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Part 8: Update 7

Update 7

Skit #130: Prayer

: Ah, I'm praying for the safety of the people of Sylvarant.
: ...I see.
: I've always done it my whole life. It feels strange if I don't.
: You're sure devoted. I guess we shouldn't expect any less from the Chosen.

Skit #177: We're Not on Vacation

: Well then, do you want to go back to the village?
: How am I supposed to do that? I was banished!
: Then stop talking as if you are on vacation.
: ...Sorry.

Oh hey let's get the video started with!
Youtube backup.

: Is she a friend of yours, Lloyd?
: Not that I'm aware of.
: ...Is the Chosen of Mana among you?
: Those clothes... Well, I suppose it's inevitable someone would try that plan.
: Oh, that's me.

: Uh-oh.
: Uh-oh.
: Uh-oh.
: Uh-oh.
: ...
: Oh, no! What should I do? I did it again...
: You don't need to worry about it. If she had not fallen in, you might have been killed.
: But...
: Don't worry about it. It looks like she's an enemy.
: I hope she's okay.
: Even assuming her weight to be 45kg, and this hole to be 10m deep, and calculating the gravity constant at 9.8, the impact shouldn't have been fatal.
: ??? Gravity...constant? I don't understand what you just said, but she's alive, right?
: Probably.

: It's not a trap. It's a hidden maintenance passage for the mountain path.
: ...We should get moving.
: Hey! Shouldn't we try to find out who that woman was?
: She'll come after us again on her own. This area is too confined and the footing is poor. It would be wise not to linger.

There are some bandits and other monsters on the mountain trail, but nothing too tough.

Oh hey a boss fight how surprising I wonder who it is.
Youtube backup.

: ...W...wait!
: ...Wow, she caught up with us.
: Oh, thank goodness!
: D...don't move!
: A wise decision.
: ...I won't be caught off guard this time! Prepare to die!

The assassin has less HP than the Guardian but does a lot more damage.

Her most dangerous attack is a swirl of magical cards that knocks us down and does a good bit of damage.

She's not really very tough though.

: Ugh...Just you wait! I swear I will kill you all next time!

: Why are people trying to kill us?
: ...There are always those that reject salvation.
: Maybe she's a Desian.
: Who knows? At any rate, we are in constant danger. That's all we have to know.
: Those clothes...
: Oh, so you recognize them too? Fascinating, that means...
: Professor, something wrong?
: ...No. It's nothing. Let's go.
: Yeah. Anyway, let's go look for a place where we can get a ship.

Special Skit: Team Coordination
: Lloyd.
: Hmm? What?
: Fighting in a party means that coordination with your partners is important as well.
: Yeah.
: Your choice of strategy and orders can greatly affect the tide of battle. Do not forget that you are not alone.
: Yeah! I know that already!
: Heh...
After this we get Unison Attack. You can watch the explanation in the video, or read along further.

Skit #006: An Assassin

: I hope we get to see her again.
: What are you talking about? She's trying to kill you!
: Yeah, once we become friends, I'll have to ask her why she was doing that.
: Huh?! Are you kidding me? How do you plan on becoming friends with her?!
: Hmm. What would you suggest?
: Me? How am I supposed to know?
: Try to come up with a plan before we see her again!
: Wait, I have to come up with the plan?...

Skit #117: Light Eater

: ...Are you not feeling well?
:, it's not that. I was just thinking, it's a lot to eat.
: Really? Looks like you've actually got less than normal.
: Ah, don't worry. I'll make sure to finish it.

Skit #180: Raised by a Dwarf

: What is it?
: Ah, it's just...the clothes that assassin was wearing, don't you think they were rather...unique?
: Indeed, they aren't something you see every day.
: I know! I bet they're dwarven clothes! The ones I'm wearing now were made by my father. Well? Don't they look kinda similar?
: You call that similar?
: ...Is this what happens when one is raised by a dwarf?

Skit #114: An Adult's Sense of Taste

: Hm?
: Ah, I mean, you've started eating even those green peppers you hated so much.
: Oh...yeah. They just...don't taste so bitter anymore.
: You've acquired an adult sense of taste.
: ...Maybe.
: Well, this is ahead of schedule a bit.
: But you aren't eating as much as you used to, either. That's great that you've become less picky, but you still need to make sure to eat.
: Yeah...thanks. But I'm okay, so don't worry.

Skit #176: Kratos' Intention

: What is it?
: Why did you take on the job of guarding Colette?
: Humph...I'm a mercenary. That's how we earn money to live.
: In other words, it's just a job?
: That's correct.
: That's really all?
: Yes....

You know, let's explore that tunnel the assassin was in.

Skit #005: The Ossa Trail

: I wonder if it was abandoned recently.
: It doesn't look like they exhausted the ore. There must have been some reason why they had to cease mining operations.
: The Desians...
: Most likely, yes.
: There's always the standard "dug too greedily, and too deep" bit too.

Watch me prove I'm not very good at this!
Youtube backup.
Watch me redeem myself!
Youtube backup.

: HOLY HELL there's still one of those around??? RUN YOU MORONS...
: Ok.

No more taking any fucking chances, it's big guns time.

I said BIG GUNS!!!!

I should take this time to explain how Unison Attacks work. Whenever you hit something (and it isn't blocked), it slowly fills up the unison attack gauge. When the gauge fills, the active character can hit Z to hit the enemy with a unison attack trigger (that's the 1 damage up there). If it hits, a unison attack starts (if it misses you just wasted it and you suck at this game). When the unison attack begins, you get one button for each character, and the position of the stick when you hit that button determines which of five attacks they will execute. I just bind what I want to use to neutral position, since it pretty much never varies within a combat. Anyway those techs have NO cast time, NO TP cost, and cannot be interrupted. So basically you're going to GIB something unless it's a boss. Here I'm busting out Genis's second-heaviest attack spell and Raine's heaviest.

Some techs used together give you compound special attacks. These are badass. Prism Stars is my favorite, due to its light-elemental nature and its gigantic number of hits (30!!!). Since each time you hit DURING THE UNISON ATTACK also builds the u-attack gauge, this helps you get back up to another one faster. Also, there's very few light-immune or light-strong enemies.

Notice its HP vs the damage on that unison attack. Unfortunately it's hard to build up the u-attack gauge when Lloyd will die if I mistime blocks.

Here's Genis's heaviest attack spell. I am totally not supposed to have this here but I was pissed at Mr Sword Dancer there.

Genis fucks up Tenderloin, despite having like a 1% odds of doing so. That whole -9 grade is from Lloyd dying. A lot.
: Why did it hold back like that??? ...of course, that's the only possible explanation.

Skit #125: Elite from the Underworld

: He was huge. I bet he lived in a big house before he became a skeleton.
: Colette, he's not human...He even had a horn.
: That may have been the end result of an elite being from the Underworld.
: The Underworld? That's just a legend, isn't it?
: Not necessarily. After all, demons and ghosts are completely different from our type of life-form. It hasn't been proven yet, but I think it's likely that there is a world where those things we refer to as supernatural creatures live.
: Yes, there is.
: An elite being from the Underworld...But we took him out and all, so it's okay now, right?
: I hope so...
: Haven't you guys learned never to say stuff like that?

: Yes, why?
: Could you take us to Palmacosta?
: You've got to be kidding. The sea is dangerous. No way.
: There aren't any passenger ships running. It's too dangerous. I got here only by getting a ride on a boat from a guy named Aifread. Aifread? No, he's not here anymore. He said he was going back to his hometown.

: If you're looking for Aifread, we heard he went back to his hometown.
: ...What did you say?! Is that true?!
: Ah...yeah. Isn't it, Lloyd?
: Yeah. So it seems, anyway...
: This is my chance!

: What's the matter with you?! You're going to refuse my request? He's returned to his hometown of Luin!
: It's not like that. There are giant monsters at sea now. It's dangerous, and I care about you too much to let you come aboard. That's all.
: Fine. Then you go deliver the letter for me.

: No! Why should I have to act as a go-between for my rival in love!
: Oh, please, stop whining! Fine!
: You there, excuse me.
: Us?
: Do you see anyone else here? I'd like you to deliver this letter for me to Aifread in Luin.
: We can't deliver it if we can't cross the ocean.
: If you'll deliver it, I'll have Max take you on his boat.
: You can't be serious!
: Okay.
: Then it's settled. All right, Max?
: I...I'm not going to do it.
: You're kidding me! Are you saying it's all right if my letter doesn't make it to Aifread?
: L...Lyla! No, I mean, it's not...I don't mean that...
: Then, what do you mean?! If you keep making a fuss about this, I'll just do this on my own!
: ...Okay, okay. I'll go, I'll go. Dammit...
: You should've just said that from the start.
: Then, it's in your hands now. Make sure it gets to him.
: She's really pushy...
: ...Let me know when you're ready to leave.

: Are you ready?
Actually, the question should be "Do you want to go to Palmacosta or Luin first?" We have to go to both of them, but going to Luin first is considered the "hard" path. I'm throwing this open to a vote. Palmacosta is slightly easier than Luin and is the default/maybe canonical path. I'll tabulate the votes on Monday Morning

Bridge leading to Luin's area.