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Part 1: Update 1

Update 1

We're starting with a new game plus here. It makes things go faster,
since Symphonia is a long game.

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: A war, however, caused this tree to wither away, and a hero's life was sacrificed in order to take its place. Grieving over the loss, the goddess disappeared unto the heavens. The goddess left the angels with this edict: "You must wake me, for if I should sleep, the world shall be destroyed." The angels bore the Chosen One, who headed towards the tower that reached up unto the heavens.

: My awareness returns... Something will happen soon.

: Lloyd!

Yeah she nailed him with a chalkboard eraser.
: Gahh!

: ...Oh. Professor Raine. class over?

: Yes, Raine.
: Mithos, the hero, brought about the end of the Ancient War in the Holy Ground of Kharlan.
: Correct. Afterwards, Mithos, the hero, formed a pact with the Goddess Martel to seal away the Desians whom caused the war.
: But the Desians came back and are now causing everyone to suffer!
: We covered that in class last time, remember? When the Seal weakens the Desians reappear. Just like they have now.
: I...I knew that. I...I just forgot...
: Lloyd Irving, aren't you a smart one.
: Today is the Day of Prophecy. It is a very important day, which the Chosen of Mana will receive an oracle from the Goddess Martel. Now, Chosen One...Colette.
: Yes, ma'am.
: Tell us about the journey of world regeneration.
: It is a journey to seal the Desians.

: Correct. I suppose we should expect the Chosen herself to know the answer to that one. Mana depletion is the cause of the current food shortages and droughts. It is said that this occurs because the Desians consume vast amounts of mana in their human ranches. The Chosen's journey has two purposes--to revive mana as well as defeat the Desians. Now, for the next question--

: That's...
: Settle down. It would seem that the time for the oracle has come. I will go and check on the chapel. Everyone, stay here and study on your own. Understood?
: Professor! I'll go with you!
: No, Colette. If it is the oracle, the priests will come here for you. Wait here with everyone else.
: Yes, ma'am.

: I should be used to this by now.

: I'm really curious to find out what really happens to Colette when she receives the oracle. They always talk about the Chosen of Regeneration and the Day of Prophecy, but no one tells us what really happens.
: But my sister said to stay and study by ourselves.
You get a choice here, "It's research." or "Okay, fine." Like most choices, it has no real affect on the game events or plot, just affection points. This choice actually has more affect than most, since it changes the order of the next few scenes.
: It's research.
: That's just an excuse!
: So? An excuse is an excuse, right? Don't be so stuffy. You're coming too, right? We're best friends, after all! Colette, want to come along, too?
: ...Huh? Um, okay.
: So where to?

: Where else?! That light! You're directly involved in all of this. Aren't you curious?
: Hmm...Are you curious about it?
: Of course!
: Okay, then I'll be curious about it, too.
: See? Dwarven Vow #4: Don't depend on others. Walk on your own two legs. Okay then! Let's go to the temple!
: Not the Dwarven Vows again. You always use those when you need an excuse...

Skits are one of the things that makes Tales games Tales games. They're little scenes with the characters represented by little portraits (that's where the portraits I'm using come from) that are largely optional and usually humorous. Tales of Symphonia's sequel is as far as I know the first Tales game to have both voice acting for the game and the skits in the NA release.
By the way that hole in the wall back there is strangely Colette-shaped.

: Naughty of them to go outside, but I suppose Lloyd couldn't help it.

: Where did everybody go?
: Colette!
: Father!
: Frank!
: Thank goodness you're safe.
: Frank, what happened to everyone in the village?
: They're all hiding. The Desians invaded the village just a short while ago. Thankfully, no one was hurt. They passed through the village and headed for the temple.
: Why?! Iselia has a non-aggression treaty with the Desians!
: You mean that agreement where they don't attack the village as long as we leave the human ranch alone?
: Yes...Grandmother said it's to protect me... Oh! Where's Grandmother?
: Phaidra is in the temple preparing for the ritual.
: Phaidra's in the temple? But that's where the Desians...
: The priests are there with her. There's no need to worry. Now, Colette...
: I know. I promise to fulfill my duty as the Chosen.
: Good luck, Colette. Lloyd, Genis. You two should go on home.
: I'm worried about letting Colette go by herself. I'll go with her to the temple.
: Me, too.
: But...all right. Thank you. I'll wait at the house. Come back immediately if anything happens.

Skit #158: It'll Be Fine
Skits aren't always numbered in the order they appear. I don't think it's possible to get very many skits before this one.

That's Genis speaking.
: Don't worry. All we have to do is get back to class before she does.
: But wasn't Professor Raine going to the temple, too?
: What if we run into her?
: Ah, haha...we'll be fine...Probably.

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: Oh look, they've let out the monsters.

: I though the northern region where the temple is located was a sanctuary! Why are there...
: It must be part of the trial. Martel's trial involves battling monsters.
: We don't have time to talk! Let's get this thing!
: Roger!

: That was easy!
: Lloyd, you're amazing!
: Ah, well...I owe it to this thing, though.
: Ah, that's right, the Exsphere.
: Yeah. It's designed for combat and brings out my maximum strength. Without this thing, I'd be nothing...
: But you're still strong, Lloyd!
: Yeah, at least his sword skills are good.
: ...What do you mean, "at least"?!

: There's another one! Let's go, you two!
: Wait, Lloyd! The Professor said magic is more effective than physical attacks against non-physical and spiritual monsters.
: Really?
: Yes!
: Okay, then, I'll leave the Ghost to Genis. I'll go for the Zombie! Okay! Here we go!
: Yeah!
: Okay!

: It's important to choose the target wisely when there's a lot of monsters, or if we're up against a dangerous one.
: It's especially important when saving an ally that's in trouble.
: We have to be careful.
: Let's go to the temple!
: Okay!
: Yeah.

Actually let's go get our HP/MP refilled. I did a bit of grinding here to get everyone level 4 to help with nobody dying against the game's first boss.

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: Poor Colette, you're going to die here today. I hope everyone else makes it, but that's rather unlikely.

: Then an oracle is going to be conveyed. Colette's going to be the Chosen of Regeneration.
: It's really, really bright!
: Say, Colette...when the oracle is conveyed, you'll become the Chosen who will save the world, right? You're going to be like the hero, Mithos! So maybe you should act a little know, Chosen-like...
: Yeah! No problem. No problem.
: Hey, there's a lot of commotion at the temple.
: ...You're right!

: Chosen One!
: Pastor?!
: Hey, are you all right?!

: Chosen One...quickly...the oracle...
: I know.
: careful... I regret that I will able to pro...tect...the...Cho...sen.
: Pastor, hang on!
: It's no good. He's...gone.
: No!
: ...I'm going.

: Yes...but I have to go. I'm the Chosen. My job is to accept the oracle on the Day of Prophecy.

: Lloyd, are you going to let Colette go by herself?!

This choice is a "but thou must."
: I'm going, too. I can't let you go by yourself.
: Are you sure? It's dangerous.
: Dwarven Vow #1: Let's all work together for a peaceful world. Let's go.
: Wait, I'm going, too. I'm worried about Raine.
: Thanks, both of you.

: Such pointless slaughter.

: Lord Botta! There she is!
: Chosen One, your life is mine!

: Desians? ...Hahaha!
: What's so funny?!
: Well then, die at the hands of the Desians you so hate. Get them!

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: What's HE doing here? This is going to go very badly.
: Get out of the way.

: Amazing!...
: This guy's incredibly strong!
: ...Y...yeah. I...I suppose so...
: ...Is everyone all right? one seems to be hurt.

: Is that an Exsphere?

: ...I see. So this girl is the next Chosen.
: That's right! I have to go accept the oracle! Grandmother, I'm going to undergo the trial now.
: What trial?
: The monsters, I assume. An evil presence radiates from inside this chapel.
: Yes, that is correct. The Chosen is to receive judgment from heaven. But the priests that were to accompany her fell at the hands of the Desians.
: Then I'll take on the job of protecting Colette.
: Lloyd? ...I would be uneasy with just you.
: Your name is Lloyd?
: Yeah, but who are you to ask for my name?
: ...I am Kratos, a mercenary. As long as you can pay me, I'll accept the
job of guarding the Chosen.
: ...Under the circumstances, I have little choice. Please be of service.
: It's a deal, then.
: W...wait! I'm going, too!
: Lloyd, you'll only get in the way. Be a good boy and wait here.
Choice time! This time it isn't even "but thou must" since Lloyd will go either way. Your choices are "What did you say?!" and "...gotcha." but regardless Lloyd will insist on going along. Only the relationship change matters.

: What did you say?!
: Did I not make myself clear? You're a burden. Go home.
: Um...Mr. Kratos, would it be okay to take Lloyd along, too?
: But...
: Please. I get nervous when Lloyd's not around.
: ...Do as you wish.
: ...Let's go, Genis!
: What?! I'm going, too?!
: Of course!
: This isn't a field trip, you know.
: Thanks, Colette...
: It's the truth!

: She'd be better off dead.