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Part 42: Update 42

Update 42

Having the Rheiards doesn't really affect too much other than the animation that plays when you go to a location.

Video Record

: Who's that, Sheena?
: Corrine was a friend of mine. He was an artificial summon spirit created in Meltokio.
: He had such cute paw pads.
: Yes. He did indeed.
: Oh, that's right, you're a summoner. Is Corrine with you now?
: No, not anymore. He was reborn as the Summon Spirit of Heart, Verius.
: That's the summon spirit we're gonna see now.
: That's right. It brings back a lot of memories.
: Verius, a summon spirit, just like me.

Skit Video: Rheiards
: I'd forgotten how handy Rheiards are!
: Hey, I agree with you for once, Shorty. I've always said, a beautiful creature like myself belongs high in the majestic sky.
: Beautiful? You? The dictionary in your brain has its definitions reversed.
: I have to agree though, I've never felt anything quite like riding a Rheiard. I mean, what person hasn't dreamt of flying?
: Seems to me we were doing just fine on foot.
: Is the Rheiard not to your liking, Lady Marta?
: It's just, what keeps a hunk of metal like that in the air?
: It's thanks to Wiener's law!
: That's "Werner's law," Colette.
: Yeah, but there's nothing protecting you! If you fall, you'll die!
: Actually, we crashed in a Rheiard once, but we're still here to tell about it.
: Marta, are you afraid of heights?
: O-Of course not! I just don't understand why everybody's so in love with the stupid Rheiards, that's all!
: Weak.

: Dad! I'm back!
Dirk: It's good to see you.
: I hope you don't mind looking after Noishe for a little while longer.
Dirk: You do what you need to do, and don't worry about a thing back home. That's what being a man is all about.
: Right!
: I envy you and your dad. I was never able to get along very well with my relatives.
: If you've got the desire, it's not too late to try. You still have time.
: What do you mean?
: You can do anything as long as you don't give up. Of course, I know that's not really true for everything. But that's no reason to stop trying.
: You're very sure of yourself.
: A lot of people tell me that. If I am, it's only because of the strength I got from my dad and everyone else. That's why I want to give my strength to others. That includes you, Emil!
: I feel like I understand why everyone stood up for you. I'm not sure if I'll ever be like you, but I'm happy I at least got the chance to know you.
: I'm myself, and you're you. We're all different. That's what makes us all important. So let's go and see Verius and find a way to keep you around.

Skit Video: An Adult
: It's been quite a while.
: Yes. This is where our last journey began.
: Really?
: Yeah. It's where I received the oracle, and set out to regenerate the world.
: A lot happened. It's not like all that much time has gone by, but somehow it seems like it all happened so long ago.
: It's sort of a strange feeling.
: Huh?
: I thought I'd never forgive the Chosen and her companions for causing the Giant Tree to lose control. But now I find myself traveling with those very people.
: I'm sorry.
: Don't apologize. I was the one who didn't understand. A Chosen has her own life to live. You have a past and a present. You didn't just appear out of nowhere to kill Mom.
: We all play the starring roles in our own stories. When those other than ourselves appear on stage, we tend to view them only as minor characters.
: But in the end, it doesn't work that way.
: Realizing that may be the first step towards becoming an adult.

This is actually the first puzzle in ToS, but with a twist.

The blocks and holes have colors, and you can only push a block through its corresponding hole.

: Well, actually, he's inside people's hearts. So I think we'll be able to meet him no matter where we are. It's just that I think it might be easiest to contact him here.
: Okay.
: Emil...
: What's the matter, Marta?
: No, it's nothing. I'm sorry. Don't worry about it.

Incidentally I fuck up here because of the color junk. I really should have dropped this one through the blue hole that leads to oblivion, but I thought I could push it around the center.

Not so much. I had to reset the puzzle.

There's the jettison hole.

Then you do... something to the place where we got the Sorcerer's ring in the first game to release the seal.

: I want to say something that you're probably not going to like.
: What?
: I...I don't want you to go away. I mean it. But if your personality stays, that means Ratatosk will disappear, right?
: Hmm... ...
: Ratatosk saved me just like you did.
: Yeah.
: Lloyd said that every single person is important because we're all different. So what about Ratatosk? You're very important to me, but I don't want Ratatosk to disappear, either.
: The violent sociopath?
: Mmnh... ...
: I'm sorry. I know I'm being awful. I know telling you this is only going to give you more things to worry about.
: No, not at all. I...I've been thinking about the same thing, too.
: Hey you two, try to keep up!
: We're coming! Marta, I'll figure something out. So don't worry, okay?
: Okay.

Skit Video: Two Emils
: Ugh...
: Hey now, Marta my sweet. You look as though you've put your foot in your mouth and didn't much care for the taste.
: Leave me alone, Zelos.
: You took a question you haven't even answered for yourself and piled it on Emil's shoulders. But you knew you were doing it as you did it, and you regret it. Am I wrong?
: What do you mean?! What question?!
: I mean the one that goes "Let's see now, which Emil do I like the best?"
: Y-You're wrong! I--Both Emils are important to me! After all, they're both--
: They're both Emil. You're not mistaken there. That's why it's hurting you so much.
: But then what should I have done?! I knew what I was saying was unfair, but I couldn't stand to have the other Emil just disappear.
: If that's really what you think, you should stand by it.
: What?
: If that's your true feeling, then be straight with it. Don't say things to Emil that you'll only regret as soon as they leave your lips. He's got more to deal with than any of us. If you honestly don't want to lose any part of him, then you did the right thing in saying so.
: Zelos...
: Both personalities are Emil. It's only natural for you to fall in love with both. They're the same person. All that's left is to believe in him, and wait.
: I think of it slightly differently - both personalities are Ratatosk.
: Right. Thank you.

: Verius is the Summon Spirit of Heart. I'm sure it won't be much longer before he arrives.

: Corrine!
: So you're the Summon Spirit of Heart.
Verius: Ratatosk. No, Emil. I see your heart is a very sad color right now. You are conflicted.
: I...
Verius: A pact with me is something made in the heart. Once your heart has made its decision, Emil, I will give you my help. So please give careful thought to how it is you wish to live.
: What do you mean, Verius?
Verius: I will protect Emil's heart in the manner it desires. However, he is still undecided as to what he wishes to do. He needs time.
: You're kidding. He's going to wuss out again.
: That's true. It's hard to make a decision like that about yourself so suddenly.
Verius: I shall appear and lend you my power when you wish me to. Let us meet again when you have come to a decision.
: I'm sorry to have dragged you all the way out here.
: Don't worry about that. You're the only one who can solve the problems inside you. We'll wait for your decision.
: Thank you.

: Aah!

: Woaaahhhh!

: Guh-hah!
: It's an earthquake!
: I...I guess it stopped.
: Still, something feels very uneasy now. It's as if something dark and ominous is about to approach us.

: This awareness is--The door to the Ginnungagap is about to open!

: Kind of a goofy face there. Shouldn't you scowl or look happy-evil?
: No! But I thought the door would stay closed as long as Ratatosk is alive.
: The Vanguard! That's what Richter was using them for!

: Emil?!
: Lord Ratatosk is holding back the demons trying to enter! If only he had all the Centurions under his will and regained his full power, this would never have happened.
: Emil, is there anything we can do?
: Yes, actually, there is...

: Apparently Ratatosk is having some kind of "being the biggest dick" competition with someone else.
: Honestly that's just what he does when he's confused or uncertain, attack the most formidable being nearby.
: That caused some issues I bet.
: Oh yeah.

: What is with all these flashbacks.
: Sorry, this is where "Emil" remembered what happened.

Soldier B: What about the rest of the city? I say we should take whatever we can.
???: What are you doing?

: What did you do to Palmacosta?!
Soldier C: It's Lloyd Irving!

: Wait, so Lloyd was the one who actually saved Marta, so Emil didn't even actually do the thing that made Marta fall in love with him?
: Their entire relationship was based on misunderstandings.
: Like Emil's supposed heterosexuality?
: We'll discuss that later.
: Stop!
: Honestly if that core had been hovering a few feet lower we could have wrapped all this up then and there.

Aster: Wha...What is this? Where am I? Who...Who am I? Are you all right?
: *Groan*

: Marta. I...I guess that I really am Ratatosk.
: I'd complain about how it took that long for him to remember, but yeah, Emil is dumb.
: Emil!
: Lloyd, I'm so sorry. I took Lumen's core from you, and that wasn't right. I just betrayed your trust.
: No. You came back to us. You haven't betrayed me at all.
: Anyway, this is no place to have a long discussion. Why don't we go back to down?
: Yes.

Video Record

: That's my dad's voice!

: Holy crap, Dirk is pretty badass.

: Dad!
: Emil, let's go help him!
: Right!

I should point out that other than the golem fights that I had to do to get the blocks for the puzzle (like in ToS) this is the only mandatory fight until Ginnungagap. There's about 20k words between the start of this chapter and Ginnungagap so there's some pacing issues. These guys are so weak this isn't really a fight at all, and the golems that turn into blocks are even weaker, with 15k hp total.

Dirk: I'm fine. If us dwarves are anything, we're tough, that's for sure!
: Dirk tell us what happened?
Dirk: I guess you felt that earthquake, right? Well a whole mess of monsters started flooding into town right after that.
: The earthquake must have been caused by the negative energy emanating from Niflheim through the opening in the door of the Ginnungagap.
: But wait why did the door open up in the first place? I thought it couldn't be opened while Ratatosk was still alive.
: Indeed, but Lord Ratatosk has lost some of his Centurions, so his power has diminished accordingly. In addition, the Vanguard has been spreading the type of negative energy the demons love.
: The violence around the world.
: Correct. The scent of blood has loosened the restraints on the door. This must have been Richter's intent from the beginning. For now, Lord Ratatosk is just barely managing to hold the door closed. But if the situation does not improve, the monsters will break their bonds with the Centurions and this world will become one with Niflheim!
: Yes, what Tenebrae said was true. The only way left is for me to regain my power and to seal the door.
: Emil--No, I mean Ratatosk Is that the reason why you attacked Lloyd and took Lumen's core from him?
: What's wrong with me taking back what's rightfully mine? If you're going to get in my way, then I won't hesitate to
defeat you all.
: So offering to help him constitutes getting in his way. Good to know.
: Honestly I don't like Ratatosk very much.
: Stop!

: Are we inside Emil's mind?
: Well, Ratatosk's.
: It's about as empty as I'd expect.
: Are you gonna get in my way?
: One thing's certain. I won't let you hurt them. I won't let you hurt my friends.
: You fool! Richter opened the door! What are you gonna do about that? The only choice we have is for me to fully regain my power!
: No. There is another way.
: You... You mean you're going to--
: Don't you see? I am you. You and I have to take responsibility for what we've done.
: Do you understand what you're saying?!

Verius: Yes, I understand.

: I'm sorry. I'm okay now.
: Emil, what happened? I felt Corrine's--Verius' presence.
: So that would mean that you've made up your mind?
: Yes. I had Verius seal away Ratatosk's personality. The only thing that's left for us to do now is get the other Centurions' cores back and then close off the Ginnungagap. Marta, Lloyd, everyone. Please I need your help!
: So you've chosen to live your life as the Summon Spirit Ratatosk. Well then, I'll be happy to help you as much as I can as your friend.
: Me, too! I will help you protect the door. It'll be my honor!
: Count me in too. I mean you are my friend, right?!
: This pressure that I feel--If this is the effect of the demonic realm, then please, let me help you get rid of it.
: If Corrine is helping you out then there's no way that I won't do the same!
: Tenebrae, do you have any objections?
: Uh... No.

: No, we should make preparations for the trip first.
: I agree. And Emil, if you're really resolved to guard the Ginnungagap door as Ratatosk, then I think it's important for you to say goodbye to all the people who've helped you in your life.
: Yes, you're right.
: I'm sure we all have matters we'd like to tie up before we go. Let's split up for now.
: Let's agree to meet back in Altamira. Until then.
: What are you going to do?
: I...I think I'll go back to Luin.
: After I've checked on Daddy in Altamira, I want to spend the rest of the time together with you.
: Oh. Sure. I guess that'd be fine.
: Really?! Okay, then let's meet in Altamira tonight!
: Sure, got it.

Skit Video: Final Memories
: So this is my final time as Emil Castagnier. I've got to take one long, last look at this world. Take stock of what I've left undone... and finish the job!

Next Time: World Tour

Anyway I'm gonna take a little time here to complain about the pacing of this chapter gain. After for THREE GODDAMN UPDATES (38, 39, 40) we have gameplay only in the form of the TUTORIAL DUNGEON from the first game followed by a fight that I finish in 49 SECONDS. And now we're going to get some more .