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Part 5: Update 5

Update 5

: Asgard was the nearest place large enough to be called a city, so they searched there. If you remember, the Party of Regeneration had friends that lived there.

: Come on! Take it like a man!
: That's easy to say.
: It may be difficult to believe, but Lady Marta is depending on you. So please, try to act like a man in front of her.
: I'm not sure if I can.
: What's keeping you two? Come on, we need to ask if anyone's seen Lloyd. Let's hurry. Wherever Lloyd is, that's where the Centurions' cores are! So let's find the mayor and ask if Lloyd's come by. Okay?
: Right.

Skit Video: Strange Weather Patterns

: Right now all sorts of strange weather patterns are happening around the world. It's all because of the joining of the worlds two years ago.
: But everything will work out if the Centurions' cores are hatched, right?
: That should be true in theory.
: Wait, what do you mean, "theory?"
: Things are not always as simple as they appear.
: Wha?
: No kidding.

At some point I'm going to have to do a mini-update to explain monster stuff. This is pretty self-explanatory.

Video Record

: This is weird. The last time I came here with Daddy it wasn't like this at all.
: Your dad? Now that you mention it, where's your family?
: Oh man. I know what that means.

This giant-ass flash is for Emil bumping into another dude, not a bomb going off or anything.
???: It's fine.

: Are you--
???: It's all right. You have an interesting creature with you.
: Emil, what are you doing? We're terribly sorry. Are you all right?
: Marta, this man, he--
???: This town's changed, too.
: Huh?
: Excuse me. Are you originally from here?
???: A long time ago. Back then, this city wasn't even called Asgard. Sorry. This is my hometown. It brings back memories of my friends from back then. It seems they got the better of me. Forgive me.
: That guy--he noticed Tenebrae.
: Are you sure?! I've never seen anyone who could do that.
: I wonder who he is.
: Dammit, I feel like I should know who that guy is.

Skit Video: Strange Guy

: What a weirdo. I mean it's been a long time since this town changed its name to Asgard.
: Right. No human alive today could've been around then. Could he be an elf? Maybe that's how he noticed Tenebrae.
: Yeah, but even elves and half-elves only live about a thousand years, tops. He must've been teasing us. Jerk.
: He may actually be older than his youthful appearance would indicate.
: Oh, you mean like you, Tenebrae.
: Yeah, maybe that's it!
: We Centurions are ageless! I will not be treated like a doddering old man!

Video Record

: I just don't get it.
: What do you mean?
: The wind isn't strong enough. There's no way a wind this weak could damage buildings like this.
: Well maybe some days the wind is stronger.

: What was that?
: Marta, look!

: Emil!

: How is he not being blown away? He's a wispy little reed too!
: He's very... dense.

: Sorry. We'd better go find some shelter somewhere.
: I'd say he's terrified of intimacy, but given, well, Marta, I can't say I blame him.
: There's a cave-like area not far from here known as the Mural Cavern. If I may suggest, perhaps we should head there to avoid the wind.
: Sounds good. Let's go.
: Wait!

: It's safer if we hold hands.~

Skit Video: Killing the Moment

: Your hands are so warm, Emil.~
: You think so?
: Two young hearts all aflutter. How sweet.
: Aflutter? Who says stuff like that anymore?
: I do. You got a problem with that?
: You're funny, Tenebrae.
: Way to kill the moment, you two.

Video Record

: I think we'll be safe in here.
: Yeah.
: What's the matter? Your face is beet-red.
: Your hand.
: Oh. Do I have to let it go?
: I--
: Just kidding.<3
:I wonder why the wind got so strong all of a sudden.
: I believe it's linked to Lord Ratatosk's sleep.
: Yeah, I know that's the root of the problem. I meant why did the wind get so strong just now.
: Perhaps it changes, in a manner similar to you.
: I know, I'm just a weak nobody without the help of Knight of Ratatosk.
: That's not true! You're strong, kind, and cool.
: Really?
: Really! You're my prince, Emil!
: Excuse me, do you have an airsickness bag? I feel like I might need one.
: I wonder if she really believes all that.
: I hate to interrupt this fascinating discussion, but the wind seems to have died down a bit.
: It did?
: Yes, but now I heard voices. There seems to be some sort of commotion.
: Let's go and have a look. It'll also give us a chance to ask about Lloyd.
: Right.

: Who?
: A top officer in the Vanguard. We better hide.
: I'm so disappointed you still haven't found Colettie. Poo! Alice is so tired!

: Didn't that guy get killed by the Ma... I mean, the knights?
: Unfortunately no.

: I just said that I'm tired. Now, now, you should know better than to...

: me!

: No wonder you let Martmart slip through our fingers and failed so spectacularly in Luin. Must I do everything myself? Hawkie, are you listening to me?

: What a bitch.
: Huge bitch.
: What's with the distant past and ultra-evil children? Anyway, what's that she's using?
: It's a toy rapier. Alice was big on her cute-girl image, even over real combat effectiveness. Usually she was strong enough that it didn't matter.
: Hurry and find that pesky Colettie. I'll be at the mayor's house. Ta-ta.
Hawk: I'll search the city's perimeter while you do a thorough sweep of the city! The Chosen of Regeneration is a woman with blonde hair. Bring in anyone that fits that description! And do it quickly, or Lady Alice will have all of our heads! Now go!
: Also, bring me your elderly!
Soldiers: For the liberation of Sylvarant!
: So that girl is a member of the Vanguard?
: That's Alice, the captain of the Vanguard's combat unit. She's a complete sadist. Be careful around her.
: Be careful? But why? What's that supposed to mean, "Be careful"?
: How about "avoid getting killed by miss psychobitch"?
: Well, we won't be able to go to the mayor's house now.
: All right, then let's go look for the Chosen Colette.
: Oh yeah! The Chosen and Lloyd traveled together, right?
: If we can't find Lloyd, we might be able to ask about him. And maybe...
: Maybe what?
: Let's just look for the Chosen.
: Damn it to Niflheim Emil, don't let people just trail off like that!
: They said that the Chosen is a woman with blonde hair. Let's search the city for her. However, please remember to keep your distance from the Vanguard and stay out of their sight at all times.
: Right. I agree. There's no point in getting caught up with them.

Skit Video: Saddest VS Sadist

: Watch yourself around her. She's a sadist. Actually a super sadist.
: What's a "sadist?"
: The term sadist is related to the concept of sadism. It is the deriving of pleasure by causing pain in others, physically or mentally.
: Okay. How exactly am I supposed to be careful around her?
: Don't go near her, don't speak to her, don't respond if she speaks to you, and swear to love only me. Then you'll be fine!
: What?! What are you talking about?!
: Lady Marta's search for love is among the saddest I've seen.
: ?
: It's the saddest versus the sadist.
: Ouch.

Skit Video: Hawkie

: It's like she was making fun of him, or something.
: Actually, Alice only comes up with those little nicknames for people she likes.
: So the fact that Alice calls you Martmart must mean she likes you a lot.
: No, it's the opposite for girls. That nickname means I'm on her bad list.
: This is confusing.
: I hate to change the subject, but do I really come across like an old man?
: Wow, you've been worrying about that this whole time?

Skit Video: The Chosen

: She may be the Chosen, but she is still only human. Since I have not met her, sensing her will prove difficult.
: I wonder what kind of person she is. Have you met her before?
: I've never met the Chosen of Regeneration, and to tell you the truth, I really don't want to meet her now!
: Oh. Sorry I asked.
: Why are you apologizing?
: Because Marta's scaring me.

Let's take a quick break from melodrama rehashed from the last game to talk about synthesis.

Like in basically every game with synthesis, you have a set of materials you combine to make new (hopefully better) items.

I had a bunch of ingredients left over from the previous playthrough, sooooo...
Anyway, Marta now has triple the attack power she had before or so, which should make her a lot more useful on offense.

There's also these guys again. I use them to manage my monsters and do random dungeoncrawl sidequests. I'll show you a few of those at some point.

Video Record

Aisha: I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help, Chosen One.

: Oh no. It's quite all right. Thank you.
: You're the Chosen of Regeneration?
: Chosen of Regeneration, I have something to ask you.
: Yes?
: Two years ago the world regeneration caused the separated worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla to become one. And during that process, a giant, fearsome tree appeared in Palmacosta and destroyed the city. I was told it happened because you tried to run away from your task of world regeneration. Is that true?
: Yes.
: She really should have said no, because she wasn't running away, just taking another tactic. The tree was mostly Yuan's fault anyway.

: My mother was in Palmacosta when that giant tree attacked! You call yourself the "Chosen"?! You're nothing more than a coward! How dare you! If you hadn't run away, my mother would still be alive today!
: I'm so sorry.
: Marta!

: I am worried about Lady Marta.
: Yeah. She was really upset.
: Lady Marta and her father wandered the world after the death of her mother and the loss of their hometown. It must have been hard for her.
: Yeah.

Video Record

: I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to see me like that.
: It's okay. When I saw Lloyd, I got so angry I could barely control myself.
: You're not mad at the Chosen?
: Hmm?
: You were born in Palmacosta too, right? What were you doing when that monstrous giant tree attacked Palmacosta?
: I wasn't in the city then.
: Oh.
: Yeah, I wasn't there.
: I joined the Vanguard because I blamed the Chosen for destroying Palmacosta. But I do understand. I know that it must have been really hard for her to seal away the Desians and regenerate the world. I know that there's probably a good reason why what happened in Palmacosta was unavoidable. But she just admitted to the rumor she'd run away. I just can't forgive that.
Vanguard Soldier: Hey, you. You just said something about the Chosen.
: Huh?
Vanguard Soldier: We're the Vanguard, the Sylvaranti Liberation Front. A resistance movement dedicated to punishing the Tethe'allans and the Church of Martel for persecuting Sylvaranti as if we were half-elves.
: Man, that time period sucked balls.
: Oh man, if you think that was bad, I could show you 8,000 years ago.
Vanguard Soldier: We are currently looking for the Chosen of Regeneration, a Sylvaranti traitor who is sympathetic to the Tethe'allan people. If you have information about her whereabouts, tell us.
: The Chosen left the city already.
Vanguard Soldier: What?! Damn it.
: Why did you say that?
: The Vanguard has declared the Chosen a wanted traitor who pretended to save Sylvarant even as she betrayed it to Tethe'alla.
: If they catch her, she may be executed for propaganda.
: I didn't know the Vanguard was a group of such extremists.
: Even though I can't forgive the Chosen, the Vanguard's latest actions are even harder to overlook.
: Wait, you mean the Vanguard's different from what it used to be?
: It's because Commander Brute has changed.
: I hate to interrupt, but I think we should get going. With the Vanguard crawling all over the city I hardly think it's prudent to dawdle.
: Right.
: Sorry, I didn't mean to trouble you. Lloyd hasn't been around here, so maybe we should set out for Palmacosta next?
: Yeah, good idea. Let's go.

Skit Video :Fool of Myself

: What's wrong?
: I made a total fool of myself back there. I know the Chosen was responsible for saving the world, but I couldn't stop myself from yelling at her like that. I feel really stupid.
: Well you're kinder than I am.
: Huh?
: Even though he helped save the world, I could never forgive Lloyd for killing my parents. I didn't think you sounded foolish at all. Actually, I was impressed.
: Thanks for being such a nice guy. You're strong, you're kind, you're the greatest! I love you so much!<3
: What?! She keeps raising my pedestal higher and higher.

Video Record

: What?
Boy: You're the ones who were mean to the Chosen. Don't pretend you weren't. I saw you! You shoved the Chosen in Aisha's
house! Why?!
: Why not? She deserved it! She let Palmacosta be destroyed in the name of world regeneration!
Boy: You don't know what you're talking about! Tell the Chosen you're sorry!
: Hey, did you just hear something? It sounded like a monster's howl.
Boy: You stay out of this!

: Oh...
: We have to help him!

: Marta! Over there!

Boy: Why are you here? Did you come to laugh at me?
: Don't be ridiculous! And don't move! We're here to help.
Boy: Aaah!

: Emil! Tenebrae! Help!
: Understood.
: I'm scared, but I have to do it.

: Not so fast, darlings.<3
: Oh. You're that sadist.
: Hawkie, go get him!
: Ugh!

: How come these guys keep using non-lethal sneak attacks?
: And look what we found while looking for Colettie! I'm so lucky!<3 Decus might not like it, but I'll be taking Ratatosk's core!
: Stop!
: Well aren't you a stubborn one?
Hawk: Lady Alice! Commander Brute gave us explicit orders that Lady Marta was to be taken alive.

: I can't hold on anymore.
: Angel Feather!

: The Chosen!
: Why did you save us? The Vanguard is after you! You're in danger!
: I know, but I couldn't just leave you.
: Oh, I am so lucky! Now I can take out two little birdies with one stone! Hawkie! Athos! Portos! Take care of them!

I had to rerecord this update due to a glitch of some kind (I had the bitrate set too high, which might have caused it), so I'd been using automatic control for the previous battles. I forgot to switch it off for this one and just left it on because I wanted to see how hard this fight really was.

Another tidbit about the Elemental Grid: If a character or monster has the same element as the Major element, it regenerates a portion of its HP every so often. That's the green number on Hawk.

This may have been better than I did on manual.

: Aramis, get us out of here!
: Is everyone okay?
: Yeah.
Boy: Chosen One, thank you.
: Don't mention it. I'm just glad you weren't hurt. I know apologies can never make up for what happened, but I want you to know I'm truly sorry.
Boy: You have no idea what she went through! The Chosen was ready to give up her life to protect our world! My dad died in Palmacosta, too. But it's not fair to blame the Chosen for that!
: Marta? We should leave before the Vanguard comes back.
: I'm sorry. I'd like to see the Chosen one more time.
: Are you sure?
: I still haven't thanked her for saving my life. I'm sorry, but I need to do this!
: I haven't thanked her, either. Let's go together.
: Thank you.

Skit Video:Don't Get It
: The Chosen helped us even though she knew it would get her into trouble. But then, why did she try to run away from her responsibilities while regenerating the world? I just don't get it.

Video Record

: I didn't get to thank you either. Thank you for your help.
: You came after me just to tell me that? I'm so happy! Please call me Colette. And you are?
: I'm Marta.
: I'm Emil.
: Marta and Emil? Great, now we can be friends.
: You're joking, right?
: Oh, right. Okay.
Asgard Mayor: Excuse me, Chosen One.
: Oh, yes. Please leave the matter of the stone dais to me. I'll have a look right now.
: Dais?
: Oh, well, I'm sure you noticed how the wind in this town was strong, right? I was wondering if the stone dais might have something to do with it.
Asgard Mayor: A monster calling itself the Summon Spirit of Wind appeared there in the past. The Chosen believes it might be connected with all the gusts we've been experiencing.
: But if you stay here much longer the Vanguard will come back for you.
: Ever since the world regeneration, so many things are happening throughout the world. Since I'm the Chosen of Regeneration-- no, even if I wasn't, I still want to help in whatever way I can.
: You're really amazing.
: No I'm not. You both tried to save that boy, right? It's the same thing.
: We can't be friends, but I think I can help you.
: Oh?
: She saved my life, so I owe her.
: Then I'll help, too. Since you're the first friend that I've ever had.
: You can refuse us, but we're still going with you either way.
: Not at all! I'd love to have you come with me! Thank you, both of you!
: So we're going to the stone dais then?
: That's right. Let's go!

Skit Video: All Aflutter
: Wow, you're really going all mushy over Colette.
: No I'm not.
: Are too. It's like you can't relax. Look at you, you're fidgeting!
: I--
: Lady Marta, please calm down. I believe Emil was nervous, but I don't think his heart was all aflutter.
: What does "all aflutter" mean?
: It's nothing!
: Oh my gosh, you're blushing! You're such a jerk!
: What are the odds if they actually did hook up Marta would be emotionally abusive to Emil?
: 120%

Next time: Our first non-tutorial dungeon.

Special Reader Choice Section!
1. We've got Colette in our party for the moment. Do we want to use her for the dungeon coming up or not? She's about as strong as Emil/Marta right now but will fall behind since she can't gain xp.

2. Are you guys interested in seeing a quest or two before the dungeon?
3. Here's my current monster selection. Sorry for the tiny-ass pictures, but I don't think there's really a better way to show them all at once. Let me know if there's anything you really want to see in it (I doubt it).

Maybe this guy. Yes that is a demon. Yes that is an entire category of "demon" monsters.