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Part 47: Update 47

Update 47

Dungeon Video - yes that's really it.

Ratatosk has a weird interior decorator.

Fortunately they don't make us track down everyone.

Video Record

: Lloyd!
: You're all right!
: Unfortunately, I'm the only one who wasn't affected.
: Have the others been turned to stone?
: How do you know?!
: I'm sorry. It seems that I--I mean, Ratatosk set a trap for the owners of the Derris Emblem.
: I see. That's why the Derris Emblem glowed.
: But why were you spared?
: Maybe because I have Martel's protection.
: Really?
: It didn't actually end up mattering, but yeah.
: Come on, we need to save everyone. Emil, you can save them, right?
: Yeah.
: Okay, then let's hurry!

: You've accepted the fact that you're Ratatosk, and made up your mind to do your duty and protect the door. Correct?
: Yes.
: You're not thinking of letting Richter defeat you and turn yourself into a core so you can become a lock on the door. If you feel guilty about Aster and planning on doing that.
: No! I won't let Richter kill me.
: Come on, guys! We don't have time for all this chit-chat!
: Sorry! We're coming!
: I trust you, Emil. Don't let me down.

Skit Video: Bumbling Idiot
: That was a mistake. We should've left the Derris Emblems behind.
: Were the Derris Emblems something you needed during the journey of regeneration?
: Yeah. We couldn't have done it without them. Which is why I never expected them to work against us. I guess you never can tell.
: But Martel's protection is really powerful.
: No, I think it's only that way against Ratatosk. They're both tree spirits, so maybe they cancel each other out or something.
: Well, it also works on other kinds of spirits, but Lloyd never really tested it there.
: You're probably right. Hmm. Lloyd, you really know your stuff.
: I agree. I must admit I had my doubts after hearing so many people describe you as a fool and a bumbling idiot, but it would appear I was quite mistaken.
: And who, exactly, were these people?

: This is terrible! Emil, do something to help them!
: Right! Um, Tenebrae?
: The curse should dissolve as soon as you touch them.
: All right. I'll give it a try.
Hey guess what there's no animation for?

: Man! I can finally move!
: You were conscious?!
: The original intent of the trap was that Mithos and the rest of us would be inside Ratatosk's mouth when the curse ended so he could just start chewing.
: Ewww.
: Yes. It was if I was in a straightjacket and couldn't move at all.
: I could see everyone around me was petrified, so I just assumed I was, too.
: That was horrible. My whole body was tingling. It felt like I was frozen in place.
: I'm sorry. It's my fault.
: You could not have foreseen these circumstances. Don't worry about it.
: Well, it looks like everyone's more or less back to normal.
: All right, now let's make up for lost time and kick some butt!
: Yeah! Emil needs all our help!
: You can count on us!

Skit Video: All Downhill
: Well, thank goodness! Can't say I blame ol' Ratatosk for wanting to gaze on this perfect specimen of Chosenhood forever, but without me, this poor world would drown in the tears of lovely ladies everywhere.
: Why do I feel like I've heard this before.
: I can't say I have any desire to gaze at you.
: Pipe down.
: Don't mind him, Emil. The Idiot Chosen's just upset that he's past his prime. It's all downhill from here.
: You can say that again.
: All downhill...

Skit Video: Keeping the Promise
: So, Lord Emil.
: You've come to ask if I'm really going to do this?
: Yes.
: I'm sorry, Tenebrae. I've made up my mind. I'm going to take on the role of Ratatosk. I know that's not what you want to hear.
: I will keep my promise to you.
: Hm?
: I am your Centurion. Whatever you have decided, I will obey you to the end.
: Thank you.

: Aqua...
Master Richter is establishing a pact with the demons right now. I won't let you disturb him.
: Centurion Aqua! Are you aware of what you're doing?
Yes, of course. Right now I'm doing everything I can to make sure Lord Ratatosk never comes back again.
: Why did you decide to side with Richter and betray us?
Because I want to help Master Richter avenge his friend. Master Richter and Aster first learned about Lord Ratatosk through their research of Summon Spirits. They found me, and told me that they wanted to advise Lord Ratatosk about the Centurions losing control. I brought them to the Ginnungagap, to the door to the demonic realm, just beyond here. But Lord Ratatosk simply refused to listen to what Master Richter and Aster had to say. I couldn't believe it... Instead he lashed out at them because of his hatred of mankind! He killed Aster, and Master Richter was gravely wounded. After surviving the ordeal, Master Richter searched for the power to bring Aster back to life.
: That's it! So that's why he's forming a pact with demons.
Yes. In return for resurrecting his friend, Master Richter will open the door leading to Niflheim.
: Wow, I can't imagine Aster would be happy about that. Did Richter also forget to make the demons promise not to kill them afterward?
: Woah, Wait a minute. Are you serious?
Can't you see?! You are the ones who are wrong! Lord Ratatosk ordered us to annihilate mankind. How can you possibly help him? He even took the form of Aster when appearing before Master Richter. He, the one responsible for his death! No one is going to make Master Richter suffer any more. If I can help Master Richter avenge his friend, if I can help him grant his wish... then one thing's certain. I won't hesitate to kill Lord Ratatosk himself!
: Wouldn't the demons also annihilate mankind?

I admit I'm a bit higher level than I should be here but honestly after the last fight this just seems sad.

Aqua likes to cast, despite being a big monster.

I like to interrupt casts.

That gets interrupted too.

Undying Rage there is one of the few (possibly the only) attack she has that I couldn't interrupt. Also, not very much HP. I guess this is supposed to be a "breather" boss like Dark Dragon in Symphonia?

At this point I just ran around waiting for her to do something so I could get a screenshot of it.

Unfortunately I can't make my monsters stop.

If you look closely, you can see Aqua/Ladon belching three black lines, one from each mouth. It's hard to tell with the ground being this way though.

Seems to be another breath attack but was interrupted by the Tree. Also note that Aqua has debuffed his maximum HP.

And that allows this to happen.

Eventually she got put out of her misery.

: Why is Aqua in pain?

: Okay, but aren't you going to make a pact with her?
: No. It can wait. I think it would be cruel to hatch her and then form a pact with her right now.
: Oh, I understand.

And now we have all 8 elemental skills.

Skit Video: Aqua's Love
: I still find it hard to believe that Centurions are capable of falling in love.
: I must admit my own surprise. However, just as cores may affect the hearts of people, a strong will may also affect the cores.
: I think I know what you mean. The human heart seems fragile, but it's actually pretty tough.
: Yeah. When someone feels anger or sadness, they can affect other people with their emotions. And sometimes there's nothing you can do to help them, even if you want to.
: But you can also spread positive emotions! And there are plenty of times when people's hearts are touched and they don't even realize it.
: That is true. Aqua must have been influenced by the strength of Richter's conviction, and it changed her. It may very well be your hearts that hold the key to success in the coming struggle.
: Hmm...

: Lord Ratatosk's domain is up ahead.

: That's where the Ginnungagap is?
: Yes. Richter should be there.
: Emil. The time's come for you to regain your power as Ratatosk and close the Ginnungagap. That's what you've chosen to do, right?
: Right. Everyone, it's almost over, but I still need your help.
This is the last cutscene before the point of no return. Unlike Symphonia, no sidequests are opened by this.

Skit Video: Final Battle
: Well, we're finally here. Marta, Tenebrae, thank you for all you've done.
: Emil...
: Don't talk like this is the end. We're not giving up on you yet.
: Yeah, you're right. Lloyd, everyone, I want to thank you as well.
: Come on, cut the formalities. It's time. Let's give this everything we've got!
: We shall be right there beside you.
: I won't hold back, even if we are fighting a half-elf.
: We've come this far, after all. We must see our task through to the end.
: Richter may have his reasons, but nothing justifies turning this world into a demonic realm.
: We worked so hard to regenerate this world. We have to protect it!
: Right. We can't break our promise to Martel.
: This is a fight to reclaim your identity, too. Give him a show he won't forget!
: Everyone, let's go!

Next Time: SHOWDOWN!