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Part 7: Update 6

Update 6

: Rise and shine blockhead.

: Yes. I'll do my best!
: The seal Remiel spoke of is in the Triet Ruins southwest of here.
: Cool! Let's go check out that seal!
: We'll see if that enthusiasm lasts...
: I'll be fine! Just you watch!
: Oh, I just remembered. Let me give you this.
Acquired Monster List.
The Monster List is our enemy database. I'll try to post boss info from here on out.

: Gathering data on your enemies is useful for protecting the Chosen.
: I...I'm going to do it?
: I'll help, too. Just think of it as homework.
: Ewww...
: We should get going.

Skit #173: Journey to Save the World
: You still don't trust Lloyd and Genis?
: They are much too young to bear the fate of the world. I'm concerned that they will not be able to handle this journey.
: Oh, you're a fucking expert on this subject.
: While I may be an elf, I'm still just a school teacher from a small village. And you're a mercenary who fights for money. I don't think we're fit to handle the task of saving the world, either, wouldn't you agree?
: Humph, indeed...

Video of this segment.
Youtube backup.

: See? You're already worn out.
: I'm sick of this desert.
: *Whine*
: What's wrong, Noishe?
: Be on your guard, there are enemies about!

Fire elementals are pretty dang weak casters.

Note that Photon there does 336 damage to the Fire Elemental there. That's actually its second hit, the first one did 136 or so damage. By comparison Genis's Icicle (targeting elemental weakness) does less than half of that total. It's not completely fair, as Photon is technically a midlevel spell, but it's Raine's weakest attack spell and I need her doing something when she's not healing. If only they had Limited in this game.

: What is?
: Ah, nothing. Anyway, it would be a good idea for you to learn techniques to protect yourself.
: Are you talking about self-defense training?
: Something like that. Techniques to raise your defense during battles. I'll show you how it's done. Once you grasp the theory, the rest should be easy.
Lloyd learned Guardian. Colette learned Damage Guard. Raine and Genis learned Force Field.
These techniques are used by holding Guard and Down. They let you guard magic spells and show up as a green force field around you.
: Okay! I don't really get it, but I already feel stronger! I can't wait to try it out!
: I think you're just imagining things...
: Hmm, what happened to Noishe?
: You're right. He's gone. Ah, man, he's run off again.
: He's probably nervous about the monsters. I think it would be best not to count on Noishe in places with monsters around.

Skit #105: Combo! Lloyd and Colette
There's combo skits for each character, I guess they have a chance to show up when the character in question and Lloyd perform a combo. I admit I don't know a lot about the requirements to make many of the skits show up (if anyone DOES, feel free to chime in).

: Nah, not really. I owe it to you.
: Not at all. I just stood back and watched.
: And that's why I can relax and fight. I'll be counting on you for the next one, too!
: Okay!

: Fantastic!!
: Look at this slab covering the entrance!! It's clearly of a different composition than the surrounding stone!
: Hahahaha! It's just as I thought!
: This is polycarbonate, developed during the Ancient War to defend against magic! Oh, feel the smooth surface! It's wondrous! ?
: ...Is she always like this?
: ...Is she?
: *Sigh* ...I've been trying so hard to hide it, too.

: Colette, place your hand here. That should reveal the entrance.
: Really?
: This stone is enchanted with magic designed to identify the Chosen. There's no question about it.
: It opened! Wow! I guess I'm really the Chosen after all!
: Yes, I think we all know that already.
: Okay! Not it's getting exciting! Let's hurry up and go inside!
: ...I hope you'll be able to maintain that enthusiasm.

Oh, one other feature of the game I wanted to show. You can switch who the active character on the field is. This will result in different conversations or actions in some circumstances.

: Ah...hmm...I think it's a stone tablet.
:'s a stone tablet.
Lloyd and Genis say the same thing as Kratos. Later on, this might become important for sidequests.

The inside of the temple is a fairly simple puzzle that I still manage to mess up a few times because I'm an idiot. You shoot little alcoves with the Sorcerer's Ring to light torches and raise sections of platform until you can get to the teleporter to the temple area.

Along the way I switched up cooking in order to restore more TP (what this game calls MP) and less HP, since I had healers.

This video shows my first attempt at fighting the Seal Guardian, and his introduction. I had to reload because I lost the "no deaths" condition. Unfortunately I wasn't able to lose on purpose.
Youtube backup.
This video shows my second attempt (turned on a mid-level ice spell) and the scenes after the fight.
Youtube backup.

: This place is also built with magitechnology! Absolutely fantastic!

Boss Fight time! We're slaying Kucinich. Sorry liberals! Actually it's the Ktugach, and 2 Ktugachlings.

The spikes there are a line attack from the Ktugach and are most of its damage output.

Those women in white coats running around are the visual effect of the spell "Nurse," Raine's most basic AOE heal.

Ktugachlings are spellcasters and easy to take out fast. With them down, we only have to worry about the Ktugach.

As you can see the Ktugach is a fairly typical fire boss, strong against fire and weak against ice and water (although water normally opposes electricity in Symphonia).

The Ktugach has a mid-level fire spell instead of weak little fireballs. It can hurt a lot but it doesn't seem to do it very often.

Ktugach goes down eventually.

: Efreet...
: You, the Chosen of Regeneration. Offer your prayers at the altar.

: Oh Goddess Martel, great protector and nurturer of the earth, grant me thy strength!
: Ugghh! I hate that prayer.

: Thank you...Fa...ther.
: The guardian of the seal has fallen, and the first seal has been released. Efreet will surely awaken soon. In the name of Cruxis, I shall grant you the power of the angels.
: Thank you, my lord.

: The angel transformation will not be without pain. Yet, it is but for one night. Be strong and endure.
: Welp, you're fucked good now.
: I humbly accept this trial.
: The next seal lies far to the east, across the sea. Offer your prayers at that altar.
: Yes, Lord Remiel.
: I shall await you at the next seal, the Chosen of Regeneration, my beloved daughter, Colette.
: Colette...has wings!
: Uh-huh, and look, I can put them away, too.
: Oh, wow! That's so cool!
: Here, look, look!

: he said the next place is across the sea! That means we get to sail on a ship! Haha! I can't wait!
: A ship...hmm. I wonder if there are any ships sailing with the way things are right now.
: We should head to the coast to see what we can find.
: Okay you two, we get it already. That's enough.
: Okay.
: Okay.

Here's the last video for this update.
Youtube backup.

: Colette! Are you okay?
: I'm...fine...
: You don't look fine at all! Your face is completely white! It's all my fault. I got carried away and kept making her pull her wings in and out.
: I don't think that has anything to do with it...
: Now's not the time for that! Her lips are turning purple. We must get her to a doctor in the city immediately.
: Wait. It's best not to move her.
: Why?
: Remember the angel's words. The angel transformation process requires her to overcome a trial. Rather than taking her to a doctor, it would be best to let her rest here.
: I'm...okay. I'll be fine after a little rest. I'm sorry to cause so much trouble...
: Stop apologizing all the time, you dork! It's not as if you can help it. You were suddenly turned into an angel.
: Lloyd's correct for once.
: *Sigh* You're right...I'm sorry.
: *Sigh* Well, anyway...let's set up camp before it gets dark.

: Hey, how was the tofu curry?
: It tasted pretty good.
: Really? Are you sure your taste buds are okay?
: What's that supposed to mean?!
: Exactly what I said. I didn't have all the ingredients, so I couldn't get the flavor I wanted.
: Oh? You're the one that made this?
: Of course.
: I thought it was the Professor.
: Oh, will you try my cooking next time, Lloyd?
: If you want to live, you'd better not.

: But it's true....

: It seems Colette's felling better now.
: ...Yeah. It looks like becoming an angel is pretty rough.
: Yes. I wonder if her biological structure is changing.
: Bio...what?
: other words, I wonder if she's becoming a different kind of life form.
: She's just becoming an angel, right?
: ...That's true. However, what I want to know is, in what way are angels and humans different?
: Oh boy is the answer to that one fun.
: Who knows? We don't know, but it doesn't matter. Colette is Colette.
: You may be right.

: Your Exsphere has an unusual color.
: It does seem to be a little different from yours and the others. By the way, why do you have an Exsphere?
: I took one from a Desian. I heard that the Desians force the humans at the ranch to make them.
: So that's why Marble had an Exsphere, too...
: Is it all right if I ask you something as well?
: Oh...okay. Sure.
: Why were you raised by a dwarf?
: Dad found me collapsed in the forest along with Mom and Noishe. Although, what really happened was that we were attacked by Desians.
: ...I see. From the sound of that, your father is probably not alive either.
: ...Probably not.
: So the Desians are responsible for the deaths of your parents... Your life has been completely torn apart by them.
: Huh?
: Your mother was killed and then you were chased out of your village.
: The village was my fault. I'm the one that caused them to be there.
: So averting your eyes won't make a difference....
: Good of you to recognize your own mistakes, and admit them.
: I'm not going to run away from the consequences of my actions for the sake of the people that lost their lives, and for myself.
: ...I see. Then, no matter what awaits ahead, you must not forget that determination.
: ...Why am I talking to you about this, anyway?

: Oh yeah. I know it's kind of late now, but here's your birthday present...
: ...Oh no, it's broken.
: I wonder when it broke?... I'm sorry, I'll make you a new one.
: Thanks...and...I'm sorry that I keep causing trouble for you.
: Don't worry about it. By the way, you haven't been eating at all. Are you still feeling sick?
: No, I'm fine. I just...don't...seem to have much of an appetite.
: That statement doesn't really make sense, sudden loss of appetite is a symptom of many illnesses.
: You won't be able to keep up your strength if you don't eat.
: ...I know, you're right. *Cough* *Cough*
: Lloyd, don't push her.
: Colette is delicate, unlike you.
: Shut it! I'm sorry, Colette.
: No, no, I'm okay... I'm really sorry for worrying you.

: I'm going to go for a little walk.
: Want me to come?
: Thanks, but...I'll be fine by myself.
: Ha-ha, you got re-ject-ed.
: Hey, shut up, Genis!

: What's happening to me?
: You're becoming an angel - and that other thing.

Skit #004: To Palmacosta

: We should head for Palmacosta. I don't think we're going to find any more clues on this continent.
: It's the biggest city in the world. The Church of Martel Cathedral is there, and there's a school, as well. I'm sure we'll find something there.
: However, if we're going to Palmacosta, we'll have to pass through the Ossa Trail. It's not a treacherous trail, but there's no harm in being prepared.
: Yeah, how about we do some shopping in Triet before we go.