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Part 34: Update 34

Update 34

Video Record

: What's that?

: It appears to be a checkpoint.
: Where the hell did they get the resources to put checkpoints in the middle of Tethe'alla?
: Honestly no clue there.
: This is my fault. The Vanguard's doing this to catch me.
: We'll have to find another way around.
: But I'm sure they'll be checking everywhere.
: Leave this to me.

BTW remember how Presea is supposed to be super strong? For some reason she drags hers while Decus carries his.
: Um...
: What's that?
: IT's an iron maiden. Marta, please get inside.
: It's the same thing Decus has. Why do you have one of these?
: This is a good luck charm from Lezareno Mystic Supply, a subsidiary of the Lezareno Company. I make charms myself, and Lezareno Mystic Supply wanted to collaborate. They sent me this as a sample.
: Decus said he got that thing by mail-order.
: Just out of curiosity, when you say good luck charms, what sort of effects are we talking about?
: They say that if you put a hair from someone you love inside here, 765 days later, you'll find happiness together.
: Presea, is there someone you have in mind?
: That is a secret.
: It's Genis, right?
: But why do you have this iron maiden with you?
: I brought it to Altamira so I could return their sample. But it was impossible with the city under Vanguard control, so I hid it in the bushes here.
: I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but Marta, maybe you should get inside this thing.
: What?! But they'll know I'm in there the second they open the lid!
: It'll be okay.
: All right.
: Um... Can I help you carry that?
: I'm fine. Let's go.

Soldier: What's that you've got with you?
: This is my iron maiden. It's a good luck charm.
Soldier: Let's see what's inside, then.
: N-No, you--
: You'll be cursed.
Soldier: Huh?
: A terrible curse will befall anyone who opens this iron maiden before it grants its wish. First, you'll experience stomach-churning sickness and diarrhea for 77 straight hours. Then for the following 777 days, the king of demons will appear and stick his finger up your nose. Every. Single. Day. But if you're all right with that, go ahead and open it and be cursed.
: What.
Soldier: Heh! You think I'd fall for that?
: I understand. Please, the curse is all yours. I don't mind.
Soldier: Ugh.
: Go ahead.
Soldier: N-No, that's okay. Go on through!
: All right then.

: I was so worried he was gonna open it. My heart's still racing.
: This iron maiden actually has an internal lid. To anyone who opens it normally, it will appear empty.
: Really?!
: I had no idea.
: A dwarf named Altessa lives up ahead. We can take refuge in his house.

This part here sucks balls because of how easy it is to move forward two steps and miss a skit. We've had next to no ability to save since we fought Hawk last update too (ok technically I could run through a dungeon and THEN save).

Skit Video: Good Luck Charms
: So Presea, what other sorts of good luck charms have you come up with?
: Soul-mate shackles, hair-today hair-tomorrow tonic, fess up-ferns, the marry-me wand.
: Hey, Aunt Flora had one of those! Anything else?
: An outfit that despite having a bare midriff, never allows your skin to get cold, and also protects against enemy attacks. I call it the Loni-Kyle.
That's actually kind of funny. I have no idea what "Loni-Kyle" is a reference to though.
: Oh, I've heard of that. That was a big hit, but then it faded fast, right?
: It was a tough sell.
: Was that everything?
: There was a mask that hid your face without actually hiding it, but still mysteriously prevented anyone from realizing your real identity. I called it the Judas Mask.
: Haven't heard of that one.
: It was stolen while still in development, and the project had to be called off. It was my proudest achievement. A real loss.
: You came up with all that stuff? You're incredible.

Skit Video: Ozette
: So you're not from Altamira, right?
: No. I'm from Ozette.
: Where exactly is that?
: It's just on the other side of the Gaoracchia Forest, but only a handful of people live there now.
: Why's that?
: The town was destroyed once. The land was never considered very desirable, and the village had a reputation for opposing the Church of Martel. So people have been reluctant to move back.
: And also Mithos killed everybody who lived there in order to establish a cover story for himself.
: That's terrible.
: However, my friends are helping out. I know the village will recover someday. Right now it's in no state for visitors, but I'll give you a tour someday.
: Yeah, I'd like that.

Skit Video: Waka Waka Waka
: I thought my heart was gonna jump right out of my chest when we were going past that check point. On the other hand, you were so calm Presea. You've got a real poker face.
: That's not true. My heart was pounding like mad, as well.
: Really?
: Yes. It was going waka waka waka, and my palms were sweating like mad.
: Your heart was going waka waka waka?
: Yes, waka waka waka.
: Waka waka waka?
: Waka waka waka.
: That's not how it looked to me.
: Waka waka waka.
Is there a pun that isn't translating here?

Skit Video: Axe and Pocket Knife
: Are you hungry?
: Yeah, a little.
: Then I'll cook something up.
: H-Hold on! Why are you sharpening your axe?
: I don't have a proper cooking knife, so I thought I'd use this instead.
: But you've got a pocket knife, right?
: That's for carving wood.
: Yeah, but it's still better than the axe you chop up monsters with.

: This is Altessa's house.
: So what's Altessa like? He's a dwarf, right? Is he like Dirk?
: You've met Dirk?
: Ah, yeah, I have. You see...
: So that's how you ended up with Sheena. But I wonder what Lloyd is trying to accomplish all by himself. It worries me.
: ...
: Marta, are you tired?
: Uh, No, not at all. I'm fine.
: You sure?
: Let's head in and meet Altessa.

Skit Video: Paw Pads
: Mr. Fairy.
: Are you referring to me? I am not a fairy. I am a Centurion.
: Okay, Mr. Tenebie.
: "Mr. Tenebie"? Well, that's new--Whoa! W-wh-What are you doing?! Why are you grabbing my leg?
: You have no paw pads.
: Paw pads? Shall I make some?
: Wow! Poke, poke, poke, poke, poke...
: Th-That tickles! Stop, I-I beg you, I can't take any more!

Here's something you might not notice at first. Take a look at the table. There's a gigantic feast set out. There's nobody here to eat it except Altessa and he had no reason to expect guests so why is it there? It's never mentioned in the plot of this game at all. The reason I think it's there is that there was a feast there in the most important scene to take place here in Symphonia. This game has the same feast because it's a cargo-cult attempt to replicate the success of Symphonia, blindly copying in elements without context.

: It's Presea, from Ozette.
Altessa: Presea! And who's that you've got with you?
: My name is Emil.
: I'm Marta.
: I am Centurion Tenebrae. Pleased to meet you.
: These are all friends of Regal and Sheena.
Altessa: I see. So what brings you all the way out here?
: Altamira's been occupied by the Vanguard.
Altessa: What?!
: They've captured Regal. Sheena stayed behind in Altamira to rescue him.
: Sheena asked me to get these two out of the city and take them to a safe place.
Altessa: So you brought them here.
: Yes. I am planning on taking them to Mizuho. But I expect the Vanguard to be on high alert right now, so...
Altessa: I see. Well, you may stay here as long as you like.
: Thank you.
Altessa: Now what's all that commotion outside?
: It could be the Vanguard.
: Let's go and see.

Video Record

: Huh looks like they're not all completely retarded.
Magnar: All right then! Search this house!

: Were you not paying attention when he dreamed of receiving a nickname from Alice?
: It seems he was only pretending to be a Martel Knight. The incidents in Luin and Palmacosta were most likely part of an elaborate scheme to cast blame on the Church of Martel.
: Marta, did you know Magnar was with the Vanguard?
: I had no idea.
: Presea?!
: We can't stay here. We're putting Altessa in danger.
: Yes, that's true.
: I'm going, too!

Vanguard Soldier: Huh? Lady Marta!
Magnar: So you've finally given up? Excellent. Now you can return to your father and the Vanguard.
: I won't allow that to happen. I intend to keep my promise to Sheena.
Magnar: What, a child like you is going to stop me? You'll regret meddling in the affairs of the Vanguard!

So now we're fighting Magnar again. Note off to the left the "Roaring Spear" attack.

/wave Feinne

Magnar's getting on the HP inflation bandwagon.

Not so much his buds.

Iron Stance sends out some kind of shockwave and also buffs him I believe.

Dragon Fang.

Thunder Lance.

Breath of Rejuvenation is one of the Synch effects.

Continuing the trend of massive bonus XP and grade.

Magnar: Even if you knew, there's nothing you could do to stop it...
: Just tell me!
Magnar: Commander Brute is planning to announce the revival of the Sylvarant Dynasty in Altamira.
: So what? The Tethe'alla's Royal Army will just go and crush them and that's the end of that.
: Unfortunately, I don't think that's likely to happen in Altamira. The Lezareno Company's headquarters are located there. They'd have more than enough food and supplies to hold out for a long time.
Magnar: That's right. And our supporters are staging revolts around the world as we speak. That should keep the Royal Army's hands full. Then, once we have Ratatosk's core, we'll use the Mana Cannon to give the Tethe'allans the divine punishment they deserve.
: Ugh, mentioning the Mana Cannon in the same sentence as "divine punishment"? He needs to get some.
: But why? What will that accomplish?

Magnar: We can't let our people be persecuted like half-elves.

: We should head for Mizuho as soon as we can. We'll be safe there.
Altessa: Yes. You've still got Ratatosk's core--the most important thing you can do right now is run.
: I understand.
: But what about Regal?
: I'm sure my friends will sort things out.
: Friends...
: Altessa, you should leave here, as well. It's not safe.
Altessa: You don't need to worry about me. That Magnar fellow's still got some life left in him. I think I'll tie him up and keep an eye on him. But you'd best hurry to Mizuho as soon as you can.
: Yes.

Skit Video: Role Reversal
: Your spirits seem to be low. Are you tired?
: N-No, that's not it, I just...
: Are you worried about all those revolts Magnar was talking about?
: The bigger the Vanguard becomes, the more it seems like it's turning into some rampaging monster. How can something I helped create have gone so wrong? What should I do?
: That I do not know. But Sheena said to make sure the two of you were taken to safety. I believe that means your safety is important to resolve these problems.
: She's right, Marta. Staying here and worrying about it won't give you answers. The only thing we know for sure is that we can't let them get Ratatosk's core.
: It's like our roles are now reversed.
: Huh?
: When I first met you, I was always the one trying to cheer you up. Now I'm the one with no confidence and you're getting stronger.
: Maybe, but it's only thanks to you and everyone else. I'll lend you my strength when you're feeling down.
: Emil...

Skit Video: Mana Cannon
: Is the mana cannon really that powerful?
: Yes. It was originally developed to destroy the Tower of Salvation. I doubt there is any weapon more powerful. In our last journey, we used it to stop the Giant Tree when it threatened to destroy the world. It was Sheena's responsibility to fire the cannon.
: The Giant Tree that killed my mother was stopped by the mana cannon. Then the cannon must be immensely powerful. I mean, it topped a tree that covered the entire world.
: Yes. If such a weapon fell into the wrong hands, it could easily wipe out a town or two.
: Honestly I'd be more worried about it overwhelming the fragile World Tree and sending everything to hell. Again.
: Well, if they relied on Ratatosk's energy entirely it wouldn't be too bad. Probably. Maybe.
: We'll never let something like that happen. Never.
: Smartest thing he ever said.

Video Record Load

: Orochi, it's been a while.
Orochi: Presea? Who do you have with you?
: Sheena asked me to bring them to Mizuho.
Orochi: You spoke with the Chief?! Is she all right?
: Well, you see...
Orochi: Wait, we should discuss this at Elder Igaguri's place. We have other visitors who might like to hear.
: Visitors?
Orochi: Yes, Raine and Genis are here.
: Really?!
Orochi: Uh, Yes. You are acquainted with Raine?
: They apparently traveled with her before.
Orochi: I see. Anyway, you can give us the full story at the Elder's house. I'll see you there.

Skit Video: Sister
: This town has a different air about it than the others we have visited.
: That is probably true. While it is located in Tethe'alla, the people living here have their own unique culture.
: So this is Sheena's hometown.
: I hope she's all right.
: I'm sure she is. Though she encountered many dangerous on our previous journey, she always landed on her feet. We are all very lucky. It is the same luck that brought us together. So I'm confident things will work out.
: Thanks for saying that. It's odd. You're younger than me, but you feel like an older sister.
: !! Older sister. You can call me "sister" anytime you like.

Skit Video: Tethe'alla and Sylvarant
: I've been thinking about what Magnar said about how Sylvarant's less-advanced society leaves them vulnerable to persecution by Tethe'allans.
: Yeah.
: The worlds were united. Everyone is living together. So why is it still like that?
: They're scared.
: Huh?
: People reject those who are different, and assume that the world they know is all that exists. As a result they are unable to understand other points of view. Those thoughts lead to fear, and that leads to war.
: Uh...
: I believe that our ability to travel together despite our differences... is due to the efforts we make to understand one another.
: I think you're right.
: On that note, let me take this opportunity to once again explain the magnificence of darkness.
: No!

: Raine! Genis!
: Presea?! And Emil and Marta, too! What are you doing here?!
: I brought these two with me from Altamira, at Sheena's request.
: Altamira? Why were you in Altamira?
: Dreadful things have happened. You see...
: Insert explanation here.
: So that's what happened. You three were wise to come here. It's just as Magnar said. The Vanguard is instigating violent uprisings in cities around the world.

Vanguard Soldier B: For the pride of Sylvarant!
Vanguard Soldier C: Rise up against Tethe'alla! Long live the Sylvarant Dynasty!

: The political situation was already unstable after the world unification. The Vanguard is fanning the flames of the populace's dissatisfaction with the Tethe'allans and the Church of Martel. And there's no way to stop the revolts.
: What about Tethe'alla's Royal Army?
: I'm sure they have their hands full with just the Tethe'allan cities. And if the Martel Knights try to put down the riots, it will only increase the intensity of the Vanguard's opposition. It doesn't help that there's still no unified government in Sylvarant.
: This isn't the sort of thing that a city watch could handle by itself.
: And they are planning on using a mana cannon. If they get that capability, not even the Royal Army could stand against them.
: Let's report all of this to Elder Igaguri. If the Vanguard needs Ratatosk's core, then we still have a chance.
: Right!

Skit Video: Translation
: Pr...Presea! I-i-i-It's been a...
: Genis. It has been a while.
: Presea Um, I...I, Ozette...
: Yes. Thanks to your help, Ozette is on its way to recovery.
: M-m-Mys...
: Yes. With the support provided by Lezareno Mystic Supply, life in the village has returned to normal.
: Well, as normal as it can get after being blown to bits I guess.
: Presea, your ability to translate Genis' stuttering has improved immensely.
: Thank you. I'm used to it now.

Click here to watch me suffer for 15 minutes.
Since this was my first opportunity to do Katz quests this chapter I think I'll interrupt here and do a few.

This is our first S-rank quest. HOO BOY.

Jesus Christ look at that level. It makes Genis's comments earlier about a City Watch being unable to handle the Vanguard uprising look kind of funny. It is purely by coincidence that I got this particular quest for my rank-s quest. Note that this quest is available at every rank. In case you're wondering, we can't reach level 288 ourselves.

There's actually a pretty hefty spread to their HP and level.


Click here for more suffering.
Anyway I also do the Treasure Hunter's Treasure quest here, since apparently these aren't available 100% of the time in these chapters.
*Treasure Hunter's Trophy Take Three*
Subject: Meow. There's a rumor that a famous treasure hunter hid a trophy in a nearby dungeon. All adventurers interested should try looking for it!

: So, the notes we've collected so far have had the letters "L" and "A" written on them.
: If we can find a third note, we might be able to make some sense out of all this.
: Right. We'll have to be careful, though.

These are a bit out of order for some reason when I did them, oh well they're in the right order here.
Treasure Hunter: So, you've come in search of the secret treasure.
: Well, yes.
Treasure Hunter: Then, no hard feelings. But this is the end of the line for you! The secret treasure's all mine!
: Yeah, right! You think we're gonna just give it up to somebody like you?!
Treasure Hunter: Oh, so it's a fight you want? You're gonna regret saying that!
: Right back at you!
: You tell him, Emil!
We win easily.
Treasure Hunter: Gah...
: Treasure hunting is everyone's dream, not just yours!
: I don't think that's a reason to go around threatening people, Marta.
Treasure Hunter: I'll remember this!
: What a jerk! I should've really let him have it while I had the chance.
: If we overdid it like that, we'd be no different from him.
: But...
: We've got to keep cool heads about this, and still find the treasure before guys like him.
: You've right, I'm sorry. See, that's just what I like about you.~
: Okay then, let's keep going!

We beat up a monster easily.
: Okay, on to the next one. The coolest heads will prevail! Every hammer needs a nail!
: Every hammer needs a nail?
: I just thought it had a nice ring to it, that's all. Come on, let's get going!
: Right.

I'm gonna show you this fight because it's crazy.

Those three little fire-elemental guys heal.

Ratatosk-Emil deals with them the only way he knows how (violence).

Thanks to the area of effect that the Mystic Arte has they all go down at once. Good riddance.

That took entirely too long.
: We're nearing the dungeon's most inner reaches. Let's proceed with the utmost caution.
: I wonder if there'll be a tough looking monster guarding this treasure, too.
: No worries. We'll just keep our heads cool and take him down!
: Yeah, right.

: Look, there's the treasure chest! Let's get rid of that monster and grab the next note.
: Okay. Let's go!

: Okay, no more monster. Come on, open the box!
: All right, I'm opening it. Is the note in here? There it is! It's the letter "E".
: E?
: The notes so far have contained the letters "L" and "A", correct? If we rearrange all three letters, the only like word is. ALE.

: What does beer have to do with this?
: No comment.
: I was only giving it my best guess. These letters can't be made into any other word though, correct?
: What about "EAL?"
: I don't think that's how the word is spelled. Anyway, it would appear we have yet to find all of the notes.
: Yeah. Finding the treasure hunters' trophy is turning out to be more difficult than I thought.
: I know. But if we keep this up, we're bound to find it eventually. So we can't give up!
: Right.

Igaguri: If it comes to that, I have no doubt that the target would be Meltokio.
Orochi: If their mana cannon is as powerful as the one Sheena used, it could easily blow away an entire city. Once they get their hands on Ratatosk's core, it's all over.
: Exactly. So we need to concentrate on Altamira and not the revolts in other cities. The Vanguard commander is stationed there right now. If a group as inexperienced as the Vanguard loses its leader, the rest of the organization will likely fall apart.
: If I understand you correctly, you're suggesting that we go after the Vanguard's commander.
: But Raine, the Vanguard's commander is Marta's father!
: I'm not saying that we have to kill him.
: Even if we captured him alive, after all of the things he's done he may be executed.
: Marta...
: I understand. My father has done terrible things. Please don't worry about me.
Igaguri: Then we should send our units into Altamira as soon as possible.
: Count me in.
: Me too.
: I would also like to help. I'm sure I could be of service.
: Uh, I--
: Emil, you stay here and protect Marta.
: Why?
Orochi: As long as Ratatosk's core is safe, the worst case scenario will not happen. So we must keep it that way.
Igaguri: We cannot afford any delays. Make the necessary preparations immediately.
: All right, let's go and get ready.

: What do you mean?
: They'll capture Daddy, then they'll dismantle the Vanguard... then we can wake up Ratatosk.
: Are you really okay with that?
: Well, what other way is there?
: You don't want to try talking with your father?
: Daddy won't listen to what I have to say! You heard him! He just won't listen!
: Then why did you go to the trouble of running away from the Vanguard?
: What?
: You said you could never forgive your father's way of doing things. You were a member of the Vanguard yourself, and yet you're letting others do the most important work for you. You're okay with that?
: Then are you saying I should go fight my own father?!
: No, I'm saying you should try talking with him! Just because it didn't work the first couple of times doesn't mean there's no hope at all. Brute's your father. If someone else captures him, then that's it, that's the end. Are you really gonna be okay with that? He's still your father.
: Ungh... ...
: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality. Courage is what helped me make true friends. That's why I'm giving my courage to you.
: Let's go to Altamira. Regal's there, and Sheena, as well. They both saved us when we needed them. And you need to talk to your father.
: This is so dumb.
: Emil...

Mizuho Scout: You have to get out of here!
: Man, so much for Mizuho's secrecy and isolation. The Vanguard seems to just be able to do whatever they want.

: Emil! We can handle this! Go to Elder Igaguri's house!

: I won't let you into this village!

: Who's next?!

We're put into a battle with four normal vanguard.

: Ungh... ...
: They were after you like this the first time we met.
: You remember?!

And again.

: You were running because you thought once you wake up Ratatosk, the Vanguard won't be able to do anything.
: That's--
: But Brute has Solum's core. You won't be able to wake up Ratatosk if you keep running from Brute.
: Ah...! ...

Twelve Vanguard have died by our hand this day (not counting those with Magnar).

: Are you still going to keep running?
: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality. I want to see Daddy one more time.
: Are you serious?! The Vanguard is after Ratatosk's core, remember?
: Yes, I know. But it's just--This whole time, I haven't done anything but run away.
: But you've been trying to wake up Ratatosk.
: That was just a roundabout way of stalling the Vanguard. I was afraid to face my father. He had changed, so I just ran away from him.
: You're not afraid anymore?
: I'm afraid, but Emil shared his courage with me.
: Emil and the "other" Emil, too. Thank you.
: My other self said something to you?
: Yes, he did. Please let me go to Altamira.
Orochi: Well, either way, the Vanguard knows that Marta's here. I don't really see a problem with her accompanying you.
: I think so, too. We can protect her.
: Raine, what do you think? You're against it, right?
: Oh? Why would I be against it?
: Then it's okay!
: To tell the truth, I'd prefer to leave you behind.
: Huh?
: That's... suspicious.
: Never mind. Marta, you can come with us.
: Thank you!
Orochi: Then it's settled. I'll leave Marta with you, and we can meet up later in front of Altamira.

Next Time: Altamira and the dumbest thing Emil and Marta ever do.