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Part 26: C. The Faith of a Few

This is just the skits I skipped over during the war, and one extra.

Skit: Last Man Standing

With Mint, Klaus and Arche all dead this is the only skit that will play. I imagine there's one of these for everyone. I've never seen any of them until now so I didn't even know there was this one.

So what about during the period between Edward's death and the battle for the plains? The only opportunity there is when Klaus is being briefed by Raizen.

Naturally, the same thing would occur when we're on the Valhalla Plains. But there is a small time period between the end of that fight and getting the reward from the king we can take advantage of...

Skit: Silencing The Noise

: Yes, we did it.
: We were really big players out there.
: Let's see what the noisy lot from earlier have to say now.

Skit: Rewarding Bravery

: We did it.
: All right, let's return to Midgard Castle and report.
: I wonder what our reward will be...

This just leaves one last little section between the end of the war and storming Dhaos' castle.

Skit: Magitech and Dhaos

: I never thought my broom would be able to fly so far.
: I still can't believe how powerful Magitech is.
: Yes, but I have a feeling that Dhaos has not yet abandoned this battle.
: In any case, we can't let this break go to waste.
: Yeah, we need to march on Dhaos' Castle.

Skit: Time to Strike

: Dhaos' Castle is on the other side of the Valhalla Plains, right?
: Yes.
: We have to defeat Dhaos in Edward's place.

Oddly, we could be stood right outside the Castle and it'd still be "on the other side" of the plains.