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Part 10: Update 10

Update 10

Video Record

: Awww, Decus is in charge of that area. That's no fun! Guess that means we should just concentrate on the Centurions' cores.
Hawk: Ma'am, you should also know that it appears Lady Marta is headed in this direction.
: Oh, Martmart's coming? Then I'll leave the Centurions' cores to you, Hawkie!<3 I'll go and set up a nice ambush for our sweet little Martmart when she gets to Palmacosta!~
: Marta, did you just hear that?
: There's no choice. We'll go to Palmacosta and just do our best to steer clear of Alice.
: Okay.

"(Scream)"? Really?

I... I don't think they did very well with the 16:9 mode. You can sort of see this in the previous update when Marta hatches the core, but it's really fucking pronounced right here.

: Stop it!

: Emil! Are you all right?!
: Unnnh... Marta...
: What just happened?

: A dream? While you were wide awake and walking around? You wanna rest a bit?
: No, I'm fine, let's go.
: Are you sure?
: His color seems to be mostly back. It's probably safe to keep going.
: I don't think color is the thing you should be worried about. Anyway, is Emil having spooky visions of the future?
: No.
: Sorry, it's just fun to guess.
: See? Tenebrae thinks I'm fine too.
: All right then. But tell us if you aren't feeling well again.

For this update I'm trying something a little different - I concatenated all the skit videos together, so if you want you can play through all of them at once. There's obviously *spoilers* for further in the update though.
Skit Video: Return to Palmacosta

: Yeah.
: It's been six months. It's the same for you, right?
: About that, yeah.
: I'll bet you're looking forward to seeing your old friends again.
: My old friends.
: Emil, what's wrong?
: What? Oh, nothing.
: I guess it doesn't surprise me that he doesn't have any friends.

Video Record

: Your collection?
Koton: You don't? Then get out. What a shame. That young lass is quite the looker. Could have passed the time showing her a thing or two until Richter got back.
: Richter's coming here?
Koton: You know that scoundrel?
: Scoundrel? Sounds like Richter, all right.
: Marta...
: When are you expecting him?
Koton: Should be here any minute now. Actually he's late. He must be having a hell of a time finding that Tower of Mana Mirror.
I think this is a reference to the mirrors we used as puzzles in the first game.
: What's that?
Koton: Out of my face, boy. I have nothing to tell you.
: You can tell me!~
Koton: So this Richter fella comes in and tells me to hand over this Spiritual Tome I worked so hard to get. I told him I'll trade it for the Mirror and the Balacruf Tombstone.
: The Spiritual Tome? What's that?
: I've never heard of it.
: Is that the Spiritua's Tome that the Party of Regeneration read from?
: Yeah, I don't know why Koton all of a sudden is calling it by its changed-over-time name.
Koton: A book that wouldn't mean a damn to a couple of ignorant punks like you two. I've had enough of you, so now get out.

Oh, and we have the Wonder Chef here.

Video Record

: Where's all the damage the purge caused? Or for that matter the giant tree?
: The Lezareno Corporation gave a very generous loan to the city.
: Regal was a pretty cool guy.
: Yeah.
: It's been six months.
: Let's not get sentimental. We need to find out if Lloyd's come through here first, right?
: Yeah, you're right.
: We both know the town, so let's split up. We can meet at the pub.
: But watch out for Alice.
: Oh, right. Tenebrae, can you keep an eye on Emil?
: That's not what I meant.
: No, it's okay. See you later!
: Well then, shall we get started?
: Are you sure? Marta is the one with Ratatosk's core. And I'm supposed to be protecting her, not the other way around.
: I'm able to easily sense where Lady Marta is at any time because she has the core. Frankly, I'm more concerned about you.
: I'm so pathetic. I need to try harder.

Skit Video: Spiteful Tenebrae
: Do I really scare that easily?

: N'AH!!!
: I'd say so.
: There's that "spiteful" side again.

Video Record

: Emil, is that you?!
: Richter! What're you doing here?
: I should ask you the same question. What brings you to Palmacosta?
: I'm on a journey. I'm looking for Lloyd and the Centurions' cores. Anyway, are you okay?! You were injured pretty badly.
: There's still some pain, but I have only myself to blame. The fact that I lost to such a fool pains me more.
: Honestly, I'd probably not complain too much about losing to Lloyd the Great, even if he was a bit silly.
: Oh, I'm sorry.
: It was a joke.
: What? Oh, I'm sorry.
: Didn't I tell you to stop apologizing without reasons?
: Oh, I'm sor--I mean, yes, you did.

: Oh, Richter! There you are!<3 Richter, are you looking for Martmart too? Hey! You're Martmart's pet!

: You're on his side? You know, if you'd just let me play with him a little, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to tell us where Martmart is.<3
: I said, he's my acquaintance. If you don't understand what that means...

: Ooh, So scary! Fine. But all bets are off if I catch the little pet with Martmart. And if you're here that means Martmart is here, too. I'm so lucky.<3
: Richter, you're a member of the Vanguard too?
: I am.
: What are you planning to do with Ratatosk's core?
: Revive the Sylvarant Dynasty or that's what they say.
: The Sylvarant Dynasty? But I learned in school that it fell 800 years ago.
: You need to forget about Ratatosk's core, the Centurions' cores, about all of this.
: Why?
: The Vanguard isn't just looking for Ratatosk's core. They're looking for the Centurions' cores as well. I don't want to involve you in all of this.
: Uh...
: Hmph... At least you no longer agree with everything I say. But I won't give up, either. I will take Ratatosk's core from Marta, even if it means her death.
: I need to tell Marta about the sadist!
: Emil, her name is Alice.
: Does it matter? Anyway, where's Marta?
: It seems she's in the pub.
: Got it.

Skit Video: Vanguard
: I can't believe Richter is a member of the Vanguard. Did you know, Tenebrae?
: Yes.
: I just don't know what to think. If he's with the Vanguard, then he and Marta started out on the same side. Despite that, he's trying to kill her in order to take Ratatosk's core.
: As Lady Marta mentioned, the Vanguard has changed. They are only concerned with gathering Ratatosk and Centurions' cores for their own objective. They are our enemies. It is as simple as that.
: But Richter keeps helping me out. I mean, he can be sort of gruff, even scary sometimes, but besides Ratatosk's core, everything he's said to me so far makes sense.
: Emil, this is the man who is trying to kill Lady Marta!
: Mn'uhh...

Skit Video: Where is Marta?
: I wonder where Marta is.
: Wait a moment. I will try to sense the presence of the core lodged on her forehead. (Meditative) [Hm...]
: How's it coming?
: Teh..
: Eh?
: Teh...TeneTeneTeneTene....TeneTeneTeneTeneTene... TENE!!
: What?
: It would appear she is in the pub.
: Oh yeah?
: Yes.

Video Record

: Forget about that. I just ran into the sadist--I mean, Alice. And Richter. And I found out Richter is a member of the Vanguard as well.
: I'm sorry. You seemed to trust Richter so much. I just couldn't bring myself to tell you.
: Thanks for considering my feelings.
: Not at all. I should have told you. I'm sorry.
: It's fine. Right now we need to head to Iselia before Alice finds us.
: Okay. Let's go to the harbor.

: Yes.
Sailor: I don't reckon you'll be going anywhere by boat. The seas been angry for weeks.
: What?! There isn't any service?
Sailor: Well, let me think. If you really have to go, you might try asking Mrs. Dorr in the Governor-General's office.
: Mrs.Dorr...
: Is something wrong?
: No, it's nothing. Let's go to the Governor-General's office.
: Right.

Rowing Man: Yeah, I must still be dreaming. I mean, Emil didn't look like that at all.
: BUHM BHUM BUM! I bet you five gald he's a robot clone.
: I don't actually have any money.

While we're here, let's infiltrate the Vanguard's main base.

It's located here, in the middle of town. Up those steps to the left, on the previous screen, is a Church of Martel cathedral.

I can't think of a way to make this work storyline-wise, it's too stupid.

Pictured: the Vanguard's strategic plans, immediately visible from the FRONT FUCKING DOOR.

Skit Video: Governor-General's Widow
: Marta, what is it?
: I'm not really looking forward to meeting the widow of the Governor-General.
: Why not?
: It's just that I've caused so much trouble for her.
: You have?
: Yes. If the Vanguard hadn't started meeting here, the Blood Purge might never have happened.
: The Vanguard might be the ones who lit the spark, but it was Lloyd and the Church of Martel who fanned the flames into a raging inferno. Don't beat yourself up over it.
: Um, Emil. My... My father was--
: What happened to your father? Wait, did Lloyd do something to him?!
: I'm sorry. Forget I said anything, okay? Let's get going to the Governor's Office.
: Right.
: So was she going to say "actually my father was behind the whole thing and Lloyd wasn't actually at fault"?
: No, but Emil really should have let her finish.

Video Record

: It's been a long time, Mrs. Governor-General.
Mrs. Dorr: Yes, since the Blood Purge.
: I'm sorry for all the trouble with my father back then.
: I'm guessing you said "no" up there based on some technicality of my statement.
: No.
: Arrr stop messing with me.
Mrs. Dorr: You have nothing to apologize for. But tell me, what's brought you here today?
: I'd like to take a ship out of the harbor. Emil and I are trying to get to Izoold.
Mrs. Dorr: Emil...
: Oh, Right. Emil was born here, as well. Do you know him?
Mrs. Dorr: Emil, Emil Castagnier, is it? Reysol's son.
: Yes, that's right.
: Is something the matter?
Mrs. Dorr: Oh, my. They say eyesight is the first thing to go. I hardly recognized you. I'm sorry, Emil.
: Not at all. Maybe I'm just easy to forget.
Mrs. Dorr: Regarding the ship, there's nothing I can do with the ocean in its current condition, but...
: Is there some other way?
Mrs. Dorr: Yes. Emil, perhaps you remember Thomas, the fisherman who lived next to you.
: Thomas, the fisherman.
Mrs. Dorr: He told me he'd figured out the source of the storms. He set out for the Dynasty Ruins up in the Kamisra Mountains, but no one's heard from him since. Perhaps if you found Thomas...
: So basically, we should go to the Kamisra Mountains to look for Thomas?
Mrs. Dorr: Oh no, the Kamisra Mountains are far too dangerous. We're sending out a search party to look for him. You can wait here until they return.
: What should we do? If we stay here, it's just a matter of time before Alice finds us.
: Wait, you want to go?
: Don't you?
: I'll go. I just don't like scary places.
: Sorry, Emil. So we'll go and look for Thomas.
Mrs. Dorr: I can see you've made up your mind. I won't try and talk you out of it. But please, do be careful.

Skit Video: Kamisra Mountains

: What?! You mean you didn't learn that in school?
: Ah?
: Anyone from Palmacosta should know where they are.
: Um, I--
: Perhaps he wasn't paying attention in geography class. Emil is a bit of a dreamer, after all.
: I see. That's okay, Emil. You could be as bright as a star or dumb as a post, and it still wouldn't matter to me.
: But that's sort of like saying it's okay that I'm an idiot.
: Oh, Heh heh... I suppose it is. So the Kamisra Mountains. They're just south of town. Now, let's get going!
: Okay.

Video Record

: So you're protecting her?

: DAMMIT GIRL HELP HIM OUT. Don't gush over him when he's at risk of being chopped in half!
: I made a pact, a pact to borrow Ratatosk's power so I would be able to protect Marta. So I'm not going to let anyone hurt Marta ever again! Not even you!
: You actually made a pact with Ratatosk?! You fool!

: Ah, a nice little interruption of someone explaining something important.

This sequence made me remember how I really don't like the way they did facial expressions. Zelos's in particular look terrible.
: Wait a minute aren't you--
: Well, hello. I don't know who you are and normally I could care less about some guy knowing who I am. But, one thing's for certain, you need to learn the proper way to treat a true lady. Or perhaps you wanna go up against me and that kid? Doubt you'll get far with that battered body.
: No thanks. I think I'll pass. You two are not my concern. Emil, Alice is plotting something. Be careful.
: Thank you so much for helping me just now. [What...] What was your name?
: I'm the great Zelos Wilder! But you can call me Zelos. I'd love to take you out tonight, but I have an appointment at the Governor-General's office. Until next time, ciao, princess!
: So that was Zelos Wilder?!
: Zelos Wilder? How do you know him?
: A man with red hair. He might be the Chosen of Tethe'alla, and one of Lloyd's companions.
: What?!
: That's what I thought at first. But there's no way the Chosen would act like that.
: That was totally Zelos Wilder, the Chosen of Tethe'alla, right?
: Yeah. Emil and Marta really should have known more about his rep.
: Yeah! That guy couldn't be more different from Colette if he tried.
: I know. Let's head to the Dynasty Ruins in the Kamisra Mountains, okay?!

Next time, we'll be taking on a few pointless sidequests. Then we go into the Dynasty Ruins and dumb things happen.