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Part 33: Update 33

Update 33

Since we're boss battling today, I'm going to finally throw in my selection of stupidly powerful monsters, especially since that Imp is now almost as powerful as them.

I also made a Painkiller, but I was uncertain if Glory (can't be staggered) was worth the defense drop.

That's a LOT less def.

Video Record

: You can't think about it that way. You tried to stop the Vanguard from using Ratatosk's core for evil. There's nothing wrong with that.
: But I'm just a kid, after all. I realize now how powerless I really am. If I didn't have the core on me, I'd probably be lying dead somewhere.
: But you're alive. And Regal and Sheena are off trying to find us a way out of all of this. And maybe there's something we can do.
: Thanks. But I probably only have two options right now. I can run away and abandon everyone in the city. Or...
: Or what?
: Tenebrae, hold Emil back!
: Oh wow, Marta picks possibly the worst idea she could get.

: I cannot do that.
: If Marta goes back to the Vanguard, they'll use Ratatosk's core to do terrible things!
: Your other self should already know.
: Tenebrae, you'd betray me?
: Please remember. Remember the time when you were killed!
: I don't care if I was Aster or not! Let me go!

: SOMETHING is going on here, but I'm not sure what.

: My scouts tell me they have the perimeter of the city surrounded as well. If we knew where all the bombs were, we'd have a way out of this.
: Where the hell did they get enough troops to do that?
: Oh, there's a lot of people who the Tethe'allans had angered.
: Hey! Have either of you seen Marta?!
: No.
: We just got back. What happened to her?
: She's going to give herself up to save the city!
: That fool!
: They're based in the casino, so she must have gone there.
: Damn it!
: Don't run off as well.
: So we should just send her to die?!
: Calm down. Marta is Brute's daughter. They wouldn't just kill her like that.
: But...
: The fact that we know where they are works to our advantage.
: What do you mean?
: We know they've planted bombs throughout the city. It's safe to assume the detonator for those bombs is in the casino. We'll rescue Marta and destroy the detonator. They'll at least be powerless for a moment.
: I get it! And before they can recover, we evacuate all the citizens!
: Exactly.
: All right, I'll go meet with my Mizuho scouts to hammer down a plan to evacuate everyone. I won't be long.
: I need to make some arrangements as well. Emil, wait here, and don't do anything rash. It might do you some good to get some rest.
: Marta...

: I'll forgive you once we get Marta back in one piece. No, make that if we get Marta back in one piece and the citizens aren't hurt. Then I'll forgive you.
: You've changed. Lady Marta would surely be ecstatic to hear what you just said.
: I'm gonna give the body back to him. He probably won't remember any of this, so you'll need to explain it to him. I'm sure you were listening to our conversation, anyway.
: I will do as you wish.

: Wake up, Emil!

: Oh, right. Tenebrae explained things to me. Is Marta still safe?
: Well, I haven't gotten word that she's left the city.
: We must execute the plan while it's still dark. Now, to the casino.
: Yes.

: Why do you have to wear those?
: These are no ordinary handcuffs. They're actually a type of remote control device.
: Huh?
: I can use these to control the casino's power grid.
: Wow, that's perfect!
: However, the device is a prototype, and its viable control range is small. We'll have to get inside the casino for it to work.
: So once we're in and use these handcuffs--Wait, why does it have to look like handcuffs anyway?
: Ahhh, I see! You're going to use your status.
: That's exactly right. I'm the president of the Lezareno Company and a Tethe'allan duke. I ought to make quite a present for them.
: But surely those weren't made in the few hours since the Vanguard attacked. Those were designed and probably approved in the form of handcuffs.
: We're talking about Regal here.
: Oh right.
: You sure you're all right with this, Regal? I mean, being in handcuffs again.
: Don't worry. I'm used to it.
: It's the fact that you're used to it that worries me.
: Um...
: Hmm?
: Hmm?
: If he's a present for the Vanguard, should we tie a pink ribbon on him or something?
: Forget that. We want them to accept the present, not refuse it.
: I'm afraid I have to agree. All right, let's go.

Skit Video: Save Marta
I actually had to redo a few scenes because I forgot to get this skit the first time.
: Do you think Marta's okay?
: Well, it is Alice we're dealing with. It's impossible to be certain, but I doubt even she'd dare to kill the Commander's daughter.
: Exactly. All we need to do is find the weak spot in their plan and exploit it. Marta's going to be fine. Although, I'm gonna have to give that girl a talking to when this is over. She can't just run off like this.
: Yeah. Marta, please be okay.

: When you consider all the blood that would be spilled, our plan is far more desirable than open resistance.
: Wow, Regal.
: Hmm?
: It's just, I was struck by your keen insight.
: You'll be like this when you're older, too.
: You mean walking around in handcuffs like a convict?
: It's better than wearing a ribbon.
: That's for sure.

Skit Video: Maybe a Rose?
: Regal, I'm sorry about earlier.
: Hmm?
: That thing I said about presents needing a ribbon. It was a stupid joke. I shouldn't have made fun of you like that.
: It's all right.
: I mean I actually sort of think wearing a ribbon would suit you. You know, being an aristocrat and everything. Or maybe not a ribbon, but a rose?
: A rose...
: Like, you could wear it in your hair, or clench it in your teeth.
: I've sent roses to ladies before, but I can't say I've ever worn one. Besides, if I were to do something like that, Sheena would never let me live it down.
: Actually, it might look kind of good.
: What?!
: Hmm, I'd like to see that. For comparison purposes only of course.

: We brought a present for Lady Alice.
Vanguard Soldier: A present?
: Yes.
Vanguard Soldier: What's the present?

: The renowned, super-powerful president of the Lezareno Company, Duke Regal Bryant. You may have heard of him.
: Well, how about it?
Vanguard Soldier: Yes, but, why would you bring him here?
: We want to become members of the Vanguard.
: This is our offering to Lady Alice.
Vanguard Soldier: Uh, All right. We will notify Lady Alice. Come with me.

Vanguard Soldier: She says you may enter. Be sure to watch your manners.

Skit Video: Sweetie Pie
: Sweet! Sneaking past these guards is easy as pie.
: Yes, that was rather easy.
: They do seem to lack a certain dedication to their work.
: Exactly. Hey wait, Tenebie. Aren't you going to say something like "I quite agree, sweetie pie"?
: Sweetie pie? I hardly think this is the time to be exchanging such pleasantries.
: You're missing the point. Making bad jokes and puns is your thing. Sweet. Easy as pie. Sweetie Pie. Get it?
: Let's see, sweet, sweet... It's sweetie pie until the bitter end. Correct?
WTF? I think the translators got lucky too much and just plain couldn't deal with this one. Polsy?
: Unh... Never mind.

: So you're the ones who want to join the Vanguard.
: Yes.
: Bringing Regal straight to me with such a transparent lie? You're more stupid than I thought.~ Hawkie, arrest them, will you?

: That detonator is comically large.

: Oh come on they put all the prisoners in the SAME CELL?
: It's worth pointing out that they didn't even bother to take their weapons.
: You're fucking kidding.
: Nope. Do you see the plainly visible sword on Emil's back?
Note: No seriously they didn't take our weapons, we don't have to pick them up from a chest or anything.
Vanguard Soldier: Fools. You can rot in here.
: Marta! Thank goodness you're all right!
: Why are you all here?
: We found a way to save you, along with the city.
: I'd given up hope on finding a way to do both.
: You're the one who taught me that you can't give up so easily.
: Emil, thank you.
: Have you seen Hawk with anything that could be a bomb detonator?
: How did you not notice that giant thing earlier?
: Now that you mention it, yes. I saw Alice hand something like that to Hawk. She said something about a switch that could destroy the city...
: Yeah, he did have some weird thing hanging from his neck.
: All right, then we need to go after Hawk. Everyone ready? Let the mission begin!

: The power for the entire casino is out. The lock on this prison cell should be disengaged as well.
: All right, let's go!

Skit Video: Scarred for Life
BTW you will miss this skit and the next one if you move outside the room you're in now.
: Looks like Alice is still abusing Hawk.
: He probably doesn't have a choice. Especially when you consider their legendary duel.
: What is this duel?
: When Alice joined the Vanguard, Hawk was the head of the combat unit. They apparently battled it out for his position, and he lost in a really bad way.
: I'm almost afraid to ask.
: I didn't see it, so I can't be sure, but I heard he still has scars from that battle on his back. Supposedly they form the words "Alice's Pet."
: Talk about being scarred for life.
I wonder if it's easier to mark those scars into someone's back if you're using Japanese. I suppose it depends on which set of characters you use.

Skit Video: Heart of Little Girl
: If things were normal, I would've loved to check out the casino.
: What are you saying? Kids aren't allowed to gamble.
: Hey! I'm not a child anymore! What do you say, Emil? Don't you think it sounds like fun?
: Actually, I'd rather go play in the amusement park.
: Ughhh! Stop being so childish!
: Hold your horses. You two are the same age. You kids are gonna have to stick to the amusement park.
: I believe you've always preferred the amusement park yourself, Sheena, or am I mistaken?
: Seriously? Sheena, you've got the body of a woman, but the heart of a little girl!
: S-s-So what?!

Video Record

Remember how I joked about this game being like Pokemon?

Hawk: You filthy beast! Give me back the detonator!

Unfortunately no real animation for swallowing.

Hawk: No!
: Wait, they only had one detonator for the whole setup?
: It's the Vanguard. I'd be surprised if that detonator actually worked. Even if it did, Hawk would probably chicken out of using it.
: All right, we're done here. Let's go!

Hawk: If I let you all escape, Lady Alice will kill me!

Hawk attacks us with two buddies despite how many were shown earlier.

Serenity is annoying because it puts a field up on Hawk that prevents him from being staggered and also prevents us from building combos on him.

/wave Feinne

Pictured: A combo ended with Ain Soph Aur where it doesn't contribute very much.

The shockwave from serenity also does a tiny amount of damage.

Hawk's HP

That purple stuff following Hawk is the serenity aura.

Hawk's attacks are curiously flower-themed.

OK not this one.

Or that one. This one is fairly annoying because I have to chase his ass down.

I guess this one isn't flower-themed either.

Note a FUKKIN UNISON ATTACK not building combo on him. This is pretty annoying.

His ass is ultimately kicked. Note the standard ludicrous bonus.

???: What's all the commotion!

: Dude looks like a warlock or something. Also, is he on drugs? There's something up with his eyes.
: Daddy...

: You're the descendent of the noble Sylvarant Dynasty, and yet you associate with these low-born peasants. Have you no shame?
: Daddy! Are you still obsessing about that?! The Sylvarant Dynasty has no bearing on who we are right now!
: I see you've yet to realize the significance of your heritage.
: What? What do you think you're doing?!
: Consorting with filthy scum like yourselves has obviously clouded my daughter's mind!

: He's not on drugs. He's got an all-natural high going from Ratatosk powers.

/wave Feinne

You might have noticed it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO HARM HIM. I'll go over his specials and such at such a time as the game might allow me to have a legit fight.

After a while the screen whites out and cutscene spam returns.

I'm pretty sure we could kick his ass. He seems much easier than Decus was.

: But you'll never make it out of here alive. That is unless you think you can defeat me.

: Emil!

: Argh! Get out of my way!
I'd complain about how Brute seems distinctly ok with having killed Hawk, but, you know, Hawk. Honestly this might be the most human-like emotion he'll ever have.

: Seriously, what is wrong with that guy?
: Installing Solum's core has given him a massive Ratatosk overdose.

: Regal?!
: What are you waiting for?

: This man Brute is extremely skilled. If we waste time fighting here, more Vanguard will arrive and we'll be captured!
: Can I point out that Brute seems to be a bit slow-moving and you're taking the only tram that seems to be present? There's no real need to delay him any further.
: It would certainly be reckless for us to fight in earnest against an opponent who's using the power of Solum's core.
: When you have five or so cores now yourselves?
: Sheena!
: Regal, just hang on! We'll be back for you!
: Go!

: Regal, Daddy...
: Marta! If we stay here, what Regal did will be for nothing.
: Yeah.
: Emil's right. Come on, let's hurry!

Video Record

: The entire city has fled, and you're roaming free? How did you even get here? Commander Brute's going to be mad at me!
: Ugh, Looks like our troubles aren't over just yet.
: I won't let you get away this time!

: This place is dangerous. Come with me!
: Wait, you're not going to check to make sure you finished off Alice? BEHEAD HER YOU DUMBASS.
: Honestly nobody was making good decisions back then. I've been doing some thinking back on it.
: You can't tell me Presea doesn't have a problem with killing in cold blood, remember Vharley?
: Well that was a guy she knew.

: Who are you?
: My name is Presea Combatir.
: Presea was one of our companions on the journey of regeneration. But what are you doing in Altamira?
: I came to tell everyone at Lezareno about what's happening in Ozette. But I ran into someone from the village of Mizuho. They filled me in on the situation here, so I decided to help.
: You couldn't have come at a better time. Take these two somewhere safe. I need to go back to Altamira.
: If you're going to help Regal, I'm coming too!
: No. You have to protect Marta.
: Regal? Did something happen to him?
: He's off fighting the Vanguard all by himself. Marta and Emil can fill you in on the details! (Runs off)
: Sheena...
: I don't quite understand what's going on, but I'll take you to somewhere safe. You can fill me in once we get there.
: Right. Thank you.

Next Time: Chapter 7, and more VANGUARD ARMY OMG.