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Part 35: Update 35

Update 35

Skit Video: Vanguard's Uprising
: Isn't there some way we can stop all the chaos the Vanguard is causing around the world?
: I'm sure the Royal Army is marshalling their forces to deal with the situation.
: So, they'll be coming to Altamira, right?
: No. That's precisely what the Vanguard's uprisings are designed to prevent. With their forces scattered, the Army won't even be able to approach Altamira. Especially now that the Vanguard claimed it as its base.
: Then, the only way to bring down the Vanguard is from the inside.
: Yes. And the only people that can do that now...
: are us.
: Yeah! So let's hurry to Altamira. Regal and Sheena need our help.

Video Record

: Ah! You scared me!
: Yes, I was quite startled.
: Y-You don't look very startled.
: That's our Presea! Always so cool and calm!
: No, I told you, he startled me.
Orochi: The conversation is giving me a headache. Let's just drop it.
: Thank you, Orochi. So what's the situation like in Altamira?
Orochi: It appears the Vanguard established their headquarters in Lezareno Company Building Number Two.
: Building Number Two?
: It was built near Altamira's amusement park.
: If we attract any attention, the Vanguard will have a welcome party all ready and waiting for us at their headquarters.
: Then what should we do?
: Regal told me there's a tunnel underneath the hotel for employee use. If we can find that, it should take us right in front of Building Number Two.
: You think of everything, Presea!
: You're quite composed for your age.
Orochi: We'll seal off Building Number Two, so they can't call reinforcements. We'll take care of the Vanguard soldiers in the city. We'll leave infiltrating their headquarters to you.
: That's fine.
Orochi: The plan goes into effect at midnight tonight. Don't do anything that might arouse suspicion before then.
: All right, we should get going as well.

: Wow, they've got this place wrapped up tight.

: There's no way we'll be able to get in before midnight.
: What should we do? Starting a fight will get everyone's attention.
: We just need to get them out of the way, correct?
: Paw Pad.
: It's Tenebrae. If you're going to call me something ridiculous like doggie or Paw Pad, I'd prefer you just call me Tenebie.
: Chill out, Tenebrae. What are you planning on doing?
: I'm planning on doing this!

: Is that...

: That's Celsius, one of the few Summon Spirits you didn't meet on your journey.
: Come to think of it I never heard of Celsius.
: She left in a huff after I enacted the Great Mana Reform.
: Is that when you went from eight kinds of mana to four?
: Something like that.
: Tenebrae, you can transform into anything you want?
: Yes, because I'm a Centurion. Now then, watch a master at work.

: How long are you planning to stay like that?
: Why, Emil honey, don't you like it?
: Wow, well, that's a switch.
: Maybe changing his shape changes his personality as well.
: I miss Paw Pad.
: Anyway, let's wait here until dark. Our operation begins at midnight.
: Which way is it to the underground tunnel?
: Regal said all you have to do is get in the elevator and press the button marked for employees.
: Man that's a shit security system.
: Then let's relax until midnight. Teeheehee~

Skit Video: Most Beautiful
: Hey, Tenebrae. The lady you turned into, is that what Centurions consider to be beautiful?
: Yes. We Centurions have a highly refined aesthetic sense.
: Well, what about Raine?
: Truly a vision of beauty.
: My...
: And Presea?
: Very lovely indeed.
: How nice.
: Okay, what about me?
: Why, you are beautiful as well, Lady Marta.
: So then, which of us is the most beautiful of all?
: I believe that would have to be me.
: You really love yourself, don't you?

: ...
: Presea?
: I'm fine. My head just hurts a little.
: Now that you mention it, I feel a little short of breath all of a sudden.
: I believe you may be experiencing the effects of Solum's core's increased instability. The core must have been used for some truly nefarious deeds. Its powers have grown even more chaotic.
: Oh FUCK.
: What does that mean for us?
: The longer we stay here, those without Lord Ratatosk's protection may be affected by the core's precarious state and lose their sanity.
: In other words, we don't have any time to lose.
: I hope Regal and Sheena are okay.
: Even if they've been affected by Solum's core, they should return to normal as soon as Lady Marta hatches it.
: So if we find Brute and get the core back, everything will be settled.
: That's right. Daddy...
: Marta, are you all right?
: I'm fine. I have the courage you gave me.

: I wonder where Brute--where Marta's dad is.
: Usually, the most important person resides at the top.
: The top floor. They'll definitely spot us before we get up there.
: Yes. And a large corporation like the Lezareno Company is bound to have some pretty advanced security installed as well. No matter what we do, it's going to be quite difficult to stay undercover.
: Do you think we can find the blueprints of the building somewhere?
: If we could locate the security room, I believe we might be able to find the blueprints.
: That kind of thing is usually located in the basement.
: Then let's try to find a security room.
: Yes, let's do that.

Yes they make you fight a SINGLE VANGUARD SOLDIER, the kind that's roaming in packs of 2 or 3. In ToS there was a similar fight in the Renegade base IIRC that had a unique "commander" enemy.

: POSTURE!!!!!

: I'll work on disarming the security system.
: You two are amazing.
: There we go. Take a look at the screen.
: The top floor. Maybe the president's office?
: There's an elevator that goes straight there.
: So we could go directly to where Brute is?
: Yes. However, security will be tight. That's why I suggest we split into two groups.
: Won't it be more dangerous to divide our forces?
: I agree.
: That is certainly the case. But if we end up facing the full force of their soldiers, we'll fail. We have to divide the enemy's forces.
: So you're saying we need a diversion.
: Exactly. The decoy will create commotion around the elevator that leads to Brute. Our main unit will go up the emergency staircase.
: Then I'll be the decoy.
: Marta, you want to talk to your father, right? You should be in the main unit.
: But those in the decoy might get hurt.
: Either way is dangerous.
: Genis is right. Emil, Marta, and Tenebrae, you go up the emergency staircase.
: All right. You guys be careful.
: You, too.
: I'm sorry, and thank you.

Skit Video: Nuance
: It's been a while since we've been alone together.
: You're right.
: Please don't forget about me.
: I haven't forgotten. It's just a matter of nuance.
: Oh, it's quite all right. The elderly are always being shoved aside.
: I thought you didn't like to be called old?
: It's a matter of nuance.

Skit Video: Building Number Two
: Oh, come on! Why does the Lezareno Company need to have buildings this big?!
: Maybe as a symbol of their success?
: But why do we have to suffer for it?! A company's building should be simple and small!
: I know a way to make these buildings very small.
: How?
: Easy. We simply cause the Lezareno Company to go bankrupt.
: I think Regal would kill us if he overheard this conversation.

Very Stupid Video Record

: When you didn't head for the elevator, I thought you might take this route.
: Is Daddy here?
: Where's Brute? If you know where he is--
: You don't have to act so scary. I didn't come here to fight you.
: What.
: What do you mean?
: I hate to ask you this considering all the times I've tried to kill you. It's Dumbo Decus. I want you to help him. I'll tell you where Commander Brute is if you do.
: Oh come on. Not even Emil would fall for that.
: Did something happen to Decus?
: You were saying?
: No. Way.
: Commander Brute gave Solum's core to Decus so he could transform into Lloyd, but it's changed his personality.
: Now that you mention it, he did seem more violent than before.
: Why are you listening to anything that bitch says?
: A Centurion's core can make humans go insane.
: Isn't there anything you can do to help him? Decus has completely lost it. We've got him locked up in the room back there. I can't stand seeing him like this.
: Oh come on. Since when do you care about anyone else?
: If we hatched Solum's core, I believe he would come back to his senses. But doesn't Brute currently have the core?
: Commander Brute gave it back to Decus after he fought you. Please, help him!
: Tenebrae, can you feel Solum's core nearby?
: I've felt its presence ever since we entered this city. However, it's out of control and affecting the entire region. I'm having trouble pinpointing its exact location.
: Martmart, please! If you help Decus, I'll take you right to Commander Brute, I swear!
: Let's help them, Marta. It'll give us a chance to hatch the core, too.
: I must advise against it. Remember, Decus was the one who killed your parents in the Blood Purge.
: Well make him face his crimes! Just please, help him!
: Dammit. This is the most obvious trap ever.
: The most important thing right now is hatching the core. Besides, Decus won't be able to tell us what happened in Palmacosta until he's back to normal.
: Uh, I'm pretty sure we know what happened there. BECAUSE HE ALREADY TOLD YOU.
: All right. We'll help.
: Oh, thank you! He's in that room just over there. Please help him!

: I can't believe you're going through with this. At least don't stand on the obvious bulls-eye.


: He hasn't been a very happy boy ever since Commander Brute took Solum's core from him.~


: Alice! You lied to us!
: Uh, Arche? You ok? You're not having an apoplectic fit are you?
: Huh. Root of all creation, grant us the breath of life... Revitalize!
: Uhhhh... Wow, that was some painful stupidity.

: Tell me something kid. What exactly are you doing here, anyway?

: What? No he didn't. You're not Emil Castagnawhatever.

: Woah! Hey Colette! Be careful!
: Oh dear I'm so sorry. I tripped again.
: Oh man! The machine's going crazy!
: Wh-What should we do, Zelos? Maybe I pressed something.

: How did you two get here?
: I guess your luck with klutziness is still going as strong as ever! Hey, Emil, I'll explain later. Come with us for now.
: But he's the one who killed my parents...
: Sorry, but getting rid of the Vanguard is more important than revenge.

: W-Well... Um...

: Let's get rid of them, Emil. Come on!

I could kill these guys in my sleep. Literally, thanks to my AI controlled party members.

By the way the guy in front is demonstrating that Taunt has an animation and therefore takes up time on its own.

: You can tell us what's happened once we make it to a safer place.
Note: The transcriber who made the script I use actually forgot the second line there.

: It's okay. You were right, we have more important things to do. But why are the two of you here?
: Lloyd asked us to come.
: He did?
: We finally managed to catch up to Lloyd. Though he still won't tell us anything.
: Just then, we heard Vanguard had invaded Altamira. So Lloyd told us to go and help.
: Is he here, too?
: Yeah. Though he said he couldn't work together with us for some reason, so he's off doing his own thing.
: But What about you? Why are you here all alone?
: Well...
: Skipping all these explanations is tiresome, I can't come up with anything new to make fun of here.
: So Marta was captured.
: This is not good. If Marta's in enemy hands that means they can use the mana cannon.
: It's all my fault. If I didn't trust Alice--
: There's no need to worry. I am able to sense where they're keeping Lady Marta. Now is not the time to blame yourself for what happened.
: No, no I'm pretty sure he's at fault for what happened.
: He's right. Let's go save Marta.
: Right!

Skit Video: Stumbles into Miracles
: Aha! Colette! Sometimes I could just kiss you! Your ability to turn every simple stumble into a miniature miracle never ceases to amaze me!
: Her stumbles make miracles?
: See, every time Colette falls down or makes a mistake, something good always comes of it.
: Now that you mention it, when Colette tripped and bumped into Marta, she saved her from being attacked by a monster.
: I'm not doing it on purpose!
: Oh, I believe I've come up with quite a plan.
: Speak right up, Tenny.
: We'll have her take a tumble on her way to buy lottery tickets, then sit back and watch the money roll in.
: That's pretty pathetic, Tenny.
Is there a pun in here somewhere that they couldn't translate?

Skit Video: Full-Grown Man
: I tell ya Emil, little old Alice really stuck it to you back there.
: Are you trying to say that it was my fault? Don't worry. I know that already.
: Whoa, don't get your panties in a bunch, kid. I wasn't blaming you.
: Then, what is it?
: You see, when a boy is tricked by a woman for the first time, that's when he becomes a man. You trust one, get betrayed, trust another, get betrayed. You swear you'll never trust again, but then you do. That's male-female relations in a nutshell, for ya.
: That sounds a bit... sexist.
: Well, it's Zelos.
: Mmn...
: It's true she got the better of you this time. But now we've got another full-grown man on our side.
: You sound like you speak from experience.
: Leave me alone! You'll see for yourself soon enough!

Next Time: Boss Fights and the Truth About Emil. Place your bets on whether we're ripping off Abyss or Innocence now!