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Part 3: Update 2

Update 2

: So this is what the inside of the temple is like.
: Colette, you've been in here many times, right?
: Yeah, but it seems different than usual.
: I sense the presence of monsters. Don't let your guard down.
: We can handle a few measly monsters. Let's go.
: Wait. Lloyd...are your sword techniques self-taught?
: Yeah. That's right.
We get a Training Manual.
: What is this thing?
: If you are going to use a sword, then at least learn the basics. You want to protect the Chosen, don't you?
: Humph! You think you know so much!

:It's not so easy to get to the center of the temple - it's a test, after all.

: The Sorcerer's Ring can probably open it. It's enshrined in this temple.
: Where is it?
: Let's hurry up and go get it!
: ...Um. I don't know. I'm sorry.
: Fine, we'll look for it. Man...
:The Sorcerer's Ring? That old thing?
The Sorcerer's Ring appears in pretty much every Tales game and is used to solve puzzles.

The Random Encounters in here are mostly undead, slimes, and worms. They go down easy enough.

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: Okay, let's go get it!
: Look, there's something here.

: Well, it was kind of a rock to begin with.

: Uh...
: Oh, no!

: What are you two talking about?
: In just a moment, it'll probably... See, there it is.
: Whoa, there's another one!
: Now, let's take care of it and drop it down below!
This puzzle is pretty easy. Kill the golem, drop the block through the hole in the floor, put it in the gap.

: So this is the Sorcerer's Ring!

: We should be able to deal with most traps and obstacles with this.
: Wow! Let me try it!
: Okay, Lloyd.
: ...You're such a little kid.

After you've finished with getting the Sorcerer's Ring (or maybe after you fill all the gaps) the golems are replaced by random encounters (represented by that skull)

One of the functions of the ring is to fire bolts of fire and stun random encounters. When you've successfully stunned them, they turn blue.

Skit #102: Test for the Chosen

: Y...yeah. But why are there so many monsters in the temple?
: This is part of the Chosen's trial. Weren't you aware of that when you decided to join her?
: Of course I knew that.
: I'm sorry. It's my fault you're here.
: Don't worry about it! It's for the sake of bringing peace to the world!
: Dwarven Vow #1, right?
: I told you to stop bringing those up.

: You get bored so easily.

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: Yes. That's the altar.

: That's right. They say I was born with that in my hand.
: Look at that light!

: Wh...what is that?
: An angel, I would assume.
: Aren't you a fan of flashy entrances?

: I am Remiel. I am an angel of judgment. I am here to guide Colette, daughter of the mana lineage, on her journey to heaven as the seventh Chosen.

The Cruxis crystal starts floating.
: The time has come to awaken the Goddess Martel, who sleeps at the center of the world.
: Pffft.
: Awaken the Goddess Martel... It's just like the legend Raine told us about.
The glowing crystal embeds into Colette's chest.

: From this moment, Colette becomes the Chosen of Regeneration. We of Cruxis bless this event, and hereby bestow the Tower of Salvation upon Sylvarant.

: So that's the Tower of Salvation!
: Now the world will be saved!
: Unlikely.
: Colette, the Chosen of Regeneration. Unlock the seals that guard the Tower of Salvation and climb its stairs to heaven in distant lands.
: I humbly accept this task.
: Very good. We of Cruxis shall grant you the power of the angels with each seal you unlock. Once you are reborn as an angel, this eroded world shall be regenerated.
: Thank you. I swear on my life I will regenerate the world.
: First head south, to the Seal of Fire. Offer your prayers in that distant land.
: Yes, Lord Remiel.
: Uh, wait! Please wait! I have a question I wish to ask of you. Are you really my fa--
: First head to the Seal of Fire. Understood? My beloved daughter, Colette.
: F...father!...So you really are my true father.
: We shall meet again at the next seal, my daughter.
: So that was the oracle. I wish Raine could have seen him.
: I can't believe Remiel is my father... I'm all right. I was just a little surprised. That's all.
: Colette must now go on a long journey to search for those seals.

:You've received the oracle. Then let us leave now, Chosen.
: ...Oh, yes.
: We're going on ahead.
: Uh...thank you, both of you. Please stop by my house later.
: She left...
: What rumor?
: That Colette is the daughter of an angel and is not really related to her current father.
: Even if you're not related by blood, family is family... At least, that's what I think.
: I...I'm sorry.
: Hey, don't worry about it.

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: ...Professor?

: Uh! Uh-oh...
: Raine! I...I'm sorry!

: ...You're next, Lloyd. Are you ready?
: Whoa, no, hey, stop!

Sorry about the brightness, I wanted to show you that she actually did get her leg up high enough to FUCKING KICK LLOYD IN THE NECK but at that point Lloyd's already whiting out.
: Oww!

: I never approved of that method of child rearing, but it seems like it gets results.
: Now, you two, if you've learned your lesson, go back home. There will be no class for the rest of the day.
: What about you?
: I've received permission from Phaidra to study this temple a little while longer. It's not often that ordinary citizens have the opportunity to enter this place.
: What was that?
: ...You're better off knowing.

Skit #1: The Journey

: That angel told her to release the seals. Then she'll become an angel...
: So Colette's going to leave the village....

Back at Colette's house.

: I have no objections.
: Thank you so much for your help earlier!
: Ohh, you're back! Thank you for your assistance earlier! Please accept this small thanks.

: Thank you.
: Thanks, Phaidra. Say, were you talking about the world regeneration journey just now?
: Yes.
: Wow! I want to go, too! I wanna see Colette regenerate the world!
: If Raine is going, I want to go, too.
: No. You'll get in the way.
: Wh...what?!
: The battles at the chapel were nothing compared to the journey that awaits us. Children need to stay home.
: Kratos is absolutely right. Now then, we still have things to discuss. You two should go on home.

: Please, wait!
: I'm sorry.
: It's not like it's your fault.

: Listen! Ah, never mind.
: Oh yeah, happy birthday, Colette!
: I baked you some cookies. If I knew you'd be leaving tomorrow, I would've made something a little more special, but...
: No, no, I love your cookies! Thank you very much!
: So what about you, Lloyd? You promised to make her a
necklace, right?
: ...Uhhh...heh...
: ...Don't tell me you forgot.
: Uh, it''s almost done. Uh, I'll give it to you...tomorrow, before you leave. I swear!
: Really? I'm so happy! As soon as I find out when we're leaving, I'll go to your house to let you know.
: Isn't it going to be dangerous?
: I'm the Chosen, remember? I'll be fine. See you later, then.
: ...Liar.
: If I start on it now, I'll finish it in time.
: Oh, really? Well, whatever. By the way, you're going home now, right? Can I go part of the way with you?
: Sure, but where are you going to go?
: I'm going to see a friend.
: Huh? I didn't know you had friends outside the village besides me.

: so I can get my stuff?