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Part 51: "Bonus" The Ending that was Too Dumb

Special Bonus Update: "Perfect" Ending

Video Record

: Yes it's complete. As of this moment none of us will be able to leave this room.
: An eternal hell. I suppose it's only fitting for a man who sold his soul to demons and who attempted to destroy the world. Well, it's time for me to make my sacrifice. I'm not sure how long my body will last without the Chosen's Cruxis Crystal--
: A thousand years. It will take one thousand years to draw out the mana from all living beings. After that, it will no longer be necessary to support the world with mana. Then I will use what's left to make a new seal for the door. And at that time, I will set you free from here as well.
This is the part that played at the end of the normal ending. But if you don't let Lloyd steal any cores (other than Lumen's)...

: perhaps you could separate into two forms: Emil and Ratatosk, and live that way. If necessary, you could live off of my body.
:Impossible. I have the task of separating the mana from the world.
: We Centurions and monsters would be happy to carry out that task, under your orders, of course. As long as you stay in contact, there's no issue with you dividing yourself in two forms.
Lord Ratatosk, to us the lifespan of a human being is nothing more than the blink of an eye.
: The fact still remains that I actually took a human life. That single act has led to all of this. And is affecting the lives of countless others. I caused all this tragedy. I can't just simply ignore it.
: But Emil, the other "you," regretted Aster's death, and even though the crime was not committed by his will, he tried to atone for it. Don't you think that Emil should be allowed to live out his full life as a human being?
: But Richter...
Verius: Ratatosk, your heart has spoken. It wishes you to live the life that Aster, who died at your hands, could not. I am prepared to carry out that wish for you.
: I'm sure Aster would've wanted it this way. He was such an idealist.

: Thank you.

Honestly I don't really like this, even by comparison with the "normal" ending. For one thing they totally forgot that they just locked themselves in forever. "None of us will be able to leave" my ass. For another don't they need Richter there to hold off the demons? How's he going to do that while Emil is walking around in his body elsewhere? Finally it is totally fucking out of nowhere. But then again shit that makes no sense is par for the fucking course here.

But those of you who say this just adds one scene are wrong! It adds TWO scenes, one of them after the credits.

: Emil, I hope you're watching. I'm going to convince the Tethe'allans to accept the people of Sylvarant without resorting to any of Daddy's harsh methods.

Oh and Marta and Emil get titles. Anyway this was the nadir. This was the part of the game that was too stupid for me to work with. Sorry for the lack of Arche (trying) to make this bearable.

Next Time: Gladsheim and the sweet, merciful end.