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Part 6: Update 5

Update 5

Skit #167: Why do Desians Exist?

: What, Lloyd?
: Why do Desians exist? If it weren't for them, everybody would be able to live happy lives.
: I wonder...Would everyone really be able to live happily?
: ?
: Ah, sorry. That's right, Desians are the cause of everything that's wrong.
: Well, duh! Of course!
: ...Yeah. Of course.

: Well, I'd like to know where Colette...where the Chosen is now.
: Understood. That will be 100 Gald.
: That's expensive!
: ...Did you say something?
: Ah,, I...
: Mmm...I can see her! The Chosen is heading for the oasis that is said to have been destroyed when Efreet went out of control.
: ...Is that true?
: The Chosen's companion said so, so there's no doubt.

This movie covers the events leading up to the first puzzle in the base.
Youtube backup.

: Wait!

: Let's see... Yeah, he looks just like it!
: Good for you, Lloyd. They say you're good looking.
: Do I really look that bad?
: You must be Lloyd!
: ...Yeah, that's right.
: Hey, what about your usual "Who are you to ask for my name" thing?
: I'm not gonna even bother.
: Heheh... I guess you can't run away with a poster of your face everywhere!
: ...You're really starting to piss me off!
: Get him!
I didn't bother with pictures of this battle since it's just like any other battle against Desian-types.

: Heh. All talk.
: Lloyd, don't let your guard down, or you'll regret it.
: I'm not letting my guard down. It's just that they were so pitiful...

: Lloyd!
: I'm...scared! Please don't hurt me...I'll be good.

: Who is that child?
: His friend apparently. What should we do with him?
: The leader only wants Lloyd. I don't see any need to bring this one along.
: Understood.
: ...What's going to happen to me? Lloyd force me to come here. I didn't want to. *Sniff* *Sob* ...Waaaaaaah!
: All right, all right! As a fellow kinsman, we'll let you go. Now get out of here!
: !
: Are you sure that's all right?
: What can a kid do?
Funny you should ask...
: Thank you for freeing me! I'll never forget this. Goodbye, mister.
: Just get out of here!
: Noishe! You followed us! Okay, let's save Lloyd together!
: *Howl*
: Good Noishe! Go find Raine and Kratos Noishe!

: Where am I?
: ...If so, I feel sorry for that Lloyd kid.
: Yeah. He can't possibly escape execution.
: ...Execution?! What the hell?!
: Hey, Lord Botta's calling you.
: Gotcha.
: Dammit. They took my equipment, and I can't open the door with the guard there. The only thing I have on me is the Sorcerer's Ring... If I can hit the guard with this...

: Who the hell are you?
: Uh-oh.
: P...prison break!

: Hmm? What's this? Let's see...

: Where is he?! That kid in red disappeared!
: He wasn't over there either.
: That's strange. How could we miss him when there's only one message?
: Let's head back.
: Oh, yeah. This room has a special mechanism.

: It's annoying to go through all the trouble of electrifying them and moving them over the panels just to open the door.
: Lord Botta sure likes to do things the hard way...
: All right, let's go look for that kid in red.
: Red, red, red. Does my outfit stand out that much? Sheesh. Now, let's see... I should take a closer look at that thing.

Skit #169: Unknown Technology

: I've never seen anything like this before.
: Just who ARE these Desian guys?

That device on a stand at the bottom of the room is the first of many many Sorcerer's Ring function change devices. The sorcerer's ring is how we solve 90% of the puzzles in this game.
: The Sorcerer's Ring is acting strange... The fire changed into a ball of electricity. Maybe I can stop those weird machines with this. I guess I should check out any weird devices like this.

: All right! It opened!

This puzzle here involves rotating the object in the center (BOY IT LOOKS FAMILIAR) by 180, 90, or 45 degrees in order to line up different colored balls. This can open three doors, one to the hanger (which we came from), one to the entrance, and one to the control room.

Let's look at the hanger.

This machine is a vending machine, we can buy from it.
: A Rheaird hanger? Then this facility... Yes, that makes sense.

Skit #104: Feels Different

: But for some reason, these Desians seem kinda different from the ones that attacked Iselia.

If you go to the entrance...
: Ugh...I can't believe it won't open after I've come this far....

If you go to the control room...
This is delicious video! You must watch it!

Youtube backup.And part two.

: Hey, you! What are you doing here?!

: No. No! I don't want this...

: Give me your name, and I shall give you mine!
: Hahaha! You certainly have guts. But I'm afraid I don't see the need to introduce myself to a miserable little creature like you.
: What a coincidence, cause I don't see a need to introduce myself either to a moron who doesn't realize how pathetic he is.
: Why you little!...

: And if I am?
: Hmm, I see the resemblance.
: Saved by the bell- I mean, Chosen.

:'re the Desian that attacked Iselia!
: So you're Lloyd! Now this is amusing!
: Botta! I'm leaving for now. Our plans will be ruined if he sees me.
: What of the Chosen?
: I'll leave that to you.
: Understood.
: Lloyd. The next time we meet, you're mine. Just you wait.

: Are you all right? Are you hurt?
: He looks fine.
: You guys all came for me?
: Perfect timing. I'll take care of everyone at once!
: Get ready.

This is our first boss that has significant spellcasting (Insane Cell on Marble doesn't count). His fireballs are mostly irrelevant. What's dangerous is his melee special hitting Colette (who is made of tissue paper). He also uses Stalagmite rarely.

I lied. What's dangerous is him going into overlimit. Oh, and since I'm playing with Increase Tension on, he goes into overlimit multiple times! Yay!

There's his melee special pounding Kratos. Fortunately Kratos is more durable than Colette and so isn't going to go down even though Botta is in overlimit.

It took me a couple tries to do this with no deaths.

: Ugh...I underestimated your abilities.

: Professor!
: Ah, Lloyd. Genis told me what happened. I apologize for the trouble he's caused you.
: No. I'm the one that dragged Genis into it. I'm sorry.
: Save the chitchat for later. We shouldn't stay here long.
: You're right. I opened the escape route just now. Let's go.
: Noishe! You came, too?
: *Whine*
: I have a question. This crystalline object attached to this weapon... Is this one of the Exspheres that Genis spoke of?
: It would seem so.
: Oh yeah, you use an Exsphere, too.
: ...So you noticed.
: Well, duh.
: What are they, exactly?
: It will take a while to explain. We can talk about it when we reach Triet.
: Yeah. Okay, Noishe! Let's go back now!
: *Howl*

Special Tutorial Skit: Know the Enemy

: What?
: About that fight earlier...
: Are you going to tell me I got in the way?
: You weren't bad. It looks like you've improved a little.
: What?
: You need to learn more about yourself and your opponent.
: If you understand your skills, you can fight the enemy more effectively.
: Sometimes you will fight enemies armed poison -- still other times you will find your abilities suppressed via magic.
: The difference between knowing and not knowing those dangers and how to avoid them is immense.
: Merely swinging your sword is not enough. Don't forget that learning also leads to strength.
: Kratos...
: I've spent too much time talking. Let's get going. Don't dawdle.
"Combos" and "Status Effects" were added to the Training Manual.

: I'm so beat. I want to rest.
: Yeah. Let's head to the inn and then talk.

: ...In other words, these Exspheres are amplifiers that awaken our dormant capabilities.

: That would be difficult. Exspheres are harmful to the body without a Key Crest.
: Um...can't we make a Key Crest?
: As I told you before, a Key Crest is made by processing inhibitor ore, then engraving it with a crest to control the Exsphere attached to its surface. It is said to be a secret art known only to the dwarves.
: Yeah. I can engrave that, crest, but only my dad can process the ore.
: Well, is there any inhibitor ore among these materials?

: Of course. They're valuable research materials. This is a holy vase from the Balacruf Mausoleum. This is a jeweled sword from the Martel Temple. This is a priest's crown from the Asgard ruins. This is yellow ore from the Hima mines...
: Somehow I doubt you had permission to obtain some of those.
: What the?... It's all junk!
: What did you just say?!
: Hmm? This is...
: Ah, I picked that up in front of the human ranch. It was engraved with angelic language, so I took it home.
: Professor! This is a Key Crest!
: The crest is half worn off. It's unusable like this.
: ...I can fix that. Don't worry, Professor, you'll be able to equip that Exsphere tomorrow.
: Really?! Thank you, Lloyd! I'm sorry to make you go through the trouble, but I appreciate it.

: Okay, it's done. ...I'll go give it to the Professor.
: This is Colette's room.

: Are you asleep?
: Lloyd...
: Huh?
: ...I'm sorry that Father, Grandmother, and I couldn't prevent your exile.
: You dork. It's not your fault, so you don't need to worry about it. And besides, I'm the reason why the village was devastated.
: For Marble's sake, and for the sake of the villagers that were killed, I'm going to do my best to regenerate the world.
: Failure. You'd better be prepared to fail.
: Yeah...I'm sorry I woke you.
: No, it's okay. Good night.
: Thanks.
: ...I'm going to do my best for you, too, Lloyd.

: This is Raine and Genis' room.

: Yes, I've been organizing the data we've collected about monsters. And what are you doing up at this hour?
: ...I was fixing your Key Crest.
: Thank you, but you mustn't overexert yourself. It's going to be a long journey after all. I don't mind if it takes a while to fix.
He'd damn well better fix Raine's Key Crest faster. Raine is the best character in the game and I want her in my party NOW.
: ...So are you saying that it's okay for Genis and me to come along on this journey?
: Wasn't that your intent from the beginning? Stop pretending.
: Hehehe... Oh yeah, I fixed the Key Crest, so here, take it.
: You fixed it already? Thank you, Lloyd! So this is an Exsphere!
: Ask Genis to show you how to use it.

: Zzzzzzz...
: That's some impressive snoring.
If you chose "pinch his nose"
: Zzz...nnguh!
: Whoa!
: Silly boys...
If you chose "let's leave him alone"
: That's some impressive snoring.
: Lloyd...
: Hmm? Is he talking in his sleep?
: Best friends...forever...
: He is really attached to you.
Ho-yay ahoy! I chose "pinch his nose." Usually I only show the route I chose but this case it was too much to pass up.

: Professor, I'm sorry.
: About what?
: I dragged Genis into this.
: Oh...that.
: Things wound up like this because I tried to save someone from the ranch without thinking things through.
: ...Do you regret what you've done?
: I don't know. I just couldn't ignore someone suffering right before my eyes...
: What you did was morally correct, but was against the law. You can't change what's really happened. But you can change what's going to happen...change yourself as well as the world around you.
: Well, I'm gonna go now. Good night, Professor.
: Thank you, Lloyd. Sleep well.

Notice the unholy light in her eyes.

: Where's he going at this hour? Let's follow him.

: Lloyd...
: I'm sorry to have startled you.
: Startled isn't the word for it!
: You'd best not stand behind me.
: I won't...

: No, not particularly...
: ...Well, Noishe seems to be quite comfortable with you. He usually doesn't like strangers.
: I once had a pet, long ago.
: Really?
: Lloyd?
: Wh...what? What are you staring at me like that for?
: ...Your swordsmanship is unrefined. You should focus a little more on eliminating your vulnerabilities.
: If you care about your life.
: Grrrr! Just because he's a little better than me, he has to talk like he knows everything!
: ...Well...a lot better than me. Damn!

In this update we got my favorite character in the game, Raine. I might do a set of mini-updates on the various characters we get. If I do, Raine goes first.