we should try to find a town or village.
: Yeah, let's do that.

But first, something I'm sure you noticed long before Cless did...

: This is... Chester's bow...
: Chester...
: I'm sure they're all right, so...

So let's see just where we ended up when we travelled through time.

This place looks more than a little familiar. It's probably nothing though.

Skit: Déjà Vu

: I have a feeling I've seen this place before, but...
: Somehow the scent of the wind seems different...
: Its scent?
: I'm sorry, I can't explain it very well...
: That's okay. Let's try to find some people, someone may be able to tell us something.

Before that, let's check out this forest to the south. It's definitely not a place we've been to earlier. Honest.

The hardest item, by far, to find is this Rebirth Doll. It's possibly the most pointless accessory we'll ever get. It doesn't boost any stats, but what it does is revive whoever is wearing it. Once. Then it breaks. There's a finite number of these and I can think of maybe only two or three occasions where giving them to anyone would be a potentially good idea.

Speaking of "hardest" things in the area, the Boar and 3x Baby Boar fight spawns as a random encounter here. It's pretty rare but you're gonna be hunting it down if you want that monster title since you probably didn't think to use a Magic Lens on both in the first fight (I know I didn't).

Another item in the area is the third stat-boosting herb. Sage increases max HP by 5% which is alright, I guess. Only worth holding onto for the time being, though. We'll probably use some of these before too long, maybe. The only item we can find is an Hourglass, which isn't particularly exciting.

Skit: Objective None

: For the time being, let's just try to find some people.

Fortunately, we ended up right next to a town so let's go check that place out. We can't try and get around it anyway since the way its located you have to pass through it.

The item store to the left there has nothing of interest in it so let's just head north a bit and get thrown into a massive unskippable cutscene. Joy!

Villager 2: They're not from around here.
Villager 3: You're right.
Villager 1: Where could they have come from?
: Um, excuse me. Where...

Elder: How unusual. I'm the village elder. If you don't mind my asking, where do you come from?
: Oh, um, that is...
: My name is Cless. I come from Totis Village. This is Mint. To put it simply, we were sent here by some kind of Methodism...
: When we awoke, we found ourselves in the grasslands nearby.
Elder: Totis? Never heard of it. Have any of you heard of it?
: Huh?
Elder: Hm... You don't appear to be lying. I've also never heard of this power you called Methodism. Are you sure it wasn't some kind of Sorcery?
: No, that's not it.
: Sorcery is a lost power, it disappeared from this world ages ago.
Elder: It seems there is much to discuss... But there's no reason to continue standing here. Why don't you join me in my home? We can speak at length there. If you don't mind, come this way.

Despite being a named character, Lenios has a generic old man sprite... considering how he's sorta important (albeit off-screen) you'd think he'd be less forgettable.

Lenios: Pleased to meet you.
: Oh no, the pleasure is all ours.
: (Lenios... I know I've heard that name somewhere before...)
Lenios: Now, for starters, I find it very strange that you would call Sorcery a lost power.
: That's how I learned the story from my mom. In the past, there definitely was a power known as Sorcery, but after a certain point in time, it simply ceased to exist.
: You mentioned this before, but have you truly not heard of Methodism? It is the power to restore.

Lenios: What a wonderful feeling... but I do not know of it. In return, allow me to show you my power. The power of Sorcery.

: A... Amazing!!!
: Could this be the power we need to defeat Dhaos?
Lenios: What!? Did you just say Dhaos!?
: Do you know about Dhaos?
Lenios: How could I not know of him? The people of this world live every day in the darkness of his shadow! Even now, we can do nothing but watch as his power and influence spread across the land.
: But Dhaos has only just awoken from the seal...
Lenios: From the seal? What do you mean? Even I do not remember how many years have gone by since Dhaos first appeared.
: Years have gone by!?
: Wait, do you think it's somehow possible that we were somehow sent into the future!?
: The future? ...Oh! I think I understand.
: This is probably the past; the era before Dhaos was ever sealed away.
Lenios: The past? The future? What are you trying to say? This is year 4202 in the Aselian Calendar.

: I can hardly believe it.
: Yeah, I know what you mean...
: But with this, Lenios not knowing about Methodism finally makes sense.
: The Order of Methodists was not founded until 4210 in the Aselian Calendar.
: So in this era, Methodism hasn't even been fully developed yet.

Lenios: I'm not sure I can bring myself to believe it.
: I understand how you feel, but I am convinced it is the truth.
: Even having been through it all myself, I still don't know if I fully believe it. But more importantly would you mind telling us more about Dhaos and Sorcery?
Lenios: It is said that Dhaos cannot be harmed except by Sorcery. Without the ability to use it, defeating him is an impossible goal. In other words, Sorcery is absolutely essential. However... the two of you will never be able to use Sorcery.
: W, why not?
Lenios: I can plainly see that neither of you carry the blood of the Elves.

: That can't be...
: Then, for us, defeating Dhaos is...
Lenios: Giving up so easily? All you need is to seek the aid of powerful individuals who can use magic.
: Do you know of any Sorcerers that you could introduce us to?
Lenios: Wait just a moment now. Do the two of you truly intend to confront Dhaos?
: Absolutely! We are determined, this is something we have to do!
: Please, help us!
: We must defeat Dhaos, no matter what the cost!
: Morrison and Chester are waiting for us...
Lenios: Unfortunately, I don't know any Sorcerers that fit your needs.
: I, is that right?
: If that's the case, do you know where we might be able to meet any Elves?
Lenios: Now don't jump to conclusions.

Lenios: Although he's human, no one can match the passion with which he has studied magic. Day in and day out, he has worked tirelessly in research, hoping to find a way for humans to wield magic.
: Then we should definitely pay a visit to this Klarth.
Lenios: I'll warn you, he's known to be a bit of an eccentric and he's often quite blunt. You could be in for an icy reception at first... But I assure you, he really is a good man at heart. If you explain your situation, I'm sure that he'll be willing to help you.
: I understand. Thank you so much!
Lenios: Please, thanks aren't necessary. The fire in your eyes reminds me of the days when I still called myself a Sorcerer. So in my place, I ask that you protect this world and passionately seek knowledge.
: Lenios, thank you so much.
Lenios: I understand how you must feel, but you must rest when you grow weary. That said, I'd like to ask you to stay the night. Please relax and get some rest.

Well, at least we know what our short-term goal is now; find this Klarth guy and get him to help us however he can.

: Huh?
: Oh! N-no, I'm uh, I'm going to sleep on the floor...

: Will we ever be able to return to our own time? If we defeat Dhaos in this era...
: Will we really be able to change history and save Morrison and Chester?
: Cless, are you still awake?
: Yeah...
: Starting tomorrow...
: Let's do our best, okay?
: Yeah, you got it.
: Cless...