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Part 22: Update 22

Update 22

Video Record
Dungeon Video for Update 21 and this update.
: *YAWN* That was a good nap.
: Good morning.
: I see you managed to keep yourself amused while I was out, I'll resume. Where did I leave off?

Last Time, On Dawn of the New World posted:

: Damn it! If I was more powerful, I could've stopped this! If I was always me, I never would've let this happen!

: That voice...

: Whaaa? I've been waiting to see THIS? What is this anticlimactic bullshit?

: Then what is that body?

: It's an Igaguri ninja technique. Pretty good, huh? But not as good as Grandpa.
: Thank you for helping us Sheena. But tell me, what brings you to the Temple of Ice?
: I came to rescue the kidnapped citizens of Flanoir and thought I'd give you a hand.
: Kidnapped? W-What do you mean, ma'am?
: You know Flanoir was attacked, right?
: Oh, y...yes.
: During the attack, the Vanguard kidnapped the family that runs the accessory shop and I tracked them down here.
: So then they were imposters after all!
: What do you mean?
: It appears the kidnapping was all part of an even bigger ruse to lure us here.

: Oh, o-o- Okay, well, whatever you are, I suppose you're right. We should get going. That guy from before might realize the core he has is a fake. And I don't think we want to stay around for that.

Now later on we're going to need these statues pointing towards the center of this circular area so I'll just go ahead and do that now. Also we have Sheena in our party now.

So, Marta's "death" was undone in seventeen seconds from the end of the previous update.

Video Record

: Uh, Yes.
: I feel like I've met you somewhere before. Maybe it's just my imagination.
: I'm sorry. I don't think I remember meeting you.
: Oh yeah? That's so strange. Your face looks very familiar. Speaking of familiar faces, that Richter guy, I've seen him before, too.
: Really?!
: Yes. I've definitely seen him somewhere. You don't think I'd forget someone dumb enough to fall for the oldest trick in the book.

: Oh mannnnnn.
: I warned her about pits. I told her.
: It keeps happening, doesn't it?
: I apologize for this.
: No, Not at all. Let's go find her.
: Right. She saved Marta's life, after all.
: How should we proceed? Follow her down the pit ourselves?
: We lack the proper equipment to safely descend from here. Why don't we first try to find a path that might lead to the bottom of the pit?
: Good idea. Let's look for another way.
So Sheena's been Flanderized into "ninja that falls down holes". Lovely.

That door there is the one that we need to get through, it'll open when the statues all face the right way.

: About what?
: When you thought I'd been killed, you got really furious. I half expected you to be relieved that this annoying girl was finally out of your hair.
: I'd never think anything like that! When I saw you get stabbed... All I could think about was how I never told you how I felt.
: What?
: I want you to forget everything I said earlier--about you telling me who I'm supposed to be. I don't really think that!
: W-Wait, do you mean that you...
: N-No, not that! It's just, I know I'm not the person you think I am, but--
: No. You're wrong. Sure, when we first started out together, I had it in my head that you were this all-powerful prince charming. But after a while I realized, you're actually scared of a lot of things.
: Yeah. I'm sorry I'm so pathetic.
: But that timid Emil is the one fighting for me with everything he's got, even though he never asked to get wrapped up in all this in the first place. It touches my heart far more than a hero who fights without fear.
: What--
: I think the real you is much, much cooler than the fantasy I had in my mind.
Hey let's provide more evidence this is a self-insert fanfic.

: Eh, um, I...
: It's okay. I'm going to go on loving you regardless of how you feel. You don't have to say anything.
: Well, let's keep moving. I hope Sheena's all right.
: Right.

Green save point! Time for a boss battle!

: What is this terrible stench?
: That smells familiar.
: That's Eau de Seduction! That means Decus is here!

: Alice! Alice, my darling! Your dear Decus is here! Now, open your eyes for me!
: I'm surprised she hasn't come to yet. Your cologne could wake the dead.
: Ha ha! You're entranced by my alluring scent as well. However! I am pledged to my darling Alice!

: You came just in time! This girl broke my fall! Can you use healing artes to help her?

: Just a minute. You know Richter? Are you guys friends with that creep?
: Sheena, those two are both members of the Vanguard!

Thank Martel there is no panty shot.

: Martmart? Why are you still alive? What, Richter failed?

: Daddy! You--That was nothing but a disguise!
: Sheena, is that similar to your ninja technique?
: No. Even the most advanced techniques of the Igaguri-style involve some sort of trick or device.
: Oh. OH SHIT.
: Have a guess about something?
: Anyway, why the fuck would you demonstrate your secret shapeshifting technique for your enemies? Does he have some kind of exposition virus?
: Well, well. Guess I'll just have to take care of little Martmart myself. I can't wait to see the look on Richter's face when I tell him.<3
: Let me help, my dearest Alice.

: Not so fast! Celsius!

No bossfight I want to fight something that isn't a giant sub-sapient monster.
: No fair! First you fall right on me, and now you throw up this stupid wall!
: This ice wall won't hold forever. Let's get out of here while we still can!
: Unless I'm forgetting something, that's the only time Sheena summoned anything that journey.
: Whaa? But she's, you know, a SUMMONER.
: I don't have any real explanation for it. I do know that it was really stupid, since so much bullshit could have been avoided by summoning Origin or Maxwell and asking them to tell everything they knew about Ratatosk.

Skit Video: Eau de Seduction
: Does anyone else smell that?
: Yeah, something sure stinks.
: It smells like an attempt to take a masculine fragrance and strengthen it to ludicrous levels.
: I think it's coming from Emil.
: What?
: I-It's not me. It's this Eau de Seduction stuff that guy Decus forced on me.
: Eau de Seduction?
: You put that stuff on? That's so creepy!
: Well, I mean--
: My apologies. I believe that is one of my company's products.
: What?!
: I'll send an order to the factory to halt production immediately. This odor is a menace.
: Just what sort of corporation is the Lezareno Group, anyway?

Skit Video: Sheena's Destiny
: You really have a knack for falling into pits, Sheena.
: Hey! It's not like I threw myself down that thing for the fun of it. By the time I realized that hole was there, it was already too late.
: I thought it might just be part of your destiny as a descendent of the Fujibayashi line.
: Very funny. Besides, what kind of crummy destiny would involve falling into holes?
: Well, your ancestry could have a long history of falling into life's pitfalls.
: Sheena's Suzu's ancestor right?
: Hang on for a second... Yeah.
: Oh right, time travel stuff. Anyway, Suzu didn't seem to have much trouble with pits.
: No, but the "life's pitfalls" thing still applies to her.

Sheena comes up a bit short in the "special abilities" department.

Yeah, it costs one Skill Point and you can't turn it off.

: Looks like it.
: And Richter, too.
: Emil...
: I wonder if Richter had anything to do with the kidnapping of that shopkeeper.
: If so, he certainly has a roundabout way of doing things.
: Remember, he said something along the lines of not wanting Emil to see him kill Marta.
: Oh! Is the real shopkeeper all right?
: Of course. My scouts should be escorting him back to town as we speak.
: Thank god.
: Why do humans have this tendency to stop and talk? Need I remind you that we are currently being pursued?
: Come to think of it, I've been meaning to ask. What the hell are you? A summon spirit or something?
: I am a Centurion. I'd be more than happy to discuss it with you in detail once we get away from here.
: Are all Centurions as moody as you?
: Aqua was, but I've never ever heard any of the other ones talk at all.

Skit Video: Speaking Ban
: Man, that guy reeked to high heaven.
: Yes, that was his Eau de Sed--
: Sorry to interrupt this fascinating discussion, but if it continues much longer, our enemies are bound to catch up with us.
: O-Okay, I get it. You-You want us to stop talking, right?
: Exactly. I hereby proclaim a ban on speaking.

Skit Video: Speaking Ban Part 2
: I can't stand it! I just can't be so quiet for this long!
: Excuse me if I'm mistaken, but as your profession is akin to that of a spy, I'd imagine that silence would occasionally be essential in your line of work?
: You sure talk a lot for a dog.
: I am not a dog. I am a Centurion. We Centurions are not summon spirits, nor are we animals, but rather--
: Shh! If we keep yapping like this, we'll get caught!
: But--
: Speaking ban in effect!

Skit Video: Speaking Ban Part 3
: My, my, this is wonderful. If only we could travel this quietly all the--
: Quiet!
: Oh right, my apologies.

: It's just been one thing after another. The whole situation has become quite an ordeal.
: Hey, Regal. How did you end up with these kids, anyway?
: Well, you see...
: Thanks for skipping the explanation each time.
: Lloyd was responsible for that attack?! No way, I can't believe it.
: But if Lloyd's being affected by the Centurion's core, it's not unthinkable.
: I suppose it's possible, but still... Argh! I give up. There's no point in idle speculation. Raine and Genis are following Lloyd right now?
: Uh, Yes.
: Then I'm going with you.
: Huh?!
: If something's the matter with Lloyd, maybe I can be the one to smack some sense back into him. And if I go with you, there's a chance we'll run into him, right?
: Well yes, I suppose so.
: All right, then it's set. You mind?
: No.
: Yeah, welcome to the group.
: Great, now that that's settled, let's visit the Flanoir accessory shop. We've got to find where Glacies' core went.
: Yes, let's go.

Skit Video: Sheena's Mission
: Sheena, it's been far too long.
: That's for sure. The last time we met was...
: At the unveiling of Ozette's restoration plan.
: Right, that's it!
: Were you on some kind of mission in Flanoir?
: No, I didn't have any official business to attend to.
: Hmm?
: I was looking for Lloyd and just happened to be there when Flanoir came under attack.
: You've been looking for him as well.
: Aren't you worried about him?
: Yes, I am.

Skit Video: Responsibility
: Emil!
: What?
: Oh, nothing!
: Huh?...
: Emil, Lady Marta is indicating she is happy.
: Yeah, but about what?
: She is pleased you were genuinely concerned for her welfare.
: B-But that was--
: As a man, you must now take responsibility.
: Huh?!
: Those who carelessly spark false hope in a young lady's heart are doomed to scorn and resentment.
: Who said I was trying to do anything like that?!
: The world tends to side with young ladies. I urge you to proceed with caution.
: Tenebrae, you've managed to surpass "spiteful" and graduate straight to "malicious."

: "Chief?" Who's "chief?"
: Sheena is one of the Mizuho. They're a secret group that serves the Tethe'allan royal family. Perhaps you've heard of them?
: I have! They're experts in intelligence gathering and combat.

: Experts?! You're joking, right?!
: Wh-What's that supposed to mean?! You little--
: From what I've seen of ninjas, I'm surprised she didn't cut down Emil then and there.
: For all their talk about not letting compassion interfere with their work, it seems that all the really great ones are ok with it.
: I trust the family's unharmed.
Mizuho Scout: Of course.
: Good work. The real accessory shop owner is inside.
: I'm glad he's safe.
: Come on. Let's go talk to him!
: Right!

: There you are! Thank goodness you're safe.
Penguin Grandpa: When the Vanguard took me, I thought I was done for. Anyway, thank you. I owe you my life.
: Don't mention it. There's actually something we'd like to ask you, if you don't mind.
: We heard you discovered a strange jewel near the cave with the Celsius' Tears.
Penguin Grandpa: Ah, Yes, the Glassies or whatever it's called. My son took it to Meltokio. He said he was gonna try to sell it to some nobles there or something. And I thought he'd finally come to spend some quality time with his old man.
: Aww, Don't be so glum. I'll come back to visit you again soon.
: Meltokio...
: We better hurry, or who knows what'll happen.
: Yes. We need to set out for Meltokio as soon as possible. Allow me to prepare my company's high-speed transport.
: Thank you!

Video Record
And now that they've said they have to hurry as soon as possible, it means we need to go to a random place you'd never think to go to do a sidequest. And by "do a sidequest" I mean "watch a cutscene".

: It's Alice! Let's hide!

: Hey, watch it, Dumbo-Decus! What did I say about personal space?
: Oh Alice, go easy on the compliments! You're embarrassing me!
: Compliments? I don't see anyone complimenting you.
: You did!
: When?
: You're always calling me Dumbo-Decus.
: You think that's a compliment?
: Well, isn't it? "Dumbo" for Dashing, Undaunted, Majestic, Brilliant, and Oh-so-sexy! D-U-M-B-O-Decus!
: You idiot, it's not an acronym! I call you Dumbo-Decus because you're D-U-M-B, dumb!
: Is Decus actually, literally retarded? As in, developmentally disabled?
: We went over this before, he's a bit subnormal but mostly it's just denial and self-delusion.
: What?! I had no idea!
: Anyway, Exspheres! The brainwashing machines that keep my little pets so well-behaved need Exspheres to run. Without Exspheres, I can't get more pets! I only want ten more or so.
: Alice, maybe you shouldn't obsess over power so much.
: Why? Have you forgotten how my parents died?
: They went on a pilgrimage following the teachings of the Church of Martel, and were killed by monsters.
: Exactly. And I don't want to end up like them. They were weak, so they believed in a fictional goddess.
: Heh.
: I don't really care.
:And because they were powerless, they were killed by monsters. And you, weren't you bullied back at the Hima orphanage because you were weak?
: But I'm stronger now, too. And I have an Exsphere. You don't need to do it all by yourself. I can be your knight.
: Don't you mean my slave?
: I'd be happy with that too.
: I hate relying on others. And you're a human. You might start treating me like how all humans treat half-elves. You could betray me at any time.
: I would never betray you.
: I'm the only one I could ever trust.
: Alice, wait!
: So Alice is using Exspheres to control those "pets" of hers. Exploiting those proud monsters in such a vulgar way. It's utterly despicable.
: Alice...
: Marta, what's wrong?
: All that talk about need for power, it was kind of depressing.
: Yeah.
: Nevertheless, those without power are helpless.
: So all you need is power?
: I believe it's better to have it than not.
: That might be true.
: I think everything should be in moderation.
: Yeah.

: So, what're your feelings on power?
: Honestly, Alice's definition of power was far too narrow. There are many kinds of power, and I prefer more subtle forms.
: Is that why you never tried stopping any of that bullshit yourself?
: No, it's because I would probably have gotten wrecked. I'm not really set up to fight giant armies and/or Dhaos.

Next Time: Tethe'alla and Chapter 5