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Part 40: Update 40

Update 40

Video Record

: Oh wow, a hot spring.
: The hell? Shouldn't they be visiting some Summon Spirit?
: Honestly people doing save-the-world stuff get sidetracked a lot. Fortunately I was able to build some time into the schedule for them to meander about.
: And how exactly did you do that?
: It's simple, I delayed Richter's reinforcements a little with some inclement weather.
: Marta, you know, the water here will make your skin as soft as silk! Fancy a bath?
: With Emil?! Oh my, should I?~
: What?! Who said anything about that?!
: This hot spring sure does bring back some memories. Come on, let's have a soak!
: Okay.
Priest: Most excellent. So would the ladies like to go first? Or perhaps the men?

: Okay, ladies first, as they say.
: All right! I can't wait!

: He's right, Zelos. Please, stop this. You know this is wrong, don't you feel bad?
: Oh boy, I know where this is going.
: Shh! I'm just listening to them talk, okay?
: Lord Emil, let's leave this fool and go back outside.
: But if I'm not here he'll peek in on them.
: Sheena, those are amazing.
: What?
: Seriously.
: Raine, not you too!
: What did you do to make them so big?
: What do you mean?
: Come on, tell us. I'm as flat as a pancake, and you, you're...
: Well, well! Sounds like Miss Jubblies is living up to her name, while Colette's the same old ironing board.
: If Colette's an ironing board, then the same goes for Lady Marta as well.
: Marta's an ironing board?!
: Who are you calling an ironing board?!

: Lord Emil, run!

So Sheena finally summons again.


: Again?
: When we came here on our last journey, we caught Lloyd spying on us then, too!
: That's despicable.
: It seems you still haven't learned your lesson.
: Lloyd, is that true? We can still trust you, right?
: Agh... you've got it... all... wrong.
: A repeat offender, and you're still trying to make excuses! You peeping tom!
: You know Raine wrote down that Lloyd had been framed by Zelos in the same way on their journey before, how did he ever convince her?
: Raine knew the whole time, but didn't let on because she was enjoying it.
: Harsh.
: Raine had a thing for schadenfreude.

This is pretty much the only way you can change a guest character's title.

: Later on, when the men were to go...

: I don't think anyone will disturb us. I put up a sign saying the baths were being cleaned.

: Now that is bold!
: It's just you and me in here.<3
: Aaaaaaaahhh!

: Whoa, whoa, way to go, Emil! Nice thinking with the sign and everything, you sly devil.
: No, I didn't--
: You wanted to be alone in here with Marta that badly?
: That's not...
: Emil, I thought you were better than this.
: Well, you can't blame him for having hormones.
: You got it all wrong! I--that is--
: Everyone, this is just a big misunderstanding. Emil didn't do anything wrong. I'm the one--
: Marta. I understand that you want to cover for Emil.
: Huh?!
: I don't approve of this at all, Emil.
: Yes, it's quite disgusting.
: But...
: Emil...
: Lloyd! You've gotta believe me! Seriously, I--
: No, I understand. I tried to explain, too, but no one would listen.
: Huh?
: But even if no one believes you, at least you know the truth that you've done nothing wrong, and that's enough.
: Uh, in this case, not really.
: Congratulations, Emil. Today you finally join the elite ranks of peeping toms all over the world.
: No!

: Then they went to Sybak, where they saw the last stage of Richter's preparations.

Norton: All right then, here it is. Be very, very careful with it.
Of course. My master will be pleased.

: Norton!
Norton: W-What is it?!
: What did you just give to Aqua?!
: It sounded like you were talking about the Sacred Stone.
Norton: N-No, you must be mistaken! I gave the Sacred Stone back to the elves. I don't know what you're talking about!
: Then what were you just doing?

: What's with him?
: What's the sacred stone?
: To put it simply, it's a stone that converts the body's mana into holy flames.
: Oh shoot. If Richter's doing what I think he's doing, it's the worst idea ever.
: I wonder what Richter wants with something like that.

Not today, sorry.

: Good work. Shall we head back, then?

: You're the one always screwing things up!
: Is that so? My, my, so the little pet finally learned how to bark. But then, you have power now.
: Power?
: Ratatosk's power. Summon spirits are amazing! They make me all tingly!<3
: Um, ew.
: Alice, are you doing all this because you were mistreated for being a half-elf? Or is it because your parents were killed by monsters?
: Don't be ridiculous! You've done your homework, I'll give you that. But I don't care about what happened during my childhood and avenging my parents is the furthest thing from my mind.
: Y...You don't have to act so tough.
: Aren't you the one who's acting tough, Martmart? Of course I hate the Church of Martel and the monsters who killed my parents. But if you change the world, ultimately, you have to change yourself. If the world wants to give me misfortune, I'll just give misfortune back to the world. That's all.
: Don't say such sad things. If you believe that you can change yourself, then why not use your power to help everyone else...
: Oh, Colettie, always the hypocrite!<3
: You--
: I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I don't mind hypocrites at all. And hypocrites or not, only those with power have the luxury of being kind to others. But I'm sure you knew that. You and your friends are hypocrites with power, Colettie. I like people who can do things on their own. Don't you, Ms. Can't-do-anything-by-herself?
: You...
: I will change the world around me. And the only way to change your world is to do it yourself. I don't care about world peace of the fighting between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. I live for myself. Well, ta-ta for now! See you at the Ginnungagap.<3

Honestly this animation here doesn't really work.

: Every rose has its thorns.
: But I...I have to say, as a fellow half-elf, I think she's sort of amazing. Oh, I'm not saying I agree with her. It's just she's so sure of herself.
: Ok I can sort of get admiring Mithos, but Alice? Are you autistic?
: I understand what you mean. I wish all half-elves had the self-confidence she has.
: Well yeah, but I'm sure there are half-elves who have self-confidence but aren't psychopathic woman-children.

: And then they went to Hima.

: Hey there, kid. Looks like you brought the whole gang.
: I didn't expect to find you here, imposter.
: This is where Alice and I grew up.
: You two were raised in the orphanage here, right?
: Oh, so you know about that? The orphanage used to be right here. It's been a good eight years since then.
: A man named Bernie told us about it. He said Alice summoned monsters to attack the orphanage.
: Hmm... That's not entirely true. Alice was only trying to save my life.
: What do you mean?
: There was this group of adventurers. One of them was killed, and his valuables were stolen. They blamed me. The real culprits were the orphanage director and his sons, but no one would listen to me.
: That's terrible.
: The others lynched me and were about to kill me. No one in the orphanage so much as lifted a finger, but then monsters attacked. The orphanage was completely destroyed. The director, his sons, and the adventurers were all killed.
: Alice did all that?

: That's the bone of a demon!
: Exactly. The monsters in Hima were drawn to it. Demons live in our world in very small numbers. Of course, most are weakened by the mana flowing through this world. Alice made a pact with one such demon. She agreed to find the Forbidden Tome of Demon Lords, in exchange for the demon's power.
: You mean the book demon lords are sealed inside?
: Or so they say. The demon who helped Alice was the servant of a demon lord sealed into the book by the Hero Mithos. However, the demon passed away leaving only its bones behind, and Alice was freed. But at the same time, she lost the ability to control monsters, which is why she has to rely on machines to do it for her.
: The weaker demons must've been destroyed by mana when we burned the forbidden book, severing the connection to the demon lords.
: Anyway, I don't know all the details, but Alice made a pact with a demon to save my life.
: Decus, I--
: So I don't care about your approval. All I want to do is fulfill Alice's wishes, whatever they may be. If not for Alice, I'd be dead right now. The rest of my life belongs to her.

: Given who Decus is, why is she trying so hard to help him?
: She just has terrible taste in men I guess.
: And I've decided to give it to her.

It's hard to tell from images but he destroyed the bone there.
: There. That should bring Hima some peace. Even if all my memories of this place are bad ones, it's still my hometown. I just wanted to set things straight before I left for the Ginnungagap.
He's not kidding, if you leave and reenter after this Hima isn't filled with monsters anymore. It's nice to see some attention to detail, I'll give them that.
: The Ginnungagap--
: I'd prefer not to fight you, if I can help it. Later, kid.

: I wanted to confront him about Palmacosta, and a lot of other things. But I never expected him to say what he said.
: The more you know about your enemy, the harder it is to fight them. And yet, I think it's better to have that knowledge than to fight in ignorance.
: This is actually pretty subtle. Lloyd was trying to imply that Emil should have shanked him anyway.
: It's too subtle for me.
: Lloyd wasn't really all that great at subtlety.
: Yeah.

Ok now I'm going to do Twilight Palace because I'm really sick of the plot of this piece of shit and want to talk about something else.