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Part 32: Update 32

Update 32

Video Record

: Honestly, you shouldn't have needed to check.
: It doesn't look like Lloyd took it, either. None of his weird posters are around.
: Then we can only assume the Vanguard has had the core all along.
: But look, this is a dead end. I wonder where Decus went.
: I sense monsters from somewhere nearby.
: Maybe there's a hidden passage somewhere. Let's look around.

Information: It seems to be a trap against intruders. It feels as though there's something hidden. Activate the device?

If Emil says YES
Information: The floor is in block shapes. Some blocks will shake violently and then fall immediately afterwards. Quickly move to a static block and try not to fall until the end.
: What the fuck?
: It's the most retarded security system ever. When we came here, we just hovered on our wings.
: Yeah being able to fly owns.

If Emil says CLUE
Information: There are two types of shaking to the block floors. Those that shake slowly will not fall immediately. If it shakes violently, the floor will drop immediately after. Please move to another block. The floor falls at certain intervals. It may be good to note which floors remain until the end.

If you want, you can watch me attempt this puzzle for a good 14 minutes 42 seconds. I'm not very good at this puzzle.

: Did you mature a little?
: Doesn't maturing mean that you don't do fistpumps and shout "Yes!" as much?
: Huh?
: We looked for a hidden passage back when we first met, too, but you were a little different back then.
: If I've matured, it's because of you and everyone else.
: Hehe.
: Haha.
: One moment you two are fighting, and the next you're all lovey-dovey.
: Bet you wish you were me.
: Hah! So that's how it is, huh? Well, you two made your point, so let's go down that passage.
: Right.

: Th-They're caterpillars.
: Sheena has a fear of insects? Weird.
: They're wearing the same sort of machines that Alice uses. You think?
: Let's take those off of them!

: Fight them, you mean? Sounds good to me. Let's go!

I don't really enjoy this fight. Listed is the primary reason.

Although Dread Charge doesn't do much damage, it allows the Lookin to zoom around the battle area like it's goddamn Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm not sure why it's doing zero damage, I guess it's a quirk of the defense calculations and blocking.

Impressive air.

Normal Unison Attack, remember the damage total later.

Honestly I should probably disable "Special" on Marta so I don't accidentally do an Ars Nova.

Yet again with the Ludicrous bonus xp.

: You think the Vanguard did this?
: Yes. This one says they were being used as vehicles to travel to a mine in the neighboring continent.
: A mine? Could it be the Exsphere mine?
: I couldn't say. It's offering to carry us. What do you want to do?
If Emil says DON'T RIDE
: Let's hold off for now. Decus probably went through here, but we don't know what to expect. We should be cautious and think this through.
: I agree.

Video Record
: The lookin says to let us know if we want a ride.
If Emil says RIDE

: Yeah.
: Thank you.

: I'm dizzy.
: I can't believe it. This is the Toize Valley Mine.
: Toize Valley. Wasn't that your...
: Indeed, this is the Exsphere mine my company used to own. We blasted it and buried it into the ground along with the Exspheres. I never dreamed it would have remained connected like this.
: Do you think the Vanguard is mining this place for Exspheres?
: Daddy was looking for Exspheres.
: What the hell would they use to charge up the exspheres?
: All of the Exspheres around here were dug out long ago. They would have to fig deeper in the mine to find anything. But it might someday be put to malicious use. We should get out of here and let the Lezareno Company know at once.
: Oh, they never found any. Whew.
: In that case, I really hope the exit from this mine isn't sealed off.
: What'll we do if there's no way out?
: We'd just have to go back the way we came.

Skit Video: HE Bomb
: So, this is what the Exsphere mine was like.
: Yes. Though I doubt it would be possible to unearth any more from this area.
: It's incredible there's still this much left of it intact, despite the explosion. I guess it was really built to last.
: We built it to withstand whatever disasters might occur. Though this does present a problem.
: I'll have to ask for Raine's help in finishing the demolition.
: But why Raine?
: During our journey of world regeneration, she destroyed one human ranch after another. She earned the nickname "HE Bomb."
: "HE Bomb"? Shouldn't it be "SHE Bomb"?
: Emil could give Colette a run for her money.

Dungeon Video

: If they brought Raine in, I bet she'd be pissed about the damage to the machines.
: It was rather impressive.

This is where there was a waterfall full of exspheres that discussed their feelings with us.

: Yeah, me too.
: Me three!
: How unfortunate you all don't appreciate the subtle beauty of the dark.
: Probably because we don't have any good memories of dark places.
: Okay, enough of that. We're going to the Lezareno headquarters, right?
: Yes. Our headquarters are in Altamira. I hope you don't mind a slight detour?
: Of course not.

Skit Video: Wahoo!
: Woo-hoo! Altamira here we come!
: Everyone travels around town in vehicles, right?
: Yes. The city was designed to be experienced as a resort. Even transportation has been carefully planned to be as enjoyable as possible.
: And Klonoa is the town mascot! I wonder if he'll be there.
: I hope we get the chance to meet him!
: Wahoo!
: Tenebrae, was that your Klonoa impression?
: Forgive me. I was jealous of Klonoa getting all the attention.

Skit Video: Magnificence of Darkness
: I will now explain to all of you the magnificence of darkness.
: You really take this seriously.
: Of course. Darkness is truly magnificent. When you're feeling down, the thing that allows you to sink even further, to truly plumb the depths of your depression, is darkness. When you wish to conceal the truth, darkness will hide whatever you don't want to be seen. Want to topple your foes without being noticed? Do so under the cover of darkness. How about it? Are you ready to come to the dark side?
: I don't know. Those things don't exactly get me all excited.
: Doesn't sound like much fun to me.
: Oh, but it is! If you're still unconvinced, perhaps you'd like to try a bite of my famous "dark stew surprise."
: That is a type of stew you make by throwing random ingredients into a pot, correct? A dish of that sort would be as likely to fail as to succeed.
: Right, it probably wouldn't be awful, but I doubt it would taste great, either.
: Ahh, I can feel the darkness of your rejection blooming in my heart!

Note that Altamira is no longer an island now.

: It was much livelier the last time I came here.
: The abnormal weather has made the sea treacherous. We've had to scale down our resort operations to compensate for the drop in visitors.
: It seems plenty lively to me. Can't imagine what it was like before.
: If we wake up Ratatosk, the city should return to normal, correct? Once that happens, I'd be glad to have you two as VIP guests.
: Really?!
: Good for you.
: Yeah!
: Now we have one more reason to work hard to free Ratatosk!
: So where's the Lezareno headquarters?
: It's further into the city. Let's go.

Skit Video: Lezareno Town
: It's like every little detail in Altamira has something to do with the Lezareno Company.
: There was even a Lezareno emblem on that manhole cover we stepped on.
: "From the cradle to the grave." It's one of the Lezareno Group's most important slogans.
: So, I guess that means they're behind pretty much everything here.
: It sounds rather risky.
: Why?
: Since Lezareno provides this town with all its goods and services, if the company were ever to go bankrupt, the lives of those living here will fall apart along with it.
: Uh...
: To assure that such events do not occur, our company dedicates itself to the continued pursuit of business excellence.
: Very good, then.
: What's with the attitude?

One nice touch is that even sub-areas you don't need to go to are modeled.

: Hello, George. Sorry to worry you.
George: I'm just glad that you're safe.
: Thank you. Now, right to business. I have something I need to discuss with you immediately.
George: What is it, sir?
: It's about the Exsphere mine. You see...
: needs to be blown up some more.
: So we'll need to demolish the mine again, and cut it off from the Temple of Earth.
George: Understood, sir. I'll send an investigative team immediately.

: What?!
: An attack here? Why would they?
Lezareno Employee: I... I don't really understand, but they're requesting they hand over the daughter of their leader.
: Oh no!
Lezareno Employee: They claim we kidnapped her and are holding her hostage. Apparently this attack is in retaliation.
: That... That's a lie! I'm going to set them straight!
: Wow. That's just absurdly dumb. Does she not understand the concept of trickery at all?
: Marta!
: It's too dangerous to let Marta go out there alone. We have to go after her!
: Yes. George, I want you to declare a state of emergency for Altamira. Institute a curfew until this situation is under control.
George: Yes, sir.
: Let's hurry.

: Why are you all--
: It's too dangerous for you to rush out there. You need to calm down and think this through.
: But Altamira is in danger and it's my fault.

: Hawk is coming this way!
: This isn't good. We need to find a place to hide.
: Let's retreat back to the hotel for now. We'll be able to blend in with the tourists there.
: But none of the people in Altamira deserve this.
: We don't want to cause a scene here, either. Otherwise it really would look like Lezareno kidnapped you.
: What? That's retarded.
: Well, it's what Emil there believed.
: That doesn't contradict what I said.
: You're right. I'm sorry.

Note the incredibly incompetent vanguard soldier here who doesn't recognize Marta at all, despite random Vanguards charging us after identifying her before during unrelated missions.

Skit Video: Under Attack
: Man, things sure went to hell in a hurry. Is there anything the idiot Vanguard won't try?
: I'm sorry.
: N-No, I'm the one who should apologize. I wasn't trying to blame you.
: She's right. You shouldn't feel responsible.
: But...
: Let's go back to the hotel and figure out a plan. If we all put our heads together, we're bound to find a way to resolve this.
: Okay.

: Man, the Vanguard redecorated fast. They even have appropriately-sized banners to put everywhere.
: Curious, isn't it?

: It's Alice!<3 What a coincidence! The Goddess Martel must be smiling upon me because I'm so adorable.
: ...
: You seem a bit bothered by this. Are you ok?
: Yes, I just dislike it when people with poor morals invoke my name.
: We're not handing over Marta.
: Oh wow, so you mean you really did kidnap Commander Brute's one and only daughter?
: Regal would never do something like that! He was worried about us, so he was helping me.
: I really couldn't care less. You're with Lezareno and won't go back to Commander Brute. That's all the justification we need for the Vanguard to crush Altamira.
: Urgh.
: I'd be more than happy to beat the stuffing out of you, but I have orders from the Commander, so I'll be patient. You have until morning. We've set up operations in the casino. If you return Martmart to us, we'll spare this town. But if you don't come back by tomorrow then we'll just have to kill everyone.<3
: You wouldn't dare.
: We've already rigged bombs all over the city. And don't even try to get the hostages out. Our people have the city surrounded. Have fun thinking it over.
: Holy shit, where'd they get the resources for that?
: This was the big play as far as the Vanguard were concerned. Everything was in.
: I've got to go see Daddy.
: Marta!
: Just wait. Like Lloyd always says, there has to be another way. First let's find a place where we can talk this over.
: Sheena's right. You may use the royal suite on the top floor. I'm going to meet with the others at the company to discuss any course of action that might get the people out of the city.
: There should be some Mizuho scouts here too. I'll go see if there's anything we can do. You two stay here and rest.
: Marta, let's go.
: Okay.
: Hoo boy.

Next Time: Introducing Commander Brute Lualdi!