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Part 30: Update 30

Update 30

Video Record

: Oh no.
: Who could have done this?
: If there's a core located in this temple, it stands to reason...
: Lloyd?
: It couldn't be!
: Then maybe the Vanguard.
: Marta, I'm sorry if this is hard for you.
: No, it's okay. I'm opposed to what the Vanguard does, and I want to stop Daddy. It's just such a waste. These people's lives were just tossed away.
: Yes. As bad as they may have been, they didn't deserve this.
: I'd like to give these two a proper burial. We can't just leave them like this.
: But if the Vanguard is here, we haven't a moment to lose. We have no choice but to leave them for now.
: Yes, you're right. I'm sorry.
Note that those interludes with Hawke and Magnar actually go RIGHT AFTER THIS, I moved them to make the game look slightly less retarded.

Skit Video: Temple of Lightning
: It looks like I'm tired to this place, whether I like it or not.
: Something seems to be bothering Sheena.
: She once failed to forge a pact with Volt, the Summon Spirit of Lightning.
: Unh?
: It was a disaster that took the lives of a quarter of the people of Mizuho. Because of that, she has led a lonely life, even among her own people.
: Hmm...
: But she overcame pain, sadness, and fear in order to save this world, and eventually succeeded in her pact with Volt. In that regard, Sheena may understand both of your struggles better than anyone.

Dungeon Video Record: 34min

I should explain a little about the dungeons here. In the temple of lightning, lightning will begin to strike wherever you stand. That's the orange circle down below Emil.

A second or so later it gets hit.

I get hit here because I didn't realize that it doesn't pause while you're looting a chest. Note that if you get hit 14 times, you will be unable to get the "best" ending. I only got hit 2 or 3 times (because I was dumb).

: Looks like some research notes. Let's see... "In short, restricting the dimensional boundary to a certain level is Ratatosk's..."
: Ratatosk?! Those notes are about Ratatosk?
: Convenient.
: It looks like it. This stuff is pretty dense. I can hardly understand it.
: Staff from the Imperial Research Academy are here, right?
: Yes, this must have been left behind.
: I'll hold onto it for now.

Skit Video: Brilliant Researcher
: Paporo popporo pippity poppity pooh.
: And what does "paporo popporo pippity poppity pooh" mean? Is that some sort of new-fangled slang?
: It was written in the research notes I found. It's in the language of the angels, so I might not be reading it correctly.
: No. No you are not.
: But why would that be written in these notes?
: Here, maybe you can read it.
: Let me see now. It says, "Some Centurions are stuffy and old fashioned."
: How true.
: Whoever wrote these notes must be a really brilliant researcher.
: Hmm?!
: Oh man, you got burned by Emil. That's like getting burned by a snowcone.

Skit Video: Tall Objects
: How come there are lightning strikes indoors? It's really dangerous.
: We may be safe though, considering the people in our party.
: Why is that?
: Well, they say lightning strikes tall objects.~
: Tall objects. Oh yeah.
: Now that you mention it, Regal's pretty tall.
: Well then, we have nothing to worry about. We're counting on you, Mr. Lightning Rod.
: Uh...

The puzzle here is almost exactly the same as last time. We have three colors of lightning and have to use them to get rid of three colors of obstacle.

: No, we're not! We're here with permission from the Imperial Research Academy.
Researcher B: Then get out of here while you still can. The Vanguard broke in and they're killing everyone they see.
: We have to stop them!
: Yeah, let's go!
: Hold on a second! Emil, why don't you show them the notes we found?
Researcher A: Notes?
: They appear to be regarding research on Ratatosk.
Researcher B: Maybe those are the notes Rilena said she'd dropped.
: Where can we find Rilena?
Researcher A: She was working deeper in the temple. I hope she's okay.
: Let's go!
: We'll save Rilena. The rest of you, please get out of here.
: Please request the Royal Army to be dispatched as well.
Researcher B: Will do. You should deliver those notes to Rilena. She was obsessed with finding them.
: I will!

In Symphonia it was colored boxes, now it's colored energy balls.
: I feel a presence of the core from beyond here.
: But it's giving off electricity. I wonder how we get rid of this?

Information: Rapidly press A if you are about to fall, to save yourself.
THIS is back too. And you have the lightning so you can't stand still. Fortunately it's really easy to see the walkways even when it's darkest, I didn't have to mess with the brightness at all. It's not coming across in screenshots well though. COLOR BALANCE

: Lloyd, wait!
Vanguard Soldier: Hey, this way! Lady Marta's with them!

: Looks like we don't have much of a choice.
: Yep. Here they come!

These guys are just free xp.

: We've lost sight of Lloyd. He could reach the core before us.
: But finding Rilena is more important than Lloyd. If she gets caught up in the Vanguard's attack...
: Right! Come on, let's hurry!

This device returns too.

Once you're finished getting the treasures from it, you can activate the middle rod to send those explosive charges plummeting.

I question the explosives safety and handling of these guys.

After you complete all this, the door behind the seal opens, like in pretty much every other temple.

: but if you don't get out of the way, I'll kill you!
Rilena: Don't be ridiculous! I have no interest in someone like you! But the Centurion's core up ahead is far too dangerous!
: I believe that must be Rilena.
: No shit.
: Decus! Stop it!

: Huh.

I should point out that the coffin-looking thing Decus carries is actually a locker of some kind, in which he keeps his sword and pictures of Alice.

There's a better view of the pictures.
: You sure you can survive without going all Ratatosk Mode on me, kid?

: Why can't I go into Ratatosk Mode? Without it I can't--

: Emil, stop it!
: Rrr... ...

: We're saved. But...
: Yeah. What was that, anyway? It sucked Rilena right in.
: Emil, was that a power of Knight of Ratatosk?
: I think so.
: You think so? That's a little vague.
: I just said the words that popped into my head. You can blame Ratatosk for that.
: Oh, I blame Ratatosk for a lot of things.
: Martel? You're... looking kind of scary.
: Sorry. I let the past get to me sometimes.
: Can you make the rift open again? Rilena is trapped inside.
: How the hell should I know?! I don't even know how I did it in the first place! Who cares about that woman anyway?
: Uh, you're starting to sound like the bad guy here.
: What are you saying?! We can't just leave her like that! Aren't you worried about her?
: What do I care. Anyway, there's nobody in our way now. We can go look for the Centurion's core--

: What the hell?! What was that for?!
: You're despicable.
: I may have an idea where Rilena went.
: Really?!
: The technique Emil just performed is reminiscent of that which Lord Ratatosk used to return the Centurions to their altars. Therefore, I believe Rilena may have been sent to one of the altars.
: Ratatosk is able to transport people that easily?
: No, he should only be able to do it with Centurions.
: Which leads me to believe that someone inside the rift may be in possession of a Centurion's core. Power reacting with the core may have pulled in those nearby as well.
: Ugh, That sounds complicated. So where are you saying Rilena is?
: If my theory is correct, she would be at the altar of a Centurion whose core neither we nor Lloyd currently possess.
: So lightning or earth?
: It's pretty obvious that Solum's core, which Decus had, was sent to the Earth alter.
: Then let's check out the altar here. Let's go.
: Well, I guess you have to do that anyway.
: Unhh... ...

Skit Video: Insensitive Jerk
: That arte you used back there was really something.
: That wasn't me, it was Ratatosk.
: You said something about a boundary. Can Ratatosk's power affect the very fabric of space and time?
: Such power can only be used to a limited degree.
: If Raine were here, she'd be demanding a repeat performance, no doubt.
: Shouldn't we be hurrying to the altar?
: You're that worried about this woman?
: Of course I am! Not that I'd expect an insensitive jerk like you to understand!
: What?!
: Unghh!
: I bet Richter would understand you Emil.

Video Record

: Huh. Well, nevertheless we're taking Tonitrus' core, right?
: Yes, of course.
: Come on Marta, what's wrong? Hurry up and hatch the core. What's the matter? Are you still mad at me?

: Hyuh!
: Look out!

: What's that?!
: It looks like the monster was lured by Tonitrus' core.
: We have no choice, we have to get rid of it!

This is the worst boss fight in the game so far.

26,832*5+50,428=184,588 HP, not including any regen. For reference, the highest HP of any Optional Boss in Symphonia was 240,000. There are still two more chapters of main game and this game's own optional bosses to go.

I'm honestly not sure what this does.

That clock thing isn't Decimation, it's something else.

I tried to get multiple enemies with this Devil's Hellfire but I'm not sure I did.

Bastards managed to kill Emil at one point.

That's a much better Devil's Hellfire.

I have no idea what Diabolic Edict does.

Or Time Spiral, which I guess is the thing that made that clock-like animation earlier.


This is what Decimation actually does.

I have no idea what Onslaught does either since he only used it right as I killed him.

Yet another case of absolutely ludicrously massive bonus xp.

: Man, it's like a domestic dispute.

: All right then. I guess we'd better head to the Temple of Earth and save Rilena. Though it's been closed off for a while due to all the shaking from the recent earthquakes. Hopefully they've reopened it by now.
: That would mean returning to the Meltokio region. But before we proceed, I suggest that we talk to Director Schneider.
: That's a good idea.

: Wait a minute!

: Man, he looks pathetic even with red eyes now.

Skit Video: Fight
: I hope Rilena is all right.
: I'm worried that she got sucked in with the Vanguard. I hope she isn't attacked by Decus.
: It's the cores they're after. I doubt they'd harm a woman who has nothing to do with all this.
: Uh, hello? Palmacosta? Flanoir?
: You're worrying over nothing.
: Sheena, Regal, Tenebrae, let's get going!
: Hey! Marta!
: I make it a rule not to speak to insensitive creeps.
: What are you talking about?! Damn it!

Skit Video: Fight Part 2
: Hey, Marta. About that monster...
: Sheena! I'm starving! Aren't you?
: Yeah, I guess.
: Marta! Are you listening? Hey!
: Tenebrae! Are you picking up anything about Rilena's whereabouts?
: I'm afraid that is impossible. She would need to have a connection to Lord Ratatosk.
: Come on! Marta!
: Regal! We really should be getting back to see Director Schneider, right?
: Uh... Yes.
: Damn it! Enough is enough!
: You are in time out mister! Cold shoulder!

Video Record

: Thank you for coming.
Royal Army: We received reports the Vanguard was here.
: They were, but they've left.
: Hmpf. So you're here cleaning up the corpses of wimps? At least you're making yourself useful.

: What? Why are you so pissed off?

: Yeah. I just had this weird memory again...
: Memory?
: The one where Richter is killing me. Maybe you're right. Maybe I am Aster, after all.
: We won't know for sure until we ask Rilena.
: Huh... ...
: That guy needs some medication of some kind.
: He needs way more than just that.

Next Time: Drama, Ratatosk, and Demons.

BTW, if you want to know what happens if you screw up, while I don't want to play through this game enough to rerecord it, I'll present it here from the game script:


<The party reached it too late [got hit with 14 or more lightning bolts]]>
(The party rushes to the altar, but Lloyd is already there, the core in his
hand. He removes his mask and tosses it on the ground, then turns to the
You're too late.
: (Smirking wickedly) No, you are.
: If you were just a little bit quicker, you wouldn't have had to deal
with me.
[ Mnnhh...]
: You zip around from one place to another like a pesky flea. But this
time you won't be getting away! (Angrily) Now, hand over the core!
(A bolt of lightning strikes a block near Lloyd. He glances at it for a
moment, then looks back at them)
I don't have time to play with you.
: Oh, so you wanna fight? That sounds good to me. (Reaches to draw his
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
: (Enraged) Just shut up and hand it over!
(The second Emil draws his sword, a big bolt of lightning comes from above,
zapping him over and over)
: Eyaaaaaa!!!]
Don't say I didn't warn you. Catch you later.
(Lloyd jumps away. The lightning stops, and Emil leans heavily on his sword)
: (Strained) You damn bastard!
(Suddenly, a sphere of purple lightning appears before them. It takes the
shape of a Corduroy, a devil-looking monster)
: (Gasps) What's that?!
: Watch out! That thing's giving off a lot of juice!
: (Angrily) Damn it! Get out of my way!
(The Corduroy attacks, but the party beats it)
: (Wipes sweat from his brow) All right. Now, to take care of Lloyd.
: I'm afraid it will have to wait, Emil. I am unable to sense
Tonitrus' presence right now.
: (Sheathes his sword, bitterly) That coward sure knows how to run away.
(The party approaches the altar)
: Then I suppose Rilena isn't here either.
: Which means that she must be at Solum's altar.
: (Folds arms) Then we need to go to the Temple of Earth, right? It's
been closed for a while because of the shaking from the quake. (Looks worried) Hopefully they've reopened it by now.