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Part 20: Over-Archeing

Before we move onto Midgard to meet with Edward D. Morrison, we have this tent to go to. We could've done this ages ago but the arcane arte we get for it is one we won't be using for a long while as is.

Demonic Strike requires a base arte Cless doesn't learn until level 45. At least we get this for free!

Skit: Midgard

: Yeah, we should finally have the strength we need to assist him.
: I agree.
: That guy said he was going to Midgard, right?

We cleared out Midgard, when we came here a bit earlier than the plot wanted us to so now we can just skip to the one place we didn't go to earlier. Primarily because we couldn't get into it.

Sentinel: Adventurers, huh? We'll need to see some proof that you're here on official business.
: Will this work for you? We were awarded this Emblem by the King of Alvanista.
Sentinel: There's no mistake...
: We were hoping to meet with Lord Edward D. Morrison.
Sentinel: Right this way.

Here we do actually have to wait until a specific amount of time passes. Let's speed things along a bit by talking to everyone (except Klaus. He just repeats the same line he said here).

: You can certainly feel the silent tension of this city.
: Ugh! Man, I'm really sick of waiting...
: Oh, they're here.

: I am the Captain of the Guard, Raizen. I have heard much about you from Lord Morrison. You have been praised as young heroes whose strength and bravery can match an army.
: No, we're still inexperienced.
: We're honored for the chance to join you in battle.
: Thanks for coming. I knew you wouldn't let me down.
: Yes, together we'll put a stop to Dhaos' ambitions.
: Ambitions? Now that you mention it, what exactly are Dhaos' ambitions?
: What are you saying? Dhaos is trying to destroy the world!

: Is there something bothering you?
: His whole purpose is to destroy the world?
: Exactly!
: ...Well, whatever.
: I apologise. I think she's just worrying too much over little things.
: In any case, let me thank you again for coming. Just knowing that all of you will be working with us in the coming war is reassuring.
: How soon is the war going to begin?
: We were just about to meet with His Majesty regarding that matter. I believe they are already waiting for us in the audience chamber. Please join us as soon as possible.
: Actually, I must be going as well. I have a crucial intelligence report to make to His Majesty. So if you'll excuse me.

: In that case, I suppose we should head to the audience chamber too.
: But where is the audience chamber?
: Oh, um, that is...
: I really don't know.
: It can't be that hard to find.

On the plus side, we don't have to actually walk all the way to the audience chamber from here since we get whisked away to there by a cutscene. A different one. That we trigger just outside the audience chamber. Which is a whole two screens away from this one. It's literally visible from the entrance. How did they not see it when they came in?

Sorceress: What's going to happen to us if we continue our research in spite of that?
: Pay it no mind. Our kingdom will never bow to the will of someone like him. Please continue to devote yourselves to your research.

: Now then, please follow me to the audience chamber.

: Yes sir. The four of them were able to rescue the prince of Alvanista. They possess great skill with both the sword and with magic.
: We are glad to have you.
: Indeed.
: Our country has relatively little contact with the Elves, which of course means that Sorcery is also a rarity. Even with the addition of Alvanista's Sorcery Unit, we remain shorthanded. So of course, we are always thankful to have willing individuals like yourselves fight alongside us.

: We should put all forces in this city on high alert.
: Yes, I agree. Have our guests been informed about the trump card that our country has been researching?
: Allow me to give you a tour and explanation of our facilities. Let us proceed to the pride of Midgard, the Magitech Research Laboratory.
: Magitech?

: The objective of our research is to make it possible for humans to use Sorcery. An outstanding goal, wouldn't you say?
: Make it possible for humans to use Sorcery? Is that really possible? It's like a dream...
: Once we have won this war, those in crucial roles like you all will be the first to reap the benefits of this technology.

: If you'd like a more complete explanation, feel free to talk to the people here. I'll be returning now, so if you'll please excuse me.

Most of them say pointless little things that are irrelevant, one comments on how Edward can use Sorcery as is and no one really helps make it clear what Magitech is.

This one is the closest since it tells us Magitech is a weapon of some kind. That doesn't really help us in any manner though. Oh well, we should probably just go rest or something while we wait.

: What is Dhaos really after?
: I mean, sure, he's destroyed cities...
: Killed many people...
: Controls countless demons... But...
: But then why hasn't he attacked Venezia or Euclid?

: Even though he had the perfect chance to destroy the kingdom from within...
: The more I think about it, Midgard is the only city that Dhaos has actually attacked directly.
: What does all of it mean?
: There's some truth to what you're saying.
: What in the world are you talking about!? It was Dhaos that destroyed Hamel! Because Dhaos was pulling the strings,
: Rhea and her parents were killed, right!? Or don't you care about that any more!?
: Cless, you're going too far!
: That's the other thing.
: Wha?
: That's the only exception. Why was only Hamel destroyed?
: Hm...
: Maybe I'm thinking too hard about it.
: But doesn't there have to be a common thread that connects Midgard, Hamel, and Rhea's parents? There must be something else there considering other cities are completely untouched.
: Dhaos' true objective, huh?
: When you put it like that, something does seem out of place.

: We can ask my dad if he knows anything about that...
: That and I've got a problem of my own to talk to him about.
: You want to go from here all the way to your house at a time like this!?
: Don't you think that's a bit far in these circumstances?
: Hey, no worries. It's fine. It'll all work out if we just take a shortcut there and then take a shortcut back, right? Let's go.

You can actually walk all the way there if you want to. It's not as far as it seems, but still a lot further than you'd think if that makes sense. Like, the world is small enough for it to not be too much of a chore but there's still the entire journey there which consists of reaching the Freyland desert, crossing it, taking a boat back to Alvanista, heading to Alvanista itself, taking a boat to Venezia, walking back through Hamel and then going to Arche's house.

Skit: A Minor Complaint

: Let's see if Bart can tell us anything.
: Right. Plus, I have a complaint to make.
: A complaint?
: It's nothing, just a bit of a family issue...

Skit: Back to Lone Valley

: Lone Valley... That sure is a long way.
: Goodness.

: Mom isn't dead!!

: I see...
: Why did mom leave us?
: You cheated on her?
: What are you saying!? Where did you get that idea?
: Years ago, the Elven people chose to walk the path of unity. That's probably what this is about, right?
: That's exactly right. It was just over ten years ago... at the time, Elves and humans were living together in harmony. But in the blink of an eye, all of that changed. The Elves turned their backs on us... Fearing for the thinning of the Elven bloodline as they mingled with humans, the Elves retreated to the Ymir Forest. But, obviously, not all of the Elves were of one mind on the matter. There were many cases of families being forcibly torn apart. What happened to Ruche and I, it really wasn't all that unusual in those days.

: Yes.
: But why? Please reconsider!
: ...Bart...
: Together... just like before...
: ...
: Ruche, say something!!

Elf: You humans need to think long and hard about all the things you've done up until now. Moreover, what you should do in the future... You should reconsider your foolish actions, although it may already be too late.
: What? What in the world are you talking about?
Elf: If you refuse to change, we shall never again appear before you humans.
: What is that supposed to mean? Ruche...

I'd thought we established that, yes, elves are pricks. I'd thought we established that quite a while ago. This really doesn't help them.

: I really have no idea. In any case, the last thing Ruche asked was that we go on living as if she had died.
: Mom... Mom, she apologized. She said she was sorry...
: Dad, do you resent mom for what happened?
: I've never thought badly of your mother, not even once.
: So then, even after all this time...
: You still love her?
: I do.
: If that's the case...
: Then I'm sure that some day we'll all be together again! And that's all I've got to say about that!

That's nice and all, but we had another reason to come here... a somewhat more pressing and important reason at that.

: Arche... isn't there something else?
: Oh, right!
: Dad, do you know if Rhea's parents... do you know if they were doing something bad?
: What sort of thing?
: We believe that there has to be some kind of connection between the Scarlets and Midgard.
: I know that at one point, they did live in Midgard... They moved here from Midgard several years ago if I remember right. Before that, I heard they were involved in a secret project researching some mysterious power in the castle. Does that mean anything to you?
: A mysterious power?

: Magitech and Dhaos...
: Are they connected somehow?
: It's hard to say.
: We should probably be returning to Midgard soon...
: Yeah, you're right.

Once again, we can simply "take a shortcut" back to Midgard or we can walk the entire way. Much like last before, walking takes more time than it really should.

Skit: The Scarlet Secret

: That has to be Magitech, right?
: We know they came from the Kingdom of Midgard...
: Dhaos and Magitech... What in the world is their connection?
: Um, we should probably return to Midgard soon, don't you think?
: Hm? Yeah, that's true. His Majesty said the capital was already on high alert when we left.
: Huh? We're going back already? How boring...

Skit: Return to Midgard

: That's certainly true. We really have no idea when the battle will begin.
: You're right. Let's return to Midgard.
: Aw man, our walk is over already?

Raizen concept art for the OVA.