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Part 24: Update 24

Update 24

Video Record

: Really?!
: It's bright enough to see in here without the blue candle. Must be because Shadow's gone.
: Blue candle?
: When Shadow was in this temple, it was pitch black. Without it, we couldn't see a thing.
: Who cares? Let's go.
: You know, I'm finding it pretty difficult to warm up to Emil in Ratatosk Mode.
: Yeah, so do I.
: Sheena...
: Uh, Right, sorry. I know he is Emil, but anyway, come on, let's go.

Skit Video: Scared?
: I guess it makes sense that the Temple of Darkness would be so dark.
: Are you scared?
: N-n-Not scared, exactly.
: Dark places always make you wonder what might be hiding in them.
: There isn't much that scares me though, thanks to all the training I've been through.
: Sheena, there's something on your back.
: UAAAAAAAHHH!!! What-What is it?!
: It-It was just a cobweb.
: Oh c-cobwebs, right. Don't startle me like that.
: That's some training.
: Oh man. Between this and the pits thing, is Sheena like the worst ninja ever?
: She's... inconsistent.

Skit Video: Harsh Words
: Damn Alice! How could she do this to Tenebrae?! Next time I see her, I'm gonna tie her up and toss her butt into Flanoir harbor.
: Hmph. You're too soft. I'd sling a rope around her and hang her from the tops of the Fooji Mountains.
: I understand how you both feel, but I can't say I approve of your choice of words. Harsh words are evidence of troubled minds.
: Okay then, the next time I have the pleasure of a rendezvous with Lady Alice, I would truly enjoy the opportunity to politely wrap her up with ropes and kindly submerge her in the beautiful waters of Flanoir harbor!

Dungeon Video

By the way, the color scheme in here is now really, really gaudy.

The first puzzle here is to light all the lanterns in here.

: Too bad the other Centurions don't talk to us the way that Tenebrae does.
: Bunch of useless twits.
: I know, right? They always were useless twits.
: By the way, Emil, you've been in Ratatosk Mode for a while now.
: Something wrong with that?
: Not wrong, really, just...
: Shh! Be quiet.
: What is it?

: It just looks like a normal wall. Maybe the Sorcerer's Ring will open this one, too.
: Doesn't look like it.
: There must be a switch somewhere else.

Skit Video: Hidden Door
: Damn it, what's with this hidden door crap?! When I find it, I'm smashing it to pieces.
: Emil. Humans have a saying, "a wise head makes a closed mouth."
: And what's that supposed to mean?
: Uh... I'm not sure.
: Placing the control mechanism for a secret door adjacent to that door would be of little value. This can only mean that the switch is in a remote location.
: Oh I see, but you're using that wrong.
: My apologies.
: And what's with the impression of Tenebrae, anyway?!
: I miss him.
: Then, we'd better stop wasting time and find the real thing.
: Yeah!

If you don't know what to do, this Katz here will give you a "hint". Given that the sorcerer's ring defaults to fire, the hint should be pretty obvious.

Apparently those things would actually tell you they couldn't be interacted with in the first game. In this game you need to light all of them as well.

After you light everything you get access to the Sorcerer's Ring changer and can use darkness on these balls of darkness to clear the path. Honestly I found the dungeon much less annoying than its Tales of Symphonia incarnation.

: Don't worry, Marta. The other Centurions told us that Tenebrae would be here. I'm sure he is.
: Okay.
: Relax. I can sense his presence.
: Really?!
: Yes. Trust me. I'm your guardian, a Knight of Ratatosk.
: Yeah.
: Emil, you sure say some manly things when you're in Ratatosk Mode.

: What's this?
: I don't know. This is where we found Shadow, the Summon Spirit of Darkness, two years ago. But this wasn't here then.
: Maybe it's some sort of switch.
: How did that get there?
: No idea. It might have just appeared when the worlds remerged, but that seems silly.

: It's open!

: I wonder if Tenebrae's up ahead.
: Probably. Though I'm sure we'll find some enemies waiting for us as well.
: You mean the voices we heard earlier.
: The only people with any business in a place like this would be Lloyd or the Vanguard.
: We can't let them take Tenebrae. Let's go!

This area with the rows of glowy crystals that switch on as you approach is kind of cool.

Video Record

: By "sense" I'm guessing you mean with your eyes, she's right there.

: How convenient. If we destroy him here--
: Not so fast!

: Just accept the fact you were beaten.
: Yes, you're right.

: What the fuck are you doing?

: That was just terrible.

: That's too bad! Because I can't wait to kill you!

Note the lack of actual harm done to Richter.

: Ooooh shit.

Richter's water-elemental but his attack is fire-elemental.

: Well, you're a bit of a showboat too.
: Yeah, he is.

Bit of a goofy face there.

Note that I don't die or anything, it just ends the fight after that attack.

: Honestly that ball isn't moving very fast.

: Guess you're tougher than I thought. Looks like I'll just have to hit you with another one!
: Emil, you're--I just can't believe it...
: Heh! I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
: Emil, listen to me. You must cease being a Knight of Ratatosk. If you won't, then I'll... then I'll have to--
: Quit your pointless whining! Die!

: Return back to normal! You're destroying the whole temple!

: Damn, Sheena can't do anything right today I guess.

: Wh... What?!

: Seriously, I could walk out of the way of that thing.

: Emil! Look out!

: Marta!

: Marta? Marta, where are you?! Damn it! Where did she go?!
: There's no way she's not paste now, between catching that thing in the face and the collapsing of that area of the temple.
: Tenebrae's core! It must've fallen with me.
It's kind of embarrassing, I don't think I ever stated this before. When you get one of these cores, Emil gains a skill with the same name that changes one of our Artes (in this case, Demon Fang) into a different Arte with an elemental attribute. These cost 5 to equip (a moderate-low cost) and we'll eventually get all eight of them.

Skit Video: Find Marta
: I need to find Marta and have her hatch Tenebrae's core fast.
: If she's, you know, still alive.

Next Time: Lloyd is Very Bad