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by Dragonatrix

Part 56: The Perfect Lady

It sure was tiring flying that short distance here from Miguel. Let's just head to the inn to see what we can do to fix this issue.

: Yeah.
: Hmph...
: Euclid, eh?

Time for the requisite flashback...

: I made some tea.
: Okay.
: I'll just...put it here.
: Okay.
: Don't overdo it, okay?
: Okay.

: No...
: Then leave me alone for a while, will you?
: I'm busy at the moment.
: ...

: (Is it just me, or has he been acting a little weird?)
: (Definitely...)
: Is there something wrong, Klaus?
: Huh?
: No, not really.

And that's all there is to do here; there's another optional event we can do now but I'm holding off on it for a while. Becomes a bit more worth it later so I'm skipping it intentionally.

Instead, let's forego any form of common sense and head to the cliff here. More specifically there's one spot that's at least partially relevant so let's go there!

: Look, look at this! What a beautiful view! Isn't that pretty?
: Yeah. What a cool, refreshing feeling.
: Yeah. Almost makes you forget the battle, just for a moment.

: Arrrrgh!!! I'm coming for you, Dhaos!!!
: So... Shall we go?
: Yeah...

For the none of you curious, the chest just had a Reverse Doll in it.

Now for a scene that I thought was in the PSX version but apparently isn't. Let's head to that place where we got Undine!

We've already seen the first part of this so we can skip through it; it's basically the same here.

Arche cooks a thing...

It's basically evil unto itself...

So we toss it...

And she gets a title.

There's more to this little event though, but apparently it wasn't in the PSX version after all so here we are. Just leave and come back...

: Well, umm... I just thought maybe we'd find something else...
: I hope I can forget about that nauseating food...
: No doubt...
: What! Shaddup, all of you!
: I'll learn how to be a good cook, you'll see!
: All this talk about food has made me hungry.
: I don't want to repeat that mistake again.
: I won't cook for you!
: Come on, don't fight over something silly like that.
: But you know, I am kinda hungry...

: Sounds great. So what do you say, Cless?
: Sounds good.
: Woohoo! It's a picnic!
: Alright, I'll get right to work and whip something up.

: That smells great!
: Yeah, but remember what happened the last time we said that.
: Okay, I get the hint.
: But enough about that. Let's dig in!

: You've really outdone yourself this time, Mint.
: I could eat a million of these.
: Well done, Mint!
: Oh, stop it...
: There's plenty more. Have as many as you like.
: Arche...? Something wrong?
: Huh?

: What's the matter? You haven't even taken a bite.
: It's great, not like the stuff you made.
: I know! You don't have to rub it in!
: It doesn't matter anyway...
: Oh!
: Something wrong?
: There was one other thing I wanted to make, but I forgot.
: Arche, would you mind giving me a hand?

Well there is no way for this plan to fail. None whatsoever

: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
: Keep her away from the kitchen! She's a disaster waiting to happen!
: You don't need to go through all the trouble just for us.
: Well Arche, how about it?
: I'd be delighted to help you!
: Uh-oh...
: Better brace yourselves...
: That's not very nice.

One quick fade to black later and...

: Something the matter?
: Huh? Uh, no.
: I was just about to take a bite...
: Arche practically made it by herself.
: Oh, really?
: (Choke it down, Cless!)
: (Hang in there, buddy!)
: Here goes..!

: Really?
: I'm so happy you like it.
: You're joking, right?
: Let's see...
: It really is good!
: I did it!!!
: Lemme try.
: This isn't half bad...
: See! I really can cook!!!
: Yeah, but...
: I bet Mint really made it.

: Right.
: No way! I don't buy it.
: I already told you--
: Nope... It's only because you taught her so well...
: That's the only logical explanation!
: He has a good point there...
: It's amazing how far "a few pointers" can go.
: What's up with you guys!
: You're really something Mint.
: Oh, stop it...
: Good job, Mint.
: Yeah, another winner.
: Hey! This isn't fair! Come on!

Given how this doesn't actually make Arche a better cook, mechanically, I can buy this one being a fluke purely thanks to Mint's help... doesn't make it any less dickish, but still.

Next time: Shadow. Early. Ninja?