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Part 12: Update 12

Update 12

Video Record

: Yes? And you are?
Paul: I'm Paul, Lloyd's number one apprentice! I'm heading out to patrol the haunted ranch. You wanna come with me?
: Lloyd's apprentice? What kind of idiot--
Paul: What did you say?!
: Emil! He's just a kid!
Paul: I'm not a kid! I'm the great dual swordsman, Paul the Magnificent!
: My apologies, Paul the Magnificent.
Paul: You outsiders have no manners.
: I can't believe kids still worship Lloyd even after what he and the Church of Martel did to Palmacosta.
: I know you're upset, but try to calm down. The first thing we need to do is gather information. Maybe the town's mayor has an idea where Lloyd is.
: ...

Skit Video: Village of Oracles

: I don't know. It's almost too quiet. And the air feels charged.
: This is the Village of Oracles. Home of the Mana Lineage. The souls of the Chosen who perished in failed attempts at world regeneration may still haunt these grounds.
: Yeah. That must be it. It's just the sort of village I'd expect Lloyd to come from.
: Shut up Tenebrae!
: He's just kidding. Those souls became part of me.
: I knew he was just kidding.

Video Record

Child: Lloyd Irving is here! Evil Desian, I will defeat you!
: I keep hearing the word "Desian." What does it mean?
: You don't know? The Desians were a group of half-elves who wreaked havoc on the world before the regeneration took place.
: They say the Desians took people to places called "human ranches," and then did unspeakable things to them.
: You make it sound like you weren't affected by them. There was a ranch right near Palmacosta and everyone was so afraid of it.
: We were?
: Yes. Iselia got off easy, since the Chosen was born here. They entered into a non-aggression treaty with the Desians to protect the town's people from being taken to the ranch. Clever, huh?
: It seems we Centurions missed a lot while we were dormant.
: Yeah that's how it was. Yeah, of course.

Skit Video: Non-Aggression Treaty
: So I finally understand who the Desians were. But why did you sound disapproving of Iselia's non-aggression treaty with
: What did the treaty mean, anyway?
: It was an agreement that the Desians won't attack the village. Iselia was the only place to make such a deal. It wasn't fair. All the other towns were pillaged by the Desians over and over again.
: So, how was Iselia able to make a treaty with them?
: Beats me. Whatever they did, they're lucky. They got off a lot easier than everyone else.

: Have you seen him recently?
Mayor of Iselia: Another one asking about Lloyd. Let me guess: this is about the Blood Purge in Palmacosta, right? It doesn't make sense. Lloyd would never lead the Church of Martel against Palmacosta.

: Emil?
Mayor of Iselia: Before the world regeneration, a horrible massacre took place in our town at the hands of the Desians because of Lloyd.
: See! Just like Palmacosta. Lloyd is nothing but a worthless murderer!
: B-But I thought Iselia had a treaty with the Desians?
Mayor of Iselia: Lloyd tried to save a friend of his who was being held prisoner at the human ranch. It provoked the Desians into attacking. What a fool. Even a child knows that the life of one insignificant person in the ranch is nothing compared to the lives of everyone in the village.
: One insignificant person? What a horrible thing to say!
Mayor of Iselia: Then which would you choose? Save one person with a thousand lives or save a thousand with one life.
: Well...
: It's obvious. The one person must be sacrificed for--

: Wait! That's not right! What if you were that one person? Would you still feel that way? And what if there was some way you could save all thousand and one people.
Mayor of Iselia: Yes, Lloyd thought that way as well. But ultimately, he failed. Lofty principles are all well and good, but there's a difference between an ideal and reality.
: ...
Mayor of Iselia: Lloyd is a fool. He believes all lives are equal. He imagines an ideal world where those who want to live can live. But he's also a man who works tirelessly to realize his ideals. Of course, whether that's good or bad is a different story.
: Mayor, you believe in Lloyd.
Mayor of Iselia: Well, I don't like him much, but yes.
: Why does everyone stand up for him? I know for a fact that he killed my mother.
Mayor of Iselia: Ask the people in town. His old teacher is back here right now as well. And Lloyd's father is at the Martel Temple. Perhaps he could shed some light on things. It's possible he's been in contact with Lloyd.
: The temple?
Mayor of Iselia: It's located north of here and belongs to the Church of Martel. Lloyd's father is a skilled craftsman--he's been doing repair work there.

Skit Video: Lloyd's Father
: I wonder what Lloyd's father is like.
: He contributed one half of Lloyd's genetic makeup, so I imagine they share similar physical characteristics.
: Well, duh. Emil's wondering what sort of person was the man who raised Lloyd.
: Yeah. And I'll bet he has spiky hair, and a face just like an older version of Lloyd.
: ...Uh...

Skit Video: Flowers in Her Hair
: Marta, is that flower in your hair real?
: Why do you ask?
: Um, Well, I was just thinking, it never seems to wilt.
: Exactly. They're just accessories. Actually, they belonged to my mother. She wore them in her hair on her first date with my father.
: Oh, I see.
: These little flowers brought my mother and father together. And now they brought us together, too.<3
: There she goes again.

Video Record

: That is rather rude, Emil. That man was a dwarf.
: And this guy isn't a monster, he's a dog. You think you could move for us, doggie?
: I don't think he's a dog.
: Leave this to me.
Noishe: ...
: Hahaha!
: Tenebrae's laughing.

: Oh! He moved.
: Hey Tenebrae, what was so funny?
: Uh, Perhaps some other time. Now then, let us proceed.
: He's still laughing.
: It's weirding me out.

: Thanks for giving us directions.
: Um... We heard we might be able to find Lloyd Irving's father here.
Dirk: You're talking to him. We're not linked by blood, but he's my son.
: Have you heard anything from Lloyd recently? We're looking for him.
: You! Aren't you ashamed of what Lloyd did in Palmacosta?! You're his father!
Dirk: I'm proud to call Lloyd my son. I've got nothing to be ashamed of.
: You--
Dirk: If Lloyd had anything to do with what happened in Palmacosta, he wouldn't have just disappeared like that. I didn't raise a man who runs from his own responsibilities. My boy may be a fool, but he's not a bad person.
: Ungh ...
: So, have you had any contact with him?
Dirk: Nope, haven't heard a word. He was on a journey to gather Exspheres, but then he just suddenly came back about six months ago. He said he was on his way to save a friend and he had to travel light. So he left Noishe, that animal you saw outside. Haven't seen him since.
: I see.
Dirk: If you kids happen to see Lloyd, give him a message for me, will you? Tell him Noishe is getting lonely, so come home soon.

Skit Video: Tenebrae and Noishe
: Tenebrae, what were you and Noishe talking about?
: Oh, just a humorous anecdote. Last week, when Noishe was drinking down by the river bed... the most unbelievable thing came drifting down the river.
: Well, what was it?
: That's just it. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Oh, I can't. Oh! Oh, it almost hurts.
: What is it?!
: Hurry up and tell us!
: Well, you see, it was a-- Oh no, no, it was nothing, really.
: Tell us!
: Since he isn't going to tell us, what about you?
: It's really not something I should talk about. Noishe made Tenebrae promise not to tell, and I'll keep that promise for him.

Oh yeah we'll be back here.

Video Record

: Emil, what's wrong?
: He's not related to Lloyd by blood, and yet he really seems like he's Lloyd's father. On the other hand, my uncle was always ashamed of everything I did.
: Emil...

: Paul, one of the village children, has gone missing. Have you seen a boy about eight years old around here?
: Oh, we met him by the town entrance. He said something about going to a haunted ranch.
: So he went to the human ranch. Thank you.
: The "haunted ranch" he was talking about was a Desians' human ranch. I hope he's all right.
: There aren't any Desians there anymore. I'm sure he'll be fine. Besides, he's an apprentice of the mighty Lloyd, remember?
: I understand your grudge against Lloyd, but Paul has nothing to do with that. The Emil I like wouldn't think like that. My Emil is better than that.
: Whatever! I don't even remember you! Stop trying to make me into something I'm not! I don't need you telling me who I'm supposed to be!
: I'm sorry.

Skit Video: Awkward
: Um...
: Um...
: I just-- That is--
: What?
: What?
: Oh, it's nothing.

Skit Video: Awkward Part 2
: I wonder if that was too harsh.
: Emil must be angry with me.
: But Marta refuses to see the real me.
: I haven't been paying attention to who Emil really is. Of course he'd be upset.

Video Record

Lilia: If I'd just kept an eye on him, I could've stopped him before he left town.
Man: Lilia, it's going to be all right. Professor Sage will find Paul. He'll be fine.
Lilia: Right.
Woman 1: But Professor Sage is a half-elf. I don't know if this is such a good idea.
Woman 2: Stop that nonsense! Professor Sage saved the Chosen! She's a good half-elf. She's nothing like the Desians. She'll save Paul.
: Hey, Emil. Do you think Raine is that woman we saw earlier?
: Yeah, maybe.
: She's a half-elf. I wonder if that's why no one went with her to search for Paul.
: Huh?
: I mean, people are prejudiced against half-elves. I even used to be afraid of them way back when.
: Half-elf. Prejudice.
: I'm going to the human ranch. You and Tenebrae wait here until I get back.
: Why?
: Even if the Desians are long gone, there are probably monsters. I can't let her go alone.
: There's no guarantee you'll meet up with her. I'll go with you.
: But Paul is Lloyd's apprentice.
: It's okay. You don't have to keep worrying so much about my feelings.
: Sorry.
: Come on, let's head for that ranch.

Skit Video: Human Ranches

You can have skits on the world map screen, but because it's a menu it's quite likely you'll click through really fast and miss them. I nearly did here.
: What sort of places were these human ranches?
: It's where they used to make Exspheres, devices that raised a person's abilities to their fullest potential.
: I hate to say it but... would I get better if I equipped one?
: No. You and your friends proved it's possible to reach your fullest potential without one.
: So they were like factories?
: From what I heard they were more like labs for human experiments. The Exspheres were apparently stones activated by human suffering. So they implanted Exspheres in people, then tortured them in all sorts of ways.
: The hearts of men are more terrifying than any monster.
: Huh?
: Oh, just the ramblings of a spiteful Centurion.

This update was a bit on the short side, but next time: our first proper dungeon video (if youtube doesn't fuck up).