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Part 3: Update 3

Update 3

: Did I learn something just now?
: It appears you've acquired a skill.
: A skill?
: Yes, a special technique for battle. Skills are acquired by meeting certain requirements. Everyone has their own set of skills they can learn. Once learned, you can set which skills to use from the skill screen on the menu. Select whatever skills you think will be the most useful. However, the number of skills you can equip at one time is limited. The total points of all selected skills cannot exceed a character's skill point limit. So think carefully when setting your skills. Do you understand?
: Yeah, sort of.
: Do you really?
: I've got it. I think.
: This should be an interesting journey.
: I kind of like this dog guy.
: Ah, Tenebie.
: Tenebie?

Skit Video: Seeing is Believing" appears

: You can. I have every confidence that you can save Lady Marta.
: Mnnhhh...
: You must believe in your powers as a Knight of Ratatosk.
: But I--
: Humans have a saying. "Seeing is believing."
: I don't think that exactly applies here. Anyway, thanks, Tenebrae. I'll give it my best shot.

: Richter must have sealed it off.
: Then what should we do?
: I feel a draft. There must be another passage somewhere. Perhaps you should use the Sorcerer's Ring to examine the walls.
: What's that?
: There, on your finger.
: Huh?!
: That ring was given to you by Lord Ratatosk, as a symbol of your pact. Magical power dwells within it.
: But, I'm a human. Only elves and half-elves can use magic.
: Don't worry. That ring can be used by humans as well.
: Really? I guess I'll try it out.
Information: Aim the Wii Remote towards the screen and press "Z" to display a cursor. Move the cursor and press "A" to use the Sorcerer's Ring on that spot.

Skit Video: Only the Darkness Knows

: I see you finally noticed. I've been wondering when you would bring it up.
: I noticed right away, it just never seemed like a good time to ask.
: Along with the Sorcerer's Ring, those clothes are a symbol of your pact with Lord Ratatosk. It's vital that a Knight of Ratatosk present himself with a certain degree of elegance.
: Right.
: The outfit's fabric is prepared with a number of special incantations and hexes that make the garment waterproof, wrinkle-free, and mold-resistant. The design is meant to evoke Lord Ratatosk's fierce bravery and subtle grace. The effect is mesmerizing.
: Humph.
: Eh?
: I can't really blame Tenebie for being so big on his creator, but knowing what Ratatosk in his true form actually looks like, I have to say "subtle grace" is the last thing I'd ascribe to him.
: Wait a sec. One other question.
: Yes?
: What happened to the clothes I was wearing before?
: That is the darkness'-- I'm sorry, forget I said anything.
: The darkness' what?
: Hey, come on! Aunt Flora's gonna skin me alive if I lose those clothes!
: Only the darkness knows.

Video Record

: Let us forge a pact.
: Pact?
: Your power as a Knight of Ratatosk is granted to you by Lord Ratatosk himself. However, he is currently in a deep slumber. As a result, the power he grants you is very weak.
: This is weak? No way.
: Lord Ratatosk is very powerful. As you gain experience and grow your abilities, it's crucial you continue to unlock more of his strength.
: But how am I supposed to do that?
: It's simple. We Centurions share a bond with Lord Ratatosk. If power is restored to the Centurions, Lord Ratatosk's strength will return as well. We can accomplish this by forging pacts with monsters.
: How does that work?
: As I explained earlier, Centurions do not engage in battle themselves. We use monsters under our control. A Centurion's power depends upon the number and strength of the monsters it employs. I am the Centurion of Darkness, so any pact you make with dark elemental monsters will bring them under my control, and make me more powerful in the process.
: So the more monsters I get on my side, the stronger I'll become?
: That's correct.
: But how do I make a pact?
: Like this.

: In order to make a pact, you must first prove you are more powerful than your opponent. You must force them to yield to you in battle.
: You didn't tell me I'd have to fight!
: I just did. It approaches.
: Wait!

Instructions: The elemental grid on the bottom left will change when you use any arte with an elemental attribute. There are minor and major elements to the elemental grid. 3 identical minor elements change the major element. A pact screen will be displayed when a monster is defeated when the major and four minor elements are the same. This ends the explanation of elemental grids.
This leaves out a couple things - one is that if the dungeon has a "Theme" element then it starts out as the major element. Another is that Emil doesn't naturally have elemental skills, and Marta has primarily light skills, so it's a bit of a pain to try to capture enemies at first.

That snake-lady isn't supposed to be there, it's another artifact of the fact that I'm in a new game +, it won't let me choose not to strengthen this pact here for some reason.

I'll use this opportunity to remove the overpowered monsters from my party by taking advantage of the fact that you can only have four monsters with you at a time - if you capture more, you have to choose one to send back to the stables.

: Well done. You have made the imp your ally.
: Hey, Aqua is a Centurion too, right? Will I get stronger if she has more monsters under her control?
: No, Aqua has chosen to sever her bond with Lord Ratatosk. As such, even if she acquires more monster servants, your powers will not increase.
: But there are other Centurions, right?
: Yes. You will learn about the others in due time. But you may enter into pacts with monsters without the Centurion of the same element. Later, when you befriend the appropriate Centurions, your strength will increase accordingly.
This stuff about strength increasing doesn't have any game mechanical effect right now, unless I'm missing something. There's one thing that very definitely is affected by how many monsters we catch, but I don't have it yet. There may be other things I forgot about that are affected, in which case I'll edit this post.
: That's nice and everything, but I only became a Knight of Ratatosk because I needed to fight now. I'm not really interested in getting any stronger than this.
: That's spectacularly poor planning.
: Now, now. There's no harm in arming yourself with a little information. Also, to make pacts, you will need the pact magic appropriate for each monster.
: Really?
: Yes. When you have subdued a monster you wish to make your ally, I will cast the pact magic.
: I'm not sure I understand, so I'll leave it to you.
: That's fine.

: Now there's a wolf-- just what we're looking for. Try making a pact with him.
: But I just made a pact with a monster!
: Yes, but I'll teach you a way to make forming pacts easier.
: There's an easier way?
: Yes. You can make monsters under your control fight beside you. If your ally and the enemy are compatible, the pact will go smoothly. Add the imp you gained to your combat roster, and then try fighting the wolf.
: Okay.

Instructions:Allies will join and the type of Unison Attack will depend on the attribute of the elemental grid. More detailed information can be found in the Help Menu. Press "+" to open menu during Battle and "Z" to open the Help Menu. This ends the explanation of Unison Attack.
The important thing about Unison Attacks right now is that they're not nearly as awesome as they were in the first game. No more randomly annihilating stuff with Prism Stars I'll explain more later.

: Well done. Now the wolf has also become our ally.
: Why is making pacts easier depending on the monster you have fighting with you?
: Monsters have compatibility with each other. The type and strength of the monsters you befriend also have an effect on pacts. Make sure to experiment with this yourself.

Skit Video: "Well Done"

: Bravo!
: ?
: Beautiful! Fantastic! Simply excellent! I must admit, I am quite impressed.
: Really?
: Of course, that monster is ideal for beginners. I would be rather concerned if you had failed.
: ...

By the way, a quick explanation of the stuff mentioned in a previous update about how we approach monsters making a difference. If we run into them from behind them, we get a green glass shatter...

...and the battle starts with them STUNNED and weakened. If they run into our backside instead, the glass shatter is red and we're the ones stunned and weakened.

Also, this effect indicates we've successfully met the in-battle conditions to recruit a monster. There's still a chance that they will refuse to join afterwards though.

Now I'm using level-appropriate monsters.

This is how you use the sorcerer's ring - it's aimed with the Wiimote.

: This may lead to where we need to go. Let's proceed.
: Okay.

Video Record

: Hang on! How did this--
I was careless. Lloyd--
: Huh?
Lloyd Irving, he--
: Lloyd? You mean the servant of the Chosen of Regeneration?!
The core. He--
: Richter!

: It's all right. The attack missed his vital organs.
: So he'll survive?
: Yes. Just leave him here and he will be fine. It is more important to go after Lady Marta.
: Leave him here? We can't do that! We need to at least tell someone!
: There's no time. Now that Lloyd has appeared, time is of the essence. Lady Marta's life is in grave danger. After all, this man is the enemy. Didn't you come here to protect her?
: I did, but I can't just leave him like this. Richter said some mean things, but he also helped me. I can't just abandon him now.
: Why do I get the feeling this is incredibly dumb?
: Because it's a course of action decided upon by Emil.
: I mean, besides that.
: Go on ahead and find Marta. I'll follow you as soon as I can!
: I believe you will regret this decision, but it is yours to make.

: I need to get someone. I wonder if Aqua is awake? Let's go see!

Skit Video: Never Forgive Him
: Damn Lloyd. How could he do that to Richter?! First he took my mother and father from me, and now he's hurt Richter! I won't let him get away with this!
: Dude seems a little too concerned for Richter.
: Stockholm Syndrome.

Video Record

: Aqua! You have to come with me!
You expect me to just go with you after what happened?
: That doesn't matter right now! Richter's been hurt badly! Lloyd attacked him and--
What, Lloyd?!
: I think he'll live, but I'm still worried. Hurry and help him!
You came back to tell me that? You're not half bad. Nowhere near as cool as Master Richter, but still.
: Just come!

: Aqua, how is he?
He'll be fine. He took a sword to the back, but that's not the reason he collapsed. It's the wound from two years ago.
: What happened?
If you weren't my enemy, I'd tell you. Anyway, leave Master Richter to me.
: All right! Time to find Marta! Lloyd's after her. I better hurry!

Video Record - This is actually a decent fight scene.

: This is a pretty cool fight scene, but why's Lloyd moving so slow? This girl doesn't really seem like a match for him at all.
: Lloyd. Lloyd Irving why are you here?!

Who're you?
: Why did you kill them?
: Emil!
: My mother and my father, and all those people in Palmacosta... Why did you have to kill all of them?!
Not again with Palmacosta.
: How dare you say that! What do you mean "again?!" I'll never forgive you for that!

So we finally have our first proper boss battle, right?

: So Lloyd got fed up and killed them both?

: I guess he decided not to kill us.
: Lady Marta! Centurion Lumen's core is...
: It's gone!

: Are you talking about a white jewel? I think that Lloyd took it with him.
: He took it?! Are you sure?!
: Yeah. Was it important?
: Yes. Centurion Lumen's core is essential to our journey. Lady Marta, let's hurry. You and I must go after them.
: OK, but first...

Notice the switch in the background of this scene.
: I didn't do anything. I mean, I was pretty much useless.
: But you did save me. You became a knight, a Knight of Ratatosk. That's why you were able to save me, right? I always thought that you would make a wonderful knight! It's true! That's what I thought, ever since the first time we met.
: You what?
: It's okay! I guess that it just wasn't as memorable for you. But honestly I'm very grateful to you for saving me. What would I have done without you?
: Lady Marta, we must hurry.
: Yes, you're right. Emil, would you help us? Just until we make it out of this place?
: Sure. Marta is kind of a strange girl.

: What's this?
: It looks like the mask that Lloyd was wearing.
: It's pretty tacky.
: Super tacky.
: Tacky indeed.
: But they pick it up anyway?
: You know how adventurers are.

At this point, various skits I qualify for based on my data trigger.

Skit Video: 500 Battles

: What is it, Emil?
: Counting this last fight, we've fought 500 battles.
: Really?! That's incredible!
: Well, I mean, we've still got plenty of fighting left to do.
: I can't believe you've actually kept track this entire time! You're amazing!
: Oh, that's what you meant.

Skit Video: Escape from Battle
: *SIGH*
: What's with the sigh?
: It's the 10th time we've had to run from a fight. Isn't that sort of pathetic?
: Huh... I guess it has been ten.
: That doesn't bother you at all?
: He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day, right? Sometimes retreating is the best strategy. Not that you'll ever get away from me, though.
: What?

Skit Video: Lively

: It's getting quite lively.
: Yeah! Let's see how many more we can get.

Skit Video: Rather Sad

: It's sort of sad.
: What's wrong? Aren't you happy? Twenty-five monsters isn't bad.
: Yeah, but this means I have more monster friends than human ones.
: That is rather...
: Yeah, okay, that's sad.

: Damn! This must be Lloyd's doing. I'm sure he did this to trap us in here!
: There is a draft. There must be another way out. Let's have a look around.

Skit Video: Masked Man

: It's probably inspired by that play, "The Phantom of the Operetta."
: You think so? It reminds me more of "F for Feud."
: Is that the one with the twin brothers where the one is king and at the end they switch places?
: You're thinking of "The Man in the Aluminum Mask." How can you get those two mixed up?
: I have no idea what you two are talking about.

Video Record

: That jerk! Set it on fire!
: Emil, burn it for her.
: Burn it? Oh, you mean that.

Yeah, somehow Lloyd put a poster over the switch between when Marta was trying to hit on him and now, after having left. Or maybe the subgeniuses developing this game goofed. Your choice.
: It opened!
: Great! Now we can go search for Lloyd!
: But I'm only able to pick up a small trace of Lumen. It may be too late to follow them.
: No.
: Is this Lumen's core really so valuable that you'd fight over it?
: Oh, I guess a lot of this doesn't make sense to you. To put it simply, the Centurions' cores are the eggs of Centurions like Tenebrae. Lumen's core is the egg of Centurion Lumen.
: You might say that cores contain Centurions in hibernation.
: And the core on my forehead is Ratatosk's core, and it's--
: The demon lord's egg?!
: I told you he's not a demon!
: Perhaps we should take the time to explain all of this to Emil.
: True. But let's get out of here first.

Anyway, now we've got a decent party for the moment. Marta is Light-aligned and our Wolf is Fire-aligned. Everyone can gain XP now.

Skit Video: Eh-mule

: It's Ratatosk, not Ratotax.
: Oh, right. So this Ratattacks.
: His name is Ra-ta-tosk.
: What's the difference?
: "What's the difference"?! How rude! How would you feel if someone were to call you Eh-mule?
: Actually, my Eh-mule is quite the combination of strength and servility.

: AHAHAHAHA the looks on their faces are perfect.
: So much for asking about Ratatosk.

Skit Video: Lardaceous?
: Why do you think Lloyd is collecting Centurions' cores?
: I don't know about them, but I have no idea, it makes no sense.
: It should be easy to guess.
: He could be trying to exterminate anyone who resists the Church of Martel. I bet it's something like that.
: That's why he's collecting them?!
: I don't know. But in Palmacosta--
: Palmacosta?!
: Never mind. Anyway, he's teamed up with the Church of Martel to oppress the people of Sylvarant. So he must be gathering the cores for some lousy reason or another! It makes me want to scream! Lloyd stands for lousy, with a capital L!
: Yeah! And that second L in his name stands for loser!
: Or even lardaceous.
: What does that mean?
: Beats me.