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Part 13: Mini-Skits for the Luin Ranch Split-Up

Mini-Update 2: Skits for the Luin Ranch Split-Up

Here's the skits. I'll be recording the next update or more tomorrow. It seems rather odd that there's no discussion of fights post-Kvar, since he was the first boss that I needed actual strategy for (other than Sword Dancer, which I need to remember to go back and kill now).

Skit #346: Restless

: It feels like this one has even more annoying ones than the others.
: It's to prevent intruders. It's only natural that it's designed to prevent easy progress.
: But we don't have time to be goofing around here!
: True. If we could simply fight our way through...
: Settle down, both of you!
: What's wrong, Kratos? This isn't like you.
: ...
: ...
: That Kvar guy has to pay. That's all.
: Indeed. We cannot allow him to remain unchecked.
: At any rate, you must stay calm and don't do anything rash.

Skit #347: Splitting Up is Nervous

: Splitting up like this kind of makes you nervous.
: Even if it's only temporary, it means we're splitting our strengths, so we have to be careful.
: Yeah! We need to try to rejoin the others as soon as we can!
: Right.

Skit #348: Splitting Up is Anxious

: Yeah. We had no choice but to split up because of that system, but... I'd be a lot happier if we could stick together.
: Let's hurry, Lloyd, so we can get back together.
: Yeah.

Skit #349: Hurry and Regroup

: Huh? What about your ruin-mode?
: Now's not the time for jokes! This isn't a game!
: I...I'm sorry. Let's hurry.
: Yes.

Skit #350 Difficult to Fight Separated

: Yeah. The others don't have anyone with a sword, so they're probably having a difficult time.
: I hope they're all right, but...
: Of course they're all right! Don't say things like that!
: I apologize.

Skit #351 Splitting Up is Worrisome

: Well, I didn't expect to hear that from you.
: I'm saying that I'm worried that they may be causing more problems.
: Right, whatever you say.