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Part 27: Update 27

Update 27

Video Record

"Previous On Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World posted:

: Damn it!

: That would allow us to wipe out our internal dissent and place all the blame on the Church of Martel.
: Uh! No Decus...

: Richter!
: I'll handle this. Now go!
: Thank you.
: Wait a minute!

: Man! What is it with you people?!

Welp, now we have another battle against a giant block of HP.

For Feinne.

: You know, there's something really... OFF about this guy.
: Yeah.
: I mean more than just the elemental affinity of his Arte here and himself not matching up.

Yeah, that's an insane amount of HP, especially if the field is going to be giving him fucking regen.

: It's possible Ratatosk-Emil and friends could have pulled it off.

: Richter was powerful but there was only one of him after all.

: But Ratatosk was never known for his pattern recognition skill.

: And he screwed it up.

Yeah, Eternal Recurrence isn't just a cutscene thing. If you try to Ain Soph Aur Richter you will get it sent back at you.

: At that point, they were too far in the hole to dig their way back out.

You can win that fight, but I don't really have enough care to blow through all his HP. The only change is that he has to get up before he grabs Emil's throat. By the way, the "main" video for the fight doesn't show Eternal Recurrence because I forgot you could do it there, so here's a separate one.

Master Richter!

Master Richter!
: Aster?
: Wait. OK, let me see if I get this straight. Aster is Richter's gay lover, who is now dead and Emil reminds him of Aster so he can't kill him?
: That's... good enough.
: I guess that Richter didn't kill us after all.

: Good of Zelos to remember what he came here for.
: Right! Come on Emil, let's go after them!
: I wonder who Aster is?
: Come on Emil!
: Oh! Uh... Right!

Skit Video: Getting Stronger
(Trigger: Emil and Marta each reach level 50)
: Hey, Emil, I think we're pretty strong now.
: I guess. I mean, I think we're stronger than we were before. But there's always room for improvement.
: Modest as always. I think you'll just keep getting stronger. The sky's the limit!
: And you'll get stronger right along with me. We can do it, as long as we stick together.
: Right. Together forever.
: R-Right.

I know you have the cores as well. Now hand them over.
: Not a chance!<3
You don't need them for the goals that you have in mind.

: Goals? You mean their intention of reviving the Sylvarant Dynasty?
: The Sylvarant Dynasty? Please, you guys can't be serious.

God I hate this face. Something about it makes it angry that it exists.
: He is a descendant of the Sylvarant Dynasty which fell eight hundred years ago.
: Someone's above us!

: Way to stand there while she gets away guys.

: If you bring back Ratatosk's core, Commander Brute will forgive you.
: Wow, that's a pretty retarded offer.
: No way! I'll never go back! I took Ratatosk's core on purpose to stop Daddy's foolish ambition once and for all.
: Nobody likes a strong willed little girl. All right Decus let's go.

: Ungh...
: Lady Marta, don't let them get to you.
: Oh, right.
: We're all wounded and tired. Let's go back to Meltokio for now.
: I agree. Seles isn't looking very good either. Is that all right with you, Lloyd?

Skit Video: Who Is Aster?
: Richter said "Aster" while he was looking at me. Aster. I guess that's someone's name. But why say it to me? I don't know it really bothers me.

Skit Video: This Is Impossible
Ugh... I can't believe this!
: You're not the only one! How could they involve my poor sister in this!
: But what does this all mean? Ugh, I'm so confused!
: Okay, the real Lloyd was the one gathering the cores. Meanwhile Decus was posing as Lloyd and committing crimes in his name. Right, Emil?
: Who is Aster? What did he mean?
: What does Brute want with the cores?
: Is that exercise machine Decus ordered really ineffective? Has anybody tried it out?

: This is impossible!

Skit Video: Nothing to Say
: Um... Excuse me, Lloyd?
: Lloyd, bud.
: Lloyd...
: Lloyd, answer us.
: Come on, Lloyd...
I have nothing to say.
: What's wrong with Lloyd?
: Paranoid and dumb, same as the last few times.

Skit Video: Chosen Maniac
: Emil, you and Marta know this Richter person, right?
: You know him too, Colette?
: I think maybe we're friends?
: What?!
: Well, my Cruxis Crystal--it's this pendant-looking thing I have-- anyway, he asked me to give it to him.
: Now that you mention it, the Vanguard has been on the lookout for the Chosen. Maybe they need the Cruxis Crystals for some plan of theirs.
: When I told him I couldn't give up something so important, he said he'd have to take it from me by force.
: Did he threaten to kill you?!
: No. But that scared me, so I tried to get away. Except I turned around and ran smack into the fence of a nearby house and broke it. The people who lived there were really angry. But Richter apologized with me, and even paid them for the damages.
: And?
: He bid me farewell by saying he'd let me go this time, but he'd take my Cruxis Crystal the next time we met. And then he left.
: Sounds more like a threat than a farewell.
: I think Richter's a Chosen maniac, so he's really into collecting their memorabilia. That must be why he wanted my Cruxis Crystal.

BTW you have to run all the way out now. Little annoyance.

Video Record

: I'm sorry for the way I acted.
It's nothing you should feel bad about. I had no intention of explaining myself from the beginning.
: Lloyd, why won't you tell us anything?
: Won't you talk to us?
Ungh... ...
: There is only one way we can remove Ratatosk's core from Marta. We have to hatch all of the cores and wake up Ratatosk himself. Why are you after the cores? Maybe we can all work together.
Then let's work together.

: Don't tell me that after all that he's being driven nuts by Lumen's core or something?
: This isn't just about me! If we can wake Ratatosk, all the strange weather around the world will finally stop!
Maybe you didn't hear what I said. Hand over the cores, right now!
: This isn't like you!
: Lloyd, why? Surely there's some reason you've behaving this way.
: Lloyd...
: Talk to us!
There's nothing I can say for now.

: We have to go after him!
: It's no use. He has a Rheiard. He's probably soaring through the wild blue yonder by now.
: Not again.
: And Seles isn't looking too good. Let's return to my estate for now.
Seles: I'm sorry for putting you all through this.
: You're right. I'm sorry, I didn't even notice.
: Okay, let's hurry back to Meltokio!

Skit Video: His Reason
: But I don't get it. The Lloyd you all talked about would never act like that, right? What is he thinking? Come on Zelos, I know you can explain this.
: I'd like nothing more than to grant your wish, Marta my angel, but I can't speak in Lloyd's place.
: Is that all you can say? I trusted him because all of you did.
: But it wasn't Lloyd who attacked Palmacosta and those other towns. I want to believe that the real Lloyd has a good reason for what he's doing.
: And I'm saying I want to know what that reason is. If he'd just talk to us instead of giving us the cold shoulder, we might even be able to help him!
: Marta...
: I understand you feel partly responsible for the things the Vanguard's done. But it's not a child's place to pay for the mistakes of their parents. And directing all that frustration at Lloyd isn't the right answer, either. Though I do wish Lloyd would've said something instead of just turning his back on us.
: Zelos, I...
: Hmm? Fallen head over heels for me, have you?
: You'd actually be pretty charming if you didn't say stuff like that.

Skit Video: His Reason Part 2
: Lloyd refused to talk to us.
: But he did save Seles. We can rest assured he hasn't really changed.
: Yes. I'm sure he'll be able to explain all of this someday.
: Yep, sooner or later keeping so many secrets to himself will be impossible for a guy as trusting as Lloyd.
: You're right. Ugghh, But I just hate not knowing the truth behind all of this!
: It looks as though all we can do now is wait.

Skit Video: Shallow
: Colette's still as cute as a button, Sheena's curves are as delectable as ever, and Marta's spunky attitude just gives me goose bumps! I think I've died and gone to heaven!
: As soon as we rescued Seles, he's back to his usual self.
: Zelos is so flighty.
: No, Marta, Zelos isn't flighty. He's "shallow."
: K'eh! Colette, who... who said that about me?
: Professor Sage. She said you're like a wading pool. Professor Sage can't swim, remember? I think she means she likes Zelos!
: Fine, fine, I'm a shallow man with obvious motives, so sue me.

Seles: Tokunaga, I'm sorry for worrying you.
: Tokunaga, Sebastian, see Seles to her bed.
Sebastian: Yes, sir.

Seles: I would be honored to give you Glacies' core. Good luck on your quest.
: Thank you!
: Man, Seles looks terrible. It's kind of depressing.
: Well, eventually physical therapy was able to grant her a normal life. Even if she didn't blow away people like she did back when she had an exsphere, she was happier not feeling any need to.
: That's good to hear.
: I'll skip some stuff you've already heard.

: I've no idea what went on in Sylvarant back when the world were separated, but the Vanguard is dead set on getting revenge on the Church of Martel.
: Were they planning on using Ratatosk's core to restore the Dynasty?
: Yes. They want to use it to destroy the Church of Martel and the Tethe'allan royal family as well.
: Ratatosk's core can do that?!
: They plan on using it for some weapon called a mana cannon.
: No way.
: Sheena, you've heard of it?
: Yes, I've used one before. If left in the wrong hands, it could destroy the entire world.
: I'll need to inform the church officials and His Majesty about this.
: I'll head back to Iselia to tell everyone there. Is there any way we can get word to Professor Sage?
: Leave that up to my Mizuho scouts. They'll find her and let her know.
: Emil, what are you going to do next?
: I'll go after the rest of the cores with Marta. That way we'll free Ratatosk and also stop the Vanguard from using the mana cannon. Right, Marta?
: R-Right.
: Then I shall continue to accompany you. I don't pretend to understand what Lloyd is thinking. But perhaps I could be of help the next time you face him.
: Good idea. I'm going, too. What I know about the mana cannon might come in handy. And I can't throw my support to Lloyd until I know what he's about.
: Count me out. I'm sure Lloyd has his reasons. He would never do anything to put the world in danger. So I'm going after Lloyd.
: I feel the same way as Zelos. I trust Lloyd, no matter what. I want to find him and help him.
: I wish you two luck. Well, I suppose we won't see each other for a while.
: Yeah. Take care.
: Everyone, stay safe.
: Zelos, Colette, thank you.
: I'm so sorry, this is all my father's fault.
: A child shouldn't have to apologize for what their parents do. Cheer up, Marta.
: Well then, shall we?
: Yeah.

Video Record

: Indeed. The Temple of Earth isn't too far from here.
: Earth, that would mean...
: In theory, it would mean we should find Solum's core.
: What's the matter, Tenebrae? You don't sound too sure.
: No, it's just, recently, whenever we've been close to the Vanguard, I've felt the presence of Solum's core.
: So they already have it?
: I cannot be certain. But Solum's specialty is his ability to deceive his enemies. It could be connected to the effortless transformations of that foul-smelling man.
: You think Decus is using the core? But wait, wouldn't you have sensed Solum's presence if he was?
: I'm afraid that his Eau de Seduction interferes with my senses too much for me to tell.
: Well, if we go to the Temple of Earth, we'll know for sure, right?
: Indeed. No use standing around discussing it. Let's head to the Temple.
: Right.

Skit Video: Solum's Core
: Solum's core may not be here after all.
: Oh yeah, the Vanguard might have it. Do you know, Marta?
: No, I-I'm sorry. Unh... Ever since Daddy started to change, I've been avoiding him, so...
: Hey, don't sweat it. Worrying about it won't help us now. Besides, things should clear up once we get to the Temple of Earth, right?
: That's right. Let's hurry.

: Why? Did something happen?
Temple Guard: It's all those earthquakes we've been having. The inside of the temple collapsed. It's a mess in there.
: So we can't go inside?
Temple Guard: Nope, don't think anyone is gonna be able to before they finish repairs.
: What should we do?
: Well, we could head to the Temple of Lightning in the meantime. A summon spirit used to be there, so the core could be as well, right?
: Perhaps.
: By the way, why don't we hatch Glacies' core before we set out again?
: Oh, good idea. I almost forgot about it. We haven't touched it since we got it.
Despite this, we got the skill Glacies right after "fighting" Richter.

: Now Glacies has awoken too. That's goo...

: Emil?!
: Perhaps he's simply exhausted from everything that's happened.
: Perhaps you're concealing information.
: You may be right. Let's take him back to town.

: Aaaahhh!
: Emil! What's wrong?
: Marta, it's you.
: You're the other Emil, aren't you?
: You can tell? Oh yeah, you didn't want me around.
: No! It's just... ever since what happened, you only showed yourself when we were in battle, so I was worried about you.
: You were? Come to think of it, you did stand up for me.
: Huh?
: Marta, do you need me?
: Of course! You're Emil, too!
: So you don't mind if I show up again?
: Of course not.
: Thank you.
: Huh? Marta, what just happened?
: What do you mean? We were talking.
: Really?
: I'm sorry. It's nothing. My mistake.
: Oh, okay.
: You should get some more rest.
: Yeah, I'll do that. Good night, Marta.
: Mmn... Good night.
: Emil, what's happening to you?

Old Woman: Please! My grandson is sick! I heard that a doctor in Tethe'alla might be able to cure him!
Priest: And? What's your point, you old hag?
Old Woman: If I can't get a letter of introduction from the Pope in Meltokio, no doctor in Tethe'alla will treat a Sylvaranti.
: None of them? Man, is that some kind of regulation?
: Nah, but there weren't too many, so it's no surprise she decided to just try to get the letter.
Priest: And why should I care? Just get one of your quacks back in Sylvarant to see the brat! Now, get out of my way!

Noble B: Surprised she wasn't swept up with all the other garbage in the street.
: Wh-What's their problem?!

: What's wrong with you? How can you be so cruel?
Priest: Silence! Or the Goddess Martel's divine punishment will rain down upon you!
: OK, I get why you hate being addressed as "Goddess Martel" so much.

Priest: W-What do you think you're doing?!
: You talk so much about divine punishment in your rotten sham of a religion, I thought you might like a taste yourself.
Priest: Wh-What?!
: What'll the Church of Martel do for me? Will it bring my parents back to life? Will it bring back my mother and father killed by monsters while on a pilgrimage forced by the church?
Priest: You-You're blaming the Church of Martel for that? You need to learn to fear the Goddess, you filthy girl!

: Don't get me wrong. My parents were killed because they were weak. Just like you'll be killed. Because you're weak, too. That's all.<3

Old Woman: Tha-That's enough. Please, stop hurting him.
: My, it looks like this kind old lady saved you. Decus, you can stop now.<3

: I... I said you can stop!
: Y-You heard her, Decus! That's enough!
: Ugh... It stinks.
: It's the Eau de Seduction. Whugh... My head hurts.
: Decus! Stop it!
: Wha... What was I doing?
: Let's go, Decus.
: But Alice, what about Marta and Emil?
: Leave them for later! Right now we need to find out what just made you flip out.
: Oh, Alice! You're really worried about me?!
: I'm worried about myself! I don't care about you.

: Go to Flanoir and give the doctor there my name, Alice of the Vanguard. They should treat your grandson for free.
Old Woman: Th-Thank you so much, Lady Alice.
: I can't believe Alice just helped someone.
: Well, the Vanguard's purpose is to help the Sylvaranti. Ugh! But the Church of Martel is just as horrible as ever.
: Yes, the corruption within the church only increases. Their state must greatly concern the Chosen and His Majesty.

This concludes Chapter 5. Next time, Chapter 6.
PS: For those of you wondering how much more there is of this, there are eight chapters in total.