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Part 55: Special Bonus Update: Skits

Special Bonus Update: Skits

The JPN and NA versions of Dawn of the New World had no skit viewer (BOOOO). Fortunately the EU version did, and fortunately Admiral H. Curtiss has such a version, a capture device, and a desire to contribute to the LP. Let's give him a round of applause!

Skit Video: Simply Splendid
Trigger: Get a Pellaidah
: Simply splendid!
: What is?
: That monster you just made a pact with is a very rare specimen.
: Really?
: Way to go, Emil!
: Yes! To come across such an exceptional creature in all this wide world--our luck is most astonishing indeed!
: Oh. You were talking about our luck.

Skit Video: Joyous Trinity
Trigger: Put Kitty Kat, Izimbra and Aspidoceleon in your party
: Sweet! I can't believe we've befriended three different kinds of super-rare monsters! Emil, I'm speechless!
: Eh-heh... You're making me blush.
: No, this is truly a remarkable achievement. These three monsters are known as the "Joyous Trinity." It is said that those who meet all three will enjoy happiness for the rest of their days.
: Joyous Trinity, huh? That's kind of a weird name.
: So, what form does this happiness actually take?
: Why, the sublime satisfaction of having met the world's three rarest monsters.
: Oh.

Skit Video: We Were Close
Trigger: Fail fishing 3 times in a row
: Can't seem to catch anything.
: Nope.
: We were close that one time, though.
: Yup.

Skit Video: Almost Had That One
Trigger: Fail fishing 3 times in a row
: Oh!
: Ah, Almost had that one.
: Ehh...
: Perhaps this is the wrong spot? Or maybe it's the bait?
: G'eh...
: No, no, I get the feeling the problem may lie with our aspiring angler here.
: Would you shut up already? I'm trying to concentrate!

Skit Video: Try Again
Trigger: Fail Fishing 5 times in a row
: Ugh... We failed again.
: Don't give up! If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
: Try, try again?
: That's right, try, try again! Say it with me now!
: Try, try again!
: Okay, I know we'll catch something next time.

Skit Video: Concentration
Trigger: Disgrace fishermen everywhere 5 times in a row
: I just can't catch anything. Wonder if it's the fishing pole.
: The problem is your concentration!
: Woah! Don't just transform back on me like that!
: Fishing is all about concentration! It is a battle of wits between the human and the monster that can be won or lost in an instant. Attack, then retreat. Retreat, and fight again. You must always maintain this delicate balance! The only way to do that is through rock-solid concentration!
: So then, what am I supposed to do?
: What?
: You know, to improve my concentration.
: Well, you could--
: Yeah?
: Do push-ups upon the snowy frozen fields of Flanoir. Sprint over the sandy dunes of Triet Desert with a twenty-five pound weight strapped to your back. Kneel in quiet meditation beneath the black moonless night.
: Like I'm gonna do any of that stuff! Just hurry up and change back into a fishing pole already!

Skit Video: Natural Fisherman
Trigger: 100 successful fishing tries; can only do this before chapter 5
: You've really got a gift! You're a natural fisherman!
: I-I am?
: Come on, that was your 101st successful fishing attempt!
: Actually I think it was number 100.
: Don't forget, your first catch was me!
: Ehh... Um...
: Don't ever throw me back, okay?~

Skit Video: Secret Weapon
Trigger: Keep Marta out of battle for 20 battles
: What is it, Marta?
: Be honest now. You hate me, don't you?
: Where did that come from?
: Well, it's been a long time since you've let me fight alongside you. Or maybe it's that I'm just weak and useless.
: That's not it at all. You're my secret weapon. I'm just saving you for the right time. And also, I mean, you're a girl, so I figured you wouldn't want to end up with a bunch of battle scars.
: You're right. I've got to keep my skin silky smooth and blemish-free for you.
: What? Huh?!

Skit Video: Healing Strike
Trigger: Keep Marta out of battle for 50 battles
: So, Tenebrae. I've got something serious to talk to you about and I don't want Emil to hear.
: Lady Marta, what is it?
: Do you think Emil's gotten tired of me? He never puts me in battles anymore.
: This might be a good occasion to go on strike.
: How can I go on strike when I'm not allowed to fight in the first place?!
: Yes, but you could go on a healing strike. No matter how grievous his injuries, you could refuse Emil first aid, and withhold all of the gels.
: But that would be cruel. Though I guess it's cruel he won't let me fight.
: Indeed.
: Yeah. It is, isn't it?

Skit Video: Prisoner?
Trigger: Keep Emil out of battle for 20 battles
: Does this world really need me? That's twenty battles they've fought without me. Maybe I just don't have a place here.
: What's with all the muttering? There's no one more important to me than you.
: But not when it comes to fighting.
: I don't know what I'd do if someone else saw you fighting and fell in love with you.
: Huh?
: I'm going to keep you safely tucked away and out of sight until our wedding day.<3
: Does that mean I'm your prisoner?

Skit Video: What Was I Born For?
Trigger: Keep Emil out of battle for 50 battles
: That was quite a sigh. What's on your mind?
: What's my purpose in the world? Why was I even born? I don't even know why I'm alive.
: Rather hefty worries. Where did all this come from, so suddenly?
: It...It's just been so long since I've been allowed to fight in a battle.
: I see. So that's the cause of your distress.
: Always stuck playing second string. Maybe they just don't like me.
: Wait. I know what you were born for!
: Really?!
: You were born to be a bench warmer.
: It's true. Nobody loves me!

Skit Video: Different Kinds
Trigger: switching Marta's weapon often
: Wow Marta, every time I look you've got a new weapon.
: Well there are so many different kinds. If I don't try them all, how will I know which suits me best?
: I guess you've got a point. Is that how you pick your boyfriends too?
: How can you say that?! You're the only one for me! I've got no interest in other boys! So don't go losing interest in me either, okay?

Skit Video: Get Stronger
Trigger: Emil and Marta each reach level 25
: Hey, Emil, I think we're pretty strong now.
: Yeah. I think I've figured out a fighting style that suits me. But I've still got a lot to learn.
: I guess once you think you're the best, that's when you stop improving. But you're only going to get stronger. I'm sure of it.
: You too.
: Yeah, so let's get to it!

Skit Video: Both the Problem
Trigger: Run away 5 times
: That was close.
: Seriously. Too close.
: It's because you keep running into monsters without thinking!
: You keep trying to fight instead of sticking to support!
: Enough!
: Huh?!
: You're both the problem! Listening? Good. Failing to properly estimate your opponent's strength will get you killed!
: You're right. I'm sorry.
: Good.

Skit Video: Let's Keep It Up
Trigger: Successful pacting 5 times in a row
: Hey, we're doing a pretty good job of adding monsters to our side!
: You think so?
: Let's keep it up.~
: R-Right.

Skit Video: Getting Along
Trigger: Successful pacting 5 times in a row
: It appears you've grown quite proficient at making pacts.
: I hope so. Then again, there's not much to it.
: You must always be wary of overconfidence. Pacts are a sacred ritual. For the monster, it means entrusting you with their very--
: Another lecture? Tenebrae, you're back in full stuffy mode.
: What was that?! I say these things for Emil's own good. So he'll be prepared--
: Okay guys. We can't befriend monsters if we don't get along ourselves.

Skit Video: Successful Pacts
Trigger: Successful pacting 10 times in a row
: You know what? That makes ten successful pacts in a row. Doesn't that make you proud?
: I didn't really try to form "pacts." I mean, I've just been hoping to befriend the monsters, and so far it's worked out.
: Befriend them. Yeah, I guess you're right. After all, they do help out and fight beside us. Let's keep on making more friends!
: Right.

Skit Video: No Way
Trigger: Successful pacting 10 times in a row
: What a remarkable success!
: Yeesh! You startled me. What was that about?
: Our success rate in forging pacts. It is undeniably on the rise lately.
: Really?
: This is due, no doubt, to the flawless advice I granted you on the subject.
: No, not really.
: It's thanks to me!
: No way.

Skit Video: Pact of Love
Trigger: Fail 10 pacts in a row
Emil : Another pact that didn't work out. I wonder what're we're doing wrong.
: Maybe we're not putting enough love into it.
: Sure! Monsters are living things too! If we approach them with love in our hearts, it's bound to work out.
: Oh yeah...maybe you're right.
: wanna practice by making a pact of looove with me?
: What?!

Skit Video: Words to Heart
Trigger: Fail 10 pacts in a row
: Emil--
: Lecture again?
: Yes, that's right, it is pitiful. Anyone who fails this many pacts in a row must truly be clumsy and foolish.
: But what are you crying for Tenebrae? I'm the one who should be bawling their eyes out!
: I beg you, if you have any compassion for me at all, please listen to my advice!
: I know, I need to be more careful, right. Tenebrae, I'm sorry.
: Emil, Emil! Then you've finally taken my words to heart!
: He's totally turned into Emil's father...

Skit Video: Seriously High Number
Trigger: Catch 200 monsters
: Excellent! You have now befriended two hundred monsters.
: (Sad sigh) Two hundred.
: What's wrong? That's two hundred monsters we got. Isn't that exciting?
: That's also the exact number of times I've confessed my love to a boy, only to be told I'm too "serious."
: (Uncertain) Oh, [um...] wow.
: That is a "seriously" high number.

Skit Video: We're Full
Trigger: Monster storage full [232 max]
: Oh my.
: What is it, Tenebrae?
: A quick tally of the monsters you've befriended indicates that we have all that we can manage.
: But how? You share a bond with all the dark elemental monsters in the world, right? And we definitely don't have all of them.
: While Lord Ratatosk continues his slumber, my powers cannot reach their full potential. I'm afraid this is my limit.
: Hmm... So what should we do?
: I don't know. There are still some types of monsters we haven't befriended yet, right?
: Yes. And as you add these monsters to your roster, strength will return to the Centurions that share their elements. Which should also increase Lord Ratatosk's power within you.
: So to befriend new monsters, we'll have to set some free.
: I'll miss them, but I guess we don't have a choice.

Skit Video: Complete
Trigger: Collect all types of monsters at least once
: Congratulations! Emil! Lady Marta! You've done it!
: What have we done, Tenebrae?
: You have discovered and made pacts with all possible monsters!
: Really?!
: Yes. Befriending any more monsters than this will not be possible while Lord Ratatosk remains Dormant.
: We did it! We caught 'em all!
: Wow. We finally befriended all the monsters. What a milestone. I can remember each and every one.
: Okay then, what was the 128th monster you befriended?
: Ehh... It's just hard to think straight because I'm so emotional right now.
: Right.

Skit Video: Exactly
Trigger: All monsters in party are level 1
: What's the matter, Tenebrae?
: I'm not sure how to put this.
: What is it?
: It's just, the monsters you've befriended haven't been growing--How should I put it. As monsters, they're still immature. When I see you playing together with them, I'm reminded of a... of a--
: A daycare center?
: Exactly!