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Part 4: Update 4

Update 4

:Of course. This is where the Tower of Mana used to be. Lloyd and his companions came here on their journey of world regeneration.
: So it's a historical site for the Church of Martel.
: Right. No wonder there are hidden passages, and of course Lloyd would show up.
: Oh, so Lloyd's friends in the Church of Martel guided him.
: It's only a guess.
: I am unable to sense Lumen's presence. It appears that Lloyd has escaped.
: I guess we'll go back to Luin for now. That okay with you?

By the way, when you're out and about acquiring monsters, be prepared to see something like this a lot.

Sure it's just a bear, but it can suck to see that when you have a rarer monster and you had to really work to make the elemental grid align.

Video Record
: So on the way back to Luin, they stopped to talk.

: Sure. I want to know what's going on.
: All right then. How much do you know about the world before its Regeneration by the Chosen, Colette?

This choice is "Did you play Tales of Symphonia yes/no".
: Not much.
: A brief explanation, then. Long ago, the Giant Tree that sustained our world withered, and the end of the world was upon us. The Goddess Martel and the Hero Mithos managed to prevent this destruction by dividing the world into two. But two years ago Colette the Chosen successfully reunited the two separated lands by sprouting the new World Tree to support the world. While the world was divided in two, Lord Ratatosk transformed into his core and became dormant.

: You mean that's the demon lord Ratatosk's egg?!
: Lord Ratatosk is not a demon lord. He was a summon spirit of the Great Tree of old, and is the lord of all monsters.
: In order to awaken Ratatosk, we have to first awaken all of his servants, the Centurions, by hatching them. That's why we're on a journey looking for the Centurions' cores.
: Why can't Ratatosk stay asleep?
: If he's asleep, nature will be thrown off balance and destroy the world. For instance Ratatosk's sleep is the reason why Lake Sinoa has dried up. And without him around to oversee things, most monsters have cut ties with the Centurions they serve. So the monsters are running wild and causing the world's mana to fall out of balance.
: You are the worst World Tree Spirit.
: It's not like you can read a spellbook and learn how to control all the world's mana distribution.
: Even while Lord Ratatosk is dormant, the Centurions are supposed to form ties with monsters and maintain order. Yet, the Centurion of Water, Aqua, has allied with Richter, and is neglecting her duties. Which is precisely the reason why we have seen one water-related disaster after another. It's absolutely deplorable...
: If all this is true, then why do you have to fight?
: Lord Ratatosk is exceedingly powerful. Though they may not be as powerful as Ratatosk's core, Centurions' cores still possess remarkable powers.
: Some people are trying to get the cores for their own selfish reasons.
: Lloyd and Richter are among those people. Lady Marta recovered Ratatosk's core from them.
: But somehow the core managed to attach itself to my forehead. To tell you the truth, it's a bit frustrating.
: Do you understand now?
: Yeah I guess. But I still can't believe Richter would do something like that.

: Oh, hey! You're not one of the monsters that attacked the people in town, are you?
: Of course not. Those monsters were lured to the village by Lumen's core. When Centurions are in their core state, they're unable to control their powers. This results in the disruption of the mana balance and throws nature into chaos.
: That's why I don't want to give the core to Lloyd or Richter.
: I guess Centurions' cores are nothing but trouble.
: How rude.

: All right. Why don't we go to your house for now?
: Oh. We should first go tell the mayor what happened with Richter.
: Okay. Maybe we can ask him about Lloyd, too. Let's go.
: Yeah. I don't want her to see me being yelled at by my aunt and uncle.

Skit "Where Are You?"

: Hey, Tenebrae, are you here?
: Yes, I'm right over here.
: Where?
: Here.
: Over here?
: No, over here!
: Wait, you mean here?
: Tenebrae! Stop teasing Emil!
: How rude. This is part of the training of a Knight of Ratatosk. Let's see, where am I now?
: Now I know why Aqua calls you "spiteful."

Skit "Wishful Thinking"

: Rats! Here I was getting all ready to visit Emil's house, introduce myself to his family, and make our status as a wonderful new couple official!
: I'm gonna puke.
: I wouldn't be showing you this if I hadn't lost a bet.
: So that's why you demanded he take you to his home so suddenly.
: I get it now! Emil's so shy, he must be too embarrassed to return home with his girlfriend.
: That sounds like wishful thinking to me.
: Quiet, Tenebrae! That settles it. I've got to get him to like me more! Hey, Emil! When's your birthday? What's your favorite food? Do you like girls with long or short hair better?
: Hey, Marta! Stop clinging to me!
: I'm afraid this will be an unrequited love.
: I'm never going to forget this, no matter how hard I try.
: This is the creepiest romance ever.
: Even though you're right, you probably shouldn't be talking.

Video Record
: Anyway, as they were reporting to the mayor, suddenly...

: Hawk.
: Is he a friend?
Hawk: Commander Brute says that if you return Ratatosk's core, all will be forgiven, and you will be welcomed back into the Vanguard.
: You're a member of the Vanguard?!
: You can tell Commander Brute that what you did--what all of you did-- isn't something I can forget.
Hawk: Whatever do you mean?
: Don't act dumb. I'm not giving up Ratatosk's core.
Hawk: Then we will show you no mercy! Men, seize Lady Marta!
Vanguard Soldiers: Yes, sir!

These guys are pretty weak. When my footage later corrupted and I had to replay this segment because my save was positioned badly, I used automatic control mode and let the cpu fight itself. It got five to six times as much grade as me so I was a bit annoyed.

Anyway, more on Unison Attacks. There's a water and a darkness symbol on the grid, as well as a major lightning and three minor lightnings. We don't have any lightning monsters so the lightning symbols don't affect us. The water and darkness symbols give us access to "The First Movement" aka level 1 Unison Attack attacks. This means that I get both the water monster and Emil attacking. Emil uses his default Devil's Maw and the monster uses Splash

: Lady Marta, Emil! We must leave this place at once!
: You're right. Let's go!
: What?! How did I get wrapped up in this mess?!
: Presumably when you decided to save a girl you didn't know a bit about from a guy you didn't know either. This kind of thing happens.

Video Record

: Huh?!
: What?!
: You're from the Church of Martel!
???: I am Magnar, Commandant of the Church of Martel. By the orders of Lloyd the Great, I have come to take the demon lord Ratatosk and the Centurion's core!
: You're all the same.
Magnar: Hand it over and I will guarantee that none of you will be harmed. However, if you refuse, this town will meet the same fate as Palmacosta.
: Same as Palmacosta? What does he mean?
Magnar: What, boy? You don't know? The foolish Vanguard planned to use Ratatosk's core to start a rebellion in order to destroy the Church of Martel and the Chosen.
: Lloyd killed all of those innocent people to steal Ratatosk's core, and to quell the rebellion.
: That... doesn't sound like Lloyd Irving. At all.
: That's what my parents died for?
: Imp, my servant! Go!

So the Imp is sent in to distract like 50 armed men. In a previous update, having one of her monsters defeated knocked out Aqua, but this has absolutely no effect on Tenebrae. I guess he's just more awesome than Aqua.
: Lady Marta, Emil! We must leave town, now!

Magnar: Foolish, barbarous Sylvaranti! Listen well!

Magnar: We have come here to arrest the vile Vanguard for their crimes: blasphemy against the Church and inciting rebellions and discontentment across the world. However, we have also recently received reports from Lloyd the Great stating that the people of Luin have been engaged in sinful cooperation with the Vanguard. Therefore, this whole town, along with the Vanguard, now face charges of treason against the Chosen! But I will grant one final opportunity to redeem yourselves. A girl named Marta is hiding in this city. Bring her to me. Do so, and Lloyd the Great may very well forgive your crimes.
: Marta, hand them the core on your forehead.
: But I can't.
: Why not?! If you, the Vanguard hadn't attempted a rebellion, Palmacosta never would've been destroyed in the first place!
: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. But if we don't do something, Luin will be destroyed. And if that happens, everyone will blame me since I'm the one who brought you here.
: You're right. I'm truly sorry about what happened in Palmacosta.
: Where are you--
: I'll give them Ratatosk's core. I'm sorry, Tenebrae.
: Emil, Knight of Ratatosk. You just sent Lady Marta to her death. Lord Ratatosk's core on her forehead requires energy from her body. The core cannot be separated from her before Lord Ratatosk awakens. Removing it beforehand will surely cause he death.
: Isn't this the sort of thing you want to tell him before she leaves?
: No! We have to tell her--
: She already knows. She intends to die for this town and for you. For your petty desire to protect yourself. I just wanted you to know the consequences of your words.
: I'm going to stop Marta!
: You'll be ostracized by the people in town.
: I don't care!
: Well, then. I shall go with you.

Video Record

Magnar: Tell us where Ratatosk's core and the Centurions' cores are.
: I don't have a Centurion's core, but Ratatosk's core is right here. If you want it that badly, you'll have to take it with my head.
Magnar: What a marvelous idea. I think I will. Seize her, men!

Magnar: All right, we no longer have any need for this town. Hand down the divine punishment they deserve!
: No, wait a minute! You said that you'd--
Magnar: That's enough. Silence! The orders of Lloyd the Great are absolute! All right men the time has come! Pillage! Kill! Show them the divine punishment of the Goddess Martel!
: You know, looking at your face right now, I gotta wonder whatever happened to that guy.
: I have his soul in a jar on my desk.
: You have a desk?
: Anyway, you recall how little control I had over my church, right?
Soldier: Yes, sir!

: Oh, no. Stop it!

: I'll teach you the true meaning of divine punishment!

It's not really worth discussing this battle.

Other than to say hi to the Imp's lvl1 Unison Attack.

I think it looks kind of cool.

: Emil...
: Now the. Time for your punishment. You better pray to Martel one last time. Pray to her for a painless death!

Another boss fight that's just not so hot.

Dude wastes actions just to yell at you. Unfortunately I can't hear him over the sound of me kicking his ass.

Magnar: I don't understand. Who are you!

: Well? Let's see your divine punishment now. Go ahead. Show it to me!

: Are you listening?!
: Emil. That's enough Emil, stop it!

: What--what did I do?!
: You just kicked ass is what you did! That was kind of cool, in a psychopathic way.
: I gotta say I'm a lot less impressed.
: Ok ya ya you're all peaceful and...
: That's not really it.

: Dida, Moll. They didn't run away!
DIDA: Hey.
MOLL: How are you? You doing good?
DIDA: We're pretty busy, so...
MOLL: Yeah, it's not like we're afraid of you or anything.

: Oh.
: Both the Vanguard and the Martel Knights have left town.: The mayor wants to talk to you. Will you come?

Skit Video: Promise
: Emil, thank you.
: Mmm...
: You saved me again.
: N'gh...
: I'll always be on your side. That's a promise. So cheer up, okay?
: Thanks, Marta.

Video Record
Flora: Emil...
: Aunt Flora, I--

: How could you?!
: No, it's okay! It's okay.

: What sort of favor?
Luin Mayor: I want you to go find Lloyd for me.
:Is this your way of telling me to leave?
Luin Mayor: No. I simply cannot believe what just happened here. The Lloyd that I know would never allow this kind of slaughter and looting, even on orders from the Church.
: But--
Luin Mayor: I didn't believe what you said about Palmacosta until today. But it seems that the same thing almost happened to our town. I'm just not sure what to believe anymore.
: Mayor, it doesn't take much for people to change. Like me.
Luin Mayor: That may be so. Which is exactly why I want you to investigate this. Why Lloyd changed like he did, and why he's looking for Ratatosk and the Centurions' cores.
: So this is how you plan to protect Emil from the fear of the townspeople?
Luin Mayor: The people of our town are easily frightened. Please forgive them. But I believe this is for your own good.
: I'll look for Lloyd. And then I will avenge my parents.
Luin Mayor: I understand. I won't try to stop you. Emil, our town may be full of people who fear you, but this is still your home. I know it may sound hard to believe now, but once things calm down, I want you to come back.
: I'm sorry I caused so much trouble.
Luin Mayor: Emil...
Luin Mayor: Thank you for saving Luin.

: Marta.
: Tenebrae and I are going with you.
: Why?
: The whole point of our journey is to find the Centurions' cores and wake up Ratatosk. So Lloyd is our common enemy.
: Since we share the same objective, it would be in our best interest to work together.
: But I'm--
: You also made a pact with Ratatosk as a knight, right? And Ratatosk is stuck on me, so that means you have to protect me.
: As I told you before, Lady Marta had been looking for you. She wanted the boy who saved her back in Palmacosta, you, to be a Knight of Ratatosk. So please.
: It's partly my fault that things ended up the way they did. Let us go with you.
: I really don't remember meeting you before. Are you okay with that?
: It's okay, because I remember. And you're brave, so I feel like I can count on you.
: You think I'm brave? I'm nothing like that.
: No, you really are. You already saved me several times since we met again. And you wouldn't have done that if you didn't have courage. That's why I want to go with you. We can start off as friends. Right? Of course I don't mind being more than friends.
: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
: It's just like he said.
: What?
: Oh, it's nothing.
: Why don't we get going?
: Right. Okay, let's go!

Next time: We complete the unholy trinity of the game's three least likable ladies.