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Part 16: Update 16

Update 16

Video Record

: Like someone's cooking fish or something.
: Izoold does have a booming fishing industry.
: It smells like it's burning.
: It smells more like someone's incinerating fish than cooking it.
: Ah! I get it. It smells like Raine's cooking!
: What do you mean by that?!
: I interpret it to mean you are a poor cook, Raine.
: How dare you!
: Forget about that, let's go find the source of this smell.
I hope you don't mind, but due to sidequest timing and all we won't actually solve the mystery just yet. Or for that matter, start it.

Skit Video: Curiosity
: I thought you were perfect, but now that I know you can't cook, I
somehow feel closer to you.
: I'm not really a bad cook.
: No, it's just that her curiosity gets the better of her.
: What do you mean?
: Like one time she tried to develop spicy chocolate, and another time it was candied pickles.
: New discoveries are only made when we question conventional wisdom.
: Perhaps it would be wiser to first question your sense of taste.
: Hmmph! Maybe tonight's main course should be slow-roasted Centurion.
: S-Sis, come on. Calm down!

Skit Video: Overachievers and Underachievers
You can get this one by not changing Emil's title from Timid Boy until you reach Izoold. I didn't actually know this skit existed, I just had trouble giving a shit.
: Hmm, Quite the lazybones, aren't we, Emil?
: Where'd that come from? People usually say I try hard to be an overachiever, that I worry about every detail. I was always getting teased.
: Don't worry. I love overachievers.<3
: I'm not sure that describes Emil. He is still using the same title he had when we first met him.
: Well yeah, but changing seems like too much work.
: Oh my yes, truly a grueling ordeal.
: Well, it's just--Hey! Stop teasing me! Okay, fine! Yes! It's too much work!
: Don't worry, Emil. I love underachievers.<3
: Marta...

Video Record
For no good reason, now is the time to check out what Alice is doing way back in Iselia.

: Alice!
: Just the people I wanted to see.

: And you are?
Bernie: It's me, Bernie! Don't you remember? We were in the orphanage in Hima together. I've heard a lot about you. You're some amazing bigwig in the Vanguard now, right? Looks like you're doing really well for yourself. We always knew you were destined for greatness.
: Well, Martmart, little pet, I'll let you off for today. Come everyone, we're going.
Bernie: H...Hey.
Vanguard Soldier: Lady Alice, Sir Hawk has yet to rejoin us.
: That's fine. We'll go and meet him ourselves.
Vanguard Soldier: Yes, ma'am.
: The hell?
: I don't have a clue. It doesn't really fit in with her normal behavior to just leave because a guy she knows is there.
: Maybe he's an old crush of hers.
Bernie: Get a load of her! A half-elf acting like she's all hot stuff.
: Alice is a half-elf?
: What, you didn't figure it out when she talked about cursing humans? I mean, it's obvious she's not an Elf so there's not many possibilities left.
Bernie: Yep. That girl's dangerous. She used her magic to control some monsters and destroyed the orphanage in Hima. A lot of people died.
: Why would she do that?
Bernie: Hard to say. She got picked on a lot back at the orphanage for being a half-elf. Maybe it was her way of getting revenge.
: Wow, so Alice is a half-elf.
: Marta, you didn't know?
: No. I heard that she can use magic because she uses the power of monsters, so...
: But that Bernie guy gave me the creeps. More than Alice.
: Yeah you're right! Can you believe that guy?! I can't stand two-faced people like that!

Video Record
MORE Sidequest!

: It's Richter. What should I do?

: This is one of the very dumbest things Emil ever did.
: I'll go talk to him.
: What're you doing?
: Oh, I need to talk to Koton. Wait here, okay?
: Why? I'll go with you!
: Eh, um... No, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. So--
: So I can't come? Okay. I-I'll wait here, then.
: Don't worry, Lady Marta. I shall accompany Emil inside.

: I know. You'll give up the Spiritual Tome, then?
Koton: Of course.
: Richter!
: Emil?!
: What's the Spiritual Tome? Does it have anything to do with Ratatosk?
: Not directly.
: So they are related somehow?
: Why should I explain this to you?
: Because you matter to me. Richter, why are you in the Vanguard? You're so nice to me, except when it comes to Ratatosk's core.
: Tch ...
: Please, tell me!
: No.
: Then I'm going with you. If your plan has anything to do with killing Ratatosk, I have to stop you.
: Is Marta here with you?
: I-I won't let you kill her!
: All right. I'll let you assist me. But if I so much as glimpse her in the corner of my eye, she's as good as dead.
: What do you want me to do?
: Come to Asgard. I'll explain things there. Now go. Or I'll head outside now and kill Marta.
: Right. Um, Thank you!

: Uh! Um, Well, we sort of have to go to Asgard, you see, but-- unh...
: What?! Why?
: Lady Marta, I believe Emil is thinking about doing something for you. Please, give him your support.
: Hmm... Well, I guess we can. But promise you'll explain all of this.
: Sure! Thanks, Tenebrae.
: To be honest, I'm not comfortable with this. But it wouldn't hurt to know what Richter's up to.
: What are you two whispering about over there?
: Nothing!

: A favor from me?
Mayor of Asgard: You see, we've been planning to hold a festival here, to revive tourism. We've been wondering if you might perform the Maiden Ritual as part of the festivities? Please, come to my house. I'll be happy to fully explain things there.

: Hold on! Emil, what're you going to do?
: This works out perfectly since I've got some errands to run. I'll just meet up with you afterwards at the mayor's house.
: You're keeping a lot of secrets from me lately.
: I-I'm sorry.
Mayor of Asgard: Come on, Marta!
: You should probably find something to make it up to her.
: Yeah.

Skit Video: I'm Screwed
: What am I going to do?
: Are you referring to meeting Lady Marta in Asgard?
: You make it sound so simple. I just know she's gonna chew me out as soon as she sees me.
: I can see who wears the pants in this relationship.
: This isn't a laughing matter. I'm so screwed.

Video Record

: Um... So where do we go first?
: There's a researcher named Linar here who's an expert on the Balacruf Mausoleum. We'll see him first.
: I know Linar.
: Is that so? Then lead the way.
: Um, About Marta...
: I made arrangements with the mayor. So long as she doesn't run into me, I won't kill her. At least for now.
: This guy's behavior doesn't make sense. Unless he just doesn't want Emil to see him kill Marta or something.
: Eh, thank you! I knew you were a nice person!
: Don't misunderstand! I still plan on taking Ratatosk's core from her. And when I do, she will die. Don't forget that.

Richter's supposed to be higher level than us, but whoops. Honestly the dude just never feels impressive enough to be an antagonist. I remember fighting Kratos for the first time in the Tower of Salvation and being like "FUCKKKKK".

Skit Video: Together Again
: Hmm...
: Yes? What do you want?
: Um... Nothing.
: Then what are you staring at me for?
: Uh... I was just thinking, we haven't traveled together like this for a while.
: So?
: Uh, I mean--Never mind.
: Hmph.
: Oh, just kiss each other.

Video Record

: This is Richter. Um... We'd like to go to the Balacruf Mausoleum.
Harley: I thought it was destroyed when the giant tree went out of control.
Linar: Yes. The entrance is completely blocked off.
: Damn it. Now what?
: Actually, maybe we could get to the Balacruf Mausoleum from the altar under the stone dais.
: What do you mean?!
: Uh, Well...
: He told them about the teleporters and such they'd seen under the slab.
: It's worth a try. Come on, Emil.
Harley: Hey, Emil. About that guy--
: You mean Richter? Um... He can be a bit curt, but he's a good person.
Harley: You mean you don't know? Oh, right. Humans can't tell.
: Honestly only a moron wouldn't have realized he was a half-elf after the conversation with Alice in Luin.
Harley: Sorry, forget I said anything. Be careful out there.
: Right.

Video Record

Yes, Master Richter, you called?
: It seems there's an entrance to a Centurion altar here. Can you open the way?
The seal has already been broken once? Then it's quite simple.

: Whoa.
: It's nothing special. I could've done this.
What?! Spiteful Tenebrae, you're here too?! Ungahhh... This is awful! I feel gloomy and depressed already! Master Richter, if you'll excuse me...
: My, my, only the Centurion of Water could be such a wet blanket.
: Come on, you're both Centurions, right? You should be friends...
: Leave them be. Let's go.
: Okay.

Dungeon Video

Video Record

: Hmm?
: Something seems out of place here. Let's investigate.
: Out of place? I don't see anything odd.
: Really? Oh, I suppose you wouldn't.
: I'm sorry.
: No, don't apologize. That was my mistake.
: Huh? Oh, okay. What was that about? Richter seemed a little sad just now.

The statue has a switch that changes the bells to allow us to open this teleporter platform here.

Skit Video: I'm Sorry
: Whew...
: Emil! Don't touch the walls!
: Huh?!
: These ancient ruins are often rigged with booby traps. Just pay attention, and don't do anything stupid.
: I-I'm sorry.
: I really am sorry.
: I heard you the first time.
: I'm sorry.

Skit Video: Questions
: You really seem to know a lot about these ruins. Are you an archaeologist or something like that?
: I believe I told you I was in the Vanguard.
: Oh, yeah. Right.
: Mmf...
: A long time ago I did some work involving ruins. That's why I know what I know. That's all.
: Thank you!
: What?
: I'm just happy you answered one of my questions!
: It must have just slipped out.
: I'd love to hear more about--
: I have nothing else to say.
: Oh I--Okay.

Video Record

Master Richter! I knew you'd do it! Isn't this the Balacruf Mausoleum?
: Wow! We did it! Um... Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?
: No, I'm sorry. It's nothing.

No, it's not you. It's just--
: Aqua, what would be achieved by telling him?
I know, I know! Geez, Tenebrae, you're such a pain!
: Tenebrae, is there something you're not telling me?
: Ah, Well, you see--
: You look like a friend of mine. That's all.
: What?
: Just forget about it. Let's get moving. We have to find the Balacruf Tombstone as soon as possible.

Skit Video: Mentor
: Looks like your fighting skills have come a long way.
: You taught me everything I know.
: That was only when we'd first met.
: But that was enough for me to learn the basics of battle. I consider you my mentor.
: Would you say the same when I kill Marta?
: Well...
: Don't grow too fond of me. I'm your enemy.
: R-Right.

So aside from where we enter this dungeon is exactly the same as it was before.

Same traps and all.

By the way, here's something I didn't know about until I started this LP. If you chose not to recruit a monster...

...they give you stuff.

Anyway this POS puzzle is still here.

After you enter the right combination, you can either go out to where Sylph used to be, or down.

Outside is an optional boss.

It's apparently level 120, although the damage output seems a bit low for that.

You can't run either.

This is what the game over screen looks like. From here you can load or go to the main menu. (If you watch the video, you might notice I brought up the Wii menu briefly, trying to remember if it would be faster to go to the main menu or the game over screen, which is ridiculous because the game over screen is much faster.)

Let's reload and go down.

This is a small maze of blocks on rollers.

Video Record

: That piece of rock is the tombstone?
: Look out!
: Richter?!
: Be careful!
: I'm sorry!
: Let's get rid of this pest first.

This boss is a piece of junk.

I think Richter has more max HP than him.

: Yeah.
: Ancient structures like this often have numerous magical traps. If you approach without carefully checking the area first, you could wind up dead.
: I'm sorry.
: I wasn't looking for an apology.
Master Richter was warning you, so you wouldn't be injured or worse. And if you apologize after everything, your apologies become meaningless.
: Oh.
: Aqua, that's enough.
: No one likes a chatterbox, Aqua.
Arrrgh! This is why I hate you! Just disappear into the shadows and never come back, you jerk!

Skit Video: Let's Head Back
: All right, Marta must be waiting for us. Let's head back to Asgard.
: Right. Time to face the music.
: On second thought, I'm not in such a hurry to get back.

Video Record

: I'll give the Balacruf Tombstone to Koton.
: In exchange for the Spiritual Tome?
: Correct. All right, I think you've had enough fun. Time for you to go back to Marta.
See you, Emil.
: Wait! What's the Spiritual Tome? Why do you need it?
: The Spiritual Tome is a book on the Church of Martel. It was lost from the Academic Resources Building in Sybak. I'm recovering it for personal reasons. That's all.
: Huh, I thought the Spiritual Tome was the Spiritua's Tome.
: Yeah, the similar name and being with Koton confused me too. I should double-check more.
: But it's important enough that you're willing to ignore Marta to get it?
: I could not have gotten the Balacruf Tombstone if not for you. Thank you, Emil. I appreciate your help.
: Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling. This is going to come back and bite us in the ass later, isn't it?
: It was nothing. But what about--
: This is the Balacruf Bracelet. Give it to Marta.
: It won't poison her or anything, will it?
: If you're worried, feel free to examine it. I simply thought you might satisfy Marta's curiosity by telling her you went to the Balacruf Mausoleum to get this for her.
Master Richter is working for a man named Norton, in Sybak's Academic Resources Building.
: So it doesn't have anything to do with Ratatosk?
Well, I wouldn't say that.
: Aqua! What are you doing?
C-Coming! If you want to help Master Richter, come to Triet.
: Emil is not going to Triet.
No one's talking to you, Tenebonehead! Don't forget. It's Triet.
: I must advise against this. Let's forget about Richter and continue our journey with Lady Marta.
: Yeah. I wonder why Richter won't explain anything to me.
: Because you're his enemy, blockhead.

Video Record

: Finally! What took you so long? You took forever coming back, so I had to do all the festival planning myself! What do you have to say for yourself?!
: Um, Well, I--
: Lady Marta, Emil went to the Balacruf Mausoleum to get a gift for you.
: Yeah, that's right. Here it is.
: A present for me?
: I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me.
: You big dummy! You should've just said so in the first place! But I love it! I love you, Emil!~
: I feel kind of bad lying to her.

Skit Video: Is Richter Bad?
: Is Richter really all that bad?
: Are you listening to yourself? He's out to kill Ratatosk and me in the process!
: Yeah, I know, but--
: What got you thinking about this, anyway?
: It's just, back at the Balacruf--
: Lady Marta! It's awful! Your hair is in terrible disarray. It's sticking out every which way in the back!
: What? Are you serious?!
: There, a little to the right. No, a little more to the left. Yes, a little higher. No, a bit lower.
: Oh, I can't see! A mirror, get me a mirror!
: Emil, perhaps you'd better keep your whole Richter affair a secret.
: Oh yeah, right. Sorry.
: Wow, that's pretty dumb.

Here's hoping there's nothing major wrong with this, I've been pretty damn tired lately. Anyway, next time we get to figure out what smells like Raine's cooking (arson) and meet someone we might recognize.