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Part 39: Update 39

Update 39

Video Record

If you played Tales of Phantasia, you'll note that the tree with the circle around it is in the same area Toltus village is.

: Huh, YUAN is the guardian?
: Yes.
: Dude is immortal due to his Cruxis Crystal, right? How come he wasn't here for, you know?
: I did a thing. He ended up being ok with it.
: Must have been some thing.
: The look on his face was great.
: What kinda look was it?
: It was a happy look mostly.

Yuan: Lloyd told me everything that happened. So Ratatosk is beginning to awake.
: Please... Please tell me what's going on. What do you know?
Yuan: Emil, what do you think you are? The Summon Spirit, Ratatosk? Or are you a human?
: Well, I...I want to be human.
: What's the purpose of trying to figure out what Emil really is? Even if there's some other personality inside of him, Emil is still Emil!
Yuan: That's what I would like to believe as well. That Emil's human kindness is also the kindness of the Summon Spirit Ratatosk.
: Has this guy met Ratatosk?
: Yes, I mentioned that before. But he's also pretty good at holding out hope.
: Then...Then I guess I really am the Summon Spirit Ratatosk.
Yuan: Essentially, that is true. Lloyd and I have been working to prevent Ratatosk from wiping out humans and half-elves.
: Then you... Then you two have been trying to kill me, just like Richter was trying to.
Yuan: No. While Ratatosk is the Summon Spirit of the Giant Kharlan Tree, he is also the guardian of the Ginnungagap. Without Ratatosk, the Ginnungagap would open, and our world would become Niflheim's domain. We must make sure that never happens.
: Why the hell did the elves settle a planet with a goddamn hellmouth on it in the first place?
: Honestly I think they wanted the hellmouth. Elves have always been prone to weird dickery.
: At the request of the Summon Spirit Martel, we've been working to seal Ratatosk within the Ginnungagap.
: Wait, what do you mean by that exactly?
: We intend to bury Ratatosk and the Centurion's cores within the door as a permanent seal. It's the only way to ward off interference from Niflheim, and protect mankind.
: Why didn't you tell us all of this before? We could have helped.
: We couldn't let Ratatosk know anything about what we were trying to do. Ratatosk has a vast network of monsters.
Yuan: It wasn't safe to discuss our plan except near the World Tree. The Tree is impervious to Ratatosk's influence thanks to the new name it received. Had Ratatosk known that we received these instructions from Martel, he would have sought the Tree's new name and then stolen it away from her. If Ratatosk gained possession of the Tree, we would have no means to oppose him. And all of you already know the name of the World Tree.
: What.
: That doesn't mean we would have said anything! We promised Martel that until the World Tree was stable, we wouldn't speak
of its new name.
Yuan: But you mustn't forget the cores. They're beacons for ill intent that can cause their owners and everyone around them to go mad. If you were affected, you could've easily spoken the tree's name without meaning to.
: This name shit is just retarded.
: But what about Lloyd?
: As the name giver of the World Tree, I had Martel's protection. The core doesn't affect those blessed by the tree's summon spirit.
: Honestly, yeah it is. Fortunately it's no longer the case.
: But wait a minute. Why are you telling me all of this right now? Don't you remember? I'm Ratatosk.
: As Yuan said, we want to believe in you, Emil.
: Huh?
: Think about it Emil. Have you ever even once enjoyed hurting someone? Even as Ratatosk's true will began to show itself, Emil didn't disappear. We want to believe that that has meaning. That Emil is not an artificially created personality. It's another spirit within Ratatosk. His conscience.
: Hurrrgh glurge overload.
: So, what you're saying is that even if Ratatosk wakes up, there's a chance he won't try to destroy everyone?
: Yes. If Ratatosk isn't the enemy, there's no need for us to seal him within the Ginnungagap.
: Well, I guess that makes sense.
: That's why I'll protect Emil and Ratatosk's conscience. Maybe together we can find a way for everyone to live in peace.

Yuan: We must find a way to merge the two personalities of Emil and Ratatosk into one single entity.
: If Emil's personality is able to survive, then Ratatosk will no longer be our enemy.
: And what if I disappear?
Yuan: We'll see Ratatosk inside the Ginnungagap.
: What'll happen to Emil's memory if we merge his two personalities into one?
Yuan: We have no idea. Maybe only the stronger of the two will remain, or they could mix together.
: Wait a minute. So you're saying there's no way to find out! Well, that's just the same as telling Emil he could die.
: You're right. That's why we asked Martel if there was a good way to do this.
Yuan: She told us to seek the help of the Summon Spirit of Heart in Iselia. I will give you all Rheiards. With them, you can travel far more efficiently.
: Thank you for your help.
: Emil, I hope you understand that there's no guarantee this will keep you safe, but it's all we have right now. Of course it's ultimately your choice. I'll leave the decision up to you.
: I'll go and see the Summon Spirit of Heart.
: All right then. Let's go!

Skit Video: Summon Spirit Martel
: You all knew the World Tree's name, but hid it from us.
: Sorry, Mr. Tenebie.
: I suppose I can forgive you. After all, the World Tree is no longer under the dominion of Lord Ratatosk. It has been entrusted to a new tree spirit.
: Oh right. Which is apparently named Martel as well. Does it have some connection to the goddess Martel?
: I wouldn't call it a connection. They're one and the same thing.
: What?!
: Think of it this way: There was this woman worshipped as a goddess. She risked her life to regenerate the world, and then she was reborn as a tree spirit.
: So, the goddess became a summon spirit? This world doesn't have a goddess anymore? What about the angels of Cruxis?
: I cannot say for certain whether or not any gods exist. But Cruxis, the host of angels so revered by the Church of Martel, no longer exists in this world.
: They set out for a destination much, much farther away than the heavens.
: Then, they abandoned humanity?
: There comes a time when all children must fend for themselves. Perhaps we should think of ourselves as having reached adulthood.
: I see. But now that we're without a goddess, what will become of the Church of Martel?
: Jury's still out on that one. They might go on worshipping a god that's no longer there, or maybe they'll change their focus to Martel in her spirit form. Whatever the case, the Church of Martel is on the decline. It may just fade away on its own.

Skit Video: Mithos the Hero
: Lloyd, do you have a moment?
: Sure, what is it?
: I existed in this world even before it was divided in two. This was before the existence of both Cruxis and the goddess Martel, and naturally, the religion founded in her name.
: Right. I guess that makes sense. The Church of Martel wasn't formed until after the world split.
: It was way back then that I first met a half-elf by the name of Martel. She had a brother, younger than she by some years. He was called Mithos. The boy now known as Mithos the Hero.
: You met Mithos?!
: Yes. They were very close. At that time, they were searching for some way to save this world. The goddess Martel. Mithos the Hero. I cannot believe that the name of Mithos' sister was mere coincidence. Does this mean that the origin of the Church of Martel is--
: Yes. It's just as you suspect.
: Then the spirit of this new tree truly is the Martel I once knew.
: It's not only Martel, though.
: Whatever became of Mithos? Have you heard anything?
: When we regenerated the world, Mithos lend us his power.
: Is that true?! Then, where is he now?
: Mithos became the World Tree. Or at least that's what I believe.
: Hmm?
: Is that right?
: It's... complicated.

Skit Video: Lloyd is Back
: Sorry I couldn't say anything earlier.
: Lloyd!
: Hey, we figured you had your reasons, but still, you gotta let us join in the fun too.
: I plan to from now on.
: Please count on us.
: Besides, now that we're not spending all our time worrying about you, we can really focus on the task at hand.
: I don't know. Having Lloyd with us might give us more to worry about than ever before.
: What was that, Genis?!
: I believe you'll be forced to endure accusations and aspersions wherever we go. Are you up to it?
: I'll just have to work to win back the trust I've lost, one day at a time. I think that's all I can do.
: And we'll be there to help you.
: Hey, it's good to be back, everyone!

Skit Video: Truth about Lloyd
: Lloyd, you're really something.
: How so?
: Well, I could be the being who might destroy this world, but you called me your friend. You put your trust in me.
: There's nothing special about that. Besides, you're the one that's incredible.
: Huh?
: I've seen the way you've lived in spite of what you are. That's how I know I was right to believe in you. I really like guys like you.
: Really?
: Well then, Lloyd. You should also live in a way that merits the trust of others.
: Professor?
: I recall giving you some homework six months ago. I assume you've completed all of it?
: Professor, I'm nineteen years old! I've memorized my multiplication tables. Haven't I studied enough?
: Silence! Ever since the world was restored you've done nothing but travel. You have yet to finish the curriculum! I will see that you finish what you've started!
: Agh... C-Come on!
: Lloyd...

Skit Video: Yuan the Guardian
: So, the guardian of the World Tree.
: Yuan.
: Right, Yuan. Is he an acquaintance?
: We crossed paths when we were restoring the world.
: He always looks a bit cross, but he's really doing all he can to find happiness.
: Actually, Colette, that's not exactly--
: Hmm, I think I know what you mean. He looks like he doesn't have much happiness in his life.
: I'll say.
: What did you do?
: A. Thing.
: Whoa! Turn the menace dial down there.
: Really?
: Hmm, that's one way to say it. You could also say the guy's just got no luck.
: Hey, Hey, guys. Let's stop talking about him behind his back, okay? Don't forget, he helped us out quite a bit.
: Then again, he's caused his fair share of trouble, too.
: Sounds like a pretty complicated guy.
: I guess good looks aren't everything.

Skit Video: Paw Pad Playmate Society
: So Presea, you have a thing for paw pads?
: Yes. I like how soft and springy they are. Regal and I are members of the Paw Pad Playmate Society.
: The fuck?
: Anything I say would make this sound worse.
: Yes.
: Huh?! What the heck is that?!
: It's a recreational club sponsored by the Lezareno Group.
: Oh! Ooh! Sign me up, too!
: We'd love to have you, Genis.
: They even have a paw pad club?
: I guess the Lezareno Company is not to be trifled with.
Jesus Christ, lay off the paw pads already, terrible fanfiction-grade writers.

: What's the matter, Emil?
: I'm the summon spirit of the Giant Kharlan Tree, and Martel is the new World Tree's summon spirit, so there are actually two tree spirits now?
: No, not two.
: What do you mean?
: It's said that the Giant Kharlan Tree originally protected Derris-Kharlan, the home of the elves. If the elves had simply transplanted the tree to this world, their own world of Derris-Kharlan would've quickly died off.
: That's something that's bugging me. If Derris-Kharlan is a giant ball of mana, why does it even need a tree?
: No matter how much mana you have, if you use more than you're making, you'll run out eventually.
Yuan: So the elves created a Giant Tree to remain on Derris-Kharlan, which means that there are three Giant Trees, and thus, three summon spirits.
This is all a reference to Narikiri Dungeon, which I will not LP unless someone translates it.
: If that's the case, then couldn't that Giant Tree's summon spirit have helped us when our Giant Tree died? For instance, that tree could've given us a Great Seed.
: I'm afraid that would have been impossible. Derris-Kharlan's Giant Tree was created from a cutting of the Giant Tree here.
Yuan: It would still have been too young to produce a Great Seed.
: In the distance future, their Giant Tree may eventually be able to.
Yuan: Even if we had wanted to borrow that summon spirit's power, at that time the spirits no longer trusted us.
: You cut the planet in half and everyone gets so heated up about it.
: Which is why Cruxis was created.
: Um sorry, but most of this is going over my head.
: Are you talking about back when this world was divided in two?
: We're talking about why the world was divided in the first place. Basically, there is another tree somewhere far, far away, which is itself a source of mana and has its own summon spirit.
: I wonder what sort of connection that spirit has to me.
: Well, since that tree was born from your tree, perhaps we could say you'd be its father?
: Emil, I can't believe you had an illegitimate child.
: What?! You're blaming me for that?!
: Ugh, Marta.

I don't have any footage for this because I don't have a convenient save on a game where I let Lloyd take the core in the Temple of Lightning, but if I did there's a special scene where you get a title for Emil.

Emil runs into a priest-looking guy.
Church Soldier A: You idiot! Watch where you're going!
Church Soldier B: Show some respect before His Eminence Ibsen, our next Pope!
: I'm sorry!
: Hey, he's a friend of mine. You're the ones who need to watch your manners.
Ibsen: Pardon me, Chosen Zelos and Colette, the Chosen of Regeneration.
: Ibsen. It's been a long time.
Ibsen: Until the Chosen system is dissolved, you are the symbols of the Church of Martel. You'll be taken care of until then.
: Argh! I can't stand them! Stupid Church of Martel.
: I'm so sorry, everyone.
: Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong.
: She's apologizing from the same guilt you feel for the terrible things the Vanguard has done.
: Exactly. Colette and I are both closely tied to the Church of Martel. Anyway, I'll get Yuan to step up and we'll give the Church of Martel the punishment they deserve before they do away with the Chosen system.
: Hey, this is...
: Oh, that's the mask you dropped.
: You're right! It's my special mask for jewel hunting. Why do you have this?
: We picked it up back when we were after you.
: He had a burning desire to catch up to you, Lloyd, so he kept it safe.
: Uh, I guess.
: So you wanted to catch up with me. Wow, I have to say, I'm flattered. I never knew that you thought of me as such a role model.
: Ah, that's the Lloyd I knew.
: Huh?!
: No, that's not exactly--
: No, I understand. You wanted to surpass me, to defeat me. Yeah, looking up to someone can be like that. I used to have someone I saw in the same way. I understand, Emil.
: Um, I'm not sure if we're talking about the same thing.
: I was planning on wearing this jewel hunter mask when I started looking for Exspheres again. But I changed my mind. I really want you to have it.
: Lloyd, I couldn't possibly--
: I made all of the jewel hunter masks with my very own hands. That's the "Bird of Paradise Mask," my finest work! Take good care of it.
: It's--
: Now you're one of us, Emil! Welcome to the ranks of the mysterious jewel hunters!
: I really don't know what to say.
: Tenebritty, you phrased that to confuse Lloyd on purpose.
: Hehehe.