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Part 37: D. Something About Suzu

This is simply every skit available now that we have Suzu. One of them isn't actually about Suzu but it only triggers after the second hot springs scene so it goes here as well. For future reference, if a skit has her in it just assume it wouldn't occur at all if we never bothered to collect her. Notice how little this will change things; even the default "we should go here next" thing doesn't get altered to reflect this.

Skit: Name's The Same

: They do?
: I mean, all the guys' names are written using classical characters, right?
: That seems normal to me.
: Huh? It's not normal at all! I mean, if you didn't know how to read it,
: you might even read the leader's name as Midarezo.
: Grandfather's name is Ranzo.
: Well sure, but you see that it can be confusing, right?
: I wonder about that.

Skit: Summoner Pattern Baldness

: Oh, this hat, huh? Actually...
: Because you're bald?
: Who are you calling bald!? You haven't even seen it!
: Oh, but I have seen it!
: At the hot springs in the Ninja Village!
: I'm sorry. I asked something I shouldn't have...
: N, no! That's totally wrong! You're misunderstanding! I've been falsely accused!
: Hey! You're taking responsibility for this.

Skit: The Hyper-Active Ninja

: Whoa, awesome! That's so cool! Maybe I should become a ninja too!
: They don't let the noisy type like you become ninja.
: Hey, who asked for your opinion anyway!?
: I was just trying to give you a fair warning. You should thank me.
: Mind your own business! I've decided, I'm definitely going to become a ninja.
: Um, lively people do not tend to make good ninja...
: Oh...
: See, there you go.

Skit: Emotional Context

: Emotion would only hinder ninja in their duties.
: Look at that carefree fool. She's an idiot, but doesn't she look like she's having fun?
: I do not understand.
: So your heart can't even feel that much... That's kind of sad.
: This is how we live.

Odd how Chester was... relatively... nice to Arche there. It's a backhanded compliment, sure, but it's still much nicer than everything he's said about, or to, her before.

Skit: Together We Ride

: In order to defend against predators, birds protect themselves by forming flocks.
: In other words, even though they're weak alone, together they can fight?
: That is correct.
: Are we the same way?
: Yes, by combining our power, we can defeat even Dhaos.
: Yeah, let's go our best!

Skit: Misguided Sorrow

: Please do not concern yourself with it. It is fine. Ninja must be heartless in order to fulfill their duty.