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Part 5: Update 4

Update 4

: Phaidra? Okay.

Skit #159: Dirk, the Craftsman

: Hmm? What?
: How do you and Dirk sustain your livelihood?
: Livelihood?
: You know, how he makes money and stuff.
: Every so often, Dad gets requests to craft things. Apparently, it's good money.
: Wow, I didn't know Dirk was famous.
: He says he's well-known for what he does.

Skit #003: What is Colette Hiding?

: She was acting overly cheerful before she left, telling everyone, "I'll be fine," and "I'll do my best."
: I bet...she's hiding something. She always acts like that when she's worried or hiding something.
: Maybe so....
: I bet Phaidra probably knows something.

This video is important!
Youtube backup.And part two.

: Phaidra! Is it true that Colette already left?
: Indeed.
: Did she tell me the wrong time?
: ...Colette asked me to give you this letter.

: By the time you read this, I will have already left on my journey. I'm sorry for lying to you. The world regeneration journey is full of peril—many Chosens have failed. I care about you too deeply to let you get involved. I'm going to do my best to stop the monsters and the Desians, so I want you to live a happy and peaceful life in the regenerated world. Thank you so much for your friendship and kindness all these years. I'm really lucky to have met you.
Farewell, Colette

: ...What is this? This almost sounds like a will.
: could call it that.
: I can't wait to see his reaction to this.
: What do you mean?
: Lloyd, Genis. There is something we hid from you and everyone in the village., the already--


: What was that?!
: 5PM incident at the ranch, 8AM now. Right on schedule. I wish I could close my eyes and not see it.

: Thank you, you saved me. I couldn't protect this place by myself.
: Is everyone inside the school?
: No, there should still be some people in the village plaza.
: Lloyd, let's go save them!
: Yeah!
: Wait. This is my thanks for saving me. Please take them.
Lloyd received Apple Gel and Orange Gel.
: Thank you!
: Please help them.

Skit #103: Desians Attack

: Why do they do such horrible things?!
: Right now we've got to get everyone to safety and then drive those guys away!
: Yeah!

: Our...our house!
: Damn those Desians!
: This is horrible... What am I going to tell Raine when she gets back? And this village looked like it might finally be a place we could have called home...
: Huh? What did you say?
: N...nothing! Let's hurry up and get rid of the Desians.
: Yeah! We're not going to let them do any more damage!

: He speaks nonsense. Ignore him.

: I am a superior half-elf who rules over the farm where we cultivate you pathetic humans.
: ...Half-elf...
: Lloyd! You, a human, have been found guilty for the crime of violating the non-aggression treaty. Therefore, I bring judgment upon you and this village!
: You violated the treaty, too! You tried to murder the Chosen!
: Us, kill the Chosen? Hahaha! I see now. They must be after the Chosen.
: They? Are you saying you aren't the ones that attacked Colette?
: Remember when the guy thought it was funny you mistook him for a Desian? Yeah.
: I have no need to explain myself to the likes of you. The only thing that matters is that you, Lloyd Irving, have been in contact with host body F192 and attacked our guards.

: ...I'm sorry.
: We've prepared an appropriate opponent for your crime!
: Oh no...

: Now, receive your punishment!
: Damn!
: Lloyd, I'll help, too!

This knockback attack is the only real threat here (other than Genis running out of mana and going into melee). This fight is really just a case of having a small amount of Apple and Orange Gels and wearing the boss down - or of just plain wearing the boss down if you care enough to memorize the timing of the second boss in the game.

I honestly have no idea what this ability does, since it doesn't seem to increase damage or be any kind of attack.
EDIT: Thanks to Polsy and the speedrun, we know that this is a damage field around the boss.

: Lord Forcystus! Just as you thought, that boy has an Exsphere!
: ...It must be the one from the Angelus Project that we've been searching for!

: No! This is a memento of my mom's, who you Desians murdered!
: What are you talking about? Your mother was...
: Nobody ever gets to finish important sentences around here.

: Wh...what was that voice? It...sounded like...Marble?...
: ...It can't be!
: Uh...ugh...guh... Get away...hurry!... were like a grandson to me. Thank you. Goodbye...

: ...Ugh!

: ...Lloyd. We will always come after you as long as you possess that Exsphere. Always!

: You think you can fix this by apologizing?! The Desians marked you as their enemy! As long as you are here, this village will never be at peace. Do you understand?
: Wait a minute! You're going to exile him?
: Yes.
: That's not fair! Lloyd didn't do anything wrong! He just saved Marble...
: Any involvement with the ranch is forbidden. There are no exceptions.
: So it's okay to let people die at the human ranch as long as the village is safe?!
: The people at the ranch are just going to rot there, anyway.
: Yes. Had you not done something so stupid, they'd have been the only ones that died.
: You humans are all the same...
: That's enough, Genis. This was my fault.
: ...I'll leave.
: Mayor, surely you don't have to be so strict on a child...
: What are you saying? Do you realize how many people died here because of him?!

: But it's Lloyd the Desians are after. And besides, Lloyd isn't from this village to begin with. He's an outsider, raised by a dwarf.
: Always looking for a scapegoat, eh?
: Then I'm leaving, too. I'm just as guilty as he is!
: Genis...
: Fine then. By the rights vested in me as mayor, I hereby announce the banishment of Lloyd and Genis from the village of Iselia.

: I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

: If in doing so, the world is saved, surely everyone will change their minds about you.
: For I'm sure Colette would want that as well.
: ...Yes. I will atone for what I've done. I swear to protect Colette for the sake of those who have died because of me.
: ...I'll follow you, Lloyd. It's my fault that you were banished. So I promise to stick by you, always.
: Say, Genis. Why don't you use that Exsphere? That's Marble's memento.
: ...Okay.
: I'll explain to you on how to use the Key Crest later. After all, it looks like it's going to be a long journey.
: Yeah...

: *Whine*
: This reminds me of so many things. It's all so horrible.
: Let's go, Noishe...
: Don't throw your lives away.
: May the Goddess Martel protect you.

: Ah I'm sorry I just wondered who was here.
: I'm the only one here right now. Who are you? Are you on a pilgrimage?
: ...We're...
: Pilgrimage? Hmm, yeah, something like that.
: I see. That's quite admirable for someone so young. Please, feel free to rest here.
: Thank you.
This woman will let us rest here for free. This is helpful since normally at this point you suck and have no healer. I don't suck because I'm actually kind of good at this game. Not great, because if I was great I would have beat that boss without any gels.
: I'm sure it's tough, but you mustn't get discouraged.

: Hmm? What is it? What's that in your mouth?
: Look, your bag's open. You probably dropped it yourself.
: Oh. Thanks, Noishe. Let's see...
: It's...a letter from Dad.
: From Dirk?
: Yeah. I wonder what's written in it.
: Dear Lloyd,
Did you read the Traveler's Guide? It has the seven most well-known Dwarven Vows as well as knowledge necessary for your journey written in it. Make use of this information and be sure to protect Colette. 14 years have passed since I found you and started raising you. You were still barely able to walk. I remember how you were scared of me and always crying. And now, you've grown into a strong swordsman. I'm grateful for you calling me, a non-human, your father. Someday, when you are a full-grown man, I'll have a gift for you. Keep that in mind as something to look forward to as you go out there and fight.
: ...Dad.
: P.S. It's not written in the Traveler's Guide, so I'll write here about how to use EX Gems. Read it carefully and reference it as needed.

This is a House of Salvation, a Church of Martel established in the middle of a travel route for people doing a pilgrimage of the church. Unlike a real-world religion, Martelite pilgrimages don't have a set destination or list of destinations (although most people go to places of religious significance), the important thing is that you go somewhere new. We'll learn more about why this is the case later.

Skit #129: I Don't Sleep in Class

: According to legend, somewhere in this area is a gate that leads to Efreet. The heat in this area is due to Efreet's influence.
: A gate that leads to Efreet? Could that be...
: Yeah. I'm sure that's the seal that Colette's headed for.
: Ah! Then that means Colette's in this area somewhere. ...Man, you know a lot of stuff!
: That's because I don't sleep in class like you do.

You can't see it clearly in a still, but they're urging Noishe forward and he's doing the sweatdrop thing anime characters do.

: His identification code is unknown. Form a cordon in all areas immediately.
: What does this Lloyd look like?
: His likeness and description are on the wanted posters. We're counting on you.
: Yes, sir!

: We need to hurry and find Colette.
: Hey, I thought we were looking for Colette to protect her... This is more like we're looking for her to get help.
: Does it really matter why we're looking for her? You think too much when you don't have to!

: Is this the wanted poster?

: It's good. They'll never find you with this...I think.