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Part 31: Update 31

Update 31
I wish it hadn't worked out that my first update after the allergy-induced hiatus was full of but oh well.

Video Record

: Well, we're in a bit of a rush.
: Perhaps we should take a short break here. Even if we hurry to the Temple of Earth, the entrance won't be cleared yet.
: I'm fine with that.
: Sheena, I hate to impose, but might I possibly relay a message to my company via your messenger here?
: Sure. Come with us, then. Emil, Marta, you two can wait here.

: Well, that seems like a good reason to be pissed with you, but I'd add the adverb "unnecessarily" there.
: Uh... ...
: It was my power that made it possible to protect you all this time! I'm sure you don't like me as much as that coward version of me, but he can't do anything on his own!
: But Emil would never give up on saving Rilena.
: Rilena? Huh! He only cares about her because he's so desperate to know who he is. Well, I don't care who I am. I only care about protecting you. No one else matters.
: No. That's not the Emil that I love! You're not Emil at all! Give Emil back! Let him come out!
: She's sure worked up.
: So even you would choose that coward over me.
: What's so bad about being a coward? Afraid or not, Emil tried his best to protect me!
: Sure, then he calls me in whenever things get too rough! He's the one who asked me for help. I'm not giving myself to him anymore. I won't do it!
: Sorry for the wait, I had a few things I needed to--hey, what's with you two?
: Did you have a fight?

: If they care enough about each other to fight, they're fine. Leave them be, Regal.
: Right.

It's hard to screenshot but Emil threw the notes at him.
: Emil!
: Hmmpf! I'm not really Emil, right?
: Then hurry up and let him come back out!
: You two, calm down. You're making a scene in front of Director Schneider.
: Uh... I'm sorry.
: Hmmph. ...
: Director, just how much do you know about Ratatosk?
Schneider: I've heard that Ratatosk possesses the power to manipulate mana, the source of all life. I believe that he used monsters to balance the distribution of mana in the world. It's said he was the summon spirit of the Giant Kharlan Tree, which produced the world's mana.
: That sounds a lot like someone I know.
: Yes, you could label me with a similar description.
: Richter refers to Ratatosk as the "demon lord." Do you know anything about that?
Schneider: Richter's been saying such things ever since he returned from his field study. But it's nonsense. If a demon lord were to exist, it would be a creature from Niflheim, the demonic realm. But Ratatosk is a summon spirit. He is of this world.
: Niflheim...
: Sheena, you've been to Niflheim?!
: Of course not! But I did catch a glimpse of it, once.
: Is she talking about that book?
: Yes.
Schneider: The researchers of the Elemental Research Laboratory in Meltokio may know more about Ratatosk. Rilena is working from there nowadays and her research materials and notes are there, as well.
: Their Ratatosk is in another castle eh?
: We are bound for Meltokio in any case. It might be worth it to pay the lab a visit.
Schneider: Please help Rilena.

Skit Video: My Beloved
: So then, that letter from Raine wasn't a love letter after all. I'm a bit disappointed.
: A woman of her quality deserves a far better man than I.
: Perhaps Raine and Regal are both simply too attractive for the match to ever work.
: No way. That's exactly why they're perfect for each other.
: There is another to whom I've already pledged my heart.
: What?! There is?
: However, she has passed on.
: Oh, I'm so sorry.
: No, there is no need to be. I'm the one who can't seem to lay the past to rest.
: I'm sure she's glad to have you keeping her memory alive, though. I'm actually a little jealous.
: Thank you.

Skit Video: Fight Part 3
: N'grrrrhhh...
: Unnhhhh!
: Ugh! Why don't you guys say something.
: Uhh! I can't stand this sort of thing. Do something, Regal!
: Let them be. The problem is theirs. They will solve it on their own.
: Yeah, I guess. But they're driving me up the wall.
: Just a couple of pouty teenagers.
: Aren't you seventeen?
: Yeah, but am I pouty?

Scientist: Aster?!
: Damn it, not this again.
: Sorry about his language. Actually, I'm here because there's something I need to ask you.
: Rilena! Aster! Rilena! Aster!
Scientist: Rilena was working on research related to Ratatosk based on Aster's research notes and continuing where he left off. You should be able to find all of her records downstairs. Feel free to browse through them.
: Thank you very much.
Scientist: I really can't believe that you're not Aster.

: "The guardian of the Ginnungagap, the door to the demonic realm, is named Ratatosk."
: Tenebrae, is "demonic realm" Niflheim?
: Yes.
: Then can we assume this "Ginnungagap" is the door between Niflheim and this world?
: That is correct. Lord Ratatosk is its guardian.
: There's no way someone like that could be the demon lord. It sounds more like he's protecting this world.
: Hmmph. Maybe Richter wants to use Ratatosk's power to get revenge on this world for its prejudice against half-elves.
Everyone: ...
: It's just you never stand up for Richter when you're in Ratatosk Mode.
: Is that really standing up for him? It's like you're just explaining his plan.
: Hunh. If I'm really Aster, that means Richter tried to kill me. Why would I want to stand up for him?
: Richter's not that sort of person.
: Emil?!
: Who said you could come out?!
: Emil, what's going on inside you right now?
: Who cares?
: We care! Tenebrae, what's going on here?
: I believe it's just his strong desire to protect Lady Marta.
: Is that really all?
: Hahahaha no way.
: Doesn't look like there's anything new in these notes. Let's hurry up and get out of this place.
: I've got a sneaking suspicion we're going to see this "Ginnungagap" place.
: I've been there before, it's a bit gaudy.

: Yes, thank you.
Scientist: Hey, you're Marta, right?
: Yes.
Scientist: That on your forehead--that's Ratatosk's core?
: Yes.
Scientist: Do you feel all right?
: Wh-What are you talking about?
Scientist: I heard from Rilena that Centurions' cores have a composition very similar to that of Exspheres. Of course, there are some minor differences between the two--organic vs. inorganic, etc.
: Isn't there a rather large difference between organic and inorganic? I wouldn't call that "minor."
: So what?
Scientist: Exspheres are toxic if attached directly to the body without the proper protection. Eventually, it will take over its host's body. If Ratatosk's core is similar to a Centurion's core, you should be careful about it.
: Marta, do you feel a sense of emptiness anywhere? Or have you experienced any sort of changes?
: No, I'm fine. I don't feel anything strange at all. And anyway, if there was any sort of danger, I'm sure Tenebrae would let me know.
: I... I'm sure you're right. But maybe we should get someone to check just to be sure?
: I'm fine. Seriously, I feel great. Anyway, shouldn't we be worrying about Rilena right now?
: She's doomed isn't she?
Scientist: Oh, I heard that the path to the Temple of Earth has finally been cleared.
: Oh, then we better get going right away!
: All right. But promise to tell us the minute you feel anything out of the ordinary.

Skit Video: Exspheres and Centurion's Core
: So, Exspheres can hurt the people who equip them. I wonder if the same is true about Ratatosk's core? What if the core starts to affect me and I don't realize it? What will happen to me?
: Lady Marta. You do not look well.
: Oh, no. I'm just a bit tired.
: Oh yeah? Wanna take a break?
: No, I'll be fine. We've got to get to the Temple of Earth.
: N'ehhh...

Royal Army: We were clearing rubble in the Temple of Earth and found an injured woman inside.
: That could be Rilena.
: Where is she right now?
Royal Army: She's still inside the temple.
: Emil! Where are you going?
: We're going inside to find that Rilena woman, right?
: ...
: All right, let's go, then.

Video Record

: I'm fine.
: I guess it has to be him.
: Is something wrong, Marta?
: Emil! Are you really back to normal?!
: Yeah. But Marta, what's wrong.
: It's nothing. Nothing at all.
: Don't lie. I can tell. You're worried about something, aren't you?
: Something seems off about his behavior?
: I guess I can't fool you. I've heard about Exspheres, how they eventually turn people into monsters. What happens if we don't free Ratatosk in time? Will I turn into a monster, too?
: You fool. Tenebrae would never put you in that sort of danger.
: "You fool?"
: Oops, I guess I got used to talking in Ratatosk Mode. Anyway, it's okay. I'm sure of it. I'll protect you. I'll protect you from the Vanguard, and from Ratatosk's core.
: Thanks. I'll be okay. I still don't believe that Ratatosk's dangerous, anyway.
: Come on, you two! We're going!
: Okay! Hey, Emil, if I'm wrong, I'm sorry. But you're the Ratatosk Mode Emil, right?
: Heh, he was in Ratatosk mode the whole time.
: I'm sorry I'm always mad at you. You probably hate me. But you still tried to cheer me up. You're really just as nice a person as the other Emil.

: I was just sick and tired of you getting mad all the time.
: You're right. I feel bad about that. I'm sorry. So you stop saying careless things about other people's lives, too, okay?
: Come on, what's the hold up?!
: Sorry!
: I'm not nice. You were asking for help, so I helped you. That's all.
: Emil, has your memory returned?
: I'm just going to shut up and handle the fighting. So if the time comes and the other Emil isn't up to the task, I'm counting on you, Tenebrae.
: Understood.
: Oh hey this isn't suspicious at allllll.

: Um, This is the Temple of Earth, right? Why are we here?
: Huh? What? You're out of Ratatosk Mode.
: I'm sorry. Lately I've been having trouble remembering while I'm in that mode.
: It does seem that way. What's the last thing you remember?
: I remember being in the Temple of Lightning, with Decus about to kill me.
: All right, let me bring you up to speed.
: I'm sorry I'm exhausted trying to think up clever things to say when I want to fade-out an explanation.
: That's ok.
: Thank you. At least now I know what happened. I'm sorry for causing trouble.
: Don't worry about it.
: Where's the woman you found here?
Royal Army: She's further in. They're just about to carry her out.
: Let's go! I hope she's okay.
: Emil. Right, let's go.

Yeah, that's still there from last time despite the earthquakes and all.

Skit Video: Curry Favor
: This is where Gnome, the Summon Spirit of Earth used to be, right?
: Yeah. I remember how hard it was making a pact with him.
: Was Gnome really that strong?
: Actually, it was everything we had to do beforehand to get to him.
: That's right. We had to make curry.
: Curry?
: Yeah, which meant we had to hunt down some spicy ingredients.
: Were you the one who made it, Regal?
: Let's see. That time it was--
: Well, like I always say, you can't "curry favor" without "curry," right? Get it?
Well, that's a "brilliant" way to get out of answering a question for the player I suppose. The translators got really lucky with earlier puns but I wonder how this one worked.

Skit Video: Poor Luck
: Okay, food's ready.
: Wow! It's amazing. It almost looks too delicious to eat. (Choking up) And it smells incredible. I can't believe it.
: What's with you? You're staring at the food like you're gonna cry.
: I, it's just, I thought women couldn't cook.
: Heh! Of course we can cook! You just happened to have poor luck in women so far.
: Would you two care to explain that conversation?
: S-Sorry.
: What is this weak bullshit? I'd have told her off!

BTW I decided not to do a dungeon video here because it's probably the dungeon that's most similar to its Symphonia counterpart (minus the Gnomelets). It's also realllly short.

: Rilena!
Rilena: You're the ones from the Temple of Lightning.
: I'm sorry. This is all my fault.
Rilena: No, it's not your fault. The dimensional boundary was already warped. That's why the temple was off-limits.
: But I used Ratatosk's power to--
Rilena: Seeing your face, and hearing you say the name Ratatosk brings back memories.
: Do you mean Aster?
Rilena: Yes. Aster and I were very close. But he was killed by Richter.
: So Richter really killed Aster?!
Rilena: I still don't want to believe it, but that's the only explanation that makes sense. He stole all of the research notes that Aster had left behind, and disappeared.
Royal Army: I'm sorry, but we really need to be moving on.
: My sincere apologies for keeping you, but there's one last thing I must ask.
Rilena: Of course.
: Did your friend Aster have any defining features? Any scars or moles?
Rilena: He did have a small star-shaped scar on his neck. Why do you ask?
: Just wondering. Thank you.
Rilena: Oh, I just remembered something I wanted to tell you. That Vanguard who was transported along with me.
: You mean Decus?
Rilena: Right, that was his name. He and his followers went deeper into the temple, past the altar. They seemed sure there would be an exit in that direction. They're your enemies, right? I thought you might want to know.
: Thank you.

: There's something like that just above my collarbone.
: Then that means that you're Aster after all.
: I don't know! I don't feel like I'm him!
: You are who you are.
: Marta.
: Your name doesn't matter. Even if you used to be called Aster, it doesn't change who you are. Sure, you tend to get afraid, but you've kind, and you give your best. That's why I don't think you should worry so much about it. Time will clear up everything, eventually.
: Seriously though, you should go to a court and try to prove you're Aster. See if he had anything nifty among his worldly possessions.
: Even if they had it wouldn't have been much.
: Thank you.
: Marta's right. Sorry I've been giving you such a hard time, I guess I got carried away.
: No, not at all. I let myself get overwhelmed with everything. It's my fault.. But I'm okay now. I have Marta and all of you to look after me.
: Indeed. We may not have known each other long, and there is a gap in our ages, but even so, I'll happily lend all of my power to your efforts as your friend.
Damn, when I was filling out the Mary-Sue evaluator I totally forgot about this. I probably could have gotten Emil to fully triple the "kill it with fire" threshold.
: Thank you!
: So everyone, how should we proceed?
: Well, Solum's core is supposed to be in this temple, right?
: I doubt it. It would require one of the humans to be in possession of Solum's core to be transported here.
: Which would mean the Vanguard has it?
: It would appear so.
: Then we need to go after Decus.
: But let's head to the altar to make sure.

Skit Video: Darkness Maniac
: What's with all the sighing, Marta?
: We've been underground for a while, and it feels like it's hard to breathe, or like something's pressing down on me.
: The air here is quite earthy and dusty.
: Yeah. And it's so dim I can barely see.
: That is most certainly bothersome as well.
: I thought you were the captain of the "hooray for darkness" brigade.
: This does not come under the category of "dark." I speak of something much richer, much deeper, a beautiful world of ebony!
: I think Tenebrae's what you'd call a darkness maniac.

Next Time: assuming my allergies don't render me comatose or something, Big Trouble in Little Altamira!