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Part 18: Update 18

Update 18

Video Record

: Right.
Berg: Hmm-mmmph

: You did it!
: Yeah!
Berg: Who are you?
: We already know this, skipping.

: So, we were hoping you'd help Regal.
Berg: Of course! I'll go and explain everything to the prison guard right away!
: Uh, Wait just a second! So, was the fire started by the light--
Berg: It was caused by this strange frog that gave off intense heat and bright flashes. It ate up all my seafood gels. Then it was surrounded by this white light, and all the surrounding crates burst into flame! Anyway, I'll tell you all about it later.
: Uh...
: Well, it looks like he made a full recovery.
: Yeah.
: Well, let's go see Regal.
: Good idea.

: Thank god you're free!
: I owe you a great debt. Thank you.
Guard: I'm sorry that I ever doubted you. Let me take off those handcuffs. Wait, huh?
: What's the matter?
Guard: I can't find the key! Maybe I dropped it somewhere?
: Graduated top of your class at guard school, huh?
Guard: What's that supposed to mean?
: If only Lloyd were here, he'd be able to pick the lock in no time.
: Hopefully I won't get arrested a second time for destruction of property.

: The manufacturer of these handcuffs isn't exactly known for their quality craftsmanship. Perhaps you should try the Lezareno Group model next time. I'll send you a free sample.
Guard: Y-Yes, sir!
: I'm sorry, but I would like to change my clothes. Would you mind if I went ahead to the inn?
: Good idea. I never thought I'd see you in a prison uniform again.
: I'm truly ashamed. I must thank you all again for what you've done. I really do appreciate it.
: Does he mention why he's carrying the same old prison uniform around?
: No, he'd much rather they didn't think about it too much.

: Yes, please.
Berg: So Regal and I were talking, and suddenly this bright ball of light appeared in front of us.
: And that was from the light-frog?
Berg: Yeah a lit up frog. It was really bright and Regal passed out almost as soon as he saw it. I was wearing sunglasses, so I was okay at first.
: It started giving off light as soon as it appeared? That's a bit odd.
Berg: I'm telling you the truth. Then it started to eat my seafood gels, and flames started shooting all over the place. I thought maybe I could put it out somehow, so I swung at it with my hand, but then I felt really weak.
: You must have touched its poison when you hit the light-frog.
Berg: So you can get poisoned just by touching it? Oh man, that's some frog.

Skit Video: Light Frog
: I had no idea the nazdrovie poison could be that strong.
: It's called the light-frog.
: Right, the nazdrovie doesn't usually knock people out for that long.
: I believe you mean the light-frog.
: Maybe the nazdrovie strengthened its defenses when Berg struck it, resulting in a stronger poison.
: Light-frog.
: All the more reason to be extra careful around all monsters, not just the nazdrovie.
: Fine, I see how it is. I get it.
: Tenebrae...

: I never imagined we would run into each other again in this manner. Did you come here looking for Lloyd?
: Wait, you know where Lloyd went?!
: And just who are you?
: Ah, Yes, things have gotten rather complicated. Why don't we give you the basic rundown. Tenebie, come out, will you?
: It's "Tenebrae."
: You've seen this too.
: I can't believe Lloyd would keep secrets like that from us. First Ratatosk, then the Centurions' cores. Just like with the summon spirits and the angels, we seem to be bound by fate to things of this nature.
: So, um, what about Lloyd?
: From what I heard from Berg, Lloyd is headed for Flanoir. Apparently, it was very recent.
: Raine!
: We might be able to catch up with him after all.
: If I may be so bold, I, too, am concerned about Lloyd. Would it be too much to ask that I accompany you on your journey?
: I'm sure Raine and I wouldn't mind.
: What about Marta and Emil?
: I'm fine with that.
: We probably won't be of much help, but if you're okay with that. What about you, Tenebrae?
: I will follow whatever course you and Lady Marta choose.
: Thank you. On the name of my eternal beloved, I swear that I shall not betray you.
: Well then, shall we depart?
: What is it, Emil?
: N-No, it's nothing.

Skit Video: Troubling Him
: Finally, we can get on the boat!
: I hope we're doing the right thing.
: Emil?
: Is something troubling you?
: Emil, come on.
: W-What's Lloyd Irving doing over there?
: What?! Where?! Show yourself, Lloyd!
: I don't believe the problem is with his hearing.
: What's wrong with him?
: No, this is too easy. Bring me another setup.

Skit Video: Current Affairs
: I never imagined we would be reunited under these circumstances.
: And we never expected to find you behind bars again.
: I know, seriously. I thought for sure you'd be busy issuing orders from Lezareno HQ.
: In addition to my duties as president, I'm also working as chairman on the board of a startup company. We're hoping to develop this new business mainly in Sylvarant. I was traveling around to get a feel for the market.
: Oh that's right. Even though it's a Tethe'alla-based company, Lezareno is popular with Sylvaranti.
: The efforts they invested into rebuilding Palmacosta must be playing a big role.
: Many Tethe'allans continue to treat Sylvaranti like savages. If my company can help change that way of thinking, it will have served its purpose.
: But thanks to the conflict with Tethe'alla, half-elves aren't persecuted as much as they used to be.
: Yes. Half-elves have become valued for their knowledge. The overall situation is unfortunate, but perhaps it can also be an opportunity.
: Is that how modern half-elf/human relations came to be so much better than back then?
: Yeah.
: Looks like we both have a few problems that must be dealt with.
: But our problem right now is Lloyd.
: Yes. I wonder what he's up to right now.

Video Record

: What's the matter? You look worried.
: Um...
: The boat's about to leave.
: Well, you see...
: You're a man! Speak up!
: R-Right. I'm still worried about the fire. The light-frog could appear again while we're out looking for Lloyd. That would mean the fires won't stop.
: Yes, that's certainly true. Though the light-frog shouldn't produce enough heat to start fires, except under extraordinary circumstances.
: But the fires in town have been going on for a while. So these "extraordinary circumstances" must be happening.
: Perhaps it's another side effect of a dormant Centurion's core. As its vulgar, human name would suggest, the light-frog is a light-elemental monster. And the core of the Centurion of Light is...
: Oh, right. Lloyd has Lumen's core.
: Exactly. Therefore, the only way that we can resolve this problem is by finding Lloyd and hatching Lumen's core.
: Then we must hurry and go after Lloyd.
: But I'm worried about what'll happen if we just leave the town without doing anything. You said so yourself, Raine. As long as there's a chance, you have to pursue it.
: So you're saying that you'd like to look for a way to control the light-frog's incendiary tendencies. Now that we've explained the situation to the people in town, I'm pretty sure things should be fine for awhile.
: How about this: Raine, you and Genis can go on ahead to Flanoir and find out what you can about Lloyd. We'll stay here and try to settle this whole light-frog conundrum.
: All right. That should be fine.
Sailor: The ship bound for Flanoir is departing! All aboard!
: Emil, Marta, see you soon. You too, Tenebie. Take care of yourselves.
: I do hope you'll call me Tenebrae the next time we meet.
: Raine, thank you! See you later, Genis!
: Good luck, guys! See ya!
: Oh, before I forget. I wanted to give this to you, Regal.
: What is it?
: I guess you could say it's a love letter.
: Oh man! The history books don't say anything about this!
: You really like watching that kind of thing, don't you?
: Raine?!
: Wow. She's so bold. I better learn from her example.
: Read it later when you're alone. Don't show it to anyone else.
: I never thought I'd receive such a gift from someone as beautiful as you. I will protect it with my life.
: This can't be happening. What if Regal becomes my brother-in-law?

: Yes!

Skit Video: Maturity
: Regal, you seem so mature.
: Yeah. You're incredibly polite, kind, and strong too.
: We're not all that dissimilar. Our only difference is I've been alive a little longer.
: You would do well to follow his example, Emil.
: Um...
: You're one to talk, Tenebrae! You've been around way longer than Regal, and all you do is nag and complain.
: Yes, yes, I'm an old fogey, I know.

Skit Video: Raine's Letter
: Hey, um... Regal?
: What is it, Marta?
: Um... So you know that letter Raine gave you? I mean, was it really about you know.
: I hardly think it would be at all proper to reveal its contents. Raine, like all women, is entitled to keep her secrets private.
: Private secrets, like a confession of her love for you?
: I'll leave that to your imagination.
: Oh my gosh now I have to read it.
: So ok, what's actually in that letter? Because I know it'll be important.
: C'mon, I won't tell you that early, it'd be dramatically inappropriate to do so.

: What was in it?
Sailor: Apple, orange, seafood, every type of gel you can think of. Well, our policy covers this, so we'll survive, but Lezareno Insurance is pretty cheap.
: I'm terribly sorry about that. I'll make sure people at the company hear about this.
Sailor: You work for Lezareno Insurance? No, I mean, what an amazing insurance company! Lezareno's fantastic! Life insurance that'll cover you until the age of 108! You can't get that just anywhere!

Boy: Man, I should've eaten those seafood gels when I still had a chance.
: So it likes seafood gels? Weird.

: What was in the boxes?
Store Owner: Lots of stuff. You name it--bottles, gels. One big shipment of seafood gels had just come in.

Video Record

: However, none of the locations are places you'd expect to find a light-frog.
: There must be some common threat tying them together.
: Gels. It's gels!
: Gels?
: That's what all of the fire sites have in common. Seafood gels!
: Don't be ridiculous! Who ever heard of a light-frog with an appetite for gels?
: But Emil's right. All of the fires happened in places where seafood gels were being stored.
: Now see here, I am a Centurion! I am an expert on monster behavior!
: I guess you're right, but...
: Quit it, Tenebrae! You're only the Centurion of Darkness! What the hell would you know about a light-elemental monster like the light-frog?!
: But...
: Quiet! It's time to put our theory to the test. Let's go!
: G-Go where?
: To get some seafood gels from Berg. We'll use them to lure the light-frog out of hiding.

: Oh boy. Emil is switching more easily isn't he?

Berg: What? You think seafood gels attract the light-frog? Hmph, Don't be stupid.
: What do you know?! We'll never know if we don't try, so just hand over the damn gels.
Berg: Jeez, What happened to you? It's like you're a completely different person.
As a quick digression, I really hate this game's use of "jeez". It's derived from "Jesus", which makes it a rather inappropriate exclamation for an area with a non-christian religion. Just another lazy thing in this game. I wonder what exclamation they used in Japan. Presumably it's not "Ameratsu!".
: Our apologies. I'm afraid he's a bit on edge today.
Berg: Well, I wouldn't mind giving you some, only all of my seafood gels burned up in the fire.
: Then please make some more for us!
Berg: Sure, if you bring me the ingredients.
: What do you need?
Berg: I'm all out of jellyfish. I need to go to Triet to catch some more. But I won't be heading there anytime soon. After everything that's happened, I need a few days rest.
: So, what do you want to do?
: Go and get some jellyfish, of course!
Berg: Well then, you better take some of this with you. It's the only bait the jellyfish really respond to.

Skit Video: Pull Back
: Regal, can I ask you something?
: Sure, what's on your mind?
: I want to know what makes men tick! Guys are always rejecting me, saying I'm annoying or too "serious" or whatever.
: Any man who would say such things is not worthy of your time. You are a charming young lady.
: But...
: I cannot claim to be much of a strategist, but I have learned that sometimes it may be better to pull back when being assertive doesn't work.
: Pull back.
: However, if your question has anything to do with Emil, then--
: Okay, I've got it! I'll start with the pulling!
: What the hell, Marta?
: Cut it out, Marta! Why are you yanking on my arm all of a sudden?!
I have to wonder how this skit worked in Japanese.

Video Record

: Do you fish?
: Yes. Every now and then I take the yacht out for marlin fishing.
: Wow! It must be great being the president of Lezareno!
: Marta, do you prefer rich guys like Regal?
: What do you mean?
: Emil, please. I believe your petty jealousies can wait until after we've caught some jellyfish.
: W-What? No! I didn't--
: What?
: I know you're uncomfortable witnessing the first female interested in you complimenting another man.
: What's worse, Alicia proves that Regal likes younger women.
: No, you've got it all wrong! That's not what I meant!
: Emil, do you have a crush on me?
: No, I didn't say anything like that! Come on, Tenebrae, cut it out!
: Martel, could I trouble you for some popcorn?
: Yes, yes, understood.

I don't think I've ever played a game where the fishing minigame wasn't lame or annoying. Here it's extremely tolerable by means of being ridiculously easy.

: That was amazing.
: Thank you.
: Hey, Emil. About what you said earlier--
: Never mind about that! It wasn't anything important at all!
: Not important at all? Oh, I see.
: Uh... I'm sorry.
: Man, Emil just keeps his foot in his mouth. Dude needs a sauve transplant.

Skit Video: Father Figure
: That was quite a catch. No marlin I've ever caught can compare.
As a note, the game script I got from gamefaqs had it spelled "marling", as a reminder someone was insane enough to compile this all by hand. I must salute him, since it makes this LP possible easier.
: It certainly was enormous. For a moment I believed I might snap in two.
As an additional note, I don't think the jellyfish we caught is ever shown, which makes them discussing the impressiveness of us catching it somewhat off.
: Fishing is really more fun than I thought it would be. I'd like to try it again sometime.
: I shall be happy to give you some lessons. Ocean fishing is enjoyable to be sure, but you simply must experience stream fishing.
: You mean it?! That would be great! You almost sound like you could be my father, Regal.
: Your father.
: Oh, sorry! I didn't mean--
: Welcome to the old fogey club.

Next Time: Emil cheats on Marta with Richter!