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Part 21: Update 21

Update 21

Video Record

: I've heard of them. Isn't it some type of rare ice flower?
: That's right. It has the power to freeze what's around it.
: Then is this one of them? Ouch!
: Are you all right?
: Yes.
: Be careful. They say if you touch Celsius' Tear with your bare hands, you'll get frostbite.
: Seriously?! You could've said something before!
: But I heard that Celsius' Tear is the size of normal flowers.
: There's no way I could lift this.
: Perhaps a dormant Centurion's core is affecting the environment, and causing it to grow at an accelerated rate.
: This thing is way too big.
: Which means Glacies' core should be somewhere in the vicinity.
: Assuming that shop owner really brought it back.
: Perhaps my senses are deceiving me, but I thought I detected the presence of Solum's core.
: Solum? That's the Centurion of Earth, right? Isn't that a little weird? This is the Temple of Ice.
: Yes, indeed. I suppose it's just my imagination.

Skit Video: Mistaken for a Criminal
: I believe it might be time to prepare a meal.
: Woah! Is that your own personal cooking knife?
: Yes.
: And you just carry it around with you?
: Don't laugh, but cooking is a bit of a hobby for me.
: I wouldn't laugh! I think it's attractive for a man to know his way around a kitchen.
: Thank you. However, carrying a cooking knife does come with its own problems.
: Like what?
: Well, for example, occasionally being mistaken for a criminal. I've been imprisoned numerous times because of it.
: For such a perfect gentleman, you sure seem to wind up in jail a lot.
: Wouldn't people recognize Regal? I mean he is rich, famous, and a Duke.
: Not in Sylvarant.
: I guess that makes a little sense.
: To be honest it never made sense to me.

Sorry about the lack of dungeon video, I'll try to have that up soon.

: You're right. It's kinda chilly. This is where Celsius used to be, right?
: Well, perhaps it would be more accurate to say this is where she was imprisoned.
: Oh, really? But why?
: Apparently it was in order to split the world in two. Though it's a bit of a moot point now.
: That's right. The world was divided into two.
: What's wrong, Emil? You look like you're in pain.
: No, it's nothing. I just felt like I remembered something important.
: You remembered something? Maybe something to do with the Centurions' cores?
: I wonder what it was. Well, if it really was important, I'm sure it'll come to me eventually.

: It's just as I suspected. The Sorcerer's Ring was unable to freeze the entire lake the last time we were here as well.
: What?! Then what did you do?
: We used Celsius' Tear, but I am unsure if it will have the same effect due to the influence of the core.
: Oh, why don't we use that thing we got in Flanoir?
: By that you mean...
: Oh, that thing.
: Huh?
Information: Equipped Water Spider. It feels like you can walk on water!
: Pretty convenient that the guy in town had just gotten one and didn't want it.
: Yes, very convenient indeed.

Skit Video: Celsius
: So, Celsius was here, but now she isn't?
: I'm not sure. A friend of mine is a summoner who once made a pact with Celsius, and the summon spirit hasn't been here since.
: So that means Celsius is still with that summoner?
: That is the most likely explanation. However, summon spirits, unlike humans, are not physical entities. So I imagine they don't exactly stay "with" summoners in the strictest sense.
: Do Centurions have much in common with summon spirits?
: More so than we do with humans. As I am not a spirit myself, it's difficult to say exactly.
: Summon spirits... Hmm... I would've liked to see Celsius, or any of the other summon spirits.

This is where the sliding ice puzzle used to be. Now you can just run on water.

: The Celsius' Tear reaches even here.
: It's possible that these flowers wrap around the entire temple.
: What's this?
: Something that was used during the world regeneration. I wonder if it still works.
: Oh, you came here before with Lloyd?
: Yes, with Lloyd. I still can't understand why Lloyd won't explain his actions to us. Maybe he really has been affected by the dormant Centurion's core.
: If I were Lloyd, I'd never do anything to hurt the people who cared about me.
: Emil...
: He has so many friends who believe in him, but he doesn't care. How could he?

: That's weird. Maybe the shop owner isn't here yet.
: Yeah, if Lloyd had it, we'd probably see one of his weird posters around.

: Something's coming! Be careful!

: Wh-What is that?!
: It's an ice elemental monster-- a mirka! It must have come here to escape the harsh climate outside. It seems to be extremely aggressive!

: Argh! We're trapped.
: They must have been accidentally imprisoned within the altar. They're mad with hunger!
: Or they could just be attacking you because they're, you know, monsters.
: Here it comes!

I'm ashamed on behalf of this fight. It doesn't even bother to start one of the enemies behind you or anything (even though that barely means anything with the battle system in this game).

Neither of those attacks deserves a name.

Their one notable attribute is having a gigantic amount of HP to annoy me with.

Ice Flow is some arcing projectile attack I guess.

Regal's Unison Attack is decidedly non-flashy, he just runs up and kicks someone.

: Yeah. But I kind of feel sorry for it. It's not like they asked to be put in here.
: Emil, you are a mystery. Even though you're afraid of monsters, you still seem to sympathize with them quite readily.
: I know I sound like a wimp, but I just don't like fighting and all that.
: No, not at all. That's part of what I like about you.
: By the way, something has been bothering me.
: What is it?
: I believe we may have been tricked.
: What do you mean?
: The owner of Flanoir's accessory shop assisted us on the journey of world regeneration. He was not the old man we met today.
: You mean he's a fake? Then Glacies' core is...
: I'm quite sure someone from the accessory shop took Glacies' core as witnessed by Raine and Genis. However, whether they are bringing it back here is another matter.
: But why lie to us about it?
: Perhaps they're after your Ratatosk's core, Lady Marta.
: If you're right, we need to get out of here as fast as we can.
: Yes.
: Let's hurry.
: He really should have mentioned that sooner.
: Dude's just too trusting. He needed to see the empty alter before he'd admit that there was deceit going on.

Very Important Video Record

: In this place?
: Marta, come here. I want to apologize.
: Really?! You'll hear me out?!
: Marta, hold on! Something's not right!

: Marta! Marta, are you okay?
: Damn! We'll have to break it down.

: The Vanguard?!
: You're after Ratatosk's core.
Vanguard: We have no use for you! Die!

So there's another fight with a group of female Vanguard. It took me a bit to realize it, but the blonde one is a healer.

I'm showing this because I know Feinne hates Taunt.

Aqua Edge is same as it ever was.

Because these enemies all have the same name, at first I thought all of them had First Aid.

One of these things is not like the others.

One of these things does not belong.

Oh hello healer.

Oh goodbye healer.



I politely inform the Vanguard their services are not required at this time.

: What should we do? Marta's in danger!
: Lady Marta will die if Ratatosk's core is removed from her.
: You two, stand back.
: O-Okay.

: Wow!
: Why don't you utilize that destructive power in battle?
: I swore that I would never again use my hands as tools of death.
: "Never again," you mean...
: Long ago, the woman that I loved died by my own hands.
: ...
: Scorn me if you wish. But right now, we have to save Marta.
: I can't imagine you ever doing something like that. There must've been a good reason behind what you did. And even if you did kill someone, I've harmed countless people under the guise of protecting myself as well.
: Less chatterboxing and more saving the girl you "love" asshole.
: Emil...

Skit Video: Richter and Me
: Regal killed the one he loved with his own hands. I wonder how it happened. If I end up fighting Richter will I be able to when the time comes? Wait, I mean, I'm not in love with Richter or anything. I mean, it's not like that! Uh, Not that I don't like him or anything. Actually I like him a lot, but... Nuhhhh... I don't even know what I'm thinking anymore.
: Emil, is something wrong?
: What? No, I'm fine.
: Huh?

: Unghh!

: So you found me, Emil. I didn't want you to see this, but I guess I have no choice.

: Not too impressive. Those were fairly common monsters in that era, except the Siren, which wasn't really that much better.
: They didn't need to win. Just delay Emil a bit.

You can see music notes around the Selkie there. I forget exactly what Seizing Song does but it wasn't much important.

This is one of Genis's spells IIRC.

Honestly the named melee attacks aren't usually that spectacular in this game. ToS had some pretty cool attacks but these are just "hit with a different part of your body" rather than "open up your laser-gun arm and blast suckas".

: See? That's definitely going to take some time to deal with.

Heal is a higher-tier version of First Aid, it restores 50% of max HP.

: I see Ratatosk is in agreement that time wasting is the order of the day. I'm sure Richter will watch spellbound as you showboat your ass around.
: Actually he did.
: What?

Pretty cool name, not much of an ability.

: A second time? GET OUTTA TOWN.

This one actually is pretty cool.

Pretty sure it's reusing the animation they have for Absolute though.

: They wasted almost three minutes on that fight. Even I could probably stab someone to death way faster than that.

: Funny story.

: So can Richter.

: Oh man.

: He's got such horrible form.

: If he was an actual decent swordsman he might have avoided Richter getting away just now.

: Damn it! If I was more powerful, I could've stopped this! If I was always me, I never would've let this happen!

: Ok, story time is over for a bit, I need to take a 17-hour nap.
: Hey, my rest is important. There's a lot of work that goes into maintaining the planet's mana systems, after all.
: You timed this deliberately, didn't you?
: Hey, I love keeping people in suspense.