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Part 37: Update 37

Update 37

Video Record

: I guess the heroes of world regeneration are no match against the power of the demonic realm.
: You are shitting me. The demonic realm? Really?

: Emil, I've finally made up my mind. Your form no longer matters to me. I will kill you!

So we're finally fighting Richter for real and serious. Note: I removed an image of Richter taking the time to Taunt me.

What's wrong with this picture?

: Why's Richter such a total wuss?
: You'll see.

You know in ToS when we fought Kratos (Richter is totally not a Kratos-a-like) he was very hard to stun and build huge combos on.

Richter has several elemental attacks but honestly I lost interest in describing them. If you really want to see them I'll edit them in.

Once again we have a boss whose spellcasting is far too easy to interrupt.

Thanks, Obliterate

This one actually does SOME damage.

And I get a bit greedy here.

And Richter manages to get me!

Except sync abilities. Sorry, sucka.

Obliterate seals the deal.

Less bonus this time.

: Oh come on, Richter has sent this back at his face twice now? Three times?

: This arte. This timing!

Grats to everyone who called Innocence.

: So Emil was Ratatosk the whole time? I guess he's not a robot clone after all.

Ratatosk: Some have called me by that name.
: Ratatosk the current balance of mana in the natural world is in a state of chaos. We believe your power is necessary to restore the correct balance.

Aster: We have heard that a new tree has been born.

: Why couldn't you control the flow, anyway?
: I'll explain that when it becomes important.
Ratatosk: So?

Aster: If you do that, then the world will be saved.
Ratatosk: Awaken, Centurions! Restore the bond with your monsters, and repair the mana of the world! And then go and eradicate mankind who destroyed my tree!
: I'm not that surprised that he's evil, but I'm kind of surprised about how unsubtle he is.
: Ratatosk is a lot like Red-Eye Emil. In fact, you could say they're the same person.
Aster: Wha-What are you doing?!
Ratatosk: You want to save the world, right?
Aster: Yes but you don't have to kill everyone to do that!
Ratatosk: Who destroyed the Giant Kharlan Tree? Hmm? It was the humans and the half-elves! That's why they deserve the same treatment themselves.
: This is exactly why I never liked Ratatosk. He was always prone to overreact to things and use violence as his first solution.
Aster: Geh! But a new World Tree has been born in the world!
Ratatosk: And it's just a matter of time before you humans and half-elves destroy that one as well. Don't you understand? You "people" are nothing more than parasites on this world.
Aster: No! That's not true! Humans and half-elves are a very important part of this--

: Aster!

: Agh... I remember. And then--
: And then all of a sudden he... he--
: Richter one-shot Ratatosk?
: The thing about Ratatosk is that compared to most ancient spiritual beings he's made of glass. If he doesn't kill you right off the bat you'll kill him.

: First you use Daddy to kill all of those innocent people, and now you want to kill Emil, who always believed in you?!
: Aster was also innocent!

Geh! I can't let you kill Ratatosk.
: Lloyd Irving! Why do you insist on getting in my way? Why does it matter to you?
At this moment, I'm going to stop you as Emil's friend!

: Oh come on help out you dumbass little girl.
I guess you can't use the power from the demonic realm as often as you'd like!
: Aramis!

They got away. Emil, are you all right?
: If you'd pressed the attack harder he probably wouldn't have.
: Yeah that was pointed out to him.

Welp that's the end of this chapter folks. Next Time: More secrets.