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Part 44: Update 44

Update 44

Video Record

: Don't worry about it. Thanks for coming.
: So how is your father doing?
: Mmm, Much better, thank you. He's stable now. They're going to transfer him to Meltokio's prison soon.
: Oh, I see.
: When this battle is all over I'll need to head over there and receive punishment as a member of the Vanguard as well.
: You too?
: Yes, of course! I guess first I'll need to dissolve the Vanguard in Daddy's place, and then I'll serve my sentence. And after that...
: Wouldn't the sentence for revolutionary activity involve dancing on the end of a rope? Not much you do after that.
: Surprisingly neither of those two were executed.
: I'm kinda disappointed.
: After that?
: After that I'll find a different way from the Vanguard to bring peace to Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. Colette and the others will help out, too.
: That's great. I'm sure you can do it Marta. I just ...I wish there was something that I could do to help out too.
: So I guess... since you're the guardian of the Ginnungagap you would need to stay there and protect the door.
: Yeah, probably.
: Then I guess we'll never see each other again after this is over.
: Yeah.

: I guess I really don't mean anything to you even after all the time we've spent together!
: He's gay, you're out of luck, shut up.

: Emil! I...I want to stay with you!
: Unhhh... Marta...
: I don't care if you're a summon spirit. I know who you really are. You've always tried your best and that's the Emil that I love.

: Whaaa? He's actually into her?

: I was going to object to the camera angle here, but what the hell is wrong with her feet?

: Dammit this is entirely the wrong time to cut away.
: No, no it's entirely the right time to.

: Huh?
: That way I'll be able to see you whenever I want to.
: Marta...
: But I don't have any summoning abilities.
: I promise you.
: Huh?
: Look, I don't know whether or not I'll be able to see you again, but I'm a summon spirit, and I'll always exist in this world. And as long as I exist, you'll always be in my heart no matter what. Always. Even if you grow up and find somebody else to love one day.
: Emil, don't be stupid! There won't ever be anyone else for me.
: That seems a bit silly.

: Are you ready?
: Yes.
: Richter's at the Ginnungagap, right?
: Yes. He has most likely made a pact with the demons to defeat you, and is waiting for you there.
: Not just Richter. Alice, Decus, and the rest of the Vanguard members who follow him will be there, as well.
: Right.
: But to reach the door that connects to the demonic realm, we'll need to go to the Ginnungagap. Isn't that right, Emil?
: Yes. Everyone, let's do this!

All the stuff after this is technically optional scenes, but we're doing an informative/comprehensive LP here so SOORRRRRYYY.

Skit Video: Self-Esteem
: Yo, Emil. There's something I've been meaning to ask.
: What is it?
: Listen. You never hesitate to ask Regal or Raine for their opinion. And now that you've met Lloyd, he's your regular best friend. So why don't you ever come to your old buddy Zelos for advice?
: Uh... Well I guess I just didn't think to. Is that bad?
: I'm not calling it "bad." I just don't get it, is all.
: It's not that I don't value your opinion. But not only are you older than me, you're also the Chosen. I guess I was a little intimidated.
: It's ironic that someone called the "Chosen One" would have self-esteem issues.
: I could seriously have you roasting on a spit right now.

Skit Video: Carving Food
: I must say, your cooking has truly come a long way.
: How can you tell when you don't eat?
: Anybody could tell by looking at it. Just look at this turnip you carved in the shape of a dove.
: Once I get going I can't help myself.
: And this turtle is made from a pumpkin. It's a veritable work of art.
: It just seems weird for Ratatosk to be carving shapes into veggies.
: Oh, his original personality did that too - except not with vegetables.

Skit Video: Foolproof Method
: Your cooking has come a long way, Marta.
: That makes it sound like I used to be terrible.
: Um... I mean...
: Just say the truth. Maybe she'll stop sucking.
: Okay, so I was pretty awful. Sorry about that.
: But you've really worked hard at it. How did you improve so much?
: I was hoping you'd ask. I came up with a foolproof method.
: Hmm?
: I taste-test my food as I make it! Once I figured that out, my cooking got a lot better.
: You hadn't been tasting it until now.

Skit Video: Dwarven Pot-Luck Surprise
: Food's ready!
: Is that--
: Dark stew surprise?
: Hooray! It's Dwarven Pot-Luck Surprise!
: I've missed this! This was one of Dirk's specialties.
: Yeah. This time the prize is a bracelet I made!
: I'm gonna find it!
: This is food, right?
: Mithos chipped his tooth so many times on Dwarven Pot-Luck Surprise, but kept insisting I make it.
: Because he liked prizes?
: Yeah.

Skit Video: Older Women
: What's wrong, Lloyd?
: Okay, this is between you and me. Promise you won't tell anyone?
: Of course. What is it?
: I just saw Paul's mother Lilia for the first time in a while and there was just something about her.
: Something? Like what?
: Well, she just has that air of a full-grown woman. She's kind and lady-like, but she also gives off this warm, motherly vibe. It's sort of how I feel about Professor Sage. I guess I just find older women attractive.
LloydXRaine is CANON? Ok maybe not but still, seeing this makes voting Raine make more sense, assuming you're willing to accept something from this "game".
: So basically, Lilia's a mother and a wife, and you have a crush on her?
: Quiet. This is just between us.
: Hey everybody! Lloyd just told me he's gonna have an affair with a married woman!
: Lloyd, how could you?
: You pervert! I-I-I can't believe I actually--
: Lloyd! What's the meaning of this?!
: That is despicable.
: Wow! Not letting anything stand in the way of love! Way to go!
: Is it weird that I'm not surprised that Marta is totally OK with that?
: N-No! It's not like that! I swear it's not!

Young Man A: No. I'm just here for my job.
Noble B: You think you can fool me? My family was almost killed by the Vanguard!
Noble C: Sylvaranti walk around Meltokio as if they own the place! Contaminating the city with their filth.
Young Man A: You're ones to talk! You treat us Sylvaranti like we're vermin! That's why the Vanguard attacked you in the first place!
Noble C: So that's how you really feel. You're just another piece of Sylvaranti trash, acting all high and mighty!
Noble A: Teach this mangy mutt some manners!

: What are you doing?!
: Stop it! Not every Sylvaranti is in the Vanguard!
Noble A: Mind your own business!
: I'm telling you, he's not in the Vanguard! If you really want to beat up someone in the Vanguard, then try me! I'm genuine, bona fide Vanguard!
: Marta?!
Noble C: Fine with me! We'll beat you all the way to prison!
: Hey, hey. That's enough. How about you stop embarrassing Tethe'alla? Anyway, the Vanguard rebellion's already over.
Noble A: What are you talking about, Chosen One? It's your fault they've gotten so cocky--associating with them like they were equals.
: What did you say?
Noble C: The Chosen system will soon be dissolved. As long as you defend them, you're just another cowardly Vanguard sympathizer to us.
It's impossible to screencap but someone threw a rock at the nobles.

Poor Man: Leave them alone, You're disgraceful.
Noble C: You street rats have no business telling us what to do.
Poor Woman: That attitude is the problem. Half-elf or human, rich or poor. You shove everyone into your pre-defined little boxes.
Noble A: And what's wrong with that? Half-elves bring disaster. Sylvaranti are hopeless primitives. All you trash just drag the rest of us down. None of you are anything like us.
Middle-Aged Man: Good! Because none of us would want to be grouped with such
ignorant, foul-hearted people.
Noble A: You peasants! You would side with the Vanguard?

Needless to say the nobles bitch out and leave.

Young Man A: No, they were harassing me because I'm Sylvaranti. Though the Vanguard has made it harder for me to get around lately.
: I'm sorry.
Young Man A: Though I do appreciate your help. Thank you. I'm glad to know there are good Tethe'allans, too. Well, see you around.

: We can't change the past, but we can make sure the world starts changing now. Right?
: Yeah.
: But Tethe'allans like those nobles will be a problem. The way things are going, it's hard to imagine they'll ever get along with the people of Sylvarant.
: And it's not just them. The Sylvaranti hold grudges, too.
: But you heard those other Tethe'allans. Not everyone has the same prejudices.
: Yes. It won't happen immediately, but I believe someday, Sylvarant and Tethe'alla will be able to get along.
: I think, maybe the problem is that we're still looking at people in terms of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla.
: Emil...
: It doesn't matter where someone's from. I mean, I'm a Summon Spirit and you don't judge me based on that, do you?
: Yeah, you're right.
: We've been doing the same thing, dividing people into Sylvarant or Tethe'allan without realizing it.
: We're all companions born under the same World Tree. Isn't that right, Emil?
: Yeah. I hope everyone can feel that way someday.

: I guess you're always on some kind of journey.
: Yeah, and I still am. It's taking much longer than I expected, though. (Hangs head) I knew it would take a while, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to keep my promise to my dad in time.
: You made a promise to Dirk?
: Oh, uh, don't worry about it. Anyway, I've dedicated my whole life to searching for Exspheres, so no matter how long it takes, I'll see it through to the end.
: But don't you get lonely, doing this all by yourself?
: I'm not doing it alone. I've got all my friends supporting me. And, until a few months ago, there were two of us.
: Really? Who were you traveling with? Was it...

: Raine, maybe?
: Actually, yes.
: Really?!
: For me, Professor Sage is--Oops, I'm not supposed to call her that. Raine is, she's-- uh...
: You're dating her? Wow.
: Get outta town!
: What can I say? She was my first love. Even now I can hardly believe it.
: I hope you two find happiness together!

: Do I know you?
Young Man: You killed my sister! How dare you show your face in Flanoir after what you did!

Young Man: Shut up! I saw it with my very own eyes! This monster cut down my
sister as she was trying to get away!
: That's not what happened! There was an imposter, and he--

Lloyd gets punched in the face and doesn't even flinch.
: Please, let us explain. Calm yourself and listen. What actually happened was...

: We may require assistance from his Majesty to prove Lloyd's innocence. Otherwise, the world may continue to blame you for what's happened.
: I'm sorry to put you all through this.
: It's not your fault.
: No, it is my fault. I didn't tell anyone my side of the story, and now that's come back to haunt me. If you don't mind, I'd like to be alone for a while.
: But Lloyd, you shouldn't be by yourself.
: Don't worry about me. I just need a change of pace. I'll meet you guys in front of the inn later.

: Profe--
: When it's just the two of us?
: Oh, right. Um... Raine.
: Is it just me or is it weird that Lloyd is in love with his schoolteacher?
: Well, he's 19 "now" so I don't really see the problem.
: I guess I can't really do anything but trust your judgement and the judgement of everyone involved, since it was 4,000 years ago.
: Shall I guess what you were thinking just now?
: Huh?
: "I've done nothing to be ashamed of. So no matter what anyone says, if I just hold my head high, everything will work out."
: You're brilliant, Raine.
: Ever since the end of our last journey, I think you've been trying to grow up too fast.
: Maybe I have.
: You have. Speaking up is important. Not just for your own sake, but for others as well.
: For others?
: For the victims, and for us who believe in you. Taking the blame for something you didn't do hurts everyone around you.
: Yeah. I know that, but I'm just so tired of constantly having to defend myself.
: You sound just like your father. Of all the traits to inherit from him.
: I do? Maybe so.
: I'm going to keep speaking up. For your sake, and for mine.
: Thank you, Raine.
: Please don't ever go off by yourself like that again. I was really worried about you.
: I'm sorry. I won't ever leave you alone again.

: I was going to try to cheer Lloyd up.
: Looks like someone beat you to it. Come on, let's go.
: Yeah.

: Right.

: I came to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Lloyd. I didn't know anything about him, but I still hated him so much.
Moll: Why come now?
: I know it's late, but I just wanted to say that I was sorry.
: Oh come on, I don't think a little vengeance is something to apologize for, especially if you didn't actually hurt anyone with it.
: So, I guess that's it.
Dida: Wait a sec.
: ?
Dida: We're sorry too.
: Dida...
Moll: You're traveling with Lloyd the Great, right? Tell us about him when you come back.
Note that this event occurs while Lloyd is in your party, so they could just introduce him to his fans here. I guess he's really shy about adulation.
: Yeah, I will.
Dida/Moll: Good luck on your journey.