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Part 9: Update 9

Update 9

Video Record

: What's that?
: It's Ventus' core.

: That's the fake Sylph!
: Didn't you all defeat it last time?
: No, that is Ventus.
: What do you mean? So it's not the fake Sylph?
: It's form may be different, but its aura most certainly belongs to Ventus.
: What should we do? With that thing there, we can't get anywhere near the Centurion's core.
: We'll have to retrieve it by force. There is no other choice.
: Again? I sometimes wish Ratatosk would possess me all the time so I wouldn't be afraid!
: That's going to be hilariously ironic later, right?

There's actual strategy now. You should get rid of the adds first.

The unfortunate problem with this strategy is that someone's going to get beat on by the boss - in this case, Marta. The X on her portrait indicates Sealed Artes, so we need to get that off her in addition to healing her.

He casts spells, too.

"Embuscade" is a noun meaning "ambush". Also, note the reason I need to switch the major element away from wind.

There we go.

With all this First Aid and water monster stuff we can get some good lv3 Unison Attacks going.

That's... not very hard-hitting. Also I really wish backstep wasn't so weird in this game.

Wait what.

So this guy actually has a few interesting attacks, even if Sealed Artes is kind of annoying.

Also a better shot of Embuscade, apparently it fires swords.

Fights have finally started to get decently challenging.

: Colette, you said that was the fake Sylph you guys defeated before, right? I wonder why it came back to life.
: Sylph's imposter must have come to life due to the dormant state of the Centurion's core. Although it lost its power when you defeated it, I assume the core caused the beast to be reborn afer enough time had passed.
: So the winds in Asgard will die down now?
: Once we hatch Ventus.
: I'll go get it.
: Stop! It's dangerous!

: What is?
: When Centurions are in a core state, they're dormant. During that time their power is out of control. They can attract monsters and cause abnormalities in nature, even disasters. It's impossible for human beings to maintain their sanity while in contact with such a powerful being.

: If a normal person holds a Centurion's core, they get drawn into its chaos, and their mind is destroyed.
: Oh wow that's so great. Why are you helping those? It really seems like something you should be smashing.
: Which is why you shouldn't even think about touching it.
: Probably better to mention that beforehand.

: All right, Lady Marta. Please release the Centurion's core.
: Right.

: Ventus has awoken. As Ventus' powers return, as a Knight of Ratatosk, Emil should also awaken to new powers.
: Don't we have to befriend some monsters to get the Centurion's power back?
: Right. Ventus is the Centurion of Wind, so we need to get wind elemental monsters to join us.
: Please don't forget darkness elemental monsters as well. I'd like for my powers to return.
: I know.

So in this game cooking isn't something we do after battle to get HP and TP back. Instead you do it at the Katz guild to buff your monsters.

Different dishes can turn into different things depending on who cooks and what they add.

Not entirely ideal but the li'l guy doesn't have many dishes he <3s.

We'll be back here.

Video Record

: Nice work, Marta.
: Yes, all of our hard work paid off. Colette, are you okay? You look a bit down.
: Huh?
: Are you worried about touching the core?
: There's no need to worry. Touching the core for only such a short time shouldn't--
: That's not it! I'm not worried about me. It's about Lloyd. He's collecting Centurions' cores, right? That would mean...
: Colette, we're after Lloyd. We don't know where the Centurions' cores are, but if we follow Lloyd he's sure to take us to them. That's why you should come with us.
: And when we find Lloyd, you can warn him about how dangerous it is.
: Is that before or after you get your stab on?
: Thank you, Emil. But I'm going to go my own way from here on out.
: Why? If you're looking for Lloyd--
: Lloyd has a Rheaird, a type of machine that can fly in the sky. So I might not be able to catch up with him on foot.

: What's the top speed of a Rheaird?
: About 300km/h.
: How fast can Colette fly?
: About 30km/h.
: Okay.
: Colette...
: So, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for everything. I can never make it up to you, but I want to do everything I can.
: Don't apologize any more! I mean, honestly, I can't forgive you for what happened to my mother. But as soon as I saw you, I knew you never meant for that to happen to Palmacosta.
: Marta...
: I've never met anyone as kind and caring as you.
: Thank you.
: We're friends, right?
: Right!
: What a lovely scene.
: Not that I disagree, but things like that make you sound stuffy.
: Um... Do you think it's be okay if I went with you two to see the mayor before we part?
: Of course. Right, Emil?
: Sure. Let's go.

Skit Video: Centurions

: Allow me to explain. We Centurions, numbering eight in total... are the faithful servants of Lord Ratatosk, the lord of all monsters. We each belong to a particular element, and with the aid of the monsters under our control, we monitor the levels of mana in the world. You might call us the guardians of the world's mana.
: That sounds sort of like the Symphonian Eight.
: Hey, I remember that. That's the story of the eight warriors blessed by the spirits, who fought against the sinister Dark Five, right?
: That's right! And the Dark Five's leader turned out to be the long lost father of Symphonia Red!
: I used to love that story when I was young.
: So that would make Tenebie Symphonia Black.
: What? You mean that story was based on the Centurions? Tenebrae, that's so cool!
: Does anyone else notice how the conversation gets waylaid as soon as Colette joins? Or is it just me?
: Was that story based on the Centurions?
: Well, it had sort of drifted over four thousand years, but yes. The so-called "Dark Five" were part of an early conflict between Humans and Elves.
: And another four thousand years made it drift even more. I had no idea there was a version where the Dark Five's leader turned out to be the long lost father of Symphonia Red.

Video Record

: Not at all. I'm just happy that I could help.
Mayor of Asgard: And you two. Thank you for lending your efforts along with the Chosen for our town.
: It was nothing.
: Excuse me, mayor? What happened to the Vanguard?
Mayor of Asgard: Most of them have left town, but it would be a good idea to stay cautious. I'm ashamed to admit it, but the Vanguard's extreme ideology has begun to influence the people of our town. More and more people have turned their backs on the Chosen and the Goddess Martel. It's truly disgraceful.
: There's too much of a gap between the technological level of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant. The liberation of Sylvarant advocated by the Vanguard must sound very appealing.
: The Church of Martel has become biased toward Tethe'alla as well. I'm sorry, if only I was more effective...
Mayor of Asgard: No, no that's not it at all. Chosen One, you've saved our town twice now. Please, don't blame yourself for what has happened.

Video Record

: You're leaving already?
: I'm really worried about Lloyd.
: Watch out for the Vanguard.
: You be careful, too.
: I look forward to the day when we may meet again.
: Thank you, Tenebie! See you later!

: All right, we should get going, too.
: Right! So where to?
: Well, I was thinking we might be able to get some information if we went to Lloyd's hometown.
: You mean Iselia?
: That will require us to find passage on a boat.
: Right. So I think we should head to Palmacosta.
: Okay. I'm fine with that.
: Shall we depart then?

Skit Video: Colette
: Even though Colette is the Chosen of Regeneration, she didn't act aloof at all. She's actually pretty down to earth.
: If by down to earth you mean ditzy, then yeah.
: Okay, maybe she's a little spacey, but there's something soothing about her.
: Oh, so she soothed you, did she?
: I just found it easy to relax around her.
: That sounds like soothing to me!
: Why are you getting so angry?
: Who says I'm angry?!

Skit Video: Motion Sickness
: It's hard to get around Hakonesia with all these hills.
: Yeah, I know.
: When you moved to Luin, didn't you pass by Hakonesia Peak?
: We did, but I was inside a carriage, so I don't really remember it.
: A carriage? I get motion sickness, so I never ride in those.
: You mean you've done all this travelling on foot?
: Well, I started riding from time to time after I met up with Tenebrae.
: Wait, I thought you just said you got sick riding in carriages?
: No, I meant riding on Tenebrae.
No I have no idea why they're talking about Hakonesia when they're not there yet.

Skit Video: Emil's Cooking
: Wow, looks delicious! You're a good cook!
: I wouldn't say good. Probably about average.
: Don't be so modest. This is really tasty.~
: Thanks. I had to help out in the kitchen at home. Guess I must've picked up a few things along the way.
: I must say, you humans do eat the most peculiar things.
: Well, what do you usually eat, Tenebrae?
: I absorb mana naturally, so I have no need to consume food. We Centurions are highly refined life forms, after all.
: Not being able to eat would be no fun at all.
: I agree!