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Part 14: Update 14

Update 14

Video Record

: W-What's the matter?!
: What happened?! I'd heard the Giant Tree destroyed some of the area, but the precious ruins! The polycarbonate! Such a terrible loss of priceless history!
: Maybe Raine has a split personality too.
: Too?
: Well, I mean, when you're in battle, and sometimes even when you're not, you change into a different person.
: Really? I change when I'm not in battle?
: Y-Yeah. I thought you knew.
: Man, that can't be a good thing. I'm just waiting for it to fuck stuff over.
: You said that the Knights of Ratatosk have the ability to change form in battle.
: Ah, yes. It seems like I transform once I'm possessed by Ratatosk's power.
: And Ratatosk's core is living off of Marta?
: Yes. It's this jewel on my forehead.
: I see.
: Sorry to interrupt, but I sense both humans and monsters within the rubble. Perhaps we should investigate?
: Really? Raine, let's go take a look. It might be Lloyd.
: Yes, you're right. Let's go.

Skit Video: Fascinating

: If you wish.
: Oooh! You don't feel quite like a cat, or a dog, or even Noishe. I've never felt anything so soft. So this is what it's like to touch darkness!
: You are too kind, really.
: Your skin stretches this much?! Aaahhh! This texture can only mean, you're a shape shifter!
: You must be quite experienced to make such deductions from a single touch.
: Your way of speaking is quite interesting as well.
: Your interest is flattering.
: I keep waiting for her to start dissecting him. I mean, we know she'd do it given the chance.
: Well, it's impolite to dissect someone you can talk with. If Raine realized Noishe could communicate as well as he could, she wouldn't have wanted to do it. Well, unless he died of some other cause. All bets would be off in that case.

Skit Video: Maniac
: So, when Colette was talking about "maniacs," did she mean you, Raine?
: It's true that Colette and the others have often accused me of being an "archeology maniac." But what about the term "maniac" made you think of me?
: They actually say "Ruin Maniac". Raine just doesn't think it's proper, so sometimes she slips and corrects them.
: Oh, it's just that Colette mentioned a friend of hers who seemed to act like a totally different person near ruins.
: Like a different person?
: Yes, she described her friend's transformation as... Berserk, crazy, insane, frightening, dangerous, monstrous, inhuman, reckless, disturbing, and completely out of control. If I am not mistaken.
: And you're saying that's what I'm like, Emil?
: What? She didn't-- Tenebrae, stop doing things like that!
: "Inhuman" is an incredibly rude thing to say to a half elf.
: Seriously.

Video Record

: What are you doing here? I thought the plan was to meet up back in Iselia?
: I'm sorry. It's just that I saw Lloyd, so I tried to follow him. Wait, who are these people with you?
: Ah, Well, you see...
: Skip the recap please.
: Was going to anyway.
: Wow, so that's why you all came here.
: So Lloyd came through here?
: He did, but now this monster's blocking the path. I tried attacking it, but it won't budge. I wonder how Lloyd managed to move it.
: Perhaps he fed the monster.
: Wh-What the hell is that?
: I am Centurion Tenebrae. A pleasure.
: Oh right. You're that Tenebie guy she mentioned.
: It's Tenebrae. Now then, when this particular monster is asleep, it absorbs all attacks.
: ANOTHER monster that's invincible for no clear reason? And why would it be only while it's asleep?
: Honestly it's a giant bag of magical loopholes.
: So do these not rule the world because they're dumb as shit too?
: No, because they have to wake up to eat. In any case despite what Tenebrae said they aren't completely invulnerable even in their sleep.
: This thing wasn't here the last time we came to the ruins.
: This type of monster thrives in warm environments. It likely fled here in an effort to escape the oncoming cold.
: Okay, so first we need to get some food for this guy. What does he eat?
: His diet consists primarily of freshwater fish and monsters.
: Hmm... If we're looking for fresh water, the Triet Oasis isn't too far from here.
: If you're going to Triet, I'm coming with you. I'm tired of staring at this thing.

Skit Video: Half-Elves Part 2
: Genis, you and Raine are siblings, right? So, that would make you a half-elf too.
: Yeah. Though I'd think that was pretty obvious.
: Half-elf...
: What? The two of you don't like half-elves?
: I don't mind the two I've met so far.
: Well then, that's good enough for me. We usually get dirty looks when people find out what we are.
: Was it that way with Lloyd?
: Lloyd's the kind of guy who couldn't care less if you were a half-elf, or anything else, for that matter.
: He is?

Skit Video: Brother and Sister
: So this is what you've been up to. No wonder you've been away from Iselia an awfully long time.
: With everything people are saying about Lloyd these days, I figured I should get the story straight from him.
: I see. Well, I'm glad we ran into each other.
: Yeah. By the way, notice anything different about me?
: Hmm... What could it be?
: Come on! Can't you see I'm taller? Take a good look! My voice is even a little deeper.
I doubt this is actually them making a joke about the different voice actor. I'm not sure I'd find it funny even if it was.
: You don't say. How much taller are you?
: A sixteenth of an inch.
: Hmmf...

Video Record

: I can't believe it's snowing in Triet. This is a desert.
: It must be related to all the strange weather we've been seeing everywhere. It was pretty cold in Iselia, too.
: But I was just here a few months ago and it wasn't like this at all.
: I heard it started snowing here about a month ago.
: This may be due to a dormant Centurion's core.
: But would that cause the weather to change this dramatically?
: The natural balance could have been further disrupted by the awakening of another Centurion's core.
: Man, these Centurions' cores sound like serious trouble.
: You have no idea.
: My deepest apologies.

Skit Video: Kendama
: Hey, Genis. Why do you use a kendama as your weapon?
: Lloyd made it and gave it to me for my birthday. It helps me concentrate when I use magic.
: So you just started using it as a weapon after that?
: Sort of. See, once when I was playing with it, the string broke and the ball hit Lloyd smack in the head.
: Really?
: Colette took one look at Lloyd passed out on the ground, and said I'd found the perfect weapon!
: I thought these people were supposed to be friends?
: Man, a wuss like that can't handle a bit of teasing between friends?
: To be fair, that Kendama hit Lloyd really hard. Still, an accident like that is no reason to break a friendship.
: Did this accident... lead to long-term consequences?

Skit Video: I'm Not a Kid
: Aren't you cold?
: Yeah. It's freezing. It's not even dark yet and it's already this cold. How stupid is that?
: If we don't do something, and fast, I'm gonna freeze up solid.
: Really, Genis? I thought the cold didn't bother you all that much.
: That was just when I was a kid.
: You still pretty much look like a kid to me.
: Who-Who asked you?! I'm gonna have my growth spurt any day now!

Skit Video: Snow in the Desert

Note the way the portraits are arranged. Some later skits will have massive numbers of characters.
: I do hope the desert's ecosystem will be all right. The majority of creatures that make their home here should be able to weather the cold, but still.
: I hadn't expected mana would be this far out of balance. Lord Ratatosk would be horribly dismayed at this state of affairs, I'm sure!
: But it's so romantic! Arm in arm with your significant other. It's the perfect place for a stroll!
: Significant other! Yeah! Maybe me and Presea could--
: I think we just got a glimpse of Genis' true colors.
: Uh, you look really mad.
: Sorry.
: Are you interpreting Tenebrae's statement as blaming you for this?
: Arche, you should know better than to talk about sensitive subjects.

Video Record

: How are we supposed to catch water monsters now?
: Do you want me to melt the ice with magic?
: No, you may fry the monsters before we can even get to them.
: Well then, how about we cut a hole in the ice and fish them out?
: Okay, we need to go get a fishing rod, then.
: No need for that. I can transform into a fishing rod and we can use one of our monsters as bait.
: You can actually do that?!
: Of course.
: But do you really want to use one of our monsters as bait?
: Don't worry. I won't let it get eaten. Think of it as a lure and nothing more.
: Let's go with Tenebrae's plan. Lloyd could be getting away as we speak. We don't have time to waste.
: That's true. Go for it, Tenebrae.
: Then let's go to the lake's surface.

Skit Video: Frozen Banana
: The cores must be really powerful if they can freeze an oasis in the middle of the desert like this.
: If this keeps up, it won't be long before you can hammer a nail with a frozen banana.
: A nail with a banana?
: Yes. An experiment quite popular when I was a child. I wonder if they still do that sort of thing in schools these days.
: Not that I can remember.
: If you ask me, I'd rather eat the bananas than use them in experiments.
: I suppose you're right.

Hey Namco-Bandai way to test the 16:9 mode on your dumb game.
: Yeah, let's do it.
: Splendid. First, allow me to transform into a rod.

: Right.

: Okay this time... Let's try this one.
: Now let's get started.
Instructions: Swing the Wii Remote like a fishing rod when the fish icon is in the green region.

This first catch here is pathetically easy.

: It's heavy.
: Don't you dare let go of me.
: B-b-But...
: You can do it, Emil!

: Okay!
: Right!
: One...
: Two...
: Three!

: That is a favorite of barteks, our path-blocking friend in the Triet Ruins. However, it's rather large.
: Hey guys, I think it's looking at us.
: Here it comes!

This thing is pretty pathetic.
: Are we really going to carry this thing? It looks pretty heavy.
: It isn't dead yet. Why don't you form a pact with it?
: What?! But we're going to feed it to the bartek.
: If we can use it as a distraction it doesn't have to actually get eaten.
: This is indeed true. Emil, please make a pact.
: I'll give it a try. But don't yell at me if I fail, okay?

: Now we can finally make some progress in the ruins.
: Right. Let's hurry and go after Lloyd.
By the way, you can come back to fish for various not-that-important rewards. There's a title if you fish IIRC 100 times. Fuck doing that though.

Skit Video: Centurion of a Thousand Faces
: Wow, Tenebrae, that was the first time I saw you turn into a fishing rod.
: Truly fascinating!
: What else can you change into? A dog?
: Please. I have been called the Centurion of a thousand faces. I could even become a jaw-droppingly beautiful woman, if I so chose.
: A beautiful woman?
: Yeah, right.

Skit Video: First Time Fishing
: I'd never actually gone fishing before that.
: Oh yeah? That's pretty rare for someone who grew up in Palmacosta. I mean it's right on the water and all.
: Oh yeah.
: Oh come on. We all know you're a robot clone imposter.
: Well, what did you think?
: It wasn't easy getting a bite, and it was tricky knowing when to reel in and when to let out the line.
: That battle of wits between hunter and hunted is fishing's greatest joy. You'd never learn the thrill of the hunt fishing for Lady Marta though, she's far too easy a catch.
: Well excuse me!

Video Record

: There it is. Emil, do it.
: Easy for you to say.
: Tenebrae is the one that's actually doing it.
: Excellent point. I'll lure him away. As soon as the monster turns its back, slip past it.
: Emil, Genis. Don't trip.
: Huh?
: Why do you say that?
: You two worry me.
: I'm sure you'll be just fine, Emil.
: I'll be just fine, too!
: Well then, just let me know when you're ready. Shall we begin?

This is actually important, since each time you have to repeat this section (because you went back to town for some reason) you get a point towards being unable to get the "best" ending. Many of the later dungeons have a similar gimmick. If you have enough points to not be able to get the "best" ending, the events of the next update would happen differently.
: Yes.
: All right.

For some reason, I love how Tenebrae phases through this guy.

: Come on! Let's go!

: Aah!
: Archelon, I told you not to go that way!

: Emil...
: Get up and run! Now!
: O-Okay!
: You looking for a fight?
: That's enough, Emil! Let's go!
: O-Okay.
: Dude switches personalities at the drop of a hat. Still waiting for the horrible shenanigans to happen.
One other thing of note that happens here is that the turtle monster is added to our party at the end of the cutscene.

: I can't believe that monster actually attacked us.
: Dude's been gone about 4,000 years, he's not going to hear you.
: If he keeps slumping, I'm gonna grab the Eternal Sword and go fix that.
: Ix-nay on the ix-fay.
: Indeed. Of course, even the most passive monsters will become aggressive when presented with a potential meal.
: Emil, thanks for saving me.
: Sure. No problem. Actually, I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I'm glad you're okay.
: Hey, Emil. The way you were before, was that Ratatosk possessing you like in battle?
: Did I change again?
: It wasn't just a change, it was a full-on metamorphosis! Ratatosk must be really powerful!
: Y-Yeah.
: I sense Ignis's presence. There is indeed a Centurion's core here. Shall we keep moving, before Lloyd snatches it up?
: Right, good idea. Let's go.

Dungeon Video! I tried to get some good footage of Genis's spells.

This dungeon is almost exactly the same as it was in the first game. There's some minor differences, but not enough to really set it apart.

That platform annoyed me in the first game because I'm pretty sure I stuffed up and forgot to get the chests above it before lowering it.

Video Record

Not pictured: Ice.
: You said Ignis' core is here. Is that the Centurion of Ice?
: No, fire.
: Wait, fire?! But this place is freezing!
: I believe the core's loss of control is having a negative effect. The Centurion's power is working in reverse.
: So that's why it's so cold in here.
: Fire...
: What're you thinking, Raine?
: You said that there was a Centurion of Light in the basement of the Tower of Mana.
: That's right. But Lloyd took it from us.
: It seems that the Centurions' cores are located in the same places where the summon spirits used to be imprisoned. Tenebrae, are Centurions and summon spirits related in some way?
: No, nothing of the sort. Though Centurions' cores are located in places with unusually high concentrations of mana. The Centurions use their elemental attributes to counterbalance these mana anomalies.
: Obviously, Mithos used those areas of concentrated mana to select areas to house Summon Spirits.
: So wouldn't that mean we'll find Centurions' cores by visiting all the places where the summon spirits were? There's no need to follow Lloyd.
: I was just thinking the same thing.
: Really?! Maybe we can beat Lloyd to the cores now.
: I'm not sure about that. Lloyd knows where the summon spirits were located as well. If he's realized this, it doesn't give us any advantage.
: There's no way I'm losing to Lloyd.
: Genis. I understand how you feel, but the only one who can erase Emil's doubts about Lloyd is Lloyd himself.
: I know that, but it's still difficult.

Next time: The conclusion of this chapter.