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Part 45: Update 45

Update 45

First up we're going to do all the possibilities for the "Lloyd's pal/girl" scene.

Emil says COLETTE
: Colette?
: Woah! How did you know?
: Well, She's obviously in love with you, Lloyd.
: Yeah, well, I, I--she's she's very important to me. She hasn't had an easy life. That's why I want to keep her safe.
: Yeah. I think the two of you are a good match. Good luck with that.
: Thanks.

Emil says GENIS
: Genis?
: Wow, how'd you know?
: You two are best friends, right? It just makes sense you'd travel together.
: Right. Genis is definitely my best friend. A good guy--smart, too. He's fun to hang out with.
: So you two just get along?
: Yeah, something like that.

Emil says SHEENA
: Sheena?
: Ha! Hey, That's right. You know your stuff.
: Well, Sheena's always talking about you. She seems to really care about you.
: Sheena's a truly good person. She's kind, she's got some domestic
skills. She's a klutz, too, but it just makes me want to take care of her. Plus she's upfront and honest. I don't have to put on a show when I'm around her.
: All right, okay, that's enough. I'm getting embarrassed just hearing about it.
: Hahaha.

Emil says ZELOS
: This is a long shot, but maybe Zelos?
: I can't believe you guessed it! I know. I don't know why him either.
: Huh? Really?! I was just joking.
: Well it was kind of a joke! He never shuts up, that guy.
: But you're smiling.
: He's a doofus, but he's a good friend.

Emil says PRESEA
: Was it Presea?
: Bingo. It was me and Presea.
: I'm a little surprised.
: Oh yeah? Well, yeah, at first glance, I can understand why you would be.
: So uh... are you two--
: Uh... Yeah, but... um... don't get the wrong idea. Presea is, well, she's much older than you think.
: What do you mean?
: Uh, Never mind. Anyway, she's been through a lot in the past, but she's doing everything she can to figure it all out. So I want to be there for her.
: I was a bit surprised, but yeah, maybe you two do make a good couple.
: It's okay if you don't get it.
Glad we didn't do this one.

Emil says REGAL
: Regal?
: Exactly! How did you know?
: He seems like the most serious and reliable of your friends.
: Yeah, I can count on him for anything. Someday, I'd like to be mature and composed like him, but I've still got a long way to go.
: Really? I would say you're a lot more grown up than most.
: You think? Hmm... Maybe I have matured a bit.
: Good luck getting up to Regal's level.
: Thanks, I'll need it.

The same ending for everyone.
: So then, once we finish this journey, you'll...
: The two of us will go off again. I'll still come home to Iselia every now and then.
: Well I hope it all works out.

And now we'll do the cheer-Lloyd-up scenes.

If Emil said COLETTE
: Lloyd, a-are you all right?
: Colette? Yeah, I'm fine.
: Liar.
: Huh?
: You always say you're all right. But it's not really true. You're feeling hurt, aren't you?
: Colette...
: I know you're strong. But that strength, it's made from a big ball of kindness and so, what I mean is, you're really, really kind. And kind people get hurt very easily.
: You dummy.
: Huh?
: What are you trying to do? Make me cry?
: It's okay to cry. Sometimes tears are the best medicine.
: You're the only one I'd let myself cry for.
: Lloyd...
: Thank you. It was so hard being without you.
: Yes, for me, too.
: I love you, Colette.

If Emil said GENIS
: Hey, Lloyd, what're you doing?
: Hmm? I was just taking a look at the city.
: I see.
: This really brings back memories. You remember when we came here last time? All the stuff we talked about?
: Yeah that was right before our final battle.
: Back then I knew Mithos' suffering, and yet I still couldn't forgive him for what he did. And I still feel the same way, even today. But I can't help wondering what Mithos would think if he were here right now, with the world the way it is.
: Back when we were collecting Exspheres, people said all kinds of terrible things about us. But you took it with a smile on your face, no matter how hurtful they were. Was that because you were thinking about Mithos?
: Well, that wasn't all. The pain I went through could never compare to what he had to endure.
: That doesn't matter. You can't compare one person's pain to another's. Or... do you regret what happened?
: I don't regret it. That wouldn't be fair to Mithos.
: All right then. Because I don't regret it, and I don't think Mithos would, either. We all had choices to make, and we did what we thought was right. Our task now is no different.
: Genis...
: I'm still a little angry with you for disappearing without so much as a goodbye.
: I'm sorry.
: It's okay. But we're sticking together from now on, right?
: Yes, I promise.

If Emil said SHEENA
: Lloyd, come on cheer up.
: Oh, Sheena. I'm fine.
: Come on, don't lie. You can't fool me.
: No, it's true. I cheered up as soon as I saw you.
: Y-You idiot! Stop joking.
: You're blushing.
: Don't make fun of me! I was really worried about you, and there you go and--
: I'm sorry. But it's true--just the sight of you cheered me up. You're always so bright and happy. I don't know what I'd do without you.
: Lloyd...
: But if we were to travel together again, they'd curse your name in the same breath as mine because of what happened.
: I don't care about that! Let them say what they want--I'd much rather be with you than have you run off again!
: Me, too. I don't care what anyone says, as long as you're with me... I'll be fine.
: You better not be joking this time.
: I'm serious.
: Okay.

If Emil said ZELOS
: Hey, bud! Why so glum, chum?
: What do you want?
: What's with the attitude? You're in the presence of the great Zelos Wilder! The wise! The beautiful! The divine! Now, I understand it's natural to just say you're sorry and take all the blame in a situation like this, but listen.
: Right. I know, I know.
: You can't let something like that get you down.
: Let me have a pity-party once in a while.
: Bud, you're not too bright are you? Frown and bear it! Girls go crazy for a dark, brooding guy with an emotional scar!
: Personally, I've always thought the fact that I don't have that kind of baggage was part of my appeal.
: Wow, Bud, I never figured you were aware of your charms.
: Huh! It was a joke.
: Well, go out and get hurt. No matter what happens, you'll always have me here to back you up. So don't worry.
: I'm not worried. I know you'd never abandon me.
: You sure about that?
: I trust you.
: Oh! Man, you know I'm weak against lines like that.

If Emil said PRESEA
: Lloyd...
: Presea, what is it?
: I'm glad. I thought you might be crying.
: No way. Well, I was a little down, but no, I'm okay.
: "Okay." That's not the first time you've said that.
: Huh?
: We talked about this before here. When we say, "it'll turn out okay..."
: "'s because we're not absolutely sure, so we want to tell ourselves that." Yeah, I remember.
: You didn't do anything wrong. I guarantee it. I'll say it. You're "okay."
: You got me there. You know, back then, I never imagined we'd be like this now.
: You're right. But I understand now. The strength you possess isn't for protecting yourself.
: It isn't?
: Yes. When you go to help someone else, you become the strongest in the world.
: Well that's taking it a bit far.
: No, I really believe it.
: Thank you. If that's how you feel, then that's how I want to be.
: Lloyd...
: I want to be as strong as I can possibly be so that I can protect you.
: Lloyd...
: Hmm?
: Don't ever leave me alone again.
: I'm sorry. From now on, I'll always be by your side.
: Then it's a promise.

If Emil said REGAL
: There you are, Lloyd.
: Oh, Regal. Yeah, I just had to cool off for a bit.
: Don't work yourself up over this. These misunderstandings will get sorted out in time.
: Yes, I know. But it still gets to me.
: That's only natural. But you never attacked Flanoir. Actually you were trying to save it, correct?
: But I couldn't save it, which makes it just as bad. No, I guess I wouldn't go that far but still--
: No one is perfect.
: Sometimes I feel the temptation of darker thoughts like Mithos did. These days, it's much easier for me to understand why he chose the dark path.
I guess it's easy to see why people hate humanity with the ToS2 cast around.
: But you've turned away from that path. Maybe those thoughts are simply how you honor his memory.
: It's just self-satisfaction. I'm only doing it because I'm convinced I'm right.
: But isn't that important? So long as you can do that, you'll stay on the path of light. And I'll be here to support you, too.
: Thanks, Regal. I'm really glad you're here for me.
: I would say the same to you. You're the one who brought light back into my dark life. I'll always be grateful to you for that.
: I guess that makes us even. We'll watch each other's backs.
: Yes, of course.

That was fun, wasn't it? Now let's go over a few things before we head to the Otherworldly Gate.

First off, here's a dungeon video to show off Emil's new voice acting, now that he fights his own battles.
Dungeon Video

Also, We've got Marta's Mystic Arte:

It seems like a better use of your time than Emil's, but the problem is that to pull it off you have to be controlling Marta. I recall there being a way to switch who you're controlling in combat, but I can't recall what it was - I guess you have to go in and change Character 1 to auto and the desired character to manual?

I also take out that damn Phoenix.
Direct Link

Although nothing here has that much HP, they all hit reasonably hard.

The Phoenix is a bit harder t kill than its HP indicates.

These seemed to be the biggest threats.

Although I probably should have dispatched those things first.

Emil's got a new Devil's Hellfire cutin.

The Igniters appear to be the source of those Explodes, so they probably really, really should have been killed first.

I don't like the Phoenix.

Fortunately the tree has much less trouble than I do.

Now this is a little weird.

Right here the Unison Attack suddenly stops adding damage and hits.

And then this happens.

I figure "oh it can Resurrect once" and try again.

I figure "maybe I can kill the last remaining other enemy and it won't resurrect with no allies".


I'm no quitter.

I'm not sure if I ran him out of Resurrections or if it just works if you kill him with normal attacks.

Now we can go back into the dungeon where we go Ventus and try to get some sweet equipment.

Sweetness is disputable there though, that EXP Minus 2 skill would be hideous if it wasn't for the fact that Marta's already at a high enough level for everything I'm going to be doing with this save file.

: Oh, and some other stuff happened.

: What's up?
: I need to talk about the future with you.
: The future?
: Yes.

: What the heck?
: You'll understand later.

Next Time: Finally real, non-optional gameplay.