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Part 13: Update 13

Update 13

Video Record

We fight some monsters. Not a big deal, right?
: Let's go.
: Are you still mad?
: About what?
: I mean whenever you get mad, you seem to get possessed by Ratatosk, and you're that way right now.
: Now that you mention it, I suppose I am.
: What can I do to make you forgive me?
: Hmpf. Why worry about this wimp's feelings?
: Wimp? Are you talking about me?
: I'm talking about the "normal" me. He's a weak, coward who takes his own insecurities out on you. He's worse than a dog.
: Don't talk about yourself like that! And sure, you might get scared sometimes, but you're one of the nicest people I've ever met!
: Marta...
: I mean, I'm not trying to force myself on you or anything. I...
: Yes. I-I know.
: I'm sorry. I just get so worked up sometimes. I know it's annoying.
: No. I shouldn't have said what I did. I'm sorry.
: Thank you.
: It's nice to have him doing something other than wuss out all the time, but this trend is bugging me a bit.
: Yeah, I wasn't very happy with it at the time either.

: We could easily get lost in this before we even find Paul.
: Hey, Paul! If you're out here, say something!
: I have a bad feeling about this.
: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality, right?
: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
: Huh?
: They're words a human with a few screws loose said long ago.
: I'm sure I'll see Richter again if we keep searching for the Centurions' cores. He'll laugh at me if I'm still a coward. It's a little spooky, but let's keep moving forward.

: Yeah, and something doesn't feel right. There's something here!
: Really? Is it Paul?

: Uh, that looks like a plant monster.
: It's just a tree.
: Sorry. I could have sworn I heard something moving.
: A little jumpy, are we?
: Well, it's scary! Actually, so is fighting.
: Look out, you two!

: A monster!

Not much of a battle.

: I wonder if Paul went this way too.
: Hirsuta is fairly mobile, so it is possible Paul went inside before it blocked this entrance.
: Emil, I'm so impressed! You sensed a monster that even Tenebrae didn't know was there!
: That was my mistake. It is quite embarrassing. But what you said is correct, Lady Marta. It seems that Emil's awakening is coming right along.
: Awakening? Awake to what?
: Awakening as a Knight of Ratatosk, to protect Lady Marta.
: Tenebrae, enough of this Emil protecting me stuff, okay?
: Mmm? But being a Knight of Ratatosk means--
: He has to protect Ratatosk's core on my forehead. We'll do it together, right, Emil?
: Yeah. It makes me kind of sad when she says that. Why?

Dungeon Video Returns!
This dungeon isn't too bad, although I stutter a bit at the beginning as I read the guide.

There's some switches I activate by firing the Sorcerer's Ring at them (it's been changed to Blue Lightning "elemental").

There's some moving platforms and switches that change the direction they move.

Water draining.

Block pushing.

And these fuckers, who I have to hit with lightning and then lure into the beams to shut them off. The last beam is a real pain to get them to run into, since they stop if they hit the wall 90% of the time.

Skit Video: Spiteful Old Nag
: Emil, is something wrong? You're looking rather sad.
: Uh, No, I'm fine. It's just-- Is Marta really okay with the way things are?
: I see. You miss hearing "I love you Emil!" all the time.
: Th-That's not it at all! I just didn't know girls could change their minds so quickly.
: In other words, you want her to be more cuddly.
: No! Just forget it! You really are a spiteful old nag, you know that?
: Spiteful old nag?

: Don't worry, all the Desians are gone now.
: Yeah.
: I guess I'll have to be the big, manly knight that's protecting you.
: Hey, I can be manly.
: Sorry. But just because you're a "man" doesn't mean that a girl can't protect you.
: Well, I guess not, but--
: Excuse me you two, but what are we doing here again?
: Looking for Paul.
: Thank you.

Skit Video: Where is Paul?
: There doesn't seem to be any sign of young Paul.
: This place is way too dangerous for a child. We've got to find him fast.
: Yeah, I hope he's all right. Well, let's hurry up and start looking.

Video Record
: We keep coming out in weird places.
: Well this is the only way we can go since all of the main passages seem to be destroyed. There must have been a large-scale assault on this facility.
: The Desians were taken down by the Chosen and her friends, right? Did Colette do all of this?
: She didn't look like the violent type.
: I bet Lloyd did it.
: It's hard to believe he's Colette's friend.
: Indeed, she seemed quite the peaceful sort. It's difficult to associate her with Lloyd, the gleeful mass-murderer of the Blood Purge.
: Colette didn't seem to favor Tethe'alla. I wonder about Lloyd.
: It's pretty obvious that as far as he's concerned, anyone who's not Tethe'allan or part of the Church of Martel is nothing.

Video Record

: Paul!

A green save point can mean only one thing.

: N'errrgh!!!
: Huhhh!!! What is that?!

: I think this room itself is a monster!
: Eh... You know, th-there's a saying...
: "You can't see the forest for the trees."
: M-m-Maybe that's what this is. Wait! Huh?

: Photon!

: Awright! Raine the Sage was one serious badass.
: Raine Sage. Sage was her name.

: Uh... y-Yes!
: We'll give this thing a taste of its own medicine!

This is another "kill the adds, focus the boss" fight.

Not bad.

This is a standard "move forward while spinning" attack like Tempest from the last game.

Ultimately the big guy spent most of his time getting the shit beat out of him.

Reposting for engrish.

Paul: Huh? O-Oh! It's you.
: Well Paul? Would you like to thank them? They were very kind. They came all the way here to look for you.
Paul: Professor Sage!
: Are you all right?
Paul: Yes. I'm fine. Thank you miss.
: Now Paul, I believe I remember telling you that the human ranch was strictly off-limits.
Paul: Y-Yes, but you see I... I was patrolling while Lloyd was away.
: You know that job belongs to the town watch. Do you remember what happens to children who break the rules?

: Damn. I heard Raine t... Sage was a strict disciplinarian, but she's got one hell of an arm.

: My name is Raine Sage. I teach in Iselia. How do you do?
: Uh, Hi. My name is Emil.
: And my name is Marta. We're traveling together.
: There are a few things I'd like to talk to you about, but first let's return to Iselia.
: Uh... Yes.

Skit Video: Googly-Eyed
: Thank you for saving Paul.
: Oh, heh... I mean we, um... we just did what anyone else would've done.
: Oh? Most people wouldn't risk coming to a place like this for a child they scarcely know.
: Eh... Well--
: What's with you? I thought you didn't care about Lloyd's apprentice. And do you have to get all googly-eyed every time you meet a pretty lady?
: Did you say something?
: Forget it!

Unfortunately, Raine's a bit lower level than I am. Admittedly, my level is a bit too high. With trying to burn through the quests to find some interesting ones I've gained more levels. It's also harder to avoid or run from combat so I'm fighting way more random encounters. In Original Symphonia I could get through entire dungeons only fighting a couple. Not being able to use the Sorcerer's Ring to stun random encounters and then run past them is really annoying.

Raine's a bit better at physical combat than I remember, but the main differences she has are negative. Without Concentration it's hard to get her to get off casts. Fake Edit: Technically she does have the Concentration skill, but it's impossible for her to equip even the weaker version yet: it costs 15 SP and she has 13.

Normally Raine wouldn't have half those spells, but since I have ability inherit going she's got them. Revitalize is still awesome but isn't enough to counteract Raine's "can't level" problem. At the very end of the game she'll be at level 50 while Emil and Marta can be higher than that easily and top out at 200.

Video Record

: Would you two wait for me at the school?
: S-Sure.
: I wonder what she wants to talk about.
: Yeah. She was glaring at me.
: Do you think she's Lloyd's teacher, the one the mayor told us about?
: Lloyd...

Skit Video: Murderer's Teacher
: So, Raine was Lloyd's teacher.
: Looks that way.
: That murderer's teacher.
: Calm yourself, Emil.
: I know.

Skit Video: School Days
: What were you like in school? Were you a good student?
: Well, I didn't go to school when I was in Luin.
: What about in Palmacosta?
: I... I don't really remember. What about you Tenebrae? Do Centurions go to school?
: What do you think?
: You really know how to change the subject, don't you? So you weren't a very good student. Sorry to bring up such a sore "subject."

Video Record

: Wow. These are all drawings of Lloyd.
: No, pretty sure I see some Genis and Colette ones.
: Humans never cease to amaze me. Let's have a look at these.
: I never would have pegged you as an art buff, Tenebrae.
: How rude.

: "I love Lloyd"... Hmm...
: How come everyone--
: Someone's coming!
: Sorry that took so long. Oh. You've been looking at the drawings.
: It looks like this one was drawn by Paul, right? He certainly is a big fan of Lloyd's.
: Paul's father passed away two years ago when the Desians suddenly attacked Iselia. Lloyd was the one who caused the incident. Well actually Lloyd and my brother, that is.
: So then, why does he...
: When his father died he stopped smiling and closed himself in. Lloyd found out when he returned from the journey of world regeneration. He went to Paul's house every day even though Paul's mother Lilia tried to get him to stop. But Lloyd was persistent. Then one day out of the blue, he proposed to Lilia.
: Proposed?!
: What. The. Fuck.
: Yes. I think Lloyd wanted to take on the role of Paul's father. And in order to do that he thought he needed to marry Lilia and make her his wife.
: But that's ridiculous.
: Lilia was mortified. She was so upset she took a tomato and threw it right at Lloyd. Lloyd instinctively hit it which sent it flying at Lilia... and it hit her right in the face. Before they knew it tomatoes were flying all over the place. When they realized what happened, Paul and Lilia began laughing for the first time in months.
: I don't wanna hear this crap anymore! Everyone's always all "Lloyd this" and "Lloyd that." I'm sick of it! Why are you even telling us this stupid story in the first place?!
: The mayor told me all about the two of you. I think that you should know that I was Lloyd's teacher. I traveled with him for a long time. You wanted to know why everybody here defends Lloyd, correct?
: Enough! I don't want to hear any more about how Lloyd is innocent in all this!
: Oh really? When did I say that?
: Wait, what do you mean? Are you telling us that you don't trust Lloyd? I thought you were supposed to be his friend.
: Trusting Lloyd... and believing the reports of what happened in Palmacosta are two entirely different things. Furthermore Lloyds character and past doings... have no bearing on what happened in Palmacosta. Calm yourselves. Otherwise, you will be blind to everything, including the truth.
: But why would you even care?
: Maybe I don't care.
: Unbelievable!
: Marta. Marta, wait!

: Hmm... Why don't we look for her? I can still feel Lady Marta's presence in town. I doubt she's gone very far.
: Okay.

: I can't stand people like that.
: Marta...
: Raine was Lloyd's friend. So how could she say such cold things about him? If it was me, and someone was saying bad things about you, I'd defend you to the end. I mean you're my friend. I'd get so mad if someone was bad-mouthing you, I'd give them a piece of my mind.
: I get it now. So that's why everyone defends Lloyd.
: Huh?
: There's no point in me getting mad at people just for saying they like Lloyd. We're the same. It's so obvious, but I didn't see it at all. I was too busy being angry.
: Perhaps that's why Raine suggested that you calm down. Anyone would become mad if someone they liked and trusted was insulted. With that attitude, it's unlikely she'd have told you where Lloyd was, even if she knew. Am I wrong?
: You're right, Tenebrae. Come on, Marta. Let's go back and talk to Raine. Maybe she'll help us if we explain.
: All right.

Skit Video: What Is Love?
: What is it, Emil? You look puzzled.
: I was just thinking about something I found strange about Raine.
: Strange?
: Yeah. I thought she'd be really scary when she was scolding Paul, but she wasn't, at all. When my aunt and uncle scolded me, it was terrifying. I hated them for it.
: Perhaps you sensed the love behind Raine's words.
: Oh. Yeah, I guess my aunt and uncle didn't really love me.

: You're only going to make him more depressed, talking about things that you don't know about, like love.
: How rude. I will have you know that I understand love perfectly well. Love is a brand of egoism that ignores the feelings of its mark, while insisting on its own selfish demands.
: Why are you looking at me like that?
: No reason.
: You know saying that makes me more suspicious, not less.
: Mhmmm.

Video Record

: Dammit man does your spine not work right?!?
: You don't have to apologize. To you, the fact is Lloyd is the man who killed your parents. But you must understand there are also those who were saved by Lloyd, and they owe him their lives.
: So do you trust Lloyd?
: I don't see how my opinion would aid you.
: I don't get it. You were Lloyd's teacher and friend, right?
: That's right. I like Lloyd. I think that he's a person I can count on. Those facts haven't changed. But people change, for better or for worse. I don't know what kind of person Lloyd is now. My faith in him is not enough reason to contradict the accounts of those who suffered in the attack on Palmacosta. That's my opinion on the matter.
: I'm not sure I totally understand. Are you saying you believe us?
: I'm saying that I believe the attack on Palmacosta happened, not that I personally trust you.
: You don't trust us?
: Do the two of you trust me? We haven't known each other for all that long. I think we both have yet to prove whether we deserve each other's trust.
: You're just being difficult.
: Is that any way to talk to someone who might have information about Lloyd?
: You know where he went?!
: If you tell me about your journey, specifically, about the Centurions' cores, then I'll give you a hint.
: H-How do you know about the Centurions' cores?!
: Colette told me about you already. When you told me your names at the human ranch, I knew who you were.
: Marta, what should we do?
: Let's tell her. Colette wasn't out to get us, and I don't think Raine is, either.
: You already know this, skipping ahead a bit.
: Very interesting. A Knight of Ratatosk, you say.
: Raine didn't know very much about Ratatosk at the time.
: That's good for now. I'll leave the questions for later. Now then, regarding Lloyd's whereabouts, there's someone in town who says he saw him recently.
: Really?!
: Yes. Colette's neighbor, Pepe. Let's go and talk to him.

: Pepe, I'm sorry to bother you, but can you tell these two about when you saw Lloyd?
Pepe: But aren't they out for revenge against Lloyd?
: That's just a big misunderstanding, I assure you.
Pepe: Well, if you say so Professor Sage... Not too long ago, I saw him on a strange flying thing headed towards the Triet Ruins. It was definitely Lloyd. I'd know that spiky hair anywhere.
: Really? Thank you so much!
: Emil, let's hurry! We might still be able to catch up with him.
: Right.
: Hold on, I'd like to go with you.
: W-Why?
: I was Lloyd's teacher. If he really has strayed, I need to set him back on the right path again. Also, the fact that he is after the Centurions' cores troubles me. Six months ago, he was on a quest to collect Exspheres. It was an important mission to him. He promised his father he'd complete it.
: His father.
: Do you mean Dirk?
: Anyway, I'm interested to know why Lloyd would abandon his quest for Exspheres to look for Centurions' cores.
: What do you think?
: Let's have her come with us. With her along, we might be able to find out more about what happened in Palmacosta.
: Yeah.
: Then it's settled. I look forward to traveling with you.

Skit Video: Teacher Voice
: U-um...
: Yes, what is it?
: Uh, Oh, it's nothing.
: If you have nothing to say, don't call out to others.
: S-Sorry.
: I thought you weren't afraid of Raine.
: She used her teacher voice on me. I couldn't help it!

Video Record
: Oh yeah. Marta, we should introduce Raine to Tenebrae.
: Oh, right.

: How may I be of service?
: A talking animal--no, a monster? Oh, you're the one Colette was talking about. Tenebie, correct?
: It's Tenebrae. You seem like an intelligent person. I am grateful for your assistance.
: You don't feel quite the same as a summon spirit. Much closer to a monster.
: No doubt because I employ monsters as my servants.
: Very interesting indeed. I'd love to learn more about it. We must talk later.
: It would be my pleasure.
: Wow, Raine is totally unfazed.
: Yeah, no kidding. I guess she's just naturally composed.
: So at what point did Raine try to dissect Tenebrae for SCIENCE?

Skit Video: Half-Elves
: So, Raine, you're a half-elf, right?
: Do the two of you fear half-elves as well?
: I was always taught that half-elves were evil. But you don't seem any different from us.
: I leave it to you to form your own opinions of me.
: To be honest, half-elves do sort of frighten me. But I don't want to think you're a bad person just because of your race. Some humans are bad people, too.
: I see.
: What complicated creatures these humanoids are.

Skit Video: Revolutionary Menu
: I thought the two of you must be getting hungry, so I decided to put together a meal. Here you are.
: Wow.
: Um... What exactly is this?
: Oh, right. I almost forgot to explain. These are rice-stuffed lemons. You know how sushi rice can taste so good you sometimes forget how much you've eaten?

: I started by emptying out some lemons, then filled them with rice, and cooked them just like that. Last but not least, I added garam masala to punch up the flavor. It's revolutionary!