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Part 7: Update 7

Update 7

Welcome to what's probably the next-to-last quest I'll show this chapter. I didn't put up the video because I'm embarrassed how much I got lost it's long and boring.

: Don't worry, I'm with you.
: I thought he was supposed to be your shining prince.
: Shut it, Tenebonehead.
: They've pushed the town to the brink of financial ruin. We can't let this go on.

These missions are randomly generated by taking a map, a quest type, a "storyline" within that quest type, and an enemy type. For some reason the "Sandy Wind Cave" is today home to a bunch of sea life!

Nice "dialog" there. Anyway there's a katz at the start of each quest to let you buy healing items. For some reason they don't let you change your monsters. Your guess is as good as mine why not.

: You're the ones who should be worried.
: Please give back the money you've stolen from the townspeople.
Thief: What's wrong, kid? Your voice is shaking. Why don't you go home to your mommy?
: Right.
: Hold on a second! What do you mean, "right"?! And you! Nobody gets away with teasing my Emil like that! Come on, let's teach these guys a lesson!
Thief: How cute. If you think you've got what it takes, bring it on!
Dude fights by himself and we're above the minimum recommended level soooo... Anyway, I'm not showing most battles here because they're not very interesting.
: Had enough?!
Thief: That was dirty, kid. You change in battle.
: Sorry.
: Why are you apologizing?
Thief: I won't forget this.
: I guess we won.
: Let's hurry and get the money back. Why don't we check out the back?

Froos: That money is a tribute for our boss, Melissa. You kids aren't gonna get it!
This game has some great names.
: Expensive gifts are the only way ugly guys like you can get a lady's attention!
Froos: What did you say?!
: Lady Marta, you seem to have struck a blow to the enemy's psyche.
Froos: I'll show you the pain of rejection!
Froos way to prove you're not a creep. Anyway another "boss" fight against a guy with no specials.
Froos: You're a vicious fighter and a smooth talker. I guess the gap between the two is what drives the ladies wild. I won't forget you![/b]
: He just doesn't get it, does he? I couldn't care less about some silly gap. All I care about is you, Emil. <3

You remember this guy, when he was one of the impersonators in the last game?
: Oh, I'm Emil.
Christopher: I'm Christopher. I joined this band of thieves to help my friends.
: Oh, well good luck with that.
Christopher: ... You're a good guy.
: Hold on! What's wrong with you? If you're a thief, then you should toughen up and act like one!
: Yeah, but it sounds like he's got some special circumstances.
: A thief is a thief is a thief! Come on, let's do this!
There's a battle, I'm not showing it, we kick his ass.
Christopher: They're gonna laugh at me for losing a fight like this.
: ... Hey! I was going to ask more about his situation.
: ... It would seem he was no match for Lady Marta's fierce temper.
: Well, what was I supposed to do? He's a thief, after all.
: That same temper may some day drive off poor Emil as well.
: Is that true, Emil? Am I that scary? Do you hate me? Do you?
: Uh, well, um, anyway, Christopher's getting away!
: Way to change the subject.

BTW here's why I'm carting around a giant fish.

That damage will improve once I'm using a better monster or he levels up some. Anyway, for the time being First Aid is our only real source of reliable elemental grid filling.

If you don't recognize her, she's the imposter portraying Raine from ToS.
: That's right. Are you the boss of this band of thieves?
Melissa: That's me. I'm Melissa. <3
: Hey! Don't you look at my Emil like that! Anyway, hurry up and give back all that money you took from the townspeople!
Melissa: Sorry, but no. I need this money to save some friends of ours.
: I don't know the details, but I doubt your friends would want you to use stolen money to help them.
I'm pretty sure they would.
Melissa: This world's not as pretty a place as you'd like to think!
: Emil! Don't let her get to you! If that's how she wants to play it, we'll just have to take her down, no holds barred!
Melissa: I like your guts. Go ahead and try it!

We now have a 4 on 4 matchup, which is actually worth talking about. Or it would be if I didn't demolish them, some of them defeated by my monsters while offscreen.

It seems she has a spell of some kind, but she didn't get to cast it while her buddies were still up. I want to say it's Photon because it seemed to have a Light glow-circle under it.

Melissa: ... It's all right, Christopher. We've lost this one.
: You said you were trying to save your friends. Just what did you mean?
Melissa: ... Well, back in the day, we tricked the Chosen of Regeneration to make a quick buck.
That's not quite how it happened, you tricked everyone else into thinking you guys were the Party of Regeneration.
Melissa: And tow of our members wound up getting captured by the Church of Martel as a result.
Christopher: We were told by one of the priests that our friends would be freed if we made a donation to the Church. But we didn't have any money. So we...
Melissa: We got the thieving band back together, and started doing what thieves do best.
: If that's how they're collecting donations, the Church is more twisted than I thought.
: I'm sorry, but we have to take the money back with us. But if there's anything we can do...
Melissa: Forget it. We'll come up with it some other way. As they say, we've made this bed, and now we've gotta lie in it.
Christopher: Emil, you're a good guy. I won't forget about you.

And now we return you to the main plot.

Video Record

: There it is! I have to signal!
Explanation: Control Emil and avoid the garuda's wind. When the garuda is at a certain distance, send the signal. Swing the Wii Remote until the gauge at the top of the screen is full. -You will fail if you get hit by the wind. -Take the treasure chest to receive an item when you succeed.
"A certain distance"? That's not very clear.

: Are you okay? Are you hurt?
: Emil. What are you doing?
: It's not his fault. He's just a really nice person, and he feels sorry for the garuda, right?
: Oh, I see. Wow, you're so nice.
: I know they're not trying to rub it in, but still--


: Tenebrae, call the winged dragon!
: Go, my minion! Strike!

: Why are there a whole lot of winged dragons? Why are they ramming into him and vanishing?
: The Hima Winged Dragon attacks with magical projectiles that look like duplicates of itself.
: Oh ok.

: The Garuda's barrier has disappeared. Now's your chance!

Boss battle! Unfortunately we'll have to wait a while to fight something interesting.

It has special attacks, but not particularly impressive ones.

Ah, water monsters.

: That was such a dangerous enemy, but your timing was great! You're my hero!
: Good job. Now the strong gusts should die down.
: It was nothing.
: Though it's rather strange. The garuda is not aggressive by nature. I thought it would flee once its protective membrane was damaged.
: Wait! Something's coming!

: Aah!

: I thought we defeated it.
: One moment. The young dragon is saying something. She feels like the stone dais is calling to her.
: What does that mean?
: It appears something inside the stone dais is drawing monsters to it. Perhaps the reason I can't perceive it myself is because it's targeting monsters of elements other than my own.
: Wait, let me guess? Wind monsters?
: Duh.
: Inside the stone dais? But it just looks like a normal platform to me.
: Aisha's brother knows a lot about the stone dais. Let's ask him about it.
: Good idea. Let's go.
: Those two have really hit it off, huh?
: It seems that amidst all the frenzy, Lady Marta has completely forgotten her animosity. A rather fortunate development.
: Yeah, definitely. What happened in Palmacosta was terrible, but Colette herself is a good person.

Skit Video: Return to the Stone Dais

: Yes. I visited this place numerous times during the journey of world regeneration. We had an incident with a monster called Windmaster, who was posing as the Summon Spirit of Wind.
: Do you think any monsters will show up now?
: Oh, don't worry. We defeated Windmaster.
: Oh, okay.
: Are you frightened, Emil?
: Not a chance! He just can't help but feel sorry for his opponents, no matter what they might be. You were thinking it'd be better for the monsters if you didn't have to fight them, right? You're so sweet, Emil.
: Yeah. Should I say something? She read into that way too much.

Video Record

: Linar, it's been a while.
Linar: I heard you were investigating those strong winds. Between that and the incident two years ago, I'm afraid we've caused you nothing but trouble.
: What happened?
Aisha: I was offered up as a sacrifice to the Fake Summon Spirit of Wind, but the Chosen saved me.
: Oh yeah, the mayor mentioned that.
Linar: That certainly brings back memories. If Lloyd hadn't disarmed that "breaker..."
Harley: And that teacher kicked us around. Hey, how's Lloyd doing these days? I heard some ugly rumors, but I'm sure they're just misunderstandings.
: Lloyd...
: We haven't been able to track him down, but Lloyd wouldn't do anything bad.
: That's a lie! Lloyd killed my parents!
: Emil...
Harley: Hey, let's just take it easy now.
: Aaawwwkward.
Linar: Uh, so there was something you needed?
: Yes. I wanted to ask you about the stone dais. You see...
: I'll skip the recap of things you just saw.
Linar: Inside the stone dais would mean underneath it. Our studies have led us to believe some sort of facility lies below.
Aisha: Linar, what if we preformed the Maiden Ritual?
Harley: The Maiden Ritual calls on the Summon Spirit of Wind, right?
Aisha: It is said that the ritual signifies the opening of a door. I'll perform it.
Harley: It's too dangerous. There are flying monsters around there.
: Then I'll do it. Don't worry, I can take care of myself. Please show us how the ritual is performed.
: Marta...
Aisha: Chosen One, Emil, please wait for us at the inn. Linar and Harley, you two will need to leave as well.

Video Record
: Emil, can I ask you something?
: What is it? Is it about Lloyd?
: It really should have been.
: Are you some sort of "maniac" too?
: I mean, when you get into battle, you become a totally different person. I have a friend who's really into old ruins and she's the same way. People call her a "maniac."
: According to Tenebrae, it's because Ratatosk's power is taking hold of me.
: What's Ratatosk?
: Oh right. Tenebrae, can you help me out here?
: I'm surprised she hasn't asked about it before. Well, shall we tell her the story of our journey?
: Yeah.
: Then we'll talk at the inn since it's rather long.

Skit Video: Ruin Mode

: Well, let's see.

: I--
: When Cleo III held a ritual to offer a sacrifice to the Summon Spirit of Wind to quell a storm that had ravaged his kingdom for a week... he did it here! Have you learned nothing at all these past five years?! I'd say that about sums it up.<3
: That was sort of terrifying.
: Really? It's actually quite fun. I can't wait for you to see the real thing.

Video Record

: Lord Ratatosk was the guardian of the Otherworldly Gate, which connected worlds through the Giant Kharlan Tree. So he was the guardian of the Giant Tree as well. He employed Centurions to distribute mana and maintain the balance of the Giant Tree and the world by using monsters. Until the Ancient War caused the Giant Tree to wilt.
: Wasn't the Otherworldly Gate one of the poles connecting the worlds when they were split?
: Yeah, that was really difficult to split right.
: The way I heard it, the Giant Tree dried up during the Ancient War, causing mana to run out. That almost destroyed the world, so Mithos the Hero borrowed the Goddess Martel's power to split the world into two.
: Right. Mithos did that to protect the world. But then, after many years passed, he learned that a new mana-bearing tree would be born. And then--well, a lot of things happened, but eventually a new World Tree was born, and the worlds became one again. That was the world regeneration.
: In the time between the withering of the first tree and the birth of the new one, Lord Ratatosk, along with the eight Centurions, became dormant. Now that the world had regenerated, it was finally time for us to awaken. However, a faction within the Vanguard planned to abuse Lord Ratatosk's power.
: To prevent that from happening, I ran away with Ratatosk's core.
: Marta!
: You were explaining everything to Colette?
: Yeah. Was that a bad idea?
: No, it's okay. I mean, I still blame Colette for my mother's death. But now I know she's not a bad person.
: Marta...
: Allow me to continue. In order to wake Lord Ratatosk from his slumber...
: Blah blah hatch cores blah.
: I see. So you're looking for the Centurions' cores in order to wake Mr. Ratatosk. So Ratatosk's not a maniac after all.
: A maniac?
: Don't worry about it.
: So what do you think Ratatosk will do when he wakes up?
: He'll put a stop to all the strange weather we've been having and restore the balance of mana.
: Right, but the World Tree we have right now already has Goddess Martel.
: Oh! The tree Ratatosk protected is gone now.
: Couldn't he protect it together with the Goddess?
: Good point. They could both work together to protect it.
: No way.
: You don't like Ratatosk?
: That's an understatement. Tenebrae is cool and Aqua is sort of cool but their boss wasn't really... oh forget it.
: I can't possibly let it go after "oh forget it".
: Hey, it's not a matter of life and death now, so I'll avoid giving it away before the dramatically appropriate time.
: Feh.
: Lady Marta, is the ritual ready?
: I'm all set. Ready to go whenever.
: Okay, let's head back to the stone dais, then.
: Okay.

Skit Video: Preparations
: First like that, then like this...
: Hey Marta. About the ritual--
: Don't talk to me right now! I'll forget it!
: Oh sorry.
: N-no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean-- Don't hate me or anything, okay?
: No, I--
: Lady Marta. How are the preparations for the ritual?
: I think I forgot how to do it...
: These incompetent halfwits can't possibly have saved the world or anything, can they?