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by Dragonatrix

Part 46: THE END

After spending several hours trying to get a 14 minute video to record without the framerate arbitrarily dying for no reason around halfway in, I realised that it kinda wasn't worth it in the first place. If all else fails, I can always just shamelessly link someone else's video.

: Wait, something isn't right here!
: Don't, Mint! It's too dangerous!
: No, he's... He's already...
: Augh, s... so this is where I shall die? One billion people... with this, the fate of my one billion subjects has been sealed...
: Please tell us: what was it that you fought so hard for?
: At this point, speaking of such things no longer has any meaning.
: Even so, I wish to know the truth.
: Very well. I will tell you... I will tell you what it was that I desired.

: Dhaos was fighting all along in order to save his homeworld.
: If that's true... In the end, his goal was no different than ours.

I dunno; for a while our goal was little more than "revenge." I think wanting to save a billion lives is fairly different.

: We did what had to be done. Just remember how many people fell victim to his ambitions.
: Dhaos believed in his own sense of justice and fought for it with everything he had.
: However, we also had something we had to protect, no matter what the cost.
: We had people in this world that we had to protect... Or am I wrong?

When enough mana had been collected, a Mana Seed would be born from the Yggdrasil. However...

Had this thread been ignored, the World Tree <<Yggdrasil>> would surely have withered away. And so the stage was set for the outbreak of war between the humans who sought Magitech and Dhaos.

: Although, it's truly a shame that magic will be lost as well...
: What are you talking about?
: You're Klaus! You can just like <<BAM!>> and come up with some new totally amazing thing!
: Just like that? <<BAM!>> and it's done?
: Um... Well, I don't really get it myself, but, that's the feeling I have.
: Haha. Thanks, Arche.
: Honestly, I wish it were so simple.

: By doing this, someday, the Great Harvest will surely take palce, giving birth to a Mana Seed.
: This all we can do to honor Dhaos' conviction, even though it meant fighting alone... At least with this, he can rest in peace.
: Mint, the rest is up to you!

: With this, our journey has finally come to an end...
: Now all that remains is to return to our own time.
: ...

Oh, right, you're here. I guess if you actually did something you could be a tad more memorable, but...

: I suppose this is where we part. We will likely never meet again.
: However, I will not cry. Because ninja must be heartless in order to fulfill their duty...
: I'll never ever forget you!
: I shall also never forget our time together. Then, please excuse me...
: It's been fun.
: Take care of yourself, you hear?
: Thank you.
: That is, we couldn't have done it without you...
: Not at all, I should be thanking you.
: It's okay to cry. I think that even for a ninja, it's okay to cry at a time like this.
: Thank you very much. However, I will not cry. Because I want us to always remember our farewell as a happy one!
: Yeah... yeah, you're right! Take care, Suzu!
: Yes! Everyone, farewell! Please take care!

: She was a good kid.
: I knew it would be difficult to part ways after all we've been through, but even still...
: I wish we could have stayed together forever...
: We should also be on our way.
: Yeah, you're right.

: (I will always treasure the many things that I learned from you. And I hope that you will also treasure the things I taught you.)

I can't think of anything off-hand that the latter could be referring to. I guess it might be Claw Slash or something since that is definitely worth treasuring, but that wasn't her that taught it...

: I understand. I'll take responsibility for sealing it away.
: Well then, take care...
: Guys... I'm not going to say bye-bye just yet. I mean, there's no reason that we can't meet again, right?
: But... It'll be 100 years before I can see you again... I'm going to be so lonely.
: As for me... well, this is the last time we'll see each other...
: Don't worry about it.
: Just remember what a miracle it is that we were able to meet at all.
: Chester, Mint... Take care. Now then, we should get going.
: Chester, are you okay with this?
: Yeah...

: Yeah... you're right.
: See you soon... right?
: Yeah!

: Oh holy heavens... Oh holy god! If you can find it in boundless mercy of your heart... I ask that you grant this sinful man your blessing. Great Harvest, begin here and now!

It's here that the credits play normally. Aside from some pretty nice music there's nothing much to note. Since, y'know, they're credits.

: The first thing is to rebuild the village. And once that's finished...
: Once that's finished?
: Arche is... I'm sure she's waiting for us somewhere in this world.
: Let's go see her again!
: Yeah!
: May I... join you? Can we go together?
: Of course!

There's not much of a point to actually doing a new game plus since all it does here is let you get a whole one new title for Klaus, and a second one much earlier than normal. Nothing else is carried over; no EXP, no weapons or items, no gald... nothing. Getting one set of clear data is somewhat beneficial however, as it unlocks Mania on every save file you have. So, yeah, NG+ here is extremely disappointing. Oh well! At least there's still the bonus stuff left to do in the Future.