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Part 19: Update 19

Update 19

If you recall the previous Richter Affair, we were told by Aqua to meet him in Triet. To do so, we have to re-enter it immediately after getting the jellyfish.
Video Record

Triet Man: The fortuneteller at the oasis is giving free readings! Everyone's lining up for tickets!
: Let's have her predict about our love!
: Eh... It's not really my thing.
: Aww, Come on!
: Is it just me or does Marta swing wildly between being in love with Emil and not?
: Girl's got issues.
: If you want to go, I'll wait for you.
: Really?! I'll go get a ticket then!

: A monster in the middle of town?!
: It appears to be one of Aqua's servants. It's a message from Aqua. Richter wishes to see you.
: He does?!
: He's at the inn. What will you do?

: I'd like to see Richter.
: It looks like it'll take a while to get a ticket. Is that okay?
: Uh, then would you mind if I took a walk around town in the meantime?
: Not at all. I'll meet you back by the shape of the Chosen, okay?
: Sure.

: I heard Aqua asked you to come to Triet. Normally I would never stoop to asking for help from an enemy, but I need your assistance.
: It must be convenient to have such a flexible philosophy.
Shut up, Tenebonehead! Master Richter isn't asking you!
: What do you need me to do?
: I understand that you found some rosemary inside the Camberto Caves.
: Uh, Yes.
: I'd like you to take me there.
: Okay, but why?
: I'm looking for an insect that lives on the rosemary plant.
: So you're a bug collector now?
: Indeed. It is a fascinating hobby.
: Oh... Um...
: It was a joke. Let's go.
: Not much of a comedian, is he.
: Hahaha.

: We only managed to find one plant still alive.
: Is that so? I didn't see any.
: I'll show you where it was.
: (Nods) Yes, thank you.

Skit Video: Perfect
: I'm sorry for using you as a guide even though I insist we're enemies.
: :gasp:
: What's with that face?
: Nothing. I just don't think I've ever heard you apologize before.
: I suppose that's true. I can't recall apologizing to anyone but you recently.
: What?!
: I'm just kid--
: Wow! I guess you really are perfect! I hope I can be like that someday.
: I meant that as a joke.

Skit Video: Individuality
: There are herbs all over the place.
: Do you dislike herbs?
: No. I quite enjoy them, actually.
: Oh. Okay then, I'll try to like them, too.
: There's no need to match my tastes. There's nothing I despise more than someone with no individuality.
: Oh! Then I'll go on hating herbs!
: Emil, that's exactly what he's talking about.
: Oh.
: They're never going to start making out, are they?

Skit Video: Richter and Tenebrae
: What do you intend, leading Emil out here?
: I just needed someone to show me the way.
: Emil is not him, you know.
: I am well aware of that.
: Are you? I see the hesitation in your eyes when you look at him.
: Emil is Emil.
: Yes. That is correct.
: What's all this now?
: I...
: ...won't tell you until the dramatically appropriate time. Blah blah.

Skit Video: Training
: Hey. Don't you train?
: Not really. I enter Ratatosk Mode when I fight, so.
: Stop depending on that. Fight with your own strength!
: But I can't.
: Yes, you can. Learn to defend yourself at a moment's notice. Don't get cocky just because you've got a special power.
: Okay. I'm sorry.
: Sorry, that was too harsh. Look, I'll teach you how to fight, so stop looking so pitiful.
: Okay! Thank you!
: Still not kissing.

Skit Video: Richter's Cooking
: Emil. Food's ready.
: Thank you very much.
: Go ahead and eat it, if you can.
: That sounds pretty ominous. It looks normal enough, though. Let me give it a try.

: I was afraid of that. This is the first time I've ever cooked.
: Oh man, someone who cooks worse than Raine?
: Yeah.

Skit Video: I'm Screwed Part 2
: I'm really worried.
: Are you referring to Lady Marta waiting in Triet?
: Yeah.
: There were plenty of people waiting to have their fortunes told. We should have time.
: It's not that. If she gets a bad fortune, I just know she's gonna grill the fortuneteller with tons of questions. And even if her fortune's good, it's only going to end up encouraging her.
: Seems you've come to know Lady Marta quite well.
: I've come to know that laugh of yours pretty well, too.
: Mmmm drama.

Video Record

: Yes, it's at the far end of the cave.
: You saw all these dead plants, and you still had the resolve to search all the way to the end of the cave? Impressive.
: Well, I had Marta and everyone with me, so--
: I see.
: What's the insect you're looking for?
: It's called the angelatops. I'm looking for its shell.
: The shell?
: When the angelatops changes from a larva to an adult, it leaves behind a shell. This shell resembles a Cruxis angel, so the Church of Martel uses it as a talisman.
: So why do you need to find it?
: That doesn't concern you.
: Of course it concerns me! I'm the one showing you the way, aren't I?!

: I... I'm sorry.
: No, you make a good point. I plan to give the shell to a woman named Phaidra in Iselia in exchange for her Spiritual Apocrypha.
: Are you getting that for Norton as well?
: Aqua, what else did you say?
F-Forgive me, Master Richter.
: My, my, look at the faithful servant now.
Quiet you! Why don't you take a long walk off a short cliff, Spiteful Tenebonehead!
: Centurions, that is enough. Emil, I hope you'll stay with me a bit longer.
: Sure.

Skit Video: Useless Research
: The Spiritual Tome and the Spiritual Apocrypha. Do they both have the same kind of stuff written in them?
: This book is about Spiritua. When the world was still split in two, she was the most famous of all the Tethe'allan angels. I even heard Spiritua was once the Chosen of Sylvarant. Is it true?
: Uh... Yes?
: History is not Emil's strong suit.
: Ok, what was the deal with Spiritua?
: Spiritua was one of the Seraphim's contemporaries, and after clashing with them a few times came over to their side. Then Mithos recruited her to begin the Chosen system.
: Hmmph.
: Ah, ha... I'm sorry. I didn't study as much as I should have.
: Well, it's not exactly essential for everyday life.
: You know a lot about history and all sorts of other stuff. That's really cool.
: That's all they ever let me do.
: What do you mean?
: I mean--Forget it. It was meaningless research, anyway.
: You're going to make me wait to learn what he means by that, right?
: It's pretty easy to piece together.

: All right, let's dig here.
: Right.
: Thank you. If we hadn't found any rosemary here, I'd be forced to start my search all over again.
: I guess good fortune comes to good people.
: Was that sarcasm?
: Just a bit.
: You got me there.
: What? Why are you all so shocked?
: You laughed.
: Of course I laugh sometimes. What do you think I am?
Master Richter, your laugh is so dreamy.~
: Of course, it's nothing compared to my handsome chortle.
I'm about this close to killing you.
: Anyway, you're taking that to Iselia, right?
: Yes.
: I'll go with you.
: No thanks.
: Why can't I go?! I think I have a right to see this through to the end.
: Hmmph. Do as you like.
: I will!

: I thought you'd know.
: Huh?
: Phaidra is the Chosen Colette's grandmother. She lives in the Chosen's old home.
: Colette's grandmother?!
: Let's go.
: Dude's got the worst memory ever, assuming he's not a robot clone bodysnatcher.

Alba: You expect me to believe that? The leader of the attack said the name Lloyd Irving himself. You can't deny the fact that our town was attacked by those in the service of the Church of Martel. The Church has to compensate us for our losses!

Alba: Y-You...
: Don't run from him.

: Um, I--
Alba: Wha-What is it?! You want to kill me, do you?
: No.
: C'mon, do it!
: What?
: That's just not right, wishing death on others just because they're douchebags.
: I just want Emil to do something other than stand there and take it.
Alba: Who took you in and fed you, boy?!
: ... G'ih...
Alba: I didn't come here to see your wretched face. You're nothing but a plague on us all.
Frank: How can you say such things?
Alba: Mind your own damn business. Anyway, think about what I said.

: Silent as usual?
: I--
: Don't want to rock the boat, hmm? But if you just shy away every time and never stand up for yourself, nothing will ever change. You're no better than a dog on a leash.
: I'm not a... I'm not a dog.
: I'm not the one you need to tell that to.
: ...
: As long as you waste your time worrying about making others angry, your life will always be this way. If you don't speak up, nothing will change. Then again, if you don't mind being treated like a "monster," feel free to ignore me.
Frank: Richter, not everyone can live the way that you do. Many people in this world must make compromises to get by.
: Compromises? He's not making compromises with the world. He's rejecting it. Retreating into his shell and playing the victim is what makes him feel safe. But that's not living. It's just wasting away until you die.
Phaidra: I see you haven't changed a bit. So, does your visit mean you've found the item we discussed?
: Yes, I brought the angelatops shell.
Phaidra: You did indeed.
Frank: Here is the Spiritual Apocrypha.
Phaidra: I heard that a member of the Vanguard named Hawk has the Deep Sea Scroll you seek.
: Thanks for the information.

: I'll take you as far as Triet.
: Okay.

: A long walk along the beach? How romantic.
: Wait!
: What is it?
: I... I've always been afraid of my uncle. And I still am. And not just him, everyone in Luin, too.
: That's not my problem. But from what I could tell, Alba seemed to be afraid of you, too.
: That was because I used Ratatosk's power back in Luin.
: He's feared you long before you ever made your pact with Ratatosk; for as long as you've feared him.
: That's not possible! Uncle Alba's always screaming at me, and--
: The smaller the dog, the louder the bark.
: Uncle Alba's weak?
: His actions mirror your own. You were afraid and retreated into your shell, so he did the same. You both do what comes easiest, but that won't change anything. I was the same, once.
: You were afraid, too? What were you afraid of?
: Humans. So I avoided and ignored them. But then, someone taught me that nothing would ever change if I stayed that way.
: Who taught you?
: "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." A friend. A foolish, naive friend with a few screws loose taught me that. Courage is also what you need to break out of your shell. That's how you got Marta to join you. She opened up to you because you risked your life to protect her.
: But Marta's so easy to talk to.
: You think I'm easy to talk to, as well? Get yourself together, Emil. You already know exactly what you need to break out of your shell.
: Courage?
: That's right.
: You cannot do it. You cannot kiss the boy.

Skit Video: Don't Remind Me
: Okay, I guess we shouldn't keep Marta waiting. Let's head back to Triet.
: I can't wait to hear what fortune she got.
: Don't remind me.

: I'm sorry.
: The fortuneteller told me some amazing stuff! I've been dying to tell you! What've you been doing?
: Uh... You see--
: Lady Marta, Emil was concerned about what the fortuneteller might predict and found it difficult to return here.
: Huh?!
: Really?! You're such a worrywart! But you can relax. The fortuneteller said we're a perfect match!
: Oh, we are?
: Yes. The fortuneteller said that in the near future, you're going to break out of your shell and become a new person! And then the two of us are definitely going to end up together! Isn't that great?!<3
: Change into a new person? Who has red eyes maybe?
: Oh this is going to be hilarious.
: Break out of my shell. Yeah, I hope that comes true.
: I'm so happy that you agree. I didn't know you felt so strongly about us.
: What? I didn't it mean it like that. Uh... Marta? Are you listening?

Skit Video: Bridging the Gap
: The Balacruf Mausoleum and the Camberto Caves. I think I was able to bridge the gap between Richter and me a little.
: I wouldn't be so sure.
: He did laugh a bit this time.
: That was a surprise.
: What sort of person do you think his friend is? You know, the one he talked about.
: I was a bit shocked to hear he had any friends at all. His friend must have the patience of a saint.
: Heheh.
: If I may say so, I believe you're that way as well.
: I know I don't have any friends. You don't have to rub it in.
: I meant to say that you have some saint-like qualities yourself. Hmmph! I'll never master your confounded human language.
: Tenebrae knows who Richter's talking about, right? I mean, he said that Emil isn't "him".
: Yeah, that one is pretty clear.

Video Record

: Yep, here you go.
Berg: Looks like you're in a much better mood.
: Huh?
Berg: Last time we spoke, you were all stressed out.
: Oh, I'm sorry.
Berg: Nahh, Don't worry about it. Anyway, you want those seafood gels, right? I'll make you some straight away.
: We'd hate to put you or this place in any danger. As soon as you're done, could you bring them to the harbor?
Berg: Got it. You can all go on ahead. Though I still find it hard to believe that my seafood gels could actually attract that stupid frog.

Skit Video: Discouragement
: I hope this works.
: Don't worry about it! If this doesn't work, we'll just think of something else!
: Marta's right. Even if we are incorrect and discover that seafood gels are not the cause, that is still progress.
: Yeah, you're right. I really need to stop being discouraged so easily.
: You're doing it right now. You've got to stop that. There's nothing wrong with you. You're only worried about what'll happen because you care about the rest of us. And there's nothing wrong with that.
: Right.
: The two of you complement each other most impressively. Marta fills in your missing pieces, Emil.
: Hear that?
: Yeah. Thanks for always looking out for me.
: Ugggh.
: I thought you liked this?
: Sorry, that was too sappy even for me.

Polsy pointed out that these are actually a real thing, take a look here
: These look delectable.
Berg: All right, now let's see you prove your silly theory about my gels attracting the light-frog.

Berg: That's it!

: Wow, it's bigger than I thought.
: Maybe it mutated.
: Save your theories for later. Here it comes!

This boss is honestly kind of weak.

Its arms stretch really damn far.

It has a light-elemental breath attack.

This time I remembered to check the manual. This status is "Weak" which reduces maximum HP.

I'm not actually sure what this attack does, I didn't see an effect from it.

Or this one for that matter. I think my heavy melee on him managed to knock him out of his attacks. Which is pretty bullshit, bosses should have enough stagger resistance to get off a few attacks. As in, more than one kind.

Also since this POS boss is a gel-eater he can regain giant chunks of HP that way. You might also notice I've managed to get the field to be light elemental. This is because I had Marta using offensive (light) magic. The field being rather bad is made up for by the fact that her magic will murder the shit out of things.

I decided I'd unleash the power. This is Emil's Mystic Arte. Mystic Artes can be triggered for any human character by equipping the "Special" skill and holding "B" during a high-tier spell or an Arcane (high-tier) Arte. They require that the Unison Attack meter to be full and will drain it completely, as opposed to half and half for Unison Attacks.

I thought Synch stuff only triggered on Unison Attacks, but I guess they trigger on Mystic Artes as well.

: Man, Ratatosk is enjoying this way too much.
: That's Ratatosk for you.

: You know, this seems excessively time-consuming and flashy.
: Yeah, it does. A really skilled fighter could suddenly counterattack Emil in the middle of that. If he extended it any longer, even a moderately talented fighter that had seen him fight before could counterattack him.

Unfortunately the damn frog was just barely alive after it.


Berg: Woah... I can't believe it. All those fires really were because of my seafood gels.
: Well, it's possible the light-frogs are drawn to any type of gel. If you can, I'd recommend the entire town to stop dealing in gels for the time being.
Berg: You're right. I'll talk it over with everyone. You've done so much for our town. Thanks.
: Emil, I apologize. It appears you were correct. I would have never believed the nazdr--sorry, the light-frog--would be interested in seafood gels.
: No, I'm the one who should apologize. I didn't mean to say all those harsh things.
: Emil...
: Well, hopefully this puts an end to all of the tragic frog fires. Perhaps it's time we considered booking passage to Flanoir?
: You're right. Come on, we've gotta get those Centurions' cores before Lloyd does.
: Yeah, let's do it!

: Sure.
Sailor: Bon Voyage!

Skit Video: ???

: Tenebrae, are you seasick?
: Well yes.
: I guess not even Centurions are immune to seasickness.
: It looks that way.
: What?! Marta, not you too?!
: I told you I get motion sickness.
: If only I had some of my company's patented motion sickness medication. Why don't the two of you lie down in the cabin for now.
: G...Good idea.
: Curse this awful vessel.

Next Time: Oh god Lloyd man what the hell. WHAT THE HELL MAN