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Part 12: Update 11

Update 11

Skit #088: The Power of Exspheres

: I sort of had a feeling about it.
: About what?
: When I received power from my Exsphere, it always felt so warm and gentle. That was Marble lending me her power. I'm sure your mother, too, has been watching over you this whole time, Lloyd.
: You think so?
: Yeah!
: Yeah!

: So it would seem. Let's try moving it.
: It's no good. It won't budge.
: Then let's try using the Desian Orb we received from Pietro.

: But when I pushed it, it didn't even budge...
: Let's go, Lloyd.
: Yeah...

Let's have another look at this base.
Youtube backup.

: Let's bring up the ranch-wide map.
: Professor, you're fantastic!
: Hmm, so there are people on this side who can operate machines, too...
: On this side?
: Ah, um, nothing. Just talking to myself.

It's hard to capture flashing in screenshots, but it's the purple block in the center.
: And this is where Kvar should be.
The dark green thing in the upper left corner.
: It appears that in order to get to the floor that Kvar is on, we'll have to deactivate the guard system.
: Guard...system?
: Here.
: If we don't deactivate this guard system, we can't get to Kvar.
: What are we supposed to do, then?
: Calm down. There should be a switch somewhere to deactivate the system.
: Here it is.
: See the two switches at the ends of this left-right passageway?

: Okay, then, let's go deactivate it.
: Wait a minute. I'll bring up the route leading to Kvar's room.
: It looks like the conveyor belt prevents passage through there. In order to stop that, we'll need to stop the conveyor belt control mechanism, but...
: seems it's constructed in such a way that you can't get close to the control mechanism while containers are on the conveyor... ...Let's see, in order to adjust the container dispatch control system...

: Dammit. They've detected my access of the main computer.
: Lloyd, what do we do?! The Desians will be here any minute!
: Dammit...
: It looks like we don't have any choice. Let's split into two teams to deactivate the system and to infiltrate Kvar's room.
: What?! We're going to split up?
: There seems to be no other way. I would like to be in the group that goes after Kvar.
: Me, too!
: And me.
: Colette, please choose for us.
: Ah, um, well, then...
: I'll leave it to Lloyd.
: What? Me?!
: I know you'll do a good job of splitting us up.
: He lives only by intuition and instinct.
: What's that supposed to mean? Anyway, I'm the one that's gonna pick? I'm going to Kvar. I want to avenge Mom.

: I desire to fight Kvar. Please, Lloyd. Take me with you.
: part of the infiltration team.
: ...Thank you.

: I'm going with you.
: part of the infiltration team.
: Okay, leave it to me!

: Lloyd...let's defeat Kvar together.
: Okay, Kvar, you better get ready.

: It's too bad I can't go with you.
: *Sigh* So I'm going to be on the other team. That's disappointing.
: I understand. Leave the other team to me.
: Let's meet in Kvar's control room.

After this you have control of Lloyd. You shutdown a computer to stop the removal of exspheres from the prisoners, then you have to ride on the conveyer belt and shoot out all six tubes with fire from the sorcerer's ring.

This isn't much of a puzzle, just needs a little timing.

: It won't move...We'll have to wait for the others to deactivate the guard

: Let's get started.
Another set of puzzles. You have to open the doors to the switches, but doing so locks the door you came through,

so you have to go to the central chamber between the two prongs on the map (it's the brown thing if you scroll up). Inside...
I made a movie because there's voice acting.
Youtube backup.

Incidentally, I really fucking suck with Colette. Some people think she's awesome, but playing as her feels like I'm lagging.

: Who are you?
: Guardians of the Chosen One. We've heard about this place from Pietro. The Chosen has come to rescue you. Now pull yourselves together.
: Now then, let's get out of here. Everyone, follow me. Understood?

After that we clear some robots (the same ones that we fought way back in update 5) off the switches and activate them.

Teleporter Active!

Hey Kvar pay attention!
Youtube backup.

: So, this is Lloyd. I see, he does bear a resemblance.
: So, you've come. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't change the subject, Pronyma! It's clear you've been stealing research data from my Angelus Project.

: ...Stubborn woman. I suppose I should expect no less from one who usurped the leadership of the Five Grand Cardinals. Take heed, Pronyma. Once I retrieve the Exsphere from this inferior being, I will become the leader of the Five Grand Cardinals. When that happens, you'll be begging for my forgiveness.
: You speak nonsense, Kvar. I've also heard that Rodyle has talked you into joining him in one of his schemes.

: But it would be best not to believe that you can deceive Lord Yggdrasill for long.
: So the Mana Cannon is no longer a secret. Well, it doesn't matter.
: Mana Cannon?? MANA CANNON?!?!?!? MANA CANNON?!?!?!?!!?!?
: Once I succeed in retrieving that Exsphere, any suspicions I might have been under will be but a distant memory.
: Get ready!
: You're not gonna take this from me!

We are having a boss battle!
Youtube backup.

This fight is HARD for a number of reasons. The first is that we're outnumbered, thanks to the other half of our party being lazy fucks. There's three energy stones and Kvar.

The energy stones like to surround you and fuck you up with an omnidirectional close attack, as seen above. I'm pretty sure it's also considered a magic attack, so blocking it costs TP.

Unfortunately while not having Genis lowers our life bottle usage, it also prevents us from using really big unison attacks (ok I suppose I could have gone and looked up the combo unison attacks Kratos and Lloyd have, but still).

Expect to see this. A lot.

If you've played WoW and did the Sartharion fight with Three Drakes up, you know how it goes. Once you drop all three adds the hard part is done and you can just let inevitability take over (provided you have enough orange gels). Kvar isn't a total slouch though.

I think he might only be able to do this while in overlimit. The attack looks like a spell, but regular block worked so it's physical.

Like I said, inevitability.

I kinda fucked up since I forgot Compound EX Skills take one combat to show up, and was confused why Kratos's Concentrate wasn't showing up.

Let's enjoy some delicious REVENGE!
Youtube backup.

: Good job.
: Look out!

: Colette?!
: Lloyd...are you okay?
: Yeah. But you're...
: I'm fine, really.
: ...You bastard!

: pathetic, inferior being!
: Feel the pain...

: ...of those inferior beings...

: you burn in hell!
: I'm really surprised he didn't...
: Colette! That wound...
: Colette, hang on!
: Colette! Your wound...
: Thanks for worrying about me, but I'm really okay. For some reason, it doesn't hurt. Hehe, strange, huh?
: You certainly are not okay! Raine, you can use healing arts, right?!
: Yes, but!...
: Colette. I can't keep it a secret any longer! Everyone, listen to what I have to say! Colette can no longer feel anything.
: What? What do you mean?
: Colette is growing closer to becoming an angel. Now, she can't sleep or feel hot or cold or pain or anything. She can't even cry! Becoming an angel means losing her humanity!
: Lloyd, it's okay. I'm okay, so... Right now, we need to do something about this ranch. Right, Lloyd?
: Yeah...but what should we do?
: We should destroy it. This facility should be equipped with a self-destruct mechanism.
: ...That's kind of extreme, but I supposed it is the best idea.

: Do not worry, for I shall carry on the Angelus Project. Oh, I suppose you can't hear me anymore. Hahaha! Well then, I take it that you won't mind me taking the research data from the Angelus Project.

: Luin is in shambles right now. Are you sure Colette will be able to rest there?
: Perhaps Asgard would be a better choice.
: Yes. I think that's a good idea. Lloyd, I trust that's fine with you?
: ...Yeah.
: ...I'm sorry, everyone.

: she loses a part of what makes her human?
: Losing her humanity?... That's terrible! Then, what's going to happen to her in the end?
: ...What is going to happen to her in the end?...
: Not only that, but after she regenerates the world, she'll be all alone as the only angel in the world, right? That's too cruel...
: Ah...that's...
: Professor, it's okay.
: But Colette...
: I'm sorry to worry everyone. Right now, things are a little difficult, but once I become a complete angel, it may be a lot easier. So don't worry. It's okay.
: But it is too hard on you! If you're tired, you want to sleep, don't you? Don't you miss the taste of the foods you like? And you can't even feel the warmth of someone when you hold their hand... You should just stop this crazy world regeneration!
: Thank you, Sheena. But if I quit now, all the people suffering throughout the world won't be saved. I was born for the sake of the world regeneration, so I'm going to make sure I do my job. Okay?
: Yes...That is the fate of the Chosen.
: Isn't there anything we can do? Find some way where Colette doesn't have to become an angel?...
: The world will be regenerated when the Chosen becomes an angel. It's always been like that... And it probably always will be. So...
: So you're really okay with things the way they are now?
: ...Yes. I'm going to become an angel. That's what Father wants, too.
: Which one?
: I'm sure...both of them do.
: ...All right. But Colette, the path you've chosen is not going to be easy, you know.
: Yes, Professor.
: I won't accept this. There was to be another way.

Skit #091: Avenge

: ...Lloyd. The one who killed your mother was your father. Are you really able to say you've avenged her?
: ...The one who created the situation that forced Dad to kill Mom was Kvar. Right?
: ...Indeed. It was a silly question. I'm sorry.
: No...Don't worry about it.

If you guys care, I can dig around for the skits that occur when you have the right people in the infiltration team and post them as a bonus update.