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Part 4: Update 3

Update 3

Skit #163: Sole Redeeming Feature

: Are you still mad that he said you'd just get in the way?
: I mean, I know he's strong and all, but...
: I guess I'd feel bad too if someone put down the only redeeming quality I had.
: Hey! What do you mean, "only"?!
: Ahahahaha!

: I don't know what you need, but make it quick.
: It won't take long, come on.

: When you said you wanted to get ready, you meant picking up ingredients? Why are you bothering with that?
: You shouldn't make fun of cooking, Lloyd. We can't use healing arts, so we need to use food to keep up our strength.
: Yeah, I guess you're right. Apple Gels aren't cheap, after all.
: Exactly. Cooking is important.

: What?
: Your pet! This...creature!
: Noishe!

: Whoa, it's Noishe! Good Noishe!
: Hey! How many times have I told you not to enter the village?!
: Hey, you always have him bring you to the village! Don't talk to him that way!
: Oh, that reminds me. Lloyd, the Mayor wanted me to ask you a question.
: From the Mayor? What is it?
: It's about the northwest forest that you go through. You know there's a human ranch on the way through, right? You haven't been playing near the ranch, have you?
: Oh course not! Right, Genis?
: Y...yeah. Of course not.
: Really? If so, that's fine, but...that weird animal...
: How many times do I have to tell you that Noishe is a dog?!
: Ah, sorry. He just doesn't look like a dog... Anyway, make sure he doesn't go near the ranch, either.
: W...we can go now, right? Let's go, Lloyd.
: Be careful, you two.
: We will. See you tomorrow. Time to go, Noishe.
: *Whine*
: By the way, Noishe, why were you trying to go into the village?
: *Whine*
: He was probably looking for you.
: You think so?

: Ah, that's right. Noishe doesn't like this place.
: That cliff...
: He'll never go near places like this that have lots of monsters. Even though you hardly ever see monsters bigger than him.
: *Whine*
: Ah, he ran off again! Fine, do whatever you want, Noishe.
: I keep thinking, if he's going to run away, he should at least take us with him.

Skit #164: Genis's Friend
Yes it says Genis' Friend in the picture but that's incorrect use of an apostrophe and one of my major pet peeves.

: What? You knew about that?
: I always see you hiding food in your school bag.
: Yeah, she never has anything to eat so I feel really bad.
: That's really cool Genis. It's really nice that you share what little food we have.
: Ah, it's not that big of a deal.
: Don't be so modest! I'm sure that dog is really thankful!
: What?
: She's not a dog! She's human!
: Oh really? This whole time I was thinking you were keeping a pet dog in secret from the Professor.

: At the Desian human ranch? Doesn't going there violate the non-aggression treaty?
: The Desians already attacked the temple!
: Hmm, well, yeah, I guess that's true, but...
: I know I'm not supposed to... But there's someone I just have to tell about the oracle.
: All right. But I'm worried about you going alone, so I'm going with you.

This is a video! You should watch it!
Youtube backup.

: Marble.

: Yeah, I'm Lloyd.
: I'm pleased to meet you.
: Marble, did you see it? There was an oracle!
: Yes I did. I saw the Tower of Salvation. Now, the Chosen's journey of regeneration can finally begin. I hope it is successful this time...
: The last Chosen failed, right?
: Yes. I heard the Chosen was killed by Desians during the journey.
: I wonder if Colette will be all right?...
: Let us pray to Martel. May she guide the Chosen on a safe journey.
: ...Hey grams--
: Her name's marble!

: Oh, is that what this is called? They placed it on me shortly after I came here.
: Yeah, that's definitely an Exsphere. But there's no Key Crest on it. An Exsphere without a Key Crest is dangerous.
: What's a Key Crest? And how is it dangerous?
: Attaching an Exsphere directly to your skin supposedly makes you sick. But ironically, it's useless unless you attach it directly onto the skin. So in order to prevent it from making you sick, you carve a spell into a special ore and use that as a mount for the Exsphere. That's the Key Crest.
: You're very knowledgeable.
: But it looks like Marble's Exsphere doesn't have a mount at all.
: Nope, doesn't look like it. If the charm was the only thing needed, I could carve one myself, but there's nothing I can do without the inhibitor ore that acts as the mount.
: There has to be something you can do, Lloyd!
: It's not as easy as you think. Key Crests are dwarven technology.
: Your dad's a dwarf! Please ask him for help, Lloyd!
Choice here, but it only counts for how much Genis likes you.
: Fine, fine. I'll ask him.
: All right! That's why I like you, Lloyd.
: Please don't trouble yourself.
: Hey, old hag! What the hell you doin' over there?
: Oh, no! The Desians! Run away, you two! Hurry!
So basically every choice in the game is meaningless except for the determination of how much people like you, with very few exceptions.
: ...Okay. I'm sorry!
: Don't worry...just go!

: I've seen things like this so often, but I've never gotten used to it.

: Who said you could slack off?! Get back to work!
: ...I'm sorry.
: What's with that look, huh?
: Looks like someone's got an attitude problem!
: No, of course not, I...
: Shaddup! You two, take her to the back! We're gonna give her a little lesson on respect!
: Yeah!
: Yeah!

: But what can we do?
: There's gotta be something we can do. Let's find higher ground where we can see what's going on in there.
: It looks like we can go up from here.

: ...We've gotta save her!
: But how?!
: You attack the Desians from here with magic.
: What?! Aren't we gonna get in trouble?!
: We don't have a choice! Afterwards, hide among the bushes and make your way back to the village. I'll act as a decoy.
: But that'll put you in danger!
: Don't worry. I'll head down the cliff so they don't see my face, then I'll run in the opposite direction from the village.
: ...Okay! You should replenish your energy before we do this. I've got some leftover cookies from the ones I gave to Colette. Here, have some.

: What the?!

: There he is! Stop him!
: Open the main gate!

: Quickly, come this way!
: Genis, Lloyd...thank you.

: What was that?
: Uh-oh!

This is Overlimit. It prevents you from being interrupted by enemy attacks, and vastly reduces the damage you take. Some characters have attacks that only function or have additional effects during Overlimit.

Lloyd is terrible at cooking and failed to make a sandwich properly. This means he gets much less hp/mana recovery.

: Don't worry about it.
: But...
: I took out the ones that saw my face, and the rest of them are still back up on the cliff. As long as we hurry up and get out of here, they'll never know.
: O...okay.
: Just do my homework for me, okay?
: ...Okay.
: All right then, I'm gonna head on home. You should head back to the village.
: Lloyd, thanks for helping Marble.
: Hey, that's what friends are for, right?

: Yes, sir!
: how did a mere human make that kind of jump?
: Surveillance system? I hope nothing bad comes of this within the next... 15 hours.

Skit #002: Restless Noishe

: *Whine*
: You weirdo.
: *Whine* *Whine*
: Huh? What?
: *Whine* *Whine* *Whine* *Whine*
: I have no idea what you're trying to say. It's too bad you can't talk.
: *Whine*
: The look on your face if you could tell what he was saying would be priceless. You might have a chance of surviving if you could understand him.

Another big video!
Youtube backup.And part 2.

: Hi, Dad. Say, is there any chance you could make me a Key Crest?
: Why do you need a Key Crest all of a sudden?
: I met someone today who has an Exsphere without a Key Crest. An Exsphere without a Key Crest is bad for you, right? Or, wait, don't tell me that it's too late once you've attached an Exsphere without a Key Crest to your body.
: Nah, not at all. But even removing an Exsphere that lacks a Key Crest is dangerous. So the only thing to do is make an accessory out of inhibitor ore and carve the charm into that, making it into the Key Crest instead.
: Hmmm. And then it'll be okay, huh? Then, could you make me a bracelet as soon as possible?
: Just a minute. The Exsphere with no Key Crest that you're talking about who has it?
: Huh? Ah...uhh...a traveler. A traveling mercenary.
: Baloney. Exspheres are basically only used by Desians. If he took one from a Desian, it should already have a Key Crest on it.
: Uhh, well...
: Dwarven Vow #11: Lying is the first step to the path of thievery! Tell me the truth. Why do you need a Key Crest?
: ...I met someone at the ranch today who had an Exsphere equipped without a Key Crest.
: You went to the ranch?!
: I...I'm sorry. A bunch of stuff happened, and...
: You didn't let the Desians see your Exsphere, did you?
: No, don't worry, I made sure. But why is it so important to hide this thing? The mercenary that came to the village today wore his right out in the open.
: ...Your Exsphere is special.
: Special? Is it different from the ones the Desians have equipped?
: ...That Exsphere is your mother's keepsake. The Desians killed your mother in order to take it from her.
: ...They did?
: I told you about how I found you at the cliff near the ranch, right? Your mother was still conscious at that time, so she explained everything. There's no doubt about it.
: Why didn't you ever tell me?!
: If I had, you'd have run out and tried to take revenge on the Desians. The Tower of Salvation appeared today. Just leave the rest to Colette. That'll take care of the Desians, too.
: But still...
: Don't get involved with the Desians. Your mother protected you and that Exsphere with her life. Don't go throwing either away.
: ...So will you make me the Key Crest?
: Lloyd! Have you been listening at all?
: Yeah, I heard you! But you can't expect me not to do anything now that I know!

: Haha the most wonderful part of domestic disputes: everyone else finding out.
: I'm sorry, because of me, you...
: It's okay, it's not your fault.
: ...Lloyd, you should go speak to Colette. We'll wait here.
: ...Okay.
: Lloyd, let's go up to the terrace.
: Just a minute.
: Okay, I'll be waiting on the bench.

: The Desians are half-elves, right? So does that mean half-elves are responsible for your mother's death?
: Well, not all half-elves are Desians, right? I don't care if they're half-elves or not.
: Y...yeah...

: Whose gravestone is this?
: Ah, you heard, right? It's my mom's.
: Anna...hmm... Is your father alive?
: ...I don't know. But Dirk is my dad.
: ...Yes. That was a careless thing to ask. I'm sorry.

: You're going to leave tomorrow, too...
: Why? Are you going to miss me?
: Of course!
: Hehe, thank you. By the way, did you finish Colette's present?
: It''s almost done.
: Oh? Well, I'm sure it'll be fine. You're at least good at craftwork.
: ...Do both of you have to talk like that?

: Are you done?
: Yeah.

: It's okay, don't worry about that.
: But this sort of thing is special because you get it on your birthday, you know?
: ...Well then, will you just wish me a happy birthday?
: Of course. Happy birthday.
: Hehe...thanks. I'm glad I was able to live to this day.
: What are you talking about? You're going to keep on living and regenerate the world.
: ...Yeah.
: So about tomorrow...I can't come along with you, can I?
: Well, it's just that the Desians will be after us and it's going to be a dangerous journey.
: Desians...up till now. I always thought my mom died in an accident. ...But she was murdered by Desians! Now that I know the truth, there's no way that I could keep living in a village that has a treaty with them.

: We're leaving tomorrow at noon. So would you come to the village around then?
: ...Okay! You got it. Now I'll be able to see you become an angel with my own eyes.

: So Lord Remiel really is my father. I'm the child of an angel.
: Does it matter? Regardless of who your real father is, you're still you. Nothing's changed. You just have two fathers. Just think of yourself as being lucky for having more than most people do.
: I suppose you're right.
: World regeneration, huh. It's kind of exciting.
: Yeah...releasing the seals, becoming an angel, then finally...
: Finally?
: Um, nothing. Anyway, if we go to the Seal of Fire, I'll get to see my father again. I'm going to do my best.
: "Um, nothing"?!?!? I think we've reached peak bad at lying. Of course, every time I think something can't possibly get worse, it does.
: Yeah, me too.

: Are you ready to go?
: Ah, yes. I'm coming. See you later, Lloyd.
: Yeah, see you tomorrow.
: Yeah...goodbye...
: All right, time to make that present!

: It's finished! Okay, I'd better have a talk with Dad.

: Here...that's the Key Crest you wanted. You can use it however you like. Just remember, I did try to stop you.
: Dad! Thanks!
: Dwarven Vow #2: Never abandon someone in need. I'm just going along with the teachings.
: Dad, I'm going on a journey. I'm going to help Colette regenerate the world so that I can avenge my mom.
: ...Yeah. I figured you were going to say that. Take this with you. I've put together some things you'll need for your trip.
: So you're forgiving me?
: ...Yeah. But remember, this is your home. You're still my son, regardless of blood. Come back here any time you're tired.
: ...I will. Wish me luck!
: Lloyd! Don't ever forget Dwarven Vow #7!
: "Goodness and love will always win"...right? Man, that's such a cheesy line for anyone to be saying these days. Don't worry, I won't forget it. Let's go, Noishe! It's time to regenerate the world!

: Lloyd! You're still here?!
: Genis! Good timing. I got my dad to make Marble's Key Crest!
: Th...that's great and all, but what about seeing Colette off?!
: Oh, yeah, about that, I've decided to join her.
: Are you stupid or something?! Colette and the others left a long time ago!
: Wha?...
: I came looking for you because you never showed up!
: You've got to be kidding me!
: Lloyd! Go to the village, now!
: Yeah! Come on, come on!
: Wow, Lloyd is thicker than I thought possible. I guess when he fell off the cliff and Dirk found him he landed on his head.