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Part 39: Tales of Great Artifacts

We're starting off on a bit of a detour this time but we'll be off to Alvanista soon. We're just checking out something in Euclid before moving on.

This kid isn't kidding. Just look at what this dog can do!

That was worth the minor detour. Speaking of minor detours, while I remember (and can afford it) let's go buy something we saw earlier.

400,000 gald down the fucking drain right here. I've never used this thing, I never intend to use this thing, there is no way I will ever use this thing. If I didn't get something out of it, I wouldn't even bother buying it.

It's not just the Collectible, though that's incentive enough. Oh no, since we picked up the Combo Counter ages ago we get a little bit more...

Another of the statues and a new title for Cless? Both are worth more than the Combo Command as far as I care. Feel free to disagree if you don't mind being wrong, though.

While we're here, though, let's buy enough of everything here to make it so we never have to come back ever again. They're all wonderful, wonderful upgrades (except the Crescent Arrow but that's just for the Collector's Encyclopaedia); the Rare Plate doesn't have any elemental resistances though so you might not want to give it to Klarth if he has a Star Cloak already. He doesn't in my case, so it's an upgrade. The Rare Shield reduces Water damage, the Rare Helm reduces Thunder damage and the Rare Gauntlets reduce Earth damage.

And, just for a little frame of reference; the Rare Plate is the third best armour. The top two have a shit-ton of elemental resistances on top of having a ton more defense so out of everything you can buy from this girl, it's the second worst. The Rare Shield is the fourth best shield statistically but the only shield with an elemental resistance. There's only one intermediary step between the Fine Shield and the Rare Shield and that's another you buy and it really isn't worth it. The Rare Helm is the third best helmet (for Cless) and we could get the second best from the Arena if we went through it enough times. The Rare Gauntlets are the third best gloves for Cless and the second best for Chester. We could get Chester's best from the Arena (again) but we have to wait until the post-game for Cless' best.

Since we're here, let's see what this guy's deal is.

: They sure can talk...
: I'm so bored I could die...
Craftsman: It's done!

Mahjong Tiles are a werd item. They're only used in battle but they actually outright deal damage to whatever you're fighting. They do this depending on the number painted on the tile or something. By the time we get around to using this, I'll have to double-check my notes just to remember that. Yeah, it's gonna take that long.

Okay enough of this dicking around. Let's go to Alvanista already!

Assuming I've not counted wrong, there's only two recipes to go now. The Fish Hot Pot is worth mentioning its effect since it restores HP AND TP! Not much of either (like 15% HP and 1% TP), but it's still different at least.

Since I didn't put up with this crab's bullshit before, the chest contains a Star Cloak now. I'm still not putting up with this crab's bullshit. There's more than enough Star Cloaks for everyone that can use them without this one.

As we're in the future now, we can race here again. Chester does it this time and holy shit is thing fucking hard now.

The kid runs way, way faster than you on a straight but the important thing is that he still can't run diagonally so you have that advantage and you have to abuse the shit out of it and hope he gets stuck on the level geometry occasionally. You can sorta trick the AI into doing that at places if you have a small enough lead. No, that's not a typo; if you're too far ahead you've probably fucked yourself over.

Oh and I know it looks like I actually lost that and I thought I had too. Then when I checked the actual footage when cutting out a few screwups I did really win. By 5 frames. Fuck yeah that's awesome.

As for the rewards we can get this time, there's nothing that stands out as being worth it this ti- ahahaha just kidding. The Tapestry is what you want here; you can sell it for over 90,000 a pop if you know where to go. The Wall Break is a pointless accessory that nullifies Earth damage half the time but doesn't do shit the other half. Earth attacks aren't even that common so it's totally not worth it. The bow on the far right is a Long Selfbow and that's more useless now than the Longsword was at this point in the past. The other ?Bow is the Flare Spread; a Fire elemental bow that's weaker than the Crescent Arrow.

Unlike before, we do actually get something out of doing this again (beyond more cash eventually).

This doesn't do a damn thing, but it's another collectible so it's worth the hassle. In my opinion, it is at least.

There's nothing else left to do to for procrastinating so let's go to the castle.

Gatekeeper: This is no place for your kind! Hurry up and leave!
: But we were asked by Lord Harrison...
Gatekeeper: Silence!!
???: Hold it.

: They are to be treated with all due respect.
Gatekeeper: That was about these people!? P, please forgive us.
: I apologize on behalf of my men. Please, come this way.

: Who?
: We met him in the past. He's the Court Sorcerer.
: I never imagined that we would be meeting again.
: You mustn't forget that I'm of the Elven bloodline. It's truly unfortunate that we have to meet under such circumstances. However, personally, I'm pleased to have the chance to see you again. While there's much I'd like to catch up on, why don't we meet with His Majesty first?

: It must have been difficult. I'm sure you've heard this from Harrison, but Dhaos has once again become a threat to this world. Dhaos can continually travel further and further into the future. At this rate, there will never be an end to it... Although the may be content to play cat and mouse with us for all eternity, we intend to put an end to this. However, we can do little except to continue the battles we are already fighting.
: So what are you saying?
: Thanks to information left behind by the ancients in Thor, we've finally been provided the keys that will open the door to victory. In the distant past, thousands of years ago, there existed three countries we now call the Ancient Civilizations. I'm sure you've heard this before, but they were known as Odin, Fenrir, and Thor. After a meteorite strike, the civilization known as Thor suddenly disappeared beneath the waves.

: Each of them wielded one of the Three Great Artifacts. The whereabouts of those artifacts were stored in the records we uncovered.
: So you're saying if we have those,
: it should be possible to defeat Dhaos?
: The Three Great Artifacts together form a single sword, a mystic blade said to be capable of controlling time itself.
: In other words, a sword that can prevent Dhaos from escaping to another time.
: Exactly. If you'd like to hear everything we know, you should ask the people in the Sorcery Laboratory.
: Still, it's hard to beleive that such young people were able to defeat Dhaos... Your deeds have been passed down and become the stuff of legend in this kingdom. One hundred and fifty years ago, in this world's darkest hour, you defeated Dhaos and saved us from destruction. Now we must once again call upon your power. We have exhausted all available means, you are our final hope in this battle. I shall await news of your triumph.

Skit: History's Untrue Heroes

: Well, that's what happens when you rewrite history.
: Hehe, I'm not complaining.
: But Edward was the one that was actually supposed to defeat Dhaos.
: His objective was never fame. Naturally, neither was ours. Let people say what they will about us.
: I understand that, but... It's kind of a complicated feeling.
: Man, you're always so serious.

Now that we have access to Alvanista's castle, we should take a look at what it contains.

It contains a new mini-game. Unlike before, this one can be played indefinitely and can be utilised to max everyone's stats. Yes, really.

It's a simple game of "memorization." You can cheapen that by taking screenshots of the button sequence that you have to put in, if need be. You get 4 unique rewards out of it before a reward dependant on how fast you do it.

And, it goes without saying, but the sequence is random. It's never gonna be the same stuff in the same order.

Yeah, that was kinda slow but it's kinda hard telling the difference between a tiny circle and a tiny square button when you're not right in-front of the screen.

The reason I gave Arche the Mother's Gloves over the first pair of these I had was due to elemental resistance. The extra defence points these give aren't necessarily worth it. These will come in handy against things that don't use elements covered by the Mother's Gloves at least.

Okay, now THAT is way better.

The second reward is a new hat for Chester, Mint or Klaus. It's an upgrade over what they've had for ages now and it's their best hat too! It doesn't grant any elemental defense though, but neither does anything else they could use.

The third reward should really be the first. It's just a gel that we've had for ages now. How lame.

The fourth reward is a Ring Shield for someone who didn't get the first. This one's going to Klaus.

The fifth reward onward is determined by how fast you do it. Beat it quickly and... you get a gel. How lame.

If we take over 5 seconds to get the correct order, however...

You get a stat boosting herb! There's no limit on how often you can play (to the best of my knowledge at least), so sitting here for hours grinding these things will enable you max everyone's HP, TP, Strength and Agility. You know, if you were crazy and wanted to do that kind of thing. Not sure why you would since it's so time consuming and ungodly tedious.

Skit: The Ninja Network

: We have to now what we're looking for first.
: The Swords of Flame and Ice, and a Pact Ring.
: Why do you know what? Ninja intelligence network?
: Correct.
: However, as for their locations...
: Let's ask at the Alvanista Sorcery Laboratory.

Freezekiel is a place you're likely to find by accident once you get the Rhea-Birds. It's just north of Alvanista so it's pretty close by.

This kinda makes sense; if we assume what we're after was originally one sword but ancient magic science split it into the component parts, we could use Origin to restore it. It shouldn't be any different to when we fixed the two pact rings in the Past after all.

This information when combined with the knowledge that Origin is relevant gives an indication that maybe the Diamond pact ring is the one for Origin himself.

I'm sure you already figured this one out. We've seen where Odin was before, so it stands to reason that the ancient civilization that bears his name would be in roughly the same area.

Most importantly, however, is that we can confirm the location of Origin. We know of the slate at Heimdall which bears a fraction of his power, but that's not enough to say for certain that Origin is truly there. Now that we can say for sure he is, we won't be wasting our time when we go through the Treant Forest. Again.

Skit: The Great Artifacts

: What were they again?
: Artifacts, relics from the Ancient Civilizations.
: The three of them together form the Eternal Sword.
: With that sword, we can seal Dhaos' time traveling.
: Then let's all search for the Three Great Artifacts.

Aifreid is a recurring character in the series. He has turned up in at least 5 games, and this is the first. He's primarily the means of a sidequest that spans the entire world to find his treasure. Naturally when we can get an idea of where to look, we'll be going after it. I love a good treasure hunt!

For now, though, we just have to worry about finding these two elemental swords. Freezekiel is closer, so let's go check that out first.